Chapter 69 Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Chapter 69

Ward. (Free full novel.

Han Xiaomei was shocked and stunned, and he listened to the nurse's lesson with meekness. Buwei continued to sob, hooked his neck, and he bent over to the hospital bed.

At that moment, her crystal clear eyes were lifted, her eyes were separated by tears, and the river stopped at the door of the ward.

- That pair of sights is faster than the light stone.

Then Yan Yan back to the door, standing straight to block her sight, rushing Han Xiaomei to raise a beckon: "I went to find Shen Xiaoqi parents to talk, you stay here to take care of the victim."

"Oh yes!"

Yan Yan turned and went straight out of the ward, and the nurse who was mad at the fire had nothing to lose. He didn’t delay for half a second. He stepped through the corridor in two steps and grabbed the hand of Jiang’s stop: “Wait!”

"Hey, isn't this a strict deputy team?" Jiang stopped before he could make a sound. Yang Mei was hoarse and stunned and spoke first: "We are 'occasional' to the hospital today, 'so smart', I saw the Yan team being concerned about the victim. People, it can be seen that you usually have a lot of time. In this case, we still do not bother you to continue to communicate with the victim?" She said that she smiled and grabbed Jiang to stop the other hand and went forward.

Yan Yan stepped forward and took a hand back to Jiang’s stop: "Hey, Yang boss is this flu, the flu can't go around and mess around, what if you infect others?"

Yang Mei an iron girl is not willing to show weakness, holding her ysl letter high heels - cold fever is not stable, can not wear her newly bought hate high - on the spot, the river stopped both hands and both hands back: "This you Don't worry, Jiang Ge and I are getting along with each other. I got the flu. Can he countless?"

Yan Yan: "I said you..."

Jiang stopped the hard-working and pulled out his own hands. He first slammed his wrist and rushed Yang Mei: "You have the flu." Then he turned to Yan Yan in the disdainful contempt of Yang Mei: "The driver has already hanged her." We have passed, we are busy with you."

His face, which is always calm and calm, and even the muscles are too lazy to mention, is to make Yan Yan town without speaking.

Yang Mei is like a big fox with his tail lifted up. He is so angry that he flies and kisses, and his nose is twisted and twisted and stopped.

"..." Yan Yan stood in the same place, and he only came back to God. He said: "I just contacted the victim normally. He went to the hospital with the surname Yang. How do you end up doing things like me?" Like?"

"Then why is the Lu consultant going to the hospital to see a doctor?"

Yan Yansheng turned back and saw the head of a furry scorpion behind him - Han Xiaomei didn't know when it was coming over, and the face of your straight man didn't understand.

Yan Yan: "What do you say?"

"This hospital is close to the city bureau, and it is not close to Meimei’s night palace KTV. So why is the Lu consultant approaching and looking for the hospital?"

The two face each other, and after a few seconds, the top of the head was neatly out of a row: "y-" and then back to the smell, the corner of the mouth could not stop up."Hey, I said that you are so gimmick, it is not so secure to handle the case. This aspect is quite smart." Yan Yan quickly controlled the facial expression, serious education: "The next time I want to use the right thing, do you know?"

Han Xiaomei’s mouth was like a slut, but Yan Yan had no intention of paying attention to her bold rebelliousness at this time. She hurriedly ran in two sentences.

Half an hour later, Yang Mei took a large plastic bag of medicine and pulled her nose out of the doctor's office.

"Drink more water, sleep more, pay attention to open windows and ventilate, don't go to public places where there are many people." Yang Mei repeated his face and repeated medical advice. "It is not good to come back for review next week, and then I will be sent out."

Jiang stopped saying: "You have to pay attention, the boss is not a small person." Then he stood up from the bench in the waiting area on the corridor.

"Where is the boss, I am only this year -"

Yang Mei suddenly stopped.

Jiang stopped the brain of the Gongzhou public security system. He didn't realize that the danger was imminent. He also maintained the posture that seemed to say something with a half-mouthed mouth, and stared at her inexplicably.

Two seconds later, Yang Mei sneaked in a shocking scream.

"I'm sorry Jiang Ge, I really didn't react. Sorry, I didn't mean it..."

Yang Mei almost didn't cry on the spot, and Jiang stopped a long sigh of relief. He leaned his face and took a sterile wipe to carefully wipe the chin, throat and neck. If you look closely, you will find that he is really detached. It seems that the background music is a great compassion. When he rings, he will go to the Buddha.

After a paper towel was wiped out, Yang Mei was busy and took a pair of hands to offer. However, Jiang stopped just reaching out to pick it up, and another moment of devilish crying: "A-嚏!!"

Yang Mei’s nose almost rushed out, and he hurriedly covered his nose with a paper towel.

"You sit and rest for a while," Jiang stopped the hand of the first-level pollution alarm, but said: "I went to the bathroom to wash."

Yang Mei eyes on Venus, sitting pitifully on the bench and blowing his nose, but also pay attention to not rubbing the foundation around the nostrils, it is really terrible.

In the men's bathroom of the hospital, Jiang stopped carefully to soak the soap bubbles and then opened the tap.


The bathroom suddenly flashed in again, and it was posted to him and began to wash his hands.

When the river stopped looking at it, it turned out to be strict.

Yan Yan shirt on the elbow, cut the elegant clothing wrapped in a tall and strong body, in the sound of the sound of water, no one in the minor. Seeing him like Jiang’s eyes stopped, he started to twitch slightly, but the handsome and beautiful detachment seemed to be completely unsent.

Now, the eyes are not squinting; the last one outside the squatting arm is gone, and there are only two of them left in the bathroom, Yan Yan’s handsome man is so handsome that he can’t take the shoe floor. The smile appeared on the face and asked:

"what are you doing."

Jiang stopped the faucet and took out a paper towel to wipe his hand: "What are you doing?"

"Don't send Yang Mei back, let's go out and give you something to eat."

"Is the case finished?"

"If you don't finish it, you can't treat the Jiang team's mouth."Jiang snorted in the nose and threw the paper towel that had been wiped, and suddenly he was close to the front: "Come and kiss a pro..."

"No, you..."

"Pro, one!"

Yan Yan stopped the river on the tile wall, and the latter tilted back and pulled the distance of a few centimeters. The former did not reasonably move forward. When I was struggling, I suddenly heard the sound of the bathroom door being pushed open after the bathroom was separated by a half wall. Someone came to the bathroom.

When he said that it was too late, Yan Yan stopped the river and stopped, and slammed him into the cubicle, and closed the door.

There was a snorkel in the outside urinal, and then the sound of the water rang.


Jiang stopped being pressed against the partition, and his mouth was stunned by the palm of his hand. When he moved a little, he would make a sound. He couldn’t just keep his eyes on it. It meant that the trick was not in the women’s restroom. Why did you hide? Come in? !

Yan Yan raised an eyebrow and smiled, the smile could not tell the evil, followed by releasing the palm and printing a kiss.

The level of kisses of Yan’s deputy detachment has been greatly improved in just a few days. If Jiangyang County’s hospitalization was a predator, then it will become sweet, warm, and affectionate. It is like a maltose that is roasted with a small fire. Jiang stopped having to open his lips and teeth, supporting one's own balance on one of the partitions, and the other hand was lifted up and pressed in front of Yan's shoulders, trying to push open and afraid of making a sound.

This position is very subtle. If it is not good, it is resistance or catering. In the small and secret space, only two people are short of breath, and they are closely entangled with body temperature.

The outside movement was exceptionally clear. I only listened to the person and learned to put on my pants and began to wash my hands.

"Hey, wife?"

Jiang’s breath that had not been released was hanged back and forth.

"I am in the hospital, today is not worth the night shift, waiting for me to go home to eat... What, old overtime does not accompany you? Oh, you don't know the score assessment that we are doing in our hospital...not angry, 乖宝, My husband will accompany you tonight, my husband will feed you delicious..."

Strictly screaming, almost did not laugh out loud.

"When you eat and eat, don't feed you enough. Well, don't be angry, my wife..."

Jiang stopped: "..............."

The doctor outside did not notice the movement in the compartment, washed the hand and hung up the phone, and happily went out.

"Ha ha ha -" Yan Yan stopped the river on the partition, could not restrain the bulky laugh, the shoulders shrugged almost without gasping: "hus feed you delicious, hahaha doctor also I have a lot of life..."

Jiang stopped almost whispering from the word between the teeth: "Have you finished laughing?"

Yan Yan smiled and said: "What kind of gas is the Jiang team, this is not my teasing, people are normal couples playing with flowers - Oh, or do you want to eat? If you want to eat, just say."

Jiang stopped: "..."

"Hello hahaha -"If the mood of the person can be realized, at this moment, the river must have a myriad of entangled black lines, but there is no way to break free from the bathroom partition and the strict deputy detachment, only stand on the face. There, he was severely rubbed and rubbed his ears and ears, laughing and softly whispering: "Not angry, not angry, we are not on duty tonight, saying that taking you to eat delicious will take you to eat delicious. Hahahahahaha-"

The river stopped to dodge, and his face was severely kissed to the side neck behind the earlobe, and even his hand reached into the shirt collar.

"Strictly, can you be a little..."

Jiang stopped biting his teeth to catch Yan’s wrist, but Yan’s deputy detachment was able to be restrained by him. He flexibly unlocked the top two buttons on his shirt, from the side neck to the shoulders, even on the straight shoulders. A small bite on the bone.


“Hey, hey, hey, he’s not angry, he’s not angry...” Yan Yan used the advantage of height and weight to stop the river in the corner of the cubicle. The rough thumb couldn’t help him touch his shoulders, and he’s like what he found. Hey, I heard it.

"What happened to you?"

Yan Yan’s mouth is filled with laughter, and the earlobe that is stopped by Jiang’s ear whispered, “You have a skull in your shoulder. It’s red, you know?”

Jiang stopped hoarse and said: "I don't know, thank you for telling me!"

Jiang stopped using force to push Yan Yan away and barely grab the collar. If you look closely, you can see that the face of the Jiang team that was chilled for a long time was slightly reddened, but it was not clear under the visible conditions of the toilet compartment, and he was concealed by his head.

His slightly side-faced posture, from the close distance of Yan Yan, the sharpness of the eyelids and the curvature of the eyelids are very clear, like the best wolf without the emblem, in the snowy rice paper Painted on it.

Yan Yan’s brain was a little chaotic, and he closed his eyes hard.

He felt as if there were two pots of water at the same time pouring into the deepest part of the heart. One pot was chilly and skeptical. One pot was thick and hot, and the whole heart and even the chest were squeezing tightly.


Go out," Jiang stopped whispering.

Yan Yan did not move.

"Go out!" Jiang stopped the voice a little more anxious. "Are you not going to handle the case?"

"... don't want to go," Yan Yan said vaguely. "I want to stay with you for a while."

The river stopped slightly, and Yan Yan leaned forward and held him tightly in his arms.

Yan Yan has a good smell of men's perfume, like a mature forest and the sea, with the solid hot arms coming over, almost drowning people.

The river stopped snoring and seemed to have forgotten what to say. His chin rested in the man's muscular neck. The nose was full of male hormones. If you open it again, the breath will soak through the throat, over every inch of the bone marrow, and even a bit. The dizzy brain is completely intoxicated.

But there is always a weak voice in the depths of my mind to remind him, no.

Just like the hot springs in a lake in the snow and ice, you can put the fast frozen hands into the water to warm up for a while, but if you throw it in desperately, you will only live in it.Jiang stopped trying to raise his hand and hang it for a long time before he was very light and light on his back.

This subtle movement seems to greatly please the Yan, at least Jiang stopped feeling that he pressed his head harder into his arms, and laughed silently: "If you can always stay with you like this It is."

" didn't think clearly," Jiang stopped whispering.

"I want to be clear, people who don't trust or are honest are you."

Jiang stopped talking.

Strictly like what it suggests, every word is still lingering in the lips and teeth: "The person who always wants to hide... is you."

Jiang stopped his eyes, but he could only see the solid and powerful back of the other side, and couldn’t get a glimpse of the micro-expression.

“Do you don’t trust anything?” Jiang stopped thinking about the electricity. When he spoke, he was purely ridiculous: “I don’t trust you to discuss the case with the victim girl alone, huh?”

"Ha ha ha -" Yan Yan laughed and laughed, and slammed the river to stop the waist: "Oh, jealous."

"Vinegar your sister." Jiang stopped a swearing swearing, and finally forcibly got rid of the atmosphere of the magical enchantment, and pushed the Yan Yan away: "Do your case, I still have to..."


Yan Hao received a new text message from his mobile phone.

"I am embarrassed, how can every time destroy the atmosphere is the old high, can not understand the intimacy or how to play." Yan Yan opened the screen lock, immediately snorted: "Good guy, look."

Jiang stopped bowing his head and quickly tidying up his cuffs. He heard the words come over. The two men put their faces in the compartment, and the fluorescent light reflected in their eyes. I saw that the text message was a photo of a traffic accident appraisal a few years ago.

Then the second text message came:

Step by step Wei Zibu Zizhen, mother Li Ping died in a long-distance car accident, the autopsy results showed that two people were poisonous, diacetyl morphine positive.

Jiang stopped looking up and staring at Yan, but he hadn't had time to say anything, and the SMS prompt sounded for the third time:

Li Yuxin gave birth to a divorced drug. When He Liang was sent, Li Jia was a remarried couple.

“——Go to Chabuwei’s parents and Li Yuxin’s mother’s drug supply online,” Jiang stopped immediately. “We have hope to find the first pair of victims!”

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