Chapter 71 Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Chapter 71

"Bush is almost all accounted for, Wang Xingye is not a friend of her parents, but the sale of broken white | powder on the line, which is a demolition. (Free full novels after the death of the parents of this novel Wang Wang's adoption She had been good for the first two years. Later, she grew up. Since last year, Wang Xingye has gradually become unruly. Two months ago, a drunken drunk was almost strong. She was violent, and she was desperately resisted and escaped. Ready to call the police. But Wang Xingye threatened her with her own power in the underworld. The last two reached an agreement. As long as Buwei helped him to do something, he gave her a sum of money and never came to entangle."

Strictly holding the mobile phone, rubbing and rubbing the elevator button several times, and then watching the number stayed upstairs, simply no longer wait, turned and went straight to the corridor.

Han Xiaomei quickly ran and followed.

"The bed is strict, that is to say, the little girl is a kidnapping synergist?" The voice of Ma Xiang came from the phone.

"It can be understood that Wang Xingye gave step Wei to help kidnap Shen Xiaoqi and threatened her to say that if she did not cooperate, she would sell her. Step Wei agreed. The idea that several students went to Tianchi Mountain for excursions was also the first proposal of Buwei, even if Shen Xiaoqi She did not plan the trick of saving the hero of the brain, she would also think of a way to lead Shen Xiaoqi and then deliberately lost, and then led him to the location of the Phoenix Forest under the guidance of the kidnappers."

Ma Xiang immediately asked: "How many kidnappers? Can she provide us with information?"

"Consistent with Li Yuxin's description, all wearing black clothes and covering faces, four, Wang Xingye is not on the scene. From the narrative, it is difficult to determine whether the relationship between the four on-site kidnappers and Wang Xingye is a subordinate or an associate, Buwei's confession. I have already sent the recording to the technical team of the city bureau."

The other end of the call immediately sounded Ma Xiang’s whispered voice: “Go to the recording that Huang Director wants to send from Yan Ge, fast!”

"Yan Ge," Ma Xiang lifted his mobile phone again: "That is, Shen Xiaoqi is she pushed down the hillside? She knows she wants to kill the victim?"

"Buwei's statement is not like this." Yan Fengfeng generally scraped through the entrance of the corridor, Han Xiaomei stepped back in the back, panic and hated not much more than eight legs, but she heard the Yan deputy detachment talking so tight and calm: "According to her The confession, until she arrived at Phoenix Forest on the last day, she thought that Wang Xingye only wanted to extort money from Shenjia."


"When she arrived at the Phoenix Forest, she was comatose like Li Yuxin. When she woke up, she saw the body of He Liang in the pit, and Shen Xiaoqi was already on the ground by several kidnappers. The other party asked her to execute Shen Xiaoqi. This time she knew herself. It was to kill. After the rebellion, she was restrained by four kidnappers. The other party asked her to take Shen Xiaoqi down the hillside, or she would kill her."

"And then she..." Ma Xiang asked carefully.

Yan Yan and Han Xiaomei rushed out of the corridor and walked through the main entrance of the hospital building, striding to the parking lot."The mental state of Buwei is too unstable, and the confession is recorded in the top three, but probably the meaning should be like this." Yan Yan paused and said: "After Shen Xiaoqi fell, she heard the kidnappers saying that the police are coming, No time, she begged them to give them a way to live, but then they were pushed down by the kidnappers and they didn’t know anything."

Ma Xiang said with anger: "Is this not a killer?!"

Severely sighed, found his own Phaeton on the parking lot, indicating Han Xiaomei got on the bus.

"Hey, wait for Yan Ge." Ma Xiang suddenly realized what: "Everything that Bu Wei experienced is highly coincident with Li Yuxin, but how is it different?"

Yan Yan said: "Telephone."

"Yes! Call!"

Li Yuxin was masked by black masks - now they look at their dress and role, more like a "notary" in the execution ceremony - when they are asked to kill He Liang, a kidnapper is attached to the satellite phone In her ear, in this way, the spades k and Li Yuxin had a direct dialogue.

But there is no case in Buwei.

The spade k is like a god, and it has never appeared in this case from beginning to end!

"I don't know." Yan Yan sat in the driver's seat. The rearview mirror reflected his sharp and tight eyebrows: "But I feel that I can't let go of this detail. It may be the key to unlocking the whole case."

Yan Yan hung up the phone and started the car. The co-pilot went to Han Xiaomei and asked: "We...we will return to the city bureau immediately, Yan team?"

"Otherwise?" Yan Yan asked.


Yan Yan suddenly warned: "Do you have a date?"

Judging from his expression, Han Xiaomei felt that if he dared to answer one, he would be strangled alive in the second driver's seat in the next second.

"No, it’s just seven o'clock, I, I, do we have to buy some dinner first..."

"Don't look for a boyfriend in the field!" Yan Yan's face was scolded and said: "You are only a few years old this year, twenty-one? 22? Young and strong, don't want to hurry to fight for a career, you can still run When you jump, you earn a few more credits to put the rank of police officer up, what kind of boyfriend to look for? People can always rely on their own career! And money!"

Han Xiaomei: "My mom said that young people are looking for..."

"If you have money, you have a career, you pick a man, you have no money, no business, a man picks you, don't understand?!"

The Phaeton Arrows generally rushed into the traffic, and Han Xiaomei's lasagna tears fluttered in the air: "Understood, but I don't have a man..."

"Nothing is right! No, just go back to the city bureau and grab the surname Wang!"

Han Xiaomei is weak: "But... Yan team... We haven't eaten dinner yet..."

The red light is on, and Yan Yan is in a hurry, almost put

Han Xiaomei sighed and vomited out, only to see him licking the top: "Ah, dinner."Han Xiaomei stole the gourmet restaurant on both sides of the street. The heart was burning with infinite hope. I saw Yan Yan quickly touched the phone and dialed the phone: "Hey, Lao Hu? Last time the victim’s family thanked me for the two wild Hey, is it still in yours? Well, yes, I am not going home on duty tonight, you help me catch the two silly birds and pull them up, match the good glue in your store, add dried tangerine peel. , red dates, silk flowers, even the meat with bones and solid stewed soup..."

Han Xiaomei is incredible, and the saliva will flow down.

"Then I will send it to my house." Yan Yan continued. "There is a surname Lu who will open the door for you. Ah, don't put too much salt, he can't eat too salty."

Han Xiaomei: "..."

Yan Yan was satisfied and hung up the phone.

The mouth of Han Xiaomei’s mouth was turned into tears in her eyes. She couldn’t make a sound when she groaned. Yan Yan noticed her expression of sorrowful expression and said, “What’s wrong? It’s just like this. Is true love moved?"

"..." Han Xiaomei felt that this question was superb.

Yan Yan’s heart is secretly happy, and he teaches: “So I’m looking for a boyfriend to find me like this, knowing that it hurts.” Then he stepped on the gas pedal and flew out to the city bureau.


Jianning City Bureau.

"Hit it up? Then how to deal with it?... Well, the brothers in Jiangyang County are doing a good job!... Give Li Yuxin his mother some money to let her take you to buy drugs, along with the supply of her drugs. Demolition of the family, all the way to the top of the vines, all of them will be returned to Jianning after the night. There are big cases here, we must personally review the brothers..."

Yan Yan strode into the office: "What is it, who is fighting?"

Ma Xiang hung up the phone and stood up: "Yan Ge!"

When you are idle, you can often get the younger brothers to stand up and ask for peace. But when there are big cases in the team, they are different. Everyone is busy flying, just listening to the phone ringing, screaming, hurried. The sound of running through the corridors has come and gone.

Yan Yan put the two large bags of sausages and marinated instant noodles on the desk: "Li Yuxin, his mother?"

"At the beginning, I still refused to recruit. You asked the police station to find her dad to help interrogate. As a result, the couple played in front of the police. The director of the police station personally opened the horse..."

Yan Yan burned the blisters and said: "Get it, pull the frame, I still don't know what is going on at the grassroots level."

Ma Xiang haha ​​smiled: "In short, Li Yuxin is now fucking honestly. I plan to let Jiangyang County anti-drug squadron cooperate with the set-up tonight, and the mother will take out the local drug demolition, then pull out the radish and bring out the mud, and put Jiangyang County The local underground drug trafficking network has been exhausted. This group of people will definitely have a little contact with the fate of the surname Wang Na, so you have to wait until you get it, and then you will be judged by Yan Ge."

Yan Yan turned and waved: "Han Xiaomei! Come over."

When Han Xiaomei entered the office door, he was stuffed with a lot of materials. It was just the information about the drug-related cases that Jiangyang County had faxed in the past two years. She was stalking and screaming there, suddenly summoning the Lord and rushing over."Look, look," Yan Yan held the instant noodles with one hand and pointed her finger at Ma Xiang to teach her: "Learning with your little horse brother, see how people handle the case. The little girl who just graduated, don't want much Learn something, and find a boyfriend in the sky."

Ma Xiang licked his hair and took the trick from the drawer like a trick: "The love of the paper man, you deserve it!"

Han Xiaomei was grievous and could not speak.

"Old Yan! Old Yan!" Qin Chuan took the instant noodle bowl, and the wind broke through the door: "I just saw your car coming in from the window, how come you haven't seen people for a long time, and you have gone to the pit?" Egg, give me two."

"Qin Ge has no eggs, and Qin Qin two eggs." Yan Yan ordered the end, asked him: "What happened to you, anxious red face?"

"Wang Xingye ran."

Yan Yan immediately raised eight tones: "What?!"

Qin Chuan waved his hand and barely breathed a breath: "Don't worry, I just got the news. I don't know how to get used to it. Your team's old high team and our team's old Yang teamed up to break out six. The exploration team, with three independent informants to catch Wang Xingye, did not know which line of people had leaked the wind, and the surname Wang Nasun did not even take the documents and ran. I have been urgently reviewing the informant, and Three groups of people have been added to disperse the studios, galleries, art exhibitions, the frequent bathing shops, and the various guns and friends. You have to send a report to you, don’t let this grandson run out of Jianning."

Yan Yan waited for him to finish and then rushed out with instant noodles: "Give me the Wei Bureau -! Take the Jianning Railway Station bus station highway toll station!"

As soon as the ride of smoke and dust went away, Ma Xiang glared at the two eggs: "...Qin brother still can't eat?"

"Eat and eat." Qin Chu immediately stretched out the bowl: "People are iron rice is steel, eggs still have to eat..." Then the mouth is stuffed with half a halogen egg, also holding the instant noodles chasing it.


Even if Wang Xingye is a fat man, he is also a fat man who is extremely flexible and snake-like.

The last time he appeared in the hospital was last night. I don’t know what abnormality was smelling from the increasingly abnormal attitude of Buwei. I suddenly contacted other demolition homes this morning and rushed out of all the “white goods” in my hand. A large amount of cash, a set of fake | documents.

When the police began to hunt him at night, he had already gone to the empty space in several dens standing in Jianning.

“Wang Xingye often runs art exhibitions and art exhibitions.

It’s very difficult to get him to go out of Jianning and catch it back. Everyone listened to me and sent the notice of investigation to various transportation hubs and highway toll stations. As long as the suspicious people were found to be seized immediately, everyone should not go home tonight! The police platform, the command center, the traffic police brigade, the public security monitoring, and the twelve exploration teams gave me turns, four hours a shift! do you understand? ”


Yan Yan stood in the big office of the criminal investigation detachment, and forced his own eyebrows to smother his eyes. Everyone who was in trouble was busy. Suddenly he had a cup of steaming coffee in front of him - Han Xiaomei."Hey, when did you have such eyesight?" Yan Yan accidentally took the coffee, and had not had time to boast more than two words. Han Xiaomei honestly lit the phone, and the screen was a WeChat red envelope from the land consultant:

Work overtime tonight, take it to you to buy two cups of coffee with your Yan team.

"..." Yan Yan's deep eyelids fluttered, his face was a little suspiciously red, and he was hard to say: "He cares about me, what do you care about?"

Han Xiaomei honestly asked: "I will give the consultant half back to the consultant?"

Yan Yan was a little embarrassed: "I didn't ask you to retire, take a snack to eat."

“——Hot coffee!” Qin Chuan opened the meeting next door to the anti-drug detachment. He smelled the smell: “There is a little girl in the team is intimate, too good, so give me half...”

Yan Yan angered: "Go and buy yourself!"

"Oh, don't be so stingy, this point Starbucks has to close, fast..."

Qin Chuan took a paper cup and forced to pour half of the hot coffee. The joy was like regaining a new life. He also took the initiative to smash the cigarette to Yan Yan. The two held their coffee standing in front of the window and swallowed face to face.

"The two big cases are related to drugs. This is not the right thing to do," Yan Yan said.

The night outside the window is as thick as the ink, and the glass window only reflects the red dots of the two people's cigarettes. Qin Chuan spit out a cigarette circle and asked: "Hu Weisheng was in the city of our city, drug allergy death, did not already see it?"

This is a sensitive topic. Although Lu did not put the words on the table, everyone is unaware that this "coincidence" will one day be turned over and thoroughly investigated.

Yan Yan sighed softly and said: "We all know that it is good."

The white smog rose, and at the moment the two did not speak, and they did not know what they were pondering.

"Hey," Yan Yan suddenly remembered something: "Do you have a police station to move in Jianning this year?"

"--Oh, rest assured, I am staring at it!" When talking about this topic, Qin Chuan immediately had a well-thought-out, and he gave him a few fingers: "The police are metaphysical, all the feng shui, the eight great squad, as long as they go to the police school." The teacher’s ear was over, and every one of them I stared at them. The police station was not allowed to set off firecrackers. All the branches were forced to raise goldfish. All the telephones in the police center were posted on the South Abu Dhabi. The second Lu Bureau also asked me to move the stool to the top of his office with a piece of gossip mirror - what are you saying?

Yan Yan Shen Mou: "Personal mobile phone?"

Then he figured out his work mobile phone, and unpacked the shell, and saw the back of the face with a transparent adhesive on the "big Buddha".

"...wonderful, old and strict," Qin Chuan said with a sincere attitude: "This is good, or you are high! I will let the anti-drug detachment put a sticker on the back of everyone's mobile phone."

Yan Yan said modestly: "Fortunately, it is the revolutionary experience left by the predecessors."Two people smoked the cigarettes, it was already two o'clock in the morning, and then went to each office to inspect a circle, and it was half past two. All traffic card points and high-speed toll stations have reported that they have not seen suspicious people and vehicles. The traffic police and public security monitoring have no new news for the time being; Yan Yan gave a phone call to the plain clothes in the hospital, saying that Bu Wei’s mood has fluctuated for a long time. Big, I ate a stable tablet at night and I was already asleep.

"It’s estimated to be like this in the middle of the night. You should go home and sleep for a while." Qin Chuan looked at the time and said, "I got up late this morning, I can still take a moment. You pick up my class at 7 in the morning. Just fine."

In fact, Yan Yan started too late this morning, but he is not the same as the single Han Qinchuan. He knows that Jiang is waiting at home.

It’s like having a living baby at home, thinking of you, thinking of you, hooking you. I don’t see the filaments in my heart. I will smack my heart from time to time. The farther away I am from home, the more unstable I am. From the internal organs to the bone marrow, I am clamoring to go home. I have to go home and confirm the live baby. Still there.

"Well, then I will go back to sleep for a few hours." When he said this, Yan Yan subconsciously removed his gaze and tried to make himself look normal from expression to sound. He couldn’t see the slightest temptation and could not wait: "That What, if there is something, call me the first time."

Qin Chuan did not notice the instigation of Yan Yan hidden under the calm surface, waving his hand to indicate that he knew.

Yan Yan is like an 18-year-old boy. He took the car key three steps and rushed out of the city bureau in two steps. He drove home all the way, as if each car tire was wrapped in a group of fluttering clouds. The elevator from the apartment on the garage was exceptionally long and slow, until he stood in front of the familiar security door, and he felt the thumping heart fall back into his chest.

He pushed the door open, subconsciously lightened the movement, and saw a slight glimpse of the living room scene.

The floor lamp on the side of the sofa was adjusted to the darkest, emitting a lazy glow. The river wrapped in clean bathrobes leaned back on the sofa, one hand still supporting the head, but the person was already asleep.

He didn't wear shoes, his feet were hanging on the carpet, and the whole person was relaxed and soft. and

On the coffee table in front of the sofa is a bowl full of rice, a stew of soup, a new chopsticks and a glimmer of light.

Yan Yan stepped forward step by step, half-squatting on the sofa and watching the side of Jiang’s sleeping, his eyes flashing slightly.

- He has a good meal, a good soup, and even the tableware is carefully prepared, try his best to reduce the preparations for eating the nightingale after coming back, and then sit here.

Yan Yan thought: "It turned out that he has been waiting for me to go home."

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