Chapter 68 Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Chapter 68

Strictly carrying the mobile phone, striding out of the forensic room, Ma Xiang, who received his call from a small number of times, rushed from the criminal investigation detachment downstairs: "What happened to Yan Ge, what do you say?"

"The kidnappers are not randomly choosing girls to be executed, but have a screening mechanism. (Free full novels) Yan Yan points to his right shoulder and near the arm, his face is abnormally cloudy: "Li Yuxin and Buwei There is a red dragonfly in the right shoulder socket, which is what they have in common. This position is difficult to expose whether wearing a sling or a word collar. The girls of fifteen or six years old are not necessarily wearing bare shoulder dresses. I can know that they have red spots in this position, and exclude accidental situations such as dressing rooms and public bathrooms. Only parents and sisters, girls in the same room, and boyfriends with close relationships, there is basically no other person."

Ma Xiang was stunned, but he was already a very experienced criminal policeman. He quickly calmed down: "Buwei and Li Yuxin don't live on campus, both of them are female | the film is complete, according to the confession of Bu Wei's classmates. Basically can rule out other marginal behaviors. Is the biggest possibility for parents?"

Yan Yan suddenly stepped forward: "How did the parents of Bu Wei die?"

Ma Xiang immediately: "Let's go check!"

"Buy Wei and Li Yuxin's parents, sisters, female relatives, close friends and neighbors... Don't let go, just start screening and sifting. Red 痣 is not so common, these two girls must have some of us I don't know the link yet!"

Yan Yan once again stepped forward, no one can see through his calm face that his brain seems to have been split into two halves at the moment, half of the orderly instructions to Ma Xiang, and the other half repeatedly flashed out of the river. Warm and thin shoulders in a soft bathrobe.

All sorts of confusing jokes, doubts, fears and unreal feelings ran rampant in the half of the brain.

It was not an illusion. The moment when Buwei looked up from the bottom up, it seemed that it was not an illusion at all. It was the result of deliberate screening.

And the real executioner in the heart of the spade k is from the very beginning!

“Han Xiaomei still looks at Buwei in the hospital?” Yan Yan suddenly asked.

Ma Xiangzhengfei quickly remembered the order of the various orders that Yan Yan ordered, and heard the words did not lift: "Yes, how dare not let her leave, what?"

"Notify Han Xiaomei, let the doctor immediately check if there is any plasticized trace on the face of Buwei." Yan Yan paused and said: "I have to go through it myself."


The situation of Buwei is actually much better than yesterday.

In the garden downstairs in the inpatient department, Han Xiaomei walked in a wheelchair, sitting in the cotton-white nightdress, and sitting on the thighs with thin hands, the long hair was braided, and the hair was soft and delicate. On the side of the body.

The hair is obviously Han Xiaomei's free time to write. The fun of these girls may calm the fragile and sensitive nerves of the baby. When she sees Yan Yan again, she only obviously shrinks to Han Xiaomei. For a moment, I did not immediately scream and lose my mind as I did in the ward yesterday.

"Do you still know me?" Yan Yan stood in front of the wheelchair and looked down at her.

"..."Buwei hangs his head, only revealing the black hair, and only half a squat raises his face, extremely subtle: "...the police."

Yan Yan’s hand in the trouser pocket holds the palm of his hand—yes, this is the forty-five-degree oblique cheek, looking from the top to the bottom, the brow bone and the end of the eye are exactly the same as the river!

But the stern and calm face did not change at all: "Yes. Do you remember Shen Xiaoqi?"

Step by step, holding the arm of Han Xiaomei tightly, is like being ready to take this life-saving straw to escape. This kind of treacherous appearance will not be very cute in the ordinary people, but in the face of the girl's natural beauty, there is a kind of charm that people dare not face up to.

Yan Yan did not stagger her eyes and stared at her for a long time. She only listened to her to squeeze out three words:

"Shen Xiaoqi..."

Then her long eyelashes fluttered, the pink smudged like a pigment, and the tears rolled down the cheek without warning.

"Hey, how are you crying?" Han Xiaomei was shocked. She quickly wiped her tears with a paper towel: "It's okay, Shen Xiaoqi will be fine, it's all gone!..."

Yan Yan grabbed Han Xiaomei's hand and the paper towel was in the air.

"Shen Xiaoqi will not be good, and everything has not passed." Yan Yan leaned over and stared at the tearful eyes of the step-by-step, one word and one word.

Step by step, the pupil is tightened.

"Shen Xiaoqi has been in a coma for two weeks. The doctor said that the possibility of brain death or becoming a vegetative person is very high. That is to say, the boy who gave you flowers is a body that can only breathe. He will never wake up again. It is."

"Of course, this is better than your predecessors." Yan Yan’s eyes were sharp enough to penetrate the tears and stab into her eyes and even the brain: "After all, the boy named He Liang, that is you. The body that was seen on the Tianshan Mountain was so bad that even his mother could not recognize it. And Li Yuxin, like you, killed He Liang’s 'executor' under the coercion of the kidnappers. You thought she was escaping after returning. Didn't it happen? No, her body is reflected in the forensic dissection table of the city bureau that is lying half an hour away from here. She used to be as naive as you thought that as long as nothing is said, the killing will become only the dead and her. The secret that I know."

"Compared to whether it is better to be a vegetative person, huh?"

Yan Yan looked at the girl who struggled and shook her head and tried to cover her ears. The low voice was very penetrating. It sounded a bit cold. "But you may not have the good luck of Shen Xiaoqi. Planting

The lover lay in bed for a lifetime. You are more likely to end up like Li Yuxin, who died in the future, and then added a negligible page to the thick old age of our policeman - you look at me? Don't you want to avenge Shen Xiaoqi? what? ! What is the use of crying? ! ”

Han Xiaomei is trembled with his teeth: "Strict, strict team!...""I don't know, I really don't know, I beg you..." Buwei cried so hard that he couldn't breathe, shaking his body and his bones were swaying, twisting his knees and curling into a ball. She is so amazing and pitiful, even the heart of the heart can not bear: "I beg you, beg you, I am really scared, hehe..."

The crying echoed in the ears of Yan, and the face of Jiang stopped gradually coincided, so that the river stopped in front of him and desperately wept.

- At that moment she finally stabbed the only weakness in her heart.

Yan Yan took a breath and slowly stood up.

"Give her a few more days, the doctor said that she is recovering." Han Xiaomei whispered and pleaded: "After all, no one knows what happened to her on the Tianshan Mountain. If forced to ask in this state, maybe she is right. The description of the kidnappers will not be very accurate..."

Yan Yan raised her hand to stop her, and immediately walked a few steps to signal her to come over.

"what did the doctor say?"

Han Xiaomei: "Ah?"

Yan Yan is impatient: "I told Ma Xiang to tell you to ask the doctor to check if the little girl had a knife on her face! What did the doctor say?"

Han Xiaomei shrinks his neck: "Big...the doctor said that the prosthesis filling can be ruled out initially, but if you check the bones, you must first take a film."

Yan Yan seems to be pondering what, Han Xiaomei's period Ai Ai: "The recovery period of bone-cutting can be long, then she is not 13 or four years old and has to go face-lifting, the possibility is too small..."

Yan Yan was undecided, and the original sharp eyebrows were even more tightly pressed into a line. He sneered a little and sneered: "It’s really natural."

Han Xiaomei: "???"

Yan Yan did not explain what this sentence meant. The words turned to ask: "How is Shen Xiaoqi?"

"Shen Xiaoqi--" Han Xiaomei did not say it, but shook his head: "Gao Ge personally talked with the dean once, and the possibility of waking up is getting smaller and smaller. Even if you wake up, there are all kinds of unpredictable brains. Injury, such as amnesia, dementia or hemiplegia, etc. In terms of providing clues about kidnapping, it is estimated that it is enough to remember what, and even if it is remembered, it is difficult to let the procuratorate adopt the letter. After all, people have already done this."

Yan Yan touched out the cigarette case, ordered a soft Chinese, and spurted a white mist.

Han Xiaomei snorted and licked his mouth, and he did not pay attention. The small step moved backwards by twenty centimeters.

Yan Yan said: "I was in Jiangyang last week, I didn't care about this. After I came back, I greeted the hospital where your Lu consultant last stayed, and let them suspend the equipment borrowed from Germany. Two days later, and then find a way to import a course of medication, after you go to Shen Xiaoqi his aunt chat, ask them if they would like to let the children try."

Han Xiaomei shines!

"Dead horses are treated as living horses." Yan Yan said dumbly. "In terms of fees, equipment costs should not be counted with them, and they can’t afford them. But the hospitalization fees and the cost of the drugs in private hospitals are for them. The parents of Shenjia are considered."

"Yeah! Well!" Han Xiaomei nodded happily.

Yan Yan looked at her with a cigarette: "Why are you so happy, Shen Xiaoqi is not necessarily effective, the symptoms are different.""After all, it is hope! Shen Xiaoqi may be saved. After all, Jiang...the consultant was rescued as he was."

Han Xiaomei almost bite into her tongue, but unexpectedly, this time she didn't swear at her, she didn't even say anything. She only pointed her finger at the cigarette but said: "Don't say anything in front of the outsider."

Han Xiaomei did not dare to ask, nodded.

"I told you about the land consultant last time..."

Yan Yan did not finish a sentence, suddenly only listened to the back - oh!

"Hey, Buwei!"

I saw that Buwei had just tried to stand up, but she was too embarrassed, and somehow she turned the wheelchair over and she was thrown to the ground. Han Xiaomei immediately went forward to help, but she was not a very good girl with great strength. In addition, Buwei was so stunned when she was in a spirit, and she grabbed Han Xiaomei’s hand. It was difficult to help for a while. stand up.

Yan Brow wrinkled, slamming the smoke and striding forward, bending over and holding Buwei.

Yan Yanchang’s fierce, loves to smoke, and his personality is too high. Under normal circumstances, neither the girl likes it nor the child’s favorite. The little niece of his family is not close to him. But Buwei may treat him as a new life-saving straw in the midst of chaos. While crying, he slammed his neck and slammed his face in his neck. He was confused and said: "Yes, sorry. ...I am wrong...sorry..."

The soft body of the girl is like a small snake, and it is almost impossible to paste it into the arms of Yan.

But this action is really too inappropriate - she is so beautiful after all, even if measured by the most demanding eyes, there is a huge attraction that is not commensurate with age.

At this moment, if you change to any other man, even if it is a policeman, it will inevitably be a bit instinctive.

Yan Yan was shunned and used his eyes to signal Han Xiaomei to quickly lift the wheelchair and wanted to put her back in the wheelchair. But as soon as there was an action, Buwei was like pre-feeling that he was going to be abandoned. Sobbing and tightening his neck, he cried like a child: "I am wrong, am I wrong? I beg you. ,please!……"

Strictly squinting,

Looking at Han Xiaomei, both of them have some horrified horror: What is she going to say?

"Would you like to send her back to the ward first?" Han Xiaomei whispered.

Yan Yan hesitated for a moment, nodded, and swayed his arms and turned around, when the whole person was stiff!

- Not far from the end of the garden, on the side door of the hospital building, Jiang Shu and Yang Meizheng stood there.

Jiang stopped wearing a baseball cap, and the small half of his face under the aviator sunglasses was white and white. He and Yan Yan briefly looked at each other, and then turned his eyes to his own back to his own step, and did not know what he was thinking.

Although I couldn’t see it at all, Yan Yan felt that the eyebrows of Jiang’s side were slightly tightened.

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