Chapter 67 Chapter 67

Chapter 67 Chapter 67

When I was very strict, my expression was blank. I seemed to have forgotten how to react. I could only stare at the screen. The sound of the computer outside was so clear and harsh. (free full novel

Jiang stopped looking at his stunned expression, and he was a little out of breath.

Can't say that this tone is loose, or an inaudible sigh. He had a bitter bite on his tongue, and he ate the half of the dumplings that had just been bitten. All the complicated and indescribable feelings swallowed back with the half of the dumplings, and then gently put down the tableware.

People are jealous - he suddenly has such a thought in his heart.

Then the sound of the sound sounded: "This man is a good figure."

Jiang stopped: "?"

Yan Yan touched his chin and smiled and said: "But the professional quality of the actor below is not good, the skin is not very good, the expression is a little artificial, and the face is far worse than you. In general, the camera and the later are still ok, If you have a total score of one hundred, you can hit seventy-five. This scored work will be put on our anti-vice team, which is the life of the warehouse. It will never be seen by everyone in the city."

The air solidified for a long while, Jiang stopped and finally asked: "...What do you say?"

Yan Yan asked: "You have not been to the police station?"


"If you have been in the police station for four years like me, what kind of wonderful things can be seen, the two suspects in the middle of the night are all in the middle of the night. Not to mention the fact that the smashing of the yellow How many called chickens, called ducks, male and female chickens and ducks called together, the police rushed into a room, men and women, bare-chested, and stunned... Later, when they arrived at the city bureau, it was even more unacceptable. Network resources are all in the next group to sweep the yellow team, and occasionally found that the plot is good or the protagonist is particularly beautiful, everyone is holding the hard drive to copy, I am not too serious than your taste."

Speaking of Yan Yan, the banter that can’t be said by the arc:

"It's you, Jiang team - you are so skilled to find men's and boys' movies, isn't it something to explain?"

"..." Jiang stopped talking in an increasingly fierce release.

He still has no expression as always, but if you look closely, you will find that his forehead line is a bit tight, and seems to be forcing his own twitching eyes.

Yan Yan smiled deeper, slowly turning the computer screen to him, and at the same time, he came close to him, almost sticking to the cheek of Jiang’s stop, with a smile:

"--My readings are finished, what about you?"

Jiang stopped finally reaching out and seemed to want to close the notebook.

But his fingertips just got on the monitor, and he hadn't had time to force it, and his hand was caught. Jiang stopped and walked back and leaned back. Yan Yan also leaned forward, and the sofa lost both of them, while falling into a soft cushion.

With a computer slamming, the passionate sound of the needle-studded voice finally came to an abrupt end, and the living room regained its silence.

Jiang stopped facing up and squatted on him, and he was half-pressed on him. The two men looked at each other only a few inches away.This quiet seems to be more embarrassing than the sound of a screaming voice just now, but Yan Yan does not think. He put his left and right elbows on the side of the river, and pressed the river to the depths of the sofa. He used his eyes to describe his hair, forehead, eyelashes, nose and even his lips. After a long time, he bowed his head. The lips almost touched, but he asked, "Can I kiss you?"

The river stopped moving and the muscles were very tight.

He can feel the sturdy muscles getting harder and harder, bringing heat and pressure that cannot be ignored.

"Just kiss," Yan Yan whispered, grabbed Jiang's hand and sneaked down. The gentleman stopped at the abdomen and directed him through the thin layer of fabric. His face was still very clear. Knife.

Jiang stopped his fingertips like a shock.

"Or you can kiss me," Yan Yan's tail sounded with a smile, saying: "If you don't mind the taste of the old jar of sauerkraut."

Jiang stopped slightly to the side of the sofa back, but because of the crowded reason, this action was not fully completed and was forcibly captured. He bowed his head and kissed the lips that were always cold and cold on weekdays.


Unlike the sturdy kiss in the Jiangyang County Hospital, this kiss is lingering and warm, just like the lips and tongues play peacefully and enjoy each other's temperature.

Yan Yan’s hand resting on the sofa reached into the back of the river. As the kiss deepened, the finger rubbed a little bit. He just washed the soft, very dry and soft black hair, as if through this little movement, he passed a kind of Impatience and patience, deep love.

Time flies up in the shackles, dances lightly with the light, passes through the glazed glass windows, and flies away into the vast, quiet night sky.

"Jiang stopped..." Yan Yan whispered.


"You just like me right? When you saw it at ktv, you recognized me at a glance?"

The river stopped still, and the cheeks were very tight.

It seems that as long as you relax a little, your emotions will pour out like a brake.

Yan Yan smiled silently, his face touched his cold chin, his lips sticking to the cheekbone line and extending to the neck, kissed densely to the side neck and even the throat. When he kissed the deep part of the clavicle, he finally felt that Jiang had slammed his hand, his fingertips were unexpectedly hot, and he was a little rushed on his lips.

Such a gesture of close contact with each other is not like refusal, and catering is not a catering. It gives people the illusion of being entangled and difficult to divide.

"What are you thinking about?" Yan Yan smiled and asked vaguely.

"..." Jiang stopped to open his mouth, his lips were reddened, and his voice was slightly dumb: "Your birthday is coming, will you give me something?"

"Oh? What are you sending me?"

"Inflatable doll, large."

Yan Yan buried his head in his neck and laughed.Jiang stopped trying to push him away, but Yan Yan did not want to get up. During the two struggles, the sturdy vests were smashed, and the white yurts that piled up on the shoulders of the river stopped sliding down. The warm and mellow skin rubbed against each other, and they passed from the nerve endings of both of them to the deeper parts of the heart.

"Let's kiss one more."

"Do not."

"Just kiss one."

"Do not."

"I usually work very hard..."

"Work hard to rest early."

"That rests together..."

Jiang stopped thinking about the sofa, but Yan Yan always pushed him to marry him. The little troubles lasted for a long time in a limited space, and Yan Yan finally regretted the compromise: "Then you are at least -"

Jiang stopped to catch the gap, so that he pushed Yan Yan halfway, and he propped up the upper body from the shackles.

Yan Yan’s position was higher than that of the river. At this time, he just lowered his head and suddenly saw what he saw as he slipped down, and his eyes narrowed and condensed!

“There is no minimum,” Jiang stopped to sit up: “Go to sleep, good night.”

In an instant, the sound of the brain could not be heard, the brain seemed to be frozen, and the internal organs fell sharply by the heavy ice. Just in the stalemate of no more than two seconds, Jiang stopped to hold the edge of the coffee table with one hand, pulled out his own ridiculous radish, almost knocked over the computer with the same hot potato, and quickly shunned away. Then, bypassing the sofa, Cangjie got into his guest bedroom.


The sound of the door closing came as if it were a switch, and it was a sigh of relief.

", call..."

He didn't find himself panting, slowly turning over and sitting on the sofa, and the fiercely beaten heart finally fell back from the throat to the chest. He couldn't help but think: "I just didn't show anything wrong?"

- There should be no, or even if there is, the river stop in which the attention is not concentrated is hard to find.

Yan Yan closed his eyes, but could not suppress the undulating chest. The picture just a few minutes ago reappeared in the brain like a scene replay - it was the clothes that the river stopped sliding down the arm, and even the lines were sharp. Shoulder socket.

There is a red dot that is too small to be easily overlooked, but it is very clear.

That is a skeleton.


Jianning City Public Security Bureau.

"Who asked you to leave the hospital? Who approved you back to Jianning? Thirty years have passed too smothered too? Right? Jiangyang County public security leaders can't stop you like this Wang Ba Lazi?" ......"

Lu Bureau holds his body - the white porcelain big tea pot, smiles and walks in the forefront, and turns a deaf ear to the indiscriminate bombing behind him. In the middle is the Wei deputy bureau with a blushing neck and thick neck. From time to time, he turned back and roared. On several occasions, he almost grabbed the folder under the armpit and pulled it out. The last Yan Yan's hands were inserted in his trouser pockets, his head was lifted up, his eyes were empty, and he was greeted by the squally showers of the spurs."No organization, no discipline! Look at your life safety! You give me this expression, ah? You think that you are growing up now, I will not tell you aunt, your aunt can not copy the belt can not move Are you there?! Don't give me a face of 2,580,000! If you are bold, give me some reaction?!"

The voice just fell, and Yan Yan suddenly decided to step forward and glance at the abdomen.

Wei Deputy Bureau: "..."

"Ah! It hurts, come to help, ah - call the ambulance, I can't..."

A group of criminal police rumbling through the corridor, seven hands and eight legs from the pale and stern sub-team: "Captain! How are you captain!" "Stay on, white tomorrow is still waiting for us!" "I beg you Open your eyes, captain! Don't leave us!"

Yan Yan trembled: "My party fees, under the pillow... two hundred and fifty..."

"Good captain! We must hand you over to the organization, inherit your will and move on!"

Wei's deputy bureau swallowed a whole salted duck egg, and his facial expression continued to twitch. He watched the big guys squat up and slid quickly.

“It’s so lawless, it’s impossible...”

"I said Lao Wei," Lu said with a smile on his face. He was calm and calm: "Children and grandchildren have their own children, and they don't have to worry about these trivial things. Their young people are very big, they are more and more Rebellious psychology, what can we do with the old man like us? If you say that they are ignorant, look at me."

Lu Bureau proudly licked the white hair: "Do you know why my hair is more than you?"

Wei Deputy Bureau: ".................."

"Because of this kind of breaking, I have never bothered to worry about it." Lu Zhouyu said with a long heart: "Let's go."

Wei deputy bureau eyelids jumped hard, but had no choice but to follow the Lu Bureau.

Yan Yan was surrounded by the door of the forensic room and sent the over-extended criminal police. He happened to meet Philip in a white coat, holding a heat preservation bucket and coming out of the open elevator door. "--哟, 老严?干Come on, please eat?"

There are people outside the corridor, Yan Yan does not want to say too clearly, ambiguously responded: "I still remember to eat, your mother sent a love lunch

Not enough for you to eat? ”

The director of the singer was single to the present, and it was purely pitted by his mother.

When he graduated from the public administration to the city bureau, he was also a small handsome guy with a red-breasted body and a slender body. He often received Qiu Bo from the police station of the police station at the bottom. Even the team insisted that he was better than Yan Yan when he was young. If at the time Philip had a steady look for a girlfriend, maybe even the children are now hugged.

But the problem is that the moment when Philip entered the city bureau, it was the beginning of his aunt's rapid expansion.

Under the influence of the traditional thinking of extreme mistakes, his mother made a mistake that Yan Ma’s mother, Ms. Zeng Cui had made, mistakenly thinking that her son and even the princess were worthy of it, so she gave birth to a variety of picks and four unrealistic. Fantasy; plus the forensic work is really very hard and diligent, his mother began to change the method of madness, in order to do a good job of his son's logistics, even a young age went to learn a chef.Yan Hao’s luck was that Ms. Zeng Cui soon realized her big mistake and realized that no amount of hardware could make up for the fatal flaws in her software. Therefore, in order to add points in other aspects, she knelt down to urge the five-day gym to be severely swayed for a week, and even had the idea of ​​asking him to go to Japan for cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, he was later severely rejected.

But Philip has no strict understanding of his fucking consciousness.

苟利他妈 three times a day to change the madness of the pattern, hard life to remind him a few tonnage, but also naively refused the city council leaders several times to do the media, firmly believe that her son will one day get a flowery jade future The peasant daughter-in-law enters the door--all the city bureaus agree that if she knows that the director’s spare time is now playing with Qinchuan Maxiang and others in a game, it is estimated that he may be awake.

"Why don't you still have to go to the hospital," said Philip, who was dissatisfied with the door of the forensic room. "There are piles of mountains, and what kind of communication activities are carried out, so that several people in our department can get the grassroots to guide the work. I also saw the world’s appraisal of the accident and the identification of the injury to us. I also told the Wei Bureau that day, the old man was transferred from me, did you wonder what day I sent out to give lectures? What kind of criminal investigation detachment can have an intern to run on the errands, one court and one diligent, our forensic department has to burn a lot of water to come by ourselves? It’s not like that, when we also give us a few people from the grassroots to call, the landlord’s home No food left, okay."

Yan Yan said: "You accept a disciple."

"Where are you going to collect it, do you know how old the forensic doctors are in this year? When I went to school for a while, the provincial government recruited people to ask for any graduate degree or above. Now, even the big five are rushing for it. I have to go out and grab the students in person. This is still the case when we have Jianning and Gongzhou have a forensic department. If I don’t see it, everyone can’t write two Jianning police, you guys. The criminal investigation father sponsored it, and transferred Ma Xiang to us to call it."

Yan Yan followed the sly profit into the forensic room, and casually said: "You spared Ma Xiang, he did not even dare to go through the door of the mortuary."

"I am afraid of what, I will stay here for half a year, to ensure that he can even eat high rot, saponification, giant view."

Philip opened the chair and sat down. He opened the insulated bucket and wanted to eat. The cold was knocked and knocked on the table: "You wait, you are not looking for you."

"What?" Director Yan immediately alerted.

"The body of Li Yuxin has been sent from the funeral home of Jiangyang County?"

After Li Yuxin was rescued, the body was placed in the dissection room of the funeral home of Jiangyang County. Soon, the deputy bureau of Wei took Huang Xing and others to take over the investigation work at Jiangyang site, and the Jianning City Bureau had a national first-class anatomical identification laboratory. Let the local criminal police squadron send the little girl over.

"The autopsy report hasn't come out yet. What do you want to do?"

Yan Yan said: "Show me."

Director Yan took the spoon and looked at him skeptically. Yan Yan added the tone impatiently: "Look at it!""I am embarrassed, how do you pick someone to find something when they have lunch break?" Philip went up, there is no way, only with a spoon, with Yan Yan came to the door of the anatomy room, half a day before the white 褂 褂The key that was pulled out of the red line - the forensic doctors thought to exorcise - was unlocked.

Li Yuxin quietly lay on the dissection table, and the skull and abdominal cavity were not completely sutured. Normally, the corpse that has not been dissected will not cover the white cloth so tightly, but it may be because of the little girl who regrets this flower season, and she will pull the white cloth to her chin before going out. If she ignores the white and rigid face, she It seems to be caught in a long, dark and sweet sleep.

"Oh, what a pity." Philip said with a spoon. "I could have finished it in the morning, but I thought about whether or not to sew it for me. Let's take it in the afternoon... What are you doing?"

I saw Yan Yan’s slight sin to the body, and then stepped forward, not to mention the white cloth.

—— Under the white light, Li Yuxin’s right shoulder is a red cockroach that is particularly glaring in the corpse.

Yan Yan didn't hear what Philip was saying, and he didn't even feel his breath. His nails plunged into the palm of his hand, and his teeth clenched tightly. It seemed that as soon as he opened his mouth, the heart of his beating would jump out of his throat.

Yesterday, the hospital's stepping slippery shoulder straps, the late night Lijiang stopped the sharp shoulders, dissecting the upper body Li Yuxin covered with corpse's upper body... three almost identical little red dragonfly, constantly staggered in front of Yan Yan .

Li Yuxin seems to be alive. She lifts her rotten fingers and strokes the red and bloody shackles of her shoulders, revealing a secret smile to Yan Yan.

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