Chapter 70 Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Chapter 70

"Hey old, the news has seen, I want to find a way to trace Li Yuxin's mother and Bu Wei's parents have a common purchase of drugs before the family... What, they are not in one place? Nonsense I certainly know that they are not in the same place, you First, Li Yuxin grabbed his mother, and went out on the line and then found the intersection of the two local drug dealer networks?"

Gao Panqing’s voice came from the mobile phone: “When you go to Yange, then I will inform the Jiangyang County police station to arrest people. (Free full novel)

"The victim of the first case of serial kidnapping is very likely to be related to this drug trafficking network. It is important to remember that Jiang Yang will inform me as soon as there is news." Yan Yan just wanted to hang up the phone and suddenly remembered something like: "Hey, Lao Gao, don't hang. Tell Jiang Yang's brethren to do things for Laozi, and do not treat them badly. Don't say that the big brother of our capital city is sour and cold, knowing that the horse is running, and I don't know how to give the horse. Feed the grass."


A doctor pushed the door into the bathroom and just heard the last half of his sentence beginning with "Jiangyang's brethren."

"Know!" The city bureau allotted the domestic machine to make Gao Yangqing's echo exceptionally loud: "The old rules, never let the little brothers who work for the big brother suffer!"

Strictly satisfied with the um, a few words, interrupted the call, looked up.


Yan Yan: "..."

At the moment, in the eyes of the doctor, the scene looks like this:

A height of nearly one meter nine, the shirt cuffs rolled to the elbows, the exposed arm lines are very tight, the big-eyed and sullen brother, who is screaming at the phone while talking with his hand, do not know today I am going to gather some people to cut which field.

Yan Yan’s fingers with cigarettes are stiff in the air, and the four big characters that are banned from smoking are particularly eye-catching.

Yan Yan: "Sorry to be embarrassed..."

Doctor: "Big brother, you pumped the big brother, you pumped..."

Yan Yan stayed in the wood chicken, watching the doctor ran fast, and the speed was so fast that Liu Xiang couldn’t stand the gun.

"Oh..." Yan Yan looked back and saw Jiang squatting in the cubicle. When he saw him turn around, he immediately cleared his throat and recovered his face. "What, let's go."

"What are you laughing at?" Yan Yan pointed to the direction of the doctor's escape at the door: "This is just the water that was just released. Didn't the sound be heard alone? It's enough to look at the kidneys when you have a urinary urgency." Also blowing what night to give his wife a good meal, can you compare with me?"

Jiang stopped: "Traveling..."

"You know it at night," Yan Yan slammed him with an elbow and pulled him out. "The man's kidneys don't know you."

"Wait," Jiang stopped his hand: "You go out first."

"What are you doing?"

"I will go in two minutes."

"No, what do you want?"

The two men despised each other, and the semi-晌江 stopped and finally lost their words. They took out two words: "Yang Mei..."

Yan Yan instantly understood.Just when he sneaked in, he didn't bump into Yang Mei, but if Yang Mei was still waiting outside, I saw that they both came out at the same time, and then they both stayed in the men's bathroom for 20 minutes...

Yan Yanyi, said: "Oh."

Jiang stopped to wave his hand and told him to go: "Don't meet Yang Mei."

Yan Yan extinguished the cigarette butt, just ready to go, suddenly remembered what was missing, and turned back, forced to sniff in the collar of the river, and then smothered his hair with the back of his head. Ping, only smiled at him and turned to the bathroom.

The door opened and closed.

Jiang stopped a slight breath, active activities of the cervical spine, trying to use this action to calm down the indescribable taste of inner loss, relaxation and confusion. Just as his unyielding psychological fortress was about to be re-established, he suddenly only heard the loud and loud voice from the corridor outside the door, just like a hundred Lanxiang bulldozers rushed through, and suddenly pushed his psychological construction. clean:

"Hey, this is not Yang boss!"

Jiang stopped: "..............."

"Yan Yan," Yang Mei immediately warned: "What are you doing here? Jiang Ge?"

Yan Yan smiled.

At this moment, not only the river in the toilet stopped, even Yang Mei saw this smile suddenly raised the urge to take off his high heels and face. He slowly repeated: "You Jiang Ge?"

He said that he paused and picked up his mouth: "Then you have to ask him to go."

Yang Mei: "...?"

Yan Yan's hands were inserted in his trouser pockets, and he was stunned in Miss Yang's contempt.

Yang Mei was inexplicably stunned for a long while, and her skeptical eyes swam back and forth between the far-reaching back and the male bathroom door. Finally, she couldn’t help but rush to the bathroom and cautiously said: "Jiang Ge? Jiang Ge, you are inside. ?"

Her Jiang Ge is looking up at the moment, silently speechless.

"Jiang Ge, are you okay?"

Just as Yang Mei’s brain circuit was like a wild horse, when the speed of light spread to some inexpressible pictures, suddenly the phone slammed and saw that Jiang stopped a message:

I am waiting for you in the downstairs parking lot, what about people?

“Parking?” Yang Meizhang’s second monk couldn’t figure out: “When did Jiang Ge leave?”

But even if he was full of doubts, Jiang stopped there was some kind of magic that made the people around him too lazy to move their minds. Yang Mei muttered and left the door of the men's bathroom, and rushed to the elevator.

Jiang stopped to hear the high heels squatting farther and farther, finally relieved and calmed down.

Going out the door - he noticed when he came. There is a parking lot on both sides of the hospital. If Yang Mei would call and ask how to find someone else, he just said that he had gone the wrong way. Another parking lot is waiting for her.

The strategizing Jiang team squatted down the elevator button and slid the metal door against the metal door. The next time the elevator car stopped from top to bottom, the door slowly opened to the sides.

Jiang stopped: "..."

Yang Mei: "..."

The air is in a quiet state.

"Just, just the elevator has failed..." Yang Mei stuttered.

Jiang stopped to help one hand and said halfway: "My brain has just failed."

·In the bleak and lifeless ward, the eyes of Bu Wei’s eyes gaze at the dust for a long time.

Just struggling and crying, she made her hair and nightdress messed up. Han Xiaomei carefully knocked out the gray slap, and untied her twisted babies, carefully combing her hair with a comb, and re-drawing a beautiful loose little purse.

"Your hair is really beautiful. If my hair has half of you soft and soft, oh." Han Xiaomei picked up the mirror and smiled. "Is this hairstyle satisfactory?"

The vision of Buwei without focus was finally concentrated, looking at the pale self in the mirror.

After a while, Han Xiaomei suddenly found that the girl’s mouth slowly floated a curve that was almost a smile:


This is the first time since yesterday, when Han Xiaomei listened to her initiative, she immediately raised all her attention: "Hey?"

Buwei said: "You are also very good looking."

"You said me? I can't do it. I won't be able to do it from an early age." Han Xiaomei smiled and said: "The internship is even rougher. Three times a week, the night shift is upside down, and it is so hot that it only enters the city. How long has the skin been three years old, hahaha-"

Buwei asked quietly: "Is your boss very fierce?"

Han Xiaomei immediately realized that she was referring to Yan Yan.

This is a good sign. In the negotiation and trial, there is a very important part, that is, to close the distance with the inquiring object and eliminate the natural alert brought by the police identity. Once the other party has separated you from the bottom of the heart, you can cooperate with the inquiry in an active manner. It is also more likely to provide more clues.

"Do you say the Yan team? He just looked at the fierce. In fact, people can be good. They often buy it for us, and we also do our best to bring our interns." Han Xiaomei’s eyes are stunned by the girl’s look. I thought and deliberately said: "He is harsh on the surface just because he won't get along with the girl. In fact, he can be shy. It is said that people who went out to meet each other refused him. They haven't given up their girlfriends until now."

Buwei’s mouth was barely picking: “I’m a little scared of him, but...”

Han Xiaomei was keenly aware of the whispers and said: "But what?"

Buwei holds his knees and his eyes are reddish.

She is born with a kind of god that is especially capable of inspiring people's compassion. It is not only for the opposite sex, but also for the same sex. Han Xiaomei looked at her watery eyes, and her heart immediately softened. She held her shoulder and advised: "It's okay, tell my sister, I don't tell anyone."

" one has ever hugged me, my dad will only hit me, I will beat me when I drink... From no one like that, I have embraced me like a big brother..." Buwei took a breath and took a breath. The face was buried in Han Xiaomei's arms: "The kind of security, I really never felt that kind of security - hehe..."After all, Buwei did not go to the age of the style, just like being completely unaware of his own beauty, crying like a child. But it is because of this that her crying is particularly touching, Han Xiaomei constantly pats her slender back, angrily thinking that if I have such a beautiful sister or daughter, I hurt her every day, how can this world be? Someone is willing to beat her?

"You, you must never tell others, I, I am really scared, I will cooperate well, I will really cooperate!..."

"Well, don't say nothing." Han Xiaomei squinted at her while screaming at her sleeves and shouting: "My sister promised not to tell others, come, my sister will peel you a peach."

Step by step, twitching, shaking his shoulders, looking up and looking at Han Xiaomei poorly: "Can I..."

"Can you?"

The girl swallowed hard in the eyes encouraged by Han Xiaomei, so she couldn’t easily courage and said, “Can you go and see... see Shen Xiaoqi?”

Her request is simply too much for the police, even if the young internship police like Han Xiaomei are very clear, the initiative to contact the victim is often the first step for the witness to stand up and help the police.

"Okay, no problem!" Han Xiaomei was overjoyed, and then suddenly reacted: "But I have no permission to take you to the intensive care unit - you wait! I will come back!" said the wind generally plucked out of the ward, standing in the corridor I hurriedly dialed the phone:

"Hey, Yan team?"


"I don't care what Li Yuxin's attitude is, whether he is against the resistance, non-violence or non-cooperation. His niece is lying in the forensic anatomy room of our city bureau. If he does not take the initiative to communicate with the Jiangyang County police station, don't blame me. Going to Jiangyang personally to bring him to Jianning!...... What, unruly? I went to his mother's rules, and the case is the first rule of our criminal investigators!!......Ma Xiang, you and so on, Han Xiaomei that girl Calling me."

Yan Yan hld lived in Ma Xiang and connected Han Xiaomei: "How come you?"

With the eager voice coming from the mobile phone, the strict facial expression gradually became very strange.

Change: "...I give her a sense of security?"

"She was violently abused by her father when she was a child. The fat man named Wang is not like a serious person. Maybe she has not been exposed to a reliable adult male until now. Now she wants to see Shen Xiaoqi, I think this is a rare. Opportunity is an important sign that the victim wants to speak to the police! So if the Yan team you led her to the intensive care unit, it may have a great effect on her subjective consciousness..."

In a moment, there was a short gap in Yan Yan’s thinking, and in the depths of consciousness, a similar picture gradually emerged as a warm light and shadow.

It was a quiet apartment in the middle of the night, and the candlelight creaked. Jiang stopped sitting across the table and carefully ate his pasta, his eyes slammed. It was really spirited and beautiful, and there was even a little bit of cuteness in Yan Yan's eyes. Of course, Yan Yan knew that Jiang stopped not paying attention to his sneak sneak peek at him.

"thank you."

"no need thank me?""I don't know... maybe you always make people around you feel safe."

Strictly fierce and fierce, it was the first time that people were said to have a sense of security, such as the cat's claws scratching a piece of soft meat in the heart, and the aftertaste reminiscent of the present.

"Well," Yan Yan interrupted Han Xiaomei. "You go back to the ward and wait, I will go up."

Han Xiaomei is full of ambition: "Hey!"

Shen Xiaoqi and Bu Wei are not the same. Although they are staying in the intensive care unit, they can only rely on the instrument to maintain their breathing. However, the parents and relatives of the Shen family who are in a hurry are reporting on time. There is no shortage of people before the hospital bed.

The situation of the victim has reached this point. In fact, most people have given up. Only parents are still reluctant to pray for the last hope. So when Yan Yan asked them in private, whether they want to go to a private hospital or try a new treatment method that has not been officially introduced in China, the Shenjia couple agreed without hesitation, and even gratefully almost saved money on the spot. Yan Yan - they fainted, did not hear clearly Yan Yan said that "the private hospital is my dad to invest money".

Now the only thing they are waiting for is the smooth import of the German drug, and then Shen Xiaoqi, who is unconscious, can be transferred to the hospital.

Yan Yan personally led Bu Wei to the floor of the intensive care unit. He nodded to the plainclothes policeman who was guarding the door. The latter was convinced that he did not disturb the people in the ward and quietly retreated to the distance.

"Oh, it's there." Yan Yan patted the thin shoulders of Buwei: "Is it already recognized?"

Buwei suddenly hugged his strict arm.

"..." With her movements, she squinted and slid her head - but the girl seemed completely unaware of her movements. She stared at the bed in the glass window and opened her eyes.

Shen Xiaoqi was indeed an ambitious teenager, but now the craniotomy and infusion have made him edema, many bruises, and even a little illegible. Looking out from the glass window of the ward, most of his body was submerged in various hoses. Except for the instrument, which barely showed his heartbeat, it was almost impossible to detect that he was still a living person.

Buwei seems to be shaking slightly, half-squatting and looking up.

This angle makes her cheeks look like shiny pearls, and her brows are tightened: "What?"

To his surprise, Buwei asked hoarsely:

"...I am a bad boy?"

Yan Yan thought a little, and shook his head in response to her gaze: "The real murderer of Shen Xiaoqi to the present is not you. There is no need to be too harsh. You must only cooperate with the police to provide clues. The tasks of criminals and the responsibility to protect your victims are all our police."

"..." The girl stood motionless, and after a long time she burst into a very light and beautiful smile.

——At this time, the mother who had turned back to the ward window just turned back, immediately put down the hot towel in her hand and stood up: "Strict police officer -"

The next moment she recognized Buwei, her face was gloomy and she immediately opened the door and went out of the ward.Strictly screaming at her, she was a little bit wrong. She coughed: "Ms. Yin, this student is another victim of the kidnapping case. The police think she is likely to provide some information about the kidnappers..."

"Why is she here?" Shen said with a scream.

Bu Wei was frightened, like a helpless little animal, desperately trying to hide behind him: "I'm sorry! Auntie is sorry! It's my fault!..."

"We don't want to see her here!" The lively step-by-step Buwei has pushed Shen’s nerves on the verge of collapse to the abyss: "Sorry for the strict police officer, we can’t accept it, I really can’t accept it! I beg you not to bring it. She is here!"

"It’s my fault, awkward..."

"Go away, go away! Go away! Please don't come see my son!"

Cries, screams, sharp snoring, and snoring arguments are like countless sharp cuts of severely cut eardrums. The sensible Shenmu wants to take Buwei away, but the latter is panicked with her strict arms, and she feels that her arms are fast on the girl’s chest, but in a chaotic situation. There is no way to break free.

"Mrs. Yin! Calm!" Yan Yan greeted the plainclothes police and quickly evacuated the onlookers. He lowered his voice and said: "This classmate is also a victim. It is not her fault that your son was kidnapped!"

"I don't know who is wrong, but in general I beg you to take her away!"

"Sorry aunt, please don't be angry with aunt!..."

Strictly enforce

Separate the two women who are entangled together, but the little green policeman rushed to help, and quickly pulled the red-eyed Shenmu. Yan Yan got the opportunity to take his hand out of Bu Wei’s arms and exhausted his exhaustion: “Ms. Yin, we really need this student to provide clues to help the police catch the kidnappers, and the talents that really harm Shen Xiaoqi are Punishment. It’s not that she was kidnapped by your son. It’s not her fault to come back alive...”

"No... yes, it is me."

The tone of Bu Wei’s forced repression and extreme fear was too sharp, and everyone looked at it at the same time.

"It's me, it's me." The eyes of Buddy couldn't hold their lips, and they could even hear the snoring of her teeth: "It's me... Push Shen Xiaoqi down the hill."

The surroundings were completely still for a moment, and then the bombardment was blown up!

Shenmu madly rushed up, the police couldn’t control it, and the two policemen rushed up and caught the police with awkwardness; Bu Wei cried and fell to the ground, who couldn’t get up, a few doctors and nurses around It’s completely dumbfounded.

"Buwei, you look at me step by step!" In the noisy, Yan Yan forced the girl's tearful face and shouted: "Do you know what you are talking about? What happened on the hillside that day? You see How many kidnappers have you reached?!"

Bu Wei swayed his head, sobbing and unable to speak, and for a long time, he encountered a drowning driftwood, and he seized the strict hand:

" uncle..."

"The kidnapper is... my uncle, he threatens to sell and sell me..."Severely gasping, immediately rushed up, the mobile phone opened WeChat and held the voice button: "Ma Xiang listened, Buwei identified Wang Xingye, immediately dispatched the team to bring people back to me!"

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