Chapter 74 Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Chapter 74

"Yan brother?"


"Yan Ge! The technical team is here!"

In the old and moldy room, Yan Yan suddenly returned to God. (Free full novel. At that moment, he couldn’t tell what he thought. He quickly put the photo of Jiang’s stop in his arms and stood up. He turned back and saw Huang Xing wearing a blue shoe cover with a few marks. Checked into the house.

"When you are old and strict, have you found out?" Huang Xing did not notice the eternity of Yan Yan’s face, and raised the chin to the red arrow on the floor: "What is that?"

"Oh, the drugs that are stuck with tape, shake their heads | pills and the like, let them turn over the whole board carefully to get evidence, there should be fingerprints." Yan Yan turned to Huang Xing and shook his notebook: "I just watched this."

"What is this?" Huang Xing took a look and immediately "slotted".

"This Wang Xingye should be a hacker. There is a high possibility that he is collecting drug-stricken networks for the kidnappers to meet the specific conditions of the little girls. These little girls have very distinctive characteristics: between 13 and 16 years old, long It’s good to see that there is a red dragonfly between Li Yuxin and Buwei. If you combine the surnames Teng, Hung Hom, 16 and the missing time as a comprehensive clue, you should hopefully find the first victim."

Huang Xing repeatedly looked at the photos of the three little girls. It is incredible: "I understand everything, but what is the purpose? It is a kidnapping and not money. Is it purely for the metamorphosis?"

Yan Yan's eyebrows are fretting, and there is a sneer that is hard to notice without careful observation: "We don't need to understand the idea of ​​a mentally abnormal madman. If you really want to know, wait until you catch the criminal and then review it."

Huang Xing looked thoughtfully, and Yan Yan pulled the notebook back into the physical evidence bag. At this time, Xiao Zhang explored a head from the outside of the door: "Yan Ge, Gao Ge asked when you are finished here, will you not return to the city after you finish?"


“Jiangyang County sent out, so Li Yuxin’s mother was a bait. Last night, she seized several ‘retailers’ and moved to the city bureau. I don’t know if you want to go back to the trial?”

Yan Yan hurriedly grabbed the physical evidence bag with the notebook: "Tell the old high school to go back!"


Jianning City Bureau.

Yan Yan hurriedly pushed open the door to interrogate the outdoor small room, and the technician immediately greeted: "The Yan team is coming."

"Is this up?" Yan Yan took over the Bluetooth headset that was handed over by the technology, and asked not to ask.

Through the single-sided glass, you can see the scene in the interrogation room. Gao Panqing and another police officer in charge of the transcript are sitting at the iron table. There is a young and weak young man in the interrogation chair. The look is quite tender and the sturdy hurd vest. Underneath a pair of flower arms, the hair was dyed into a grandmother's ash and cool purple by the East.

"No, Gao Ge only took an opening process, and the meat will wait for you to come back." Technology presses the microphone: "Hey Gao Ge, the Yan team is back, let's get started?"

Gao Panqing nodded and turned to the young man with a flower arm. He said coldly and coldly: "Repeat the contents of your account with the Jiangyang County Police Station."The young arm of the flower arm leaned against the back of the chair and heard the expression of "Why don't you believe me", and hit the table with your hand: "Government, I can explain it to you, you are not without it." The transcript, even if I told me to repeat a hundred times, I couldn’t think of any new content. Isn’t it? The fat man, I also knew his surname Wang for the first time last night. We used to call him a dog brother because he Old wearing a dog's head gold..."

Gao Panqing edged the pen and impatiently said: "Speak the key!"

"I can know what the key point is, I just follow the big brother to get some bulk goods, k|powder, soft boy, shaking head|pill... that fat man is above me, even my older brother can only get from him. I bought the goods offline, so we usually can't see such a big person. I can think of it. He probably came to Jiangyang twice. At the end of last year and at the beginning of this year, my older brother took me to accompany him to sing at KTV. - You said it was almost half a year..."

Gao Panqing just opened his mouth and only heard the cold and cold voice coming from the headset: "I haven't found a lady."

"Singing light?" Gao Panqing immediately narrowed his eyes and looked at the little flower arm with suspicion: "There is no wine in the dance hall, but there is no young lady?"

The flower arm immediately complimented: "Hey, I said that the government can really understand, it is a layman -"


"Looking... I’m sure to find it too." Xiaohua’s arm said: "What do you mean by the big lords singing, I thought I was poisonous, and I dare to love you and also sweep the yellow..."

"Old high," Yan Yan whispered to the headset, "directly show him Li Yuxin's photo."

"This little girl," Gao Panqing directly pushed the photo to the interrogation chair. "Know it."

The flower arm saw the photo, and the whole person glanced: "Know."

“Wang Xingye looked for her?”

The small flower arm raised both hands and grabbed the hair. The metal chain creaked, and he was hesitant. "This is how I can tell you. We don't have a big dog, because Legend has it that he always likes to inquire about young girls. It is said that he also likes the kind of school that he really wants to go to school. This little girl, her mother is our regular customer. According to your words, it is also a master of 'selling and sucking', I don’t know. How did the dog brother hear that she has such a daughter..."

Gao Panqing stared at him closely: "And then?"

"And then... then it seems that nothing happened? Hey, I have told you about the bamboo tube." Little flower arm can't help but said: "At the beginning of this year, the dog brother came to Jiangyang County, and our big brother set up a banquet for him. Eat. eat

In the middle of the day, the dog brother suddenly told my older brother to let him find the little girl. At first, I thought he wanted to do something. Who knows that her mother would bring her, and the dog brother had a good job. Give her mother, then let people pull this little girl aside..."

The little flower arm paused, and the face appeared to laugh and endure, so it was a bit weird and distorted: "Guess what he wants?"

Gao Panqing just wants to say that you are coming to confess to lenient or stand-alone cross talk, just listen to the faint faint voice in the headset: "Photograph."

"Photographing?"In an instant, the small flower arm almost jumped up: "Oh my brother! You are really a god!"

Gao Panqing: "..."

Lao Gao was inexplicably praised twice by drug dealers and was not particularly happy.

"The fat man asked the waiter for a red cloth. He was behind the little girl and used it as a background. He took a few photos of the camera and took the camera. After the filming, the fat man waved his hand and let the little girl's mother take her. Go, hahaha, a few of us were stupid at the time, my older brother also asked him to say what you are doing with the dog brother, like the TV drama in the TV, to the selection show in the palace?"

Gao Panqing did not laugh, "How does Wang Xingye say?"

"He said that he also listened to the above instructions. He hasn't done anything for more than a year. He went to the little girl everywhere. The trouble is that it is not easy to find it. The age is right and the gender is right. The shoulder is born with a Oh, you have to be very beautiful, strong and tough – listen to the tricks and prepare the little ones.” The little flower arm shrugged: “Who knows if he is a few, maybe it’s a metamorphosis like a little girl. maybe."

Gao Panqing couldn't help but look at the single-sided glass.

Outside the window, Yan Yan's hands were inserted in his trouser pockets, and there were clouds in the eyebrows.

"--Listen to the above instructions," Gao Panqing turned back to the small, thin face of Xiaohua's arm and slowly said: "Has Wang Xingye said who is above him?"

"Hey, this government, I have said it many times!" The appearance of the little flower arm can't wait to confess, and both hands slap the chest and slap the chest: "I am a horse who licks the broth after their buttocks, don't Said me, even my older brother saw that fat man has to be respectful. Indeed, there must be someone on the top of the goods, but who knows who? The big characters like us can not touch the small characters, Are you saying?"

What Gao Panqing still wants to say, suddenly the door of the interrogation room opened.

The little flower arm is quite clever. When I saw the imposing manner and the changes of other police officers, I immediately knew that the coming person was a head. I quickly sat down and put my hands down: "This big brother is good." Hello……"

Strictly press and hold the transcript of the policeman's shoulder to indicate that he does not have to get up, at the same time unlock the phone, bring up a photo, and shine in front of the small flower arm:

"Does this person know?"

The small flower arm is fixed.

The high-definition pixel security monitoring is very clear even after being remake by the mobile phone. The picture shows a driver sitting in the white truck cab, leaving a flat head and a black vest. The facial features are clearly recorded.

Gao Panqing squinted at the stern mobile phone, and he was in the heart. He recognized that this was the gang of Jiangyang County who deliberately slammed the police car into the bottom of the river and held the ground-made gun to kill Li Yuxin. At that time, although the gangs were not caught on the scene, the ubiquitous "Skynet" recorded their escape route, and finally took a frontal photo of one of the suspects at the entrance of the highway.

"This..." The little flower arm narrowed his eyes and took a breath.

Yan Yan asked: "Is this your local Jiangyang County?"

Xiaohua’s arm thought about it, and suddenly “嘿嘿嘿” smiled, and his face appeared to be a wit and slippery."--I said that big brother, we have to smash that few bags of k|powder broken things will not let the provincial police ask the present night, it will not be the surname Wang made other cases, the government needs us to cooperate Provide clues?"

No one snorted, and several police officers stared at him silently.

The small flower arm clearly felt the silent pressure in the air: "Then, you see that I have a question and answer, I am obedient, can I give me a chance to reduce the penalty? - Oh, I am really a younger brother. Those bad things are all things that people have to do. Now I am lost, I am willing to cooperate with the police to find criminals hidden in the masses, and resolutely protect the lives and property of the people. The society has to give me a chance to re-do people. is not it?"

Gao Panqing angered: "You give me the truth first, then..."

"We will tell the procuratorate that you are under 18 in the year of the trip." Yan Yan said coldly.

A little flower arm, then happy: "Right right, I am still small, I am just... I am just getting old!"

Other police officers are crying and laughing, and they don’t know what to say to this living treasure.

"I am not familiar with this person, but I have seen it, people call the bag brother - the bag of the bag." The small flower arm doubled and diligently pointed to the strict mobile phone screen and said: "This person began to mix with Liu Laoda, who is opposite to our home. Later, our big brother went through hard negotiations and fire, and successfully swallowed the breeze into our territory. Hey, you licked me, the Qingfenggang is an inseparable part of the territory of the People’s Republic of China - and then Liu’s His hands were all scattered, and he himself washed his hands in the golden basin, retiring from the rivers and lakes, and bid farewell to the bloody life of the bloody knife."

Yan Yan: "..."

All police: "..."

Yan Yan asked: "Then I called the bag brother and went to vote for Wang Xingye?"

"Yes, it is said that he has an old man who is old and promising. When he is doing things under the surname of Wang, he puts the bag brother in the past. When Wang came to Jiangyang for the second time, I

Our big brother asked him to eat, and this bag of brothers was on the side, so you recognized this photo as soon as I gave it to me. ”

Yan Yan slowly took back the phone and his eyes sharply slammed: "The bag is not common. What is his real name?"

"Hey, you can ask me to live!" said Xiaohua, "We have a fancy name in our line. Otherwise, when we go out to dry, we will name each other and Zhang Aimin is the party Li Jianguo. ?"

Yan Yan turned and walked out: "Write him eighteen that year."

The policeman who made the transcript nodded, and the little flower arm immediately cried and shouted at the mother's urgency: "No, big brother, let me think about it, I think again - yes! I remember! He nicknamed the bag is Because his surname is Fan!"

Yan Yan’s footsteps stopped and turned back: “...What is Fan?”

"I really don't know what his name is Fan?" The little flower arm was wrinkled, and he couldn't wait to raise his hand and swear, "I can't remember you without scaring me. I just accidentally heard people shout once, it should be There is another name called Fan Wu, maybe his family is in the top five?"Yan Yan’s breathing stopped for a moment, and the dark and dark eyes stared at the small flower arm, making his originally long and narrow eyebrows even more ruthless. For a long while, he slowly smacked his mouth in the gaze of the little flower arm, and the smile floated in the eye, reflecting the only lamp in the interrogation room, which made people feel upset.

"Fan Wu." He repeated with such a smile, as if he found something very interesting, and suddenly asked:

"Do you know that his brother, who is particularly promising, has a good time, how is it?"

The little flower arm was scared to speak.

"Twenty or thirty trucks were crushed into meat on the highway, and the heart, lungs and lungs were mixed together. The whole person only got half a bucket." Yan Wei’s quirky smile was deeper: "I will take the photo on the spot." Give it to you to enjoy it."

Yan Yan walked out in the horror of Xiao Ma Zi’s horror.


"After the criminal suspects confessed, we have sufficient reason to suspect that Wang Xingye is related to Fan Zhengyuan who is armed with a gun attack, as well as Fan Wu, who is attacking the police and destroying Li Yuxin. Ma Xiang, you take people to the Qingfenggang investigation Fanjia of Jiangyang County. The brothers immediately informed me of the clues of Fan Zhengyuan. At the same time, they sent another round of investigation notices to hunt down Fan Wu and other assault gangs. You Gao a few of you," Yan Yan strode through the large office of the Criminal Investigation Detachment and stuffed the notebook. To Gao Panqing: "This was discovered in Wang Xingye's harbor. This little girl surnamed Teng, 16 years old, was killed in the first kidnapping case two years ago. You should contact the police center and hurry. Time determines the identity of the victim."

Gao Panqing almost jumped up: "Yes!"

Yan Yan walked into his office and slammed the door.


He maintained this movement, and it took a long time to relax the tight muscles that no one noticed under the shirt.

The sound insulation of the office is very good, and the outside is busy, which effectively creates a short, false but extra peace of mind. The curtains that were pulled up when I left last night still maintained a dense state. The skylight passed through the entire office from the gap, projecting a straight and winding band of light, just passing through the front of Yan, so that he could clearly see Floating dust flying up and down in the air.

Yan Yan finally let go of the hand that grabbed the doorknob, stepped down to the desk and sat down, and took out the photo from the trouser pocket.

The young first-level police superintendent stopped in the air and immediately fell silently in front of him.

"He also listened to the above instructions, and has not done anything for more than a year, and went everywhere to find a little girl..."

"The age looks good and the gender is right. There must be a flaw in the shoulder. It must be particularly beautiful, strong and strong..."

Strong and tough, this is the evaluation of the spades to Jiang as a policeman?

Yan Yan leaned back into the back of the chair, his brow was locked, and he looked at the light spot floating in the void.

If a drug lord's evaluation of the smugglers is these four words, then at least it can be said that the police did not do anything to betray their duties. But if this is the case, why should he use the river stop as a prototype to repeat the scripts about betrayal and execution repeatedly, especially when Jiang stopped in his mind and was always betrayed?Yan Yan slowly found a cigarette, and the lighter clicked a light blue flame.

He suddenly thought of another possibility.

Until now, the police have believed that the two victims Li Yuxin witnessed were from the first serial kidnapping, but this is actually unfounded. If it was only a mockery of imitation, would it be possible to have an unknown kidnapping before, and Jiang Stop was one of the first two victims?

In this way, the precise attachment of the spades to the execution time, as well as the rituals full of tribute and reincarnation, have a logical explanation!

- But who is the other victim?

Is it a rivet?

In the dimly empty office, the redheads of the cigarettes are bright and clear, and the ashes fall from the fingers, but they are not aware of them. The memory turned like a book page, and his eyes turned back to the abandoned road that night. The sniper laughed at the muzzle and said, "Are you not good at shooting? Come, shoot at me. Just like you kill the rivets!"

The rivet seems to be a forbidden word of Jiang’s stop. It is a bloody and fascinating part of his blood. It is a kind of power that makes him unable to pull the trigger again. Yan Yan can almost imagine how the spades k threatened to stop the river: "If you don't kill the rivets, you will die here together!" or "hands" there is only one bullet in the gun, you want to kill him or kill You yourself?” In the case of extreme life and death, it is not surprising that people make choices.

But - a strange voice slowly rises from the bottom of my heart, preventing serious thinking.

Jiang stopped without choosing to kill the rivets, the voice said.

There is no evidence, no lack of careful reasoning. All judgments are based on his daily observations and intuitions about Jiang Shu. Except for the words "I think", there is no power at all to reverse the rational judgment of criminal investigators.

Yan Yan sighed and tried to put the rivets on the position of another victim of the kidnapping case, and used this as a basis to start thinking again.

But at this time, he felt a little bit of strangeness, no matter how lingering.

If the rivet is another victim, then the information he provided for the police is correct. What did he betray the river?

More crucially, the goal of the spades k is from the beginning to the end of the two boys and girls who love each other, and the rivet as a police undercover, how many possibilities to participate in the kidnapping case with such awkward position?

Yan Yan was holding a cigarette in his hand, his eyes flashing, and a vague and horrific speculation emerged in his mind.

Perhaps in the bloody drama that was once fixed and replayed this year, the role of the traitor who was executed was not a rivet from the very beginning.

It is the spades k himself.

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