Chapter 73 Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Chapter 73

The next morning, the sun shone from the window into the bedroom. (Free full novel.

The ringing of the mobile phone suddenly exploded, and the electric shock was like a shackle. He sat up and squatted: "Qin Chuan?!"

The next moment, the ear rang in the ear of the Qinchuan sinister ghost, like the sound of climbing out of the TV at 12 o'clock midnight: "Look at it now~ What time is it~"

Strictly watching the sleepy eyes, the bedside alarm clock beats and beats at half past eight.

"Let's say what was good last night, huh?" Qin Chuan was like a grievance woman who had been left out for a whole night. Resentment almost turned into a physical body and climbed along the communication signal: "Whoever agreed to take over at 7:00 in the morning? Who faked that something happened to call you immediately? Last night, Hatano’s teacher finally knocked on your door. Right, which little beauty’s bed was happy and happy, and forgot the Qin Baozhen who had been suffering from the cold kiln for 18 years?! ”

Jiang stopped stunned and turned over.

Yan Yan immediately slammed his mouth and lowered his voice: "Oh, what do you say, can I be such a person..."

"you are not?!"

The two men squinted at the small eyes across the cell phone, and after a few seconds of stalemate, they confessed to the sternness of the loss: "...I am really."

If Qinchuan is here, then it must have been rushed to death.

"Well, I am asking you for a week's dinner. Is it my fault? It's my fault... But you didn't call me at half past six, then I made the mistake of abandoning the revolutionary comrades, is it revolution? Do comrades themselves do not have to bear half of their responsibilities? How can you blame me?"

"There was a half-year-old demolition home that suddenly went online at 7:00 this morning. I was busy in the anti-drug detachment until now!" Qin Chuan said: "My heart hurts! I am going to die! I died in Jianning City. What can the happiness of young women do?! You are not coming to take over?!"

Yan Yan turned to get out of bed and replied in a continuous voice: "I am really up since I started... What about your team? Shouldn't he be on duty this morning?"

"Who knows where the team is, his old wounds are committed for two days, and he can't find people everywhere. - Hurry! If you don't get to the city bureau within half an hour, you will lose your Qin Baozhen forever!"

Pia sang Qinchuan hang up the phone.

Yan Yan put down his mobile phone and didn't even play a game. It seems that this phone has never happened. He flipped his bed and hugged the river to stop, buried his face in his neck, and squatting at the same time.

Jiang stopped the blood shortage, the spirit is not good, it is difficult to recover from the state of sleep immediately, stumbled for a long time, and finally pulled out two words: "Strictly..."

Although it was just a name, it made the heartbeat that was originally in an excited state more accelerating, and vaguely responded: "Well."

"If you come to me again, I will..."

Strict action stopped short.

However, Jiang stopped "I am" for a long time and didn't have anything to do. Strictly waited for a long time, and finally couldn't help but ask: "What are you going to do?"

"...If you think about it, there is nothing to threaten you. You can't beat it." Jiang stopped turning over and squinted at his eyes, but he couldn't help but move back to Yang Mei.Suddenly, the tiger's body was shaken, and the chrysanthemum was tight. Immediately, the tail was picked up and rushed into the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, the toaster at the table slammed out two toasts, and the river stopped slowly and picked up a piece. Carefully spread the full fluffy and salad dressing, and then hand it over to the already washed and finished. Strictly wearing a watch on your hand.

"Why did you buy snacks and eat money from my account?" Yan Yan asked suspiciously.

This is one of the important reasons for Yan's failure to get old-fashioned before. He is often suspicious of the details that ordinary people can't notice, and he is often annoying. Jiang stopped picking up his eyelids and glanced at him and said, "Yang Mei."

"No, you said that what do you mean when you have a family with Yang Mei who is financially entangled? What is the relationship between you?"

"The former policeman and the frontline. In addition, we are not the so-called family..."

"That can't be financially unclear to the informant?"

Jiang stopped the meat toast to the mouth, but did not send it in, and finally sighed: "Theoretically, the ktv has 25 shares, it is the investment made in the early years. v can open so much mainly Yang Mei The credit, so I only receive a basic dividend in a symbolic way..."

"Don't take the dividend, what's the good thing. Next time I buy a snack bag and take the money from the drawer, do you know?"

"I know I know," Jiang stopped and said, "Go to your class, and remember to contact the case."

Yan Yan was full of threats and rushed to him. He quickly went out to rescue Qin Baozhen, who had been suffering from the cold kiln for 18 years.

Early peaks on the road.

Busy outside the car window is all cars, Bluetooth ringtones in the car one after another.

"Severe team Yan team, the technical screening results of the Jianning Railway Station security monitoring last night have been sent to the technical team, Huang asked me to call you to remind you..."

"Yan Ge, 哎 finally connected to Yan Ge, the results of the inquiry from the major bus stations and private car rental companies came out, after you arrive at the city bureau..."

“Hey Yan deputy! The investigation has transferred the detailed water bills of Wang Xingye’s own and all the equity assets under the name for half a year from the various banks! You must hurry to see the Yan team!”


As long as the case progressed, the strict phone call was extraordinarily lively. The green card like the Sangong Sixth House was presented to the emperor for selection. All kinds of beautiful people flocked to compete for peace, hate to pull the arm into his boudoir. go with.

Although Yan Yan has the heart of the harem, he was beaten by the early peak.

The students were stuck in the middle of the road, and missed the opportunity to overtake several times because they kept answering the phone. They climbed past 9:30, and the city bureau, which is usually convenient to go to work, is still looking at the sea.

Suddenly another phone rang, and Yan Yiyi seemed to be electric, and it turned out to be Zhang Guanyao.The surname Zhang was born in the Jiangyang County police car, and was injured by gunshots. After returning to Jianning, he became a little red person who was warmly greeted by the crowd. The iron plate nailed to harvest the first individual in his career. Third class work. Therefore, in the past few days, he has been full of enthusiasm. He is like a red bull in the blood vessels. He received Ma Xiang’s night shift this morning and ran his arms and went out to check Wang Xingye’s personal assets. No one stopped.

"Hey, Yan team!" Xiao Zhang yelled at the sound of the constantly slamming car horn: "We searched Wang Xingye's residence and his "Yuhe Gallery" in the early morning, and found no suspicious clues. Computers, tablets, and other papers that have been written are sealed and sent to the technical team! Are you in the city now?"

The front car lit up with red taillights, and he stepped on the brakes with great helplessness. He ordered a cigarette: "No, wait until I arrive."

"Then you went to the city council, come to us!"

"what happened?"

At the end of the phone, Zhang Guanyao squatted at the entrance of the neighborhood committee. The hoe was holding the mobile phone on the shoulder with the hanging side, and the other hand held the old business card against the light:

"We found a half-box of old business cards from the corner of Wang Xingye's drawers, which was printed a few years ago. The company address and the current address of the gallery are not in line with it. It is Room 346, Building 2, Jiucheng District, Amber Villa, Jianning City. 'It should be the relocation of the company. I immediately contacted the Amber Mountain District police station to verify the situation. As a result, I found that the head of the 346th room in the second district of the 9th district was named Yin Honglan. It was a 90-year-old widowed old man who now lives in a nursing home."

The green light was on, the front car slowly moved forward, but the sternness was immersed in the case. I didn’t think about stepping on the gas at the moment: “There is no possibility that the lonely old man will rent out the house by himself. Is Yin Honglan and Wang Xingye not related? ?"

Beep! The angry horn of the car rang into a piece.

"Yes!" Xiao Zhang was very excited and said: "I asked the neighborhood committee to turn over the information in the pile of paper for half a day. Basically, it can be confirmed that Yin Honglan is the aunt of Wang Xingye!"

Strictly slammed the lights and changed lanes, with a lot of guns and bullets, and forced to kill the direction of Amber Mountain.

"Immediately contact the property to check the water and electricity bills in Room 346, Building 2, Jiuqu District. If Wang Xingye still uses this place as a harbor base, then hydropower should be used, but the amount is small, and the gas consumption tends to be due to not cooking. Nearly no. You don't go back to the city bureau, wait for me at Amber Hill, and arrive in twenty minutes!"

Amber Villa belongs to the first batch of high-end residential areas in Jianning City. This shows that the economic situation of Yin Honglan was good. However, in the past two decades, the economy of Jianning City has mushroomed up and down. The city has built a number of high-end luxury properties, and there are several places where his relatives invest in it; the awesome Amber Villa in the past Under the arrogance of many real estate developers, it has gradually been forgotten by the market economy, and now it has become a yellow flower yesterday.The parking plan of the old community is a problem. Yan Qiang forced the Phaeton into a Chery q|q and a golden cup of bread. Even the door could not be fully opened. Zhang’s voice rang from the top of his head: “Yan Ge! This side!”


At this time, WeChat sighed, Qinchuan came to a new message: What about you? ? ?

Yan Yan said that he forgot his sorrow, just to reply, Qin Chuan came again:

Don't come back to the expensive. I look at the old yellow next door, I have already packed up and remarried to his house, and go past your princess!

"..." Speaking of the voice key, the truth is really clear: "Hey! I am sorry for you, I am sorry! I wish you happiness!" Then I dropped the phone into my trouser pocket and made two steps to the corridor.

"It's here." Several criminal policemen were surrounded by the third floor corridor. Zhang Guanyao hung his arm and pointed at a rusty iron gate: "There is no rental record, no gas consumption, and the water and electricity bill has a personal account from Yin Honglan." I have been on the regular schedule. I just asked the neighborhood committee to call for a half-day door, and no individual should be there. We are planning to enter the door."

The aunt of the neighborhood committee frequently nodded on the side to testify.

Yan Yan looked at the door lock for a moment and said, "Hey, the door is so violent, what should I do if I turn back and complain."

"Then what do you say -"

Xiao Zhang’s question came to an abrupt end. I saw that Yan Yan had prepared to take out a few hairpins from his trouser pocket and began to squat down the drums.

Everyone: "..."

Aunt: "You captain can really do it, hey, the boy looks good. How old? Is there any object? How many girls are there? What kind of girl do you want to find? There are 18 unmarried girls in our community. After the order, Xiao comrades quickly gave me a phone number..."

Yan Yan concentrated on the gods, a sentence "I have objects" has not been exported, only listen to Xiao Zhang laughs and said: "No! Our captain is single!"

Yan Yan said that I will open the lock and educate you later.

"There is money at home! I don't know! I can't find it!" Xiao Zhang was particularly enthusiastic and said: "If the Yan team can open the door of a woman's heart, it can be like the criminal family. Now the harem has already started!"


The iron gate opened in response, and Yan Yan turned back and patted Xiao Zhang’s shoulder:

"Your personal third class is gone."

Xiao Zhang: "?!"

The wooden door opens, the old and moldy taste wraps

Heading in the dust.

"Cough and cough..." Yan Yan put on the shoe cover and carefully walked into the room, indicating that the hand pulled down the cordon, and pressed the small policeman out of the gun. "Notify the technical investigation."

In the small living room of the old-fashioned house, there is a wooden table with a square shape, covered with plastic tablecloths, and the tablecloth is pressed against the glass. An instrument consisting of a glass bottle, a filter device, and a straw tin foil is placed on the table, and turbid water remains in the filter bottle.

The wall peeling off, the floor tiles cracking, the wood window frame has long been deformed and rusted, and the air is filled with the smell of ammonia.

- Typical drug abusers lose their paradise.Yan Yan let everyone surround the cordon, and in the narrow corridors and other technical investigations, wearing physical evidence gloves, groping into the bedroom from the living room.

It is said that it is a bedroom. It is obvious that Wang Xingye will not stay here overnight. There is no bed sheet on a rattan bed that is obviously very old. Old-fashioned chest of drawers, sewing machines covered with green cloth and wooden boxes are piled up in various corners. Yan Yan stood in the room and looked around, lifting his trousers and legs on a dusty floor. He didn't care about customizing his own trousers. He went back to the back of the bed for a while, and he touched a piece at the edge of the bed. A hard object that is stuck with tape.

Square, banknote size, texture has a piece of 疙瘩 bulge. Yan Yan felt for a while through the gloves, and there were counts in my heart.

That is the wrapped pill.

He did not move the pack of drugs, only opened the site survey box and placed a red triangle on the ground, then stood up and opened the drawers of each wooden box and chest of drawers one by one.

The boxes were basically empty, and the old ladies were old and yellowed. Strictly, from the bottom of the debris, they turned out a few packs of shaking their heads, pills, and the like, but they didn’t take them out. They only closed the wooden boxes and marked them. Try to keep the scene unchanged. The drawers of the chest of drawers are also bottles and cans that are older than the strict ones. The rusted biscuit boxes and the milky milk barrels emit a rotten smell, which is placed neatly.

Yan Yan had never drunk the milk in this life, and picked up the tin can and shook it, suddenly "squeaking".

The rustling in the jar seems to have the friction of paper friction.

The iron cover has been rusted, and it can't be opened by the nails. Fortunately, there is a ballpoint pen in the pocket. "Hey!" He gnawed his teeth and opened the tin can. Sure enough, it is a small book, it looks quite new, it is not like the old lady's things - Yan Yan came out to open a page, and suddenly the whole person stunned.

That is a two-inch unlicensed photo.

Li Yuxin stared at him in an indifferent and lifeless manner in the background of the red.

The photo is attached to the inside page of the notebook. Below it is a line of pens. The beginning is - Li, XVI. It was followed by Li Yuxin’s home address and his mother’s contact information. The date of the payment was January last year, and nothing else.

Yan Yan’s heartbeat has accelerated. He quickly turned to the first page, and the paper jumped into the eye and turned out to be Buwei.

The same red background has two inches of unlicensed photos, but the younger and younger Bud is not as expressionless as Li Yuxin. Even with Yan Yan, when she first saw her photo in the Tianchangshan case, it was not straight. Dull, mouthful and shy smile, it seems that the whole person is very vivid, like a soft and fresh camellia.

Step, thirteen. The home address is followed by two and a half years before the time of December.

Yan Yan suddenly felt something, and suddenly turned to the next one, and it was not.An unfamiliar girl looked at him in the photo, her cheeks stretched tightly, showing a stern and tense look. This incomprehensible attitude affects the degree of evaluation of her appearance by others, but if she looks closely, her facial features and face will have some signs of becoming a beauty in the future - if she can still have the opportunity to grow up, Not already with an unknown boy hand in hand buried in a wilderness, gradually turned into two bones.

Teng, sixteen.

There is no home address and the time for the payment is February of the previous year.

Yan Yan stared at the words that were concise and concise, but could no longer figure out other clues other than surnames and ages.

The entire note only had photos on the three sheets of paper, and Yan Yan carefully turned from the home page to the last page, and did not find any traces of words that had been written or torn. But I don't know why there is always a strange feeling in his heart that seems to be missing. The sixth sense of uneasiness and fear are becoming more and more clear and more and more serious.

He stared at the seemingly unremarkable notebook and suddenly removed the cover of the pv material.

The next moment, a photo clipped between the cover and the title page swayed out and gently fell to the ground.

Yan Yan’s lower body –

The young Jiang stopped out of the gate of Gongzhou City Bureau, looked down slightly at the steps under his feet, his hair was black and his eyes were bright, and his facial features were clear and clear, even in the angle of sneak shots. The dark blue police uniform was put on his shoulders and raised with the wind. It was clear that even the four-pointed star flower on the epaulettes could see the lines.

Yan Yan couldn’t help but tremble and picked up the photo from the ground.

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