Chapter 66 Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Chapter 66

Yan Yan’s face was stunned, but before he could react, a chill had instinctively picked up from the internal organs. (Free full novel.

"Yan brother."


"Yan brother?"

Yan Yan turned back and saw Gao Panqing had finished calling and said: "Are you okay?"

"...Oh, nothing, a little tired." Yan Yan calmly said, "How are you over there?"

In fact, what can I do if I make a phone call, unless Han Xiaomei really wants to leave the office to go to the office, otherwise it will definitely come over. Yan Yan’s words are just absent-minded idioms. However, Gao Panqing is still very concerned and asked: "Would you like to go home and rest? This day □ □ hours of driving is also very horrible, Han Xiaomei will come over later."

Yan Yan nodded uncertainly, and could not help but glanced through the glass to the ward.

Buwei had already lie back on the bed, huddled into a ball, showing only the thin back.

"Do you see where it is not right? Yan Ge," Gao Panqing finally noticed an abnormality, and invisibly raised his chin to the ward: "Is this girl a little..."

Yan Yan did not want to talk more about this topic, perfunctory: "It should be my heart. Your land consultant? I will send him a ride."

It happened that Jiang stopped from the bathroom at the end of the corridor, and hurriedly hurried to Gao Panqing, striding forward and slamming the shoulders of Jiang’s stop. From the mouth, he should say, “Let’s go back first. "You can't refuse to take him to the direction of the elevator."

Gao Panqing looked at the back of them and always felt that the posture of Yan Yan was unusual.

They also have a back-to-back between the buddies at the police academy, but they don’t have to use the arm to hook the other’s neck and neck, but hold the joint between the shoulder and the arm, as if they were strict with the consultant. Force to bring the consultant to his arms.

Looking from the back, Yan Yan is not like a good friend and a good buddy, but he can't hide the meaning of protection and possessiveness.

"...I must have been influenced by Han Xiaomei," Lao Gao took a nap and slammed the messy thoughts out of his mind.


Yan Yan finally failed to fulfill the small duty of the male caregiver, and successfully took Jiang to take the "real" seafood porridge; because the river stopped to climb up at 5 or 6 in the morning, all the way to the Tianhengshan case discovery site, and then All the way back to the city of Jianning, I was already sleepy, and I slept on the way home.

G65 steadily stopped in the community downstairs, severely extinguished the fire, but did not immediately wake up to stop.

The rooflight emits a faint light, reflected on his tired and stable eyelids, and the end of the eyelashes trembles with the breath, as if it were two unregulated velvet fans.

Although the whole person of Jiang stopped the esoteric esoteric, but the facial features were very clear, the three-dimensional nose of the brow bone was narrow, and the clean skin was slightly reflective at the brow bone; when he was thinking clearly, the facial contour was as cold as a marble sculpture. The momentum, when asleep, was dizzy by the lights, and some of the ink-and-washed handsome shows gradually infiltrated from the inside out.

Yan Yan’s breathing was a little short, forcing himself to observe carefully without feeling.He is asleep now. Does it have anything like Bu Wei?

Why did the strange feeling in the moment of the hospital?

A 30-year-old criminal policeman who is recognized as a dereliction of duty and stunned for several years, and a young girl who is as beautiful as a camellia, should not have any intersection in any case, but in a stern stun A strange connection has arisen.

- Is it really something, or is it a suspicious ghost?

"..." The river stopped moving and stumbled: "...strict?"

It was hoarse and sullen, and it was a little tight when it was swallowing, and sat back uncomfortably on the driver's seat: "Get home."

Jiang stopped this and woke up. After a while, the voice of the blind man made a vague saying: "Well." Then he pushed the door softly and softly.

Yan Yan has already been transferred to the front passenger car door. Before the river stopped to step on the pedal, the brain did not understand it. He reached out and hugged him. When the time stopped, the whole body was vacated. Before he could make a sound, he was taken from the high door by Yan Yan. Then, if nothing happened, he closed the door and coughed and said, "Go, go upstairs."

He throws the car keys up and down, deliberately not looking at the face of the river stop, the rate advanced the elevator.

Yan Yan began to move all the things he used every day to this apartment. Clothes, shoes, watches, and small household appliances that were easy to use... Just like ants moving, they gradually put the real estate business model room neat and beautiful. The apartment was built to be messy, lively, full of life, and even the air was filled with the lively fragrance of single dogs for more than 30 years.

In contrast, only a few pieces of change of laundry are called the proletariat, even toothpaste is squeezed in the bathroom.

Jiang stopped taking a shower and came out to see the time at ten.

It may be because of sleeping in the car, his sleepiness suddenly disappeared without a trace, and even a little hungry - Jiang stopped is not a young man who can sleep late in the morning, if this time lights out It may not wake up tomorrow morning, so he sat on the edge of the bed for a while, or decided to go to the kitchen to find something to relax.

Yan Yan is a person who is very polarized in terms of living habits. He has a very grounded side, for example, there are 108 kinds of instant noodle taste fancy evaluations in the mobile phone, Taobao Uniqlo in the closet full of valleys, a washable towel in the bathroom, and a national full of cabinets. Goddess Collection - Ghosts know what he has eaten out of the old dry mother glass jars that are washed and refused to be thrown. At the same time, in his living room, the notebook hard drive connected to the TV.

The "Introduction to the forensic appraisal of the first grade next semester" folder is a complete collection of works by Cang.

In addition to these, he also has a very authentic side of the rich second generation.

All of his leading singles are a series of monthly salary, suits and coats are fixed tailors tailored from the fabric fur, and love the watch collection. According to his own statement, when he was young and frivolous, he liked the three-question and double tourbillon with obvious appearance characteristics. After he was in his thirties, he began to pursue low-key and subtle double-tracking. If one day the bankruptcy, he can at least rely on the table of that cabinet for decades, and it will not be a problem to moisturize.Given that he once had a precedent for the chef team to come home to make candlelight dinners, when the river stopped into the kitchen, it was very hopeful that Yan Yan could take the extremes of the rich second generation in this respect, and the most unfortunate can also be a little ready-made package. Well, fresh ingredients that can be eaten in a microwave oven.

Then when he opened the refrigerator, he realized his ignorance and innocence.

In the empty refrigerated room, there are only a few bottles of beer, cola, cut lemons, and half a moldy ginger.

"..." Jiang stopped staring at the half of the ginger, thinking for a long time did not understand how a person who never fired to buy ginger is going on, do you make ginger cola at home?

"What are you doing, hungry?" Yan Yan asked from behind him.

This person may have realized that it is useless to drive a car with a mad heart. After that, he put on his vest shorts after the shower, and the short hair is dripping down and the black vest is too lazy to dry. The water drops are wet.

Jiang stopped not very happy: "How can your family not even eat a bit?"

"You said that you, this person, sleep when you eat, and want to eat a snack when you sleep, you just because this kind of body is not good - look at it, no zero mouth, just under my instant noodles, you can pack a pack of old sauerkraut Taste."

Jiang stopped more dissatisfied: "I don't eat instant noodles."

Yan Yan said: "Then I will give you a takeaway, chicken and shrimp eat?"

"What time is it that your family has a takeaway?"

"Hey - I said you," Yan Yan boarded his face and educated him: "How can you be so sick? You can't live like this in the future. If you have half a pack of frozen dumplings, let's go."

Jiang stopped to comment on the "life in the future", and he was too lazy to start making dumplings on his own. He said, "Forget it, I am not very hungry."

He walked out of the kitchen with enthusiasm, and slammed into the instant noodles. He couldn't help but sigh at the water: "What is it? If you forget it, what do you mean? You are picking your mouth, what is wrong with the old sauerkraut beef noodles? Last time, the pony and the old high were fighting for the last pack of old sauerkraut.

Jiang stopped to turn a deaf ear, sitting on the sofa in the living room, playing chess, and going to sleep after going to the end of a plate.

Who knows that the kitchen is slamming, about ten minutes later, Yan Yan turned the two bowls out and put one of them in front of the river and stopped: "Don't play, eat."

The bowl turned out to be a hot, quick-fried three fresh dumplings.

The river stopped.

“Is it shocked by my outstanding dumplings? Oh, one is not broken, it’s perfect. Do you know what to do?”


"After the water boiled, I added some salt first." Yan Yan's index finger clicked twice on the coffee table, and he was on the verge of saying: "How, don't know."

Jiang stopped almost blurted out. "Isn't the frozen dumplings generally not broken?!", but after all, the soft mouth of the people was short, and the moment before the opening, they held back: "...I thought you never entered the kitchen."

Yan Yan is not proud: "But I will Baidu. I am an academic."Jiang stopped to say that you are still a school, the drama school martial arts professional.

Yan Yan was sitting on the side of the river and snoring and eating his old sauerkraut beef noodles. Although it is definitely a better taste of quick-frozen dumplings, but Yan Yan has a tasteful appearance, even stopped Jiang to look a bit embarrassed, could not help but pick a chopsticks instant noodles from his bowl to eat.

Yan Yan did not say anything, laughed.

"Why are you laughing?"

Yan Yan swallowed the noodles in his mouth and said, "Laughter, you are like a child, like a child."

Still eating a soft mouth, Jiang stopped for a while did not answer.

"When you see something delicious, you are willing to give a good face, but also take the initiative to wash the dishes. If there is no good food, every pore in the whole body will emit a high cold breath that is rejected thousands of miles away." He also picked a chopsticks noodles for him and said, "Nothing, I promise to take you to the Michelin restaurant tomorrow. It will ensure that you can eat a big meal."

"There is a high cold air in every pore above and below the whole body." Jiang stopped eating dumplings. He didn't think of a powerful rebuttal for a long time. He could only say a little bit: "When you get to my age, you can understand why people can't be hungry." It is."

"That's how big you are this year, you are two years older than me. Are you two years old?" Yan Yan held two fingers with chopsticks: "Let's say we are police, not athletes, this age in the public security system." I can only count as a junior. I don't believe you see Jian Ning in addition to the Lu Bureau and the Wei Deputy Bureau, who else is holding a tea pot all day long with you, and it is exactly like the thermos."

The topic of the thermos cup is too dangerous. If you don’t pay attention, you should think of the tea cake that is getting smaller and smaller in the cabinet. Jiang stopped and clipped two dumplings into the Yan Yu bowl: “What to say? Eat your food."

Yan Yan quickly put the bowl up: "Don't worry."

"You have too many dumplings, I can't eat."

"I can't eat it either. I don't control how to keep my abdominal muscles. I haven't been to the gym for half a month."

Jiang stopped saying: "Why keep that stuff, let go of yourself, you don't have a single body with the abdominal muscles."

As a result, Yan Yan listened to this statement very naturally and naturally took the sentence: "I am not single, isn't it to see you?"

Jiang stopped: "..."

On a warm and quiet summer night, the hot noodles of the noodle soup lingered, and the two men sat side by side on the large white comfortable sofa, almost together, Jiangyang County, the scene of falling water, the scene of the gun and the panic of rescue outside, It seems that they have become very distant things.

There are still half dumplings on the chopsticks in the river. I don’t know if it’s time to eat or let go. Half a sigh: “How do you talk like this, like a gust of wind, a burst of strength.”

"Because I have sincerely said everything about you, I have to say how to say it. I don't pay attention to skills. It is different from talking to you." Yan Yan smiled and got closer, whispered: "Get an object." , Jiang team?"

"..." Jiang stopped saying: "Do not engage."

"Do a trick."


"How come you are so frank?"Jiang stopped reluctantly picking up the bowl and twisted it. Yan Yan also chased and asked: "Are you particularly fond of me very long ago?"

“Why should I have a special affection for you?”

"Because I am the best person in any aspect, do you know the rules of natural animal mate selection? Only strong males can stand out in this cruel social competition, occupying the most resources for survival, taking care of the family. And the best living conditions for future generations..."

Jiang stopped the one-handed bowl and held one hand, and listened to him with a patience. The whole is a fallacies.

"So, at least in the province, I should be a mate to consider. It is a matter of course that you have a good impression on me. Of course, if you don't like me, then the theory of Darwin's natural selection will be overthrown. However, I think this kind of anti-scientific possibility is relatively small..." Speaking of Yan Yan, he couldn’t hold it, and he screamed and laughed: "Okay, I don’t care. It’s a target, we are all so old. If you can't, then say it."

Jiang stopped taking a deep breath and turned back from the sofa to face Yan Yan. He said: "Strict team."


"Darwin's theory is only for natural reproduction, not for the same sex."

The two of them had big eyes and narrow eyes, and they shot him half-heartedly: "Oh, don't be so narrow, don't do anything!"

Jiang’s inner feelings are actually a bit confusing. I don’t know if it’s funny or ridiculous—or, just because Yan’s face is under the surface of a full-fledged wagon, and it’s unusually serious and serious, this argument is particularly funny and absurd.

He didn't know whether he was laughing or not laughing. He could only say for a long time: "I thought you always liked a good wife and a good mother..."

"Every man used to think that he likes a good wife and a good mother. In fact, this kind of thing is like throwing a donkey. You really have to throw that point to know who you like."

"... don't you feel weird?"

"The beginning is a bit." Yan Yan paused and said: "Now it's okay, I don't think any of the men in the police team, it will be faster when you see you."

When Yan Yan’s mouth owes it, it’s actually better to deal with it. If he ignores him, he will be finished. But when he stood on the face of this 50,000-year-old face, the deep eyebrows looked at you without hesitation. When the words were opened, it was not only the river stop, but another person. It’s hard to get around.

They sat face to face on the sofa in the living room, and their knees were almost together. Jiang stopped looking down to avoid the stern gaze, but saw that he still held a bowl filled with dumplings on his hands - it was a summer night in the southwestern region, but in an instant he was born like a northern night, sitting in pairs The illusion of talking.

"..." Jiang stopped using his power to shake off his ridiculous feelings and asked: "Do you really think you are serious?"

Yan Yan said: "I really are not kidding."

"Then you can accept it?" Jiang stopped cold and cold.He put down the bowl and picked up the computer from the coffee table. This notebook is strictly used to connect to the TV to watch the video, the password is his house number, Jiang stopped to log in to open the video website, Yan Yan only saw what he seems to search, then click to play, put the computer screen in front of him turn.

“Learn first,” Jiang stopped. “This may change your mind.”

Yan Yan looked down and immediately stopped, and the full-screen playback was a sleek man, and then immediately released the unscrupulous 呻|吟.

- That was a very explicit piece of hair.

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