Chapter 72 Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Chapter 72

Yan Yan's fingertips gently dialed the hair that stopped the river, and Jiang stopped the eyelashes and then woke up in confusion. (Free full novel.

"...come back, have you eaten?"

Jiang stopped struggling and just got up, and was severely pressed: "You sleep."

He got up and went to the hot soup, and the microwave oven slammed, and the smell of warm and rich broth floated out.

Yan Yan does not eat rice, only soup and meat. The wild meat was so rotten and tender, fresh and sweet, and the soup with the gum was thick and mellow, and the oil was caught a star. Although it is not winter night outside, the weather is not cold, but the hot bowl of soup and the meat with the medicine goes down, so that people can be comforted from the stomach to the heart and liver.

"How come back so late?" Jiang stopped lying on the sofa, covering his eyes with his arms, and his voice was still full of drowsiness.

Yan Yan contained a small piece of meat bones and said the case in detail. He also said: "There has been a notice of investigation to traffic policing at all levels, and there may be reports at any time. I will have to return to the city bureau at dawn."

The light on the edge of the sofa has been opened to the darkest, but it is still a bit disturbing. Jiang stopped to explore a few times out of thin air, pulled out the pillow in the depths of the sofa - Ms. Zeng Cui bought countless pillows for the distribution bag, and at least ten piles on the sofa - I squatted on my face. .

Yan Yan slammed.

But before he even had time to play a few words, he only listened to the river stop: "That is to say, the gang of Li Yuxin in Jiangyang County is likely to be instructed by Wang Xingye?"

Yan Yan’s original words were solidly blocked and returned: “Yes, the possibility is very big. The kidnappers that Li Yuxin saw in execution have black masks and it is difficult to identify the appearance, but she may have seen Wang Xingye through the drug-using mother. If she came to Jianning and saw the 'uncle' of Buwei, she would definitely notice an abnormality, so Wang Xingye needs to destroy her mouth. In addition, how did Wang Xingye know that we have found Li Yuxin? The clues, and the way to buy fierce | killing? These doubts are still unexplained, I have already made a comprehensive investigation of Wang Xingye's financial flow and social relations."

Jiang stopped for a while under the pillow and murmured: "...but there is no reason."

"What is no reason?"

"Why did he want to kill me?"

Strict chopsticks paused.

- Yes, Fan Si.

But then he accidentally picked up a flower in the soup: "Don't you say that Fan Si and the Jiangyang County gangster killer are probably not assigned by the same employer?"

"I just said it casually, you can listen to it."

"So you admit that you didn't tell the truth at the time?"

Jiang stopped the pillow to open a slit, and sternly from the gap: "If you remember so well, how can you not remember the case?"

Yan Yan said: "Hey - will talk back! Sure enough, after entering the room, there will be a sigh of relief. When you meet Yang Mei KTV, why are you so gentle and well-behaved?"

Jiang stopped laughing too: "Don't be a poor mouth, talk well."Yan Yan drank the last bite of soup, got up to wash the dishes and wash his hands and brush his teeth, and said in the sound of the sound of water: "When I did not recognize the pace, my feeling of catching the wind and the shadow could not be used as a voucher to investigate Wang Xingye, so At present, there are too few clues to grasp, and it is impossible to make a reliable judgment for the time being. When the future investigation and technical team cooperate, I will turn over the old bottom of Wang Xingye, and we can know what he is in the drug trafficking group of the spades k. How much is a role in a role with Fan Si."

"In short, you should continue to be smart and sensible to stay here. It is best not to go out alone, and you must drive my car when you stroll." Yan Yan walked back to the living room and said, "Whether you want to buy murder, you are It’s not Wang Xingye. The role of that level is that I dare not provoke me in Jianning’s land.

The river stopped "squeaking" and sat up with a top-heavy attitude.

He wanted to go back to the bedroom to go to sleep. He didn't expect to stand up. He was suddenly bent over and smashed. The whole person smashed up: "Hey!"

Yan Yan just like a pocket, from the living room through the corridor, all the way back to the master bedroom, and then slammed into the big bed, then the whole person covered.

There was no light in the bedroom, only the faint reflection reflected from the living room. The river stopped before it could be awake from the fainting of the fall, and then it was severely pressed, like a warm and heavy wild. Like the leopard, even the breath was sprayed in the neckline of the bathrobe.

"You are in the middle of the night..."


Yan Yan's fingers slowly slipped from the river to his forehead, nose, cheeks and neck. He is like depicting a beloved piece of art, using the sense of touch to perceive, worshiping with temperature, and taking the forefinger and middle fingertips of the wind knife and sword for a long time to carefully bypass the corner of the mouth, but never touch it.

The bedroom was very quiet, like the rushing undercurrent of the bottom of the water, but only the entangled breath on the surface, showing a hint of clues.

Yan Yan bowed his head and asked, "Can I kiss you?"

The river stopped silent.

Yan Yan is like a gentleman's demeanor. He must get the other party's consent: "Can I kiss you?"


"Ask you, hello?"


The eyes in the dim and close eyes shimmered with each other, and the river stopped looking at the line of sight and finally spit out two words: "No."

Yan Yan immediately said: "Then I am gone."

That's what he said, but he doesn't leave, he doesn't even look away, like waiting for it.

What is it like.

The body temperature of the two people is hot and baked, and the skin feels clear and identifiable through the thin fabric. The river stopped moving uncomfortably, and the magnitude was so small that it was negligible, but then it was strictly seized: "I am really gone."

Then he still does not move.

"..." Jiang stopped to give up what it is like: "Kiss and kiss..."

The voice did not fall, Yan Yan bowed his head down, sweet as if he had just drank not a soup, but a bowl of honey.The dark night masks everything, as if everything was allowed. The abyss morphs into a seductive song, tempting the pedestrians to let go of the cold and sturdy reality, leaping to the sweet and soft dreams, upside down and indulging.

Yan Yan is ambiguously low and dumb: "Can I show you a strong kidney function?"


Yan Yan’s hand was stopped by the river, and he was bored: “No!”

Yan Yan’s body was tight for a moment, as if he was struggling with the tight-knit rationality. He finally screamed for a long time: “Hey, you can’t say no, you can’t.”

- He was so crisp and refreshed, and let the river stop.

"You can do whatever you want," Yan Yan leaned his head on the side of the river and smiled a little. "I like you so much, of course I hope you are happy."

I like you so much.

It was as if the shells were silently blasting in the void, and the blood was pushed into the limbs by the violently beating heart, and even the eardrums sounded for a long time after vibrating.

Jiang stopped talking, and Yan Yan did not ask for any response. They are so close to each other, the unspeakable relatives and awkward feelings slowly rise, as the dark rivers circulate in the bedroom.

"What are you laughing at?" Suddenly Jiang stopped to ask.

"Laugh at myself."

"Laughter yourself?"

Yan Yan reached out and explored the hair stopped by Jiang. Then he pinched his ear to his fingers and played for a while. He said that he was still saying: "I told Han Xiaomei today that if you have money and a career, you will have the confidence to find an object. People, not people, pick you up. But now suddenly I feel that even if you have money and a career, if you meet someone you like, you still have to wait to be picked."

He paused and added another sentence: "But being picked is still very happy."

Yan Yan smiled and got up and walked into the bathroom. After a while, the sound of the shower was heard.

Losing his body temperature, the half sheets gradually cooled down, but the river stopped moving. He knew that he should get up and go back to the bedroom next door, but he didn't know why there was no power. Every pore in the whole body was full of lazy atmosphere, only looking at the empty sky, his mind was blank.

This is actually very rare for him. There are always many things in his mind at any time. The intricate logic and various subtle relationships are like a huge Go game that can't be seen.

But now Yan Yan forced the board to be emptied.

He is handsome and unreasonable, handsome and unscrupulous. When he laughs, his mouth seems to be carrying countless evil spirits and bad thoughts, but he is solid and reliable in his actions, and he will never leave any bad pool.

Jiang stopped his eyes, and there were countless identical figures in the faintness. Sitting under the night light in the morning, he snorted and sipped soup. From the bottom of the river, he turned around and the police flashed from the viaduct. Until ... and even a long time ago, the young Yan Jie, who had just withdrawn from the action scene, was supported by several people outside the command car. His blood was full of face and there was no wretchedness, and his bravery was like a savage sword.

The sound of the water stopped, the mattress sank slightly, and the river stopped its eyes.Yan Yan climbed into the bed from the side of the head and looked down at him. The beautiful shoulder muscles were not completely dried.

"Don't go," Yan Yan whispered. "Let me sleep."


"If you don't object for three seconds, you promise."

Jiang stopped to plan what he was saying. Yan Yan bowed his head and took a long, minty toothpaste kiss with him.

When the lips and tongue were separated, he raised his head slightly, and his eyes were staring at the stars. The two looked at each other for a long time, and Yan Xiao smiled and said: "You promised."

He left the bed to turn off the lights and close the bedroom door. Heavy pale gold curtains obscure the city lights, and in this gentle night, carefully guard the close and intimate space of one side.

Yan Yan returned to the bed and lay side by side on the side of the river. He couldn't help but shake the air-conditioner blanket on his legs. One hand squatted from the back of the river and stopped at the waist. When he just touched the pillow, he suddenly remembered something like it. He looked up and kissed him. Kissing people:

"good night."

Midsummer night, the stars are bright. The lights on the road in the distance through the gaps in the curtains, reflecting the fleeting shadows on the ceiling, just like the water fish swaying from the river, another flash. The river stopped moving on the big bed, the nose was the sun that had not been exhausted by the pillowcase. The smell, the breathing in the ear was gradually calm and long, and it seemed to fall into a stable deep sleep.

He stared at the air molecules jumping in the darkness and finally whispered, "Good night."

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