Chapter 65 Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Chapter 65

Hospital entrance. (free full novel

The big g slowly stopped at the side of the road, and the river stopped swallowing the last bite of the yellow bag, and he sighed with satisfaction.

Yan Yan extinguished the fire, but did not rush to get off the train, staring at the mouth of Jiang’s stop, until he saw the mother’s sweet buns thoroughly swallowed and drank the last half of the cup of warm soy milk. I swallowed, and I didn’t feel open when I was uncomfortable: "I will take you out after eating, ah, hehe."

Jiang stopped saying: "No, I have been able to finish the two buns for the first time since I met you. It is quite rare." After all, there was nothing wrong with the car.

Yan Yan: "..."

Before Jianning, the richest man's heir, five thunders, sitting on the ground, the expression is just like a front of a Tianma meteor fist, the fragile male self-respect has broken into countless pieces.

"... Let's make it clear first, the first time that the milky yellow bag is your own cold, don't eat it and throw it into the garbage bin. How can it be my responsibility?! And the last bean bag is also half-sleeping. Then, how do I know that you want to stay awake and continue to eat..."

On the outer corridor of the ward, Yan Yan rushed back and argued on the side of the meteor. Jiang stopped to look at the front and put his hands in his trouser pockets. There was a kind of calm and serene like a dog.

"Hey, Yan Ge! Lu consultant!" Gao Panqing was waiting at the end of the corridor, and immediately rushed to meet: "You can count it!"

"Don't you say that I don't want you to eat enough. I am such a man who doesn't care about my family. I am just..." Yan Yan turned back and complained: "What's the old?"

Gao Panqing was slammed: "You are... you have a plan?"

Yan Yan said: "You are still very embarrassed to ask, when your unfortunate phone call came in, I was planning to bring you a consultant to the Michelin two-person candlelight dinner. I got it, and I gave you all the trouble. Look, the Lu consultant is awkward."

The first reaction of integrity is as high as hope: What, Yan Ge’s friend does not help solve the case?

"You listen to him." Jiang stopped helplessly: "What about the victim?"

Gao Panqing is busy: "In the ward, come and come."

"How do you stay outside?" asked stubbornly.

"Hey, I want to sit comfortably in the ward, the problem girl is not willing. Who knows what she is irritated, and when she sees a stranger, she has to be indecent, she can’t ask Words - Fortunately, I am wearing a police uniform today, otherwise I have to be caught, I have to be caught when the rogue is sent to the Public Security Bureau!"

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped turning their heads at the same time, and they all looked at Gao Panqing with suspicion.

It happened that there was a little nurse squinting through the eyes, and the old man stood up and said: "Is she seeing her? Is she just asking me if this police uniform is a high imitation of 200 treasures bought by Taobao, you can say what I can!"

Yan Yan: "..."

The little nurse passed them by and walked with suspicion.Buwei sleeps when he wakes up this week, sleeps more, and wakes up less. The city bureau is anxious to ask questions. It can only be transferred to the police to guard the day and night. However, even if the pace is awake, the mental state is very worrying. It is often slang, stunned and trembled. Sometimes it is illogical to squeeze out two sentences. Sex.

Even the doctors of Gaoming can't explain exactly what symptoms will happen when the human brain is greatly stimulated. Therefore, this week, the investigation on Tianji Mountain has almost fallen into a mud.

They came to the front of the ward and happened to open the door. A fat man in a suit and a suit came out face to face. When he looked up and saw their moment, he suddenly had a fat flesh: "Strict, strict... Yan captain?"

- Buwei's uncle, Wang Xingye.

Strictly stopping the pace, it seems to feel a bit interesting: "How come Wang boss, seeing me very surprised?"

"Oh, it’s really scaring me." Wang Xingye slammed his hands and his face was full of laughter and squeezed together: "I didn't expect the police comrades to save my daughter back. It was so hard, so many days have been Keeping it - I haven't had time to thank the Yan captain..."

"Thank you, it should be." Yan Yan raised his chin in the ward: "Have you been taken care of these days?"

"That's what it can be, she didn't kiss her." The fat man's face hurts again: "Fortunately, the nurse is still willing to take care of it, or how can I serve a big man? Even if the nurse is coming, this time and a half Where are you going? Please."

Strictly understand the nod.

"When this matter has passed, I must ask the police comrades to drink!" Wang Xingye sighed with a long sigh: "Hey, don't say it, I haven't eaten all day, I have to go eat a meal first." ”

Yan Yan was particularly considerate and sent him away with reasonable care.

The figure of the fat man disappeared into the crowd at the end of the corridor, and he whispered to Gao Panqing: "Why can't I see a stranger?"

"A few days ago, it’s just that these two days are particularly unstable. What do doctors say about mental stimulation? I don’t quite understand the terminology. How?"

"What reaction did she see when she met Wang?"

Gao Panqing sighed and hesitated: "I haven't heard anything unusual... at least not like I saw me today, I was scared to see a ghost, and I didn't even dare to stay in the ward."

Yan Yan thought thoughtfully, but did not say anything.

The single room was white and snowy. Budwe just took the medicine and quietly lay in bed.

The sixteen-year-old girl's skin is white, her eyebrows are black, and her head is covered with blue silk on her pillow. The lips and nose are clear and beautiful like a meticulous brushwork; if someone draws this scene to name it, except for the three words of sleeping beauty. It should be difficult to find a more appropriate name.

Jiang stopped only to look at it and sat in the window with indifference.

. Yan Yan touched his chin and stood in front of the hospital bed. He carefully observed it for a long time. When he even had a little hair and couldn’t help but swear, he suddenly heard him come out:

"This girl looks..."

Gao Panqing’s horrible bones, my heart said that Yan Ge, I beg you, although it is not illegal to say that you are over 14 years old, but you have to say something that should not be said, I am listening to the land consultant or not listening. .

"...all over?"Gao Panqing is too late to prevent: "Ah?"

Yan Hao looked up innocently and looked at the stunned Gao Panqing.

Yan Yan, police, Leo. There is no straight man's life but a straight man's illness. I firmly believe that the lipstick in this world is only pink and red. Meilu is another name for contact lenses. The actresses on TV are all natural and do not play hyaluronic acid. The legs are two meters long. Net reds just look for angles and add to nature.

When he sent such a question, Gao Panqing’s heart was deeply shocked.

"Do you think that it is not like the original?" Gao Panqing could not help but ask.

"I don't know," Yan Yan is also very confused. "It feels a bit strange. What does the Lu consultant think?"

Jiang stopped sitting in his armchair and slowly digested his two sweet buns and said, "I have no research on medical beauty technology..."

Yan Yan: "???"

"And," Jiang stopped the euphemistically. "Like you just stare at a face for five minutes, it feels weird to be strange."

When the voice was not severe, he suddenly pulled his foot. He grabbed the shoulder of Jiang’s stop and forced him to look up, and then fixedly stared at him for a long time.

Jiang stopped: "..."

Gao Panqing: "..."

The ward was full of quiet and strange atmosphere. Half a stern and sternly finally let go of the river stop in the contempt of the old high eyeballs coming out of the window. It seems a bit satisfactory: "I don't think it is strange."

Then he added: "It's pretty good."

Judging from the face of Gao Panqing, the most worrying thing at the moment is that the Lu consultant will suddenly pick up the chair and fight Yan Yan, or call 110 to ask the police to take Yan Yan away on the grounds of hooliganism.

The bed whispered, and Buwei woke up.

The Lu consultant did not have time to take the stern team, and the three men looked at it at the same time. I saw that Bu Wei’s eyes slowly opened, and I was still not soberly looking around. It seemed that I was looking for someone, and then I fell on the faces of Gao Panqing, Yan Yan, and Jiang Su.

"Buwei?" Yan Yan confirmed.


"I am Yan Yan, deputy detachment of the Criminal Investigation Department of Jianning City Public Security Bureau." He took out the police from the back trouser pocket. The certificate was lighted and he said: "On the things on Tianzhang Mountain, I hope to talk to you about some issues." ""

Bvvi's eyes tremble slightly, as if some kind of suspicion and fear deep into the bone marrow is slowly recovering from the bottom of my heart. Then she looked at the face from the river and moved to Yan Yan, as if she did not see the expression of Yan Yan as much as possible, and the policeman was also seen as nothing.

"Buwei classmates?" Yan said softly. "Don't be afraid, we are the police, you are safe."

Unexpectedly, the voice just fell, Bu Wei got up and climbed, and the movement was agile like a whips by the eDonkey!

Gao Panqing: "Yan Ge, wait, this is not a good thing..."

The last word didn't land, and suddenly Buddy clasped his chest and screamed!

The call was too sharp and too miserable. All the first reactions were two steps backwards. Even the river stopped and stood up from the seat.

"Ah, ah-""It's okay with Buwei! You are safe! Calm down!" Yan Yan thought what had happened, forcing a scream and whispering, trying to go forward and hold the frightened little girl. But Bu Wei screamed and screamed backwards, and the nightdress was pushed up to the majority, revealing the smooth and tender thigh roots, and Yan Yan immediately took a sigh of relief, and did not dare to go any further.

The corridor came up with a bang, and then the nurse rushed in nervously: "What happened? What happened? What happened?!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The penetrating sharp sound tears everyone's eardrum, and it reverberates in the hallway. Many family members in the nearby ward have sneaked their heads and watched the movements in amazement.

"Don't come over! Don't come over!!"

"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, nurse and sister are here, nothing is all right..."

"Don't come over! Ah, ah--"

Step by step, the soft nightdress couldn’t cover anything, and she was quickly smashed by herself. She barely exposed a large white shoulder, and there was a blushing plaque at her shoulders. A lot of eyes. The nurse quickly forced her to hold her in her arms, and the screaming of the girl gradually fell down, turning into a sob and trembling.

"It doesn't matter, it's all gone, the police won't hurt you..." The nurse whispered softly, helping the baby to sleep in the nightdress, and distressedly took out a paper towel to wipe the mottled tears on her face.

Yan Yan looked at this scene. From his point of view, he could just see the cheek of Bud in the nurse's arms.

When people are unconscious, it is always difficult to see God | rhyme, but Bu Wei is now awake. When she is not desperately struggling to go crazy, the clear eyebrows and facial features suddenly make his heart move, and suddenly a vagueness is born. The subtlety of the appointment.

The facial features feel a bit...

A bit like……

The nurse was afraid that Buwei would continue to be stimulated, and he would force the police to go out first. I didn’t expect to see the serious mistake when I turned back.

Not staring at the girl, the gaze is simply straightforward.

"Cough!" The nurse was angry.

"Yan Ge," Gao Panqing whispered: "Yan brother! Hey!"

Yan Yan returned to God, only to realize his own state of affairs: "Oh, I am just..."

"Can you leave the ward first? The patient should change the medicine. I will come back later!" The nurse replied with a slap in the face, and whispered in the volume that someone could hear at the venue: "What quality?"

Yan Yan: "..."

"She used to do the same before?! The doctor can't explain?!" Yan Yanqiang asked with anger.

The three policemen were forced to withdraw from the ward, standing in the hallway, surrounded by countless skeptical eyes, and the whispers of family members in the nearby ward were heard. Gao Panqing deliberately and timidly smashed the epaulettes, only whispered: "Where can I know, Xiao Zhang, they only told me that she was trembling and could not speak, but did not say that this girl could scream to this decibel." This is clearly that the madman has become a madman."

Yan Yan seems to think of something: "Is the gynecological examination done?""Do it!" Gao Panqing lowered his voice: "- No cracks were found."

This is really impossible to explain.

Yan Yan was helpless and sighed. He just turned his face and saw Jiang stop wearing a mask. He stood under the corridor window against the wall. From the top half of his face, he couldn’t tell the difference. indifferent.

"Hey," Yan Yan moved a few steps and approached him. It was a little embarrassing to explain to himself whispered: "I just just... I really..."

Jiang stopped hooking his fingers.

Yan’s deputy team immediately leaned forward and listened to Jiang’s stop and half covered his mouth. He said gently: “Under 18 is immoral...”


Yan Yan was almost mad, and had not had time to defend what, the ward door opened again. The nurse walked out with the guidance of the director's face. When the police spoke, he preempted: "The girl's spirit is very unstable. In addition to her uncle, these days, any other male will be stimulated as soon as he meets. You three The man is crowded in the ward, she can't stand it anymore. I suggest that if you want to get evidence, wait a second."

Yan Yan cold and cold: "We can wait, the case can not wait. The police is not for her to catch the prisoner, the victim in front of the case must also give me honestly cooperate with the investigation!"

"Then call the policewoman!" The nurse did not show weakness: "You don't have a policewoman? All the big men are crammed into the ward all day, what is the idea?"

In the second half of her sentence, she was too lazy to refute, but she asked him in the first half of the sentence.

In the case of Buwei, when you wake up, you should start asking questions immediately. If you adjust the policewoman from the internal staff, you will not find a suitable and experienced candidate. The only two official policewomen in the field are carrying out escorts in the field. A six-month threatened abortion is at home to prevent miscarriage. Usually, if a person is a cow, even if it is done, then the pregnant woman will be assigned a task, not to mention whether it will happen. Yan Yan is not too embarrassed.

He took a deep breath and suddenly flashed in his head and asked Gao Panqing: "Han Xiaomei?"


"I haven't seen her since I came back from Jiangyang. What about people? Resigned?"

"Oh, I took a leave this morning." Gao Panqing said: "The physiological period, dysmenorrhea, you did not see the face, white is scary."

"..." Strictly difficult to channel: "Is it a good idea to buy a box of painkillers?!"

Gao Panqing did not dare to scream.

"If she is pregnant and has a child, there is no problem with maternity leave. I will give it to the breastfeeding leave. But I know that it is once a month during the physiological period. Is it possible to give her 12 dysmenorrhea every year? Then why did I not listen to the police school? Boys will do?!" Yan Yan index finger impatiently point to the phone, indicating Gao Panqing: "Call! Call her to me!"

Gao Panqing’s old tears can’t help his intern, but he can only go weakly.

"You are really..." Jiang stopped to help.Yan Yan has not disappeared, standing in front of the hospital corridor window, shoulders wide legs, single-handed pockets, like a cold and crisp poplar, completely ignore the contempt of the nurses who dare to speak, from the nasal cavity He snorted: "If it doesn't matter to me, I want to take advantage of the field team. I have to work for me according to the standards of the field team. The police school boy who broke the head for her internship position has gone. If she wants to Turning to the back office, then I have no opinion, to ensure that every day | nine nights and six minutes of the class do not have to add, sugar cane does not have two sweet reasons."

Jiang stopped muttering: "So you are really single to the present with strength."

Yan Yan began to scream and seemed to endure. The two stood silently in front of the hospital window for a few minutes before they heard him suddenly say: "No."

Jiang stopped: "?"

Yan Yan seems to be looking out of the window, and the corner of his eye is squinting at him, and he said, "It’s because I didn’t meet someone I really like."

Jiang stopped: "..."

The atmosphere suddenly became a bit strange, and even the breeze from the window became extraordinarily obvious, and it tickles into the neck of the person.

"...I went to the bathroom," Jiang stopped to squeeze out a sentence, trying to make himself sound like nothing happened, bowed and hurried away.

Yan Yan looked at his back disappeared in the distance, his eyes were not stunned, and for a long time he did not know whether he was sighing or expecting.

Gao Panqing has not returned yet, and the nurse has left. Yan Yan stood for a while and suddenly felt bored. Then he turned back to the door of the ward and peeked through the glass.

Buwei has been quiet, alone

Leaning on the bedside, staring at his knees, it looks like a kind of weakness, and she doesn't know what she is thinking or she is just in a daze.

Yan Yan looked at her side face, the faint and weird feeling came back.

But why? he thinks.

What is this feeling? Why don't everyone think it's wrong?

Step by step moved, looked up and looked forward. After a moment, he noticed what suddenly turned his head and just hit the line of sight of Yan Yan.

The two people in the electro-optical fire were watching each other, and they were stunned at the same time, and then the lightning bolts in the mind were smashed!

- Yes, he knows why he always feels weird.

The angle of the girl's side, especially when she looked up from the bottom up, it felt like a river stop!

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