Chapter 64 Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Chapter 64

The next day, the sky is vertical. (Free full novel.

A Mercedes-Benz g jumped across the mountain road, and countless marks were printed on the sharp branches along the way. Finally, a flame broke out and stopped at the side of the road.

"I fucked..." Yan Yan went to the door and touched the door and the hood a little bit painfully. He stopped the river that had already been turned pale and white: "This ghost place is a real damn." ""

Jiang stopped to talk and couldn't speak, suddenly screamed: "vomit -"

In an instant, Yan Yan thought that he was going to spit on himself, but then he found that he was just retching. Jiang stopped screaming a few times before he barely pressed the stomach of the tumbling and took a few mouthfuls of water.

"You see you," Yan Yan said with a distressed face: "Don't be strong, afraid of what, if you are pregnant, you will get the certificate."

When the river stopped, it was easy to swallow the neck and swallow the water. I was exhausted and asked: "Do you know that this wilderness is buried in the land for three months and you will not find it?"

Yan Yan: "Hey, you still put on the spectrum, the nutrition fee is not enough or the offer is not enough? Do you want to buy two and a half pounds of dragon and gold bracelets?"

There are police check-ups on several major highways in Tianheng Mountain. The incident area has been surrounded by the warning line, and several card points have passed after driving up the mountain. Yan Yan knows that the road is difficult to walk, especially the g65 that has been parked in the dust in the city center for a long time, but the closer it is to the Phoenix forest, the more difficult it is, and the only thing that can be lost to the roadside.

The two of them walked shallowly together and walked through the woods to each other, trekking to the fiery phoenix forest on the hill.

Yan Yan said: "You almost have to, the three media six hire eight to lift the big sedan, the house can add your name, but the license must be listened to me. Other conditions, let us discuss, the banquet is to do you or my side Or do it on both sides? If you don't want a dowry, keep it yourself as a private house. It is estimated that you have to supplement it."

Jiang stopped holding the stone in one hand, and was tightened tightly in one hand. He bit his teeth and climbed up the steep slope. He stood up and stood still.

"It's your body that is well maintained." Yan Yan sneaked on him: "Look at you like this, don't fight so much in the future, nothing to raise your dog at home, how much better, don't go shopping for an afternoon tea... ..."

Jiang stopped holding his knee and panted for a while. "It's here."


Jiang stopped raising his chin and said: "The execution place."

Yan Yan looked back, not far from the steep slope of the hillside, the lush green phoenix trees were scattered, and the ground was covered with a wooden stick to hold a yellow-black cordon, in which the ground was obviously recessed into a deep pit.

- That is where the burial of He Liang and Buwei Shen Xiaoqi were attacked.

"The afternoon tea is waiting for me," Jiang stopped, and got up and walked over.

The bones of He Liang have been taken out and transported. Even the sand and gravel ash at the bottom of the pit has been shaved off. The Philip has personally supervised and transported it back to the city bureau for inspection. The river stopped looking down at the edge of the inverted cone-shaped pit. Yan Yan walked over and stood on his side, only listening to him: "The depth is at least one meter.""Well, well, there are nearly two meters in the deepest part. The soil that was dug out is piled up in the phoenix forest. The bottom of the pit is covered with thick weeds, fallen leaves, wooden strips, etc. Most of the fine wood strips are obvious. The trace of the break."


"It should be a simple but effective trap. I went to Africa a few years ago when I was hunting. I first hollowed out the soil, using wooden strips and haystacks as a load-bearing layer, and then piled up floating soil and fallen leaves. The bait is used as a bait; after the prey comes up, the fragile haystack is cut off, and when it is banged, it falls into the pit."

Jiang stopped turning his head and pointed to him: "The bait should be water?"

"It should be," Yan said. "According to the speculation of the on-site technical investigation, Shen Xiaoqi should stand on the trap and drink the bottle of water. His weight collapsed and the load-bearing layer, and then fell into the air and pressed it on He Liang. ""

They both silently silenced for a moment.

I think that the scene is really pretty, the ground suddenly collapses and falls directly into the face with the body...

Jiang stopped coughing: "Is the footprints and fingerprints in the vicinity extracted?"

"The footprints are some. The markers on the ground are all checked. But the night was raining in the evening. The scene was destroyed and there was not much reference value." Yan Yan sighed and said: "Currently What is certain is that there were more than one criminal who went to the scene at the time of the incident. This is in line with Li Yuxin’s confession. It should be a kidnapping gang appointed by the behind-the-scenes ambassador."

"Can the gang run away?"

"You look at the geographical environment around you." Yan Yan reluctantly pointed: "This hillside, trees, virgin forests - I don't even want to find a mountain raft to hide in, you see the grassy nest Most of them are taller and can’t be found across a distance of ten meters."

Jiang stopped and said: "You got it, your field team is rough." He said that he stood up, and as a result, his legs were numb and he fell uncontrollably into the pit.

"--Be careful!"

Yan Yan’s eyes were fast, and he was dragged into his arms just before the river stopped planting into the pit. Because of the inertia, both of them retreated several times at the same time.


Jiang stopped his face and was forced to press in the shoulder socket. The male hormones mixed with the smell of perfume. When he looked awkward, he became a little stiff. He slowly lifted his head and took a half step back. He was thinking about nothing to say about this topic, but he found that his eyes were clearly stunned.

"Do you deliberately?" Yan Yan said.

Jiang stopped: "..."

"That must also be returned to the car. This is the case, the impact is not good."

Jiang stopped a deep breath and forced himself to quickly flash back in the mind of Jiangyang County. The scene of his psychological construction and conservation level was rapidly improved and calmed. Say: "We still have to repeat the case first."

Strictly holding the chin, it is obviously still very doubtful."From the traces of the scene, the kidnappers and the two victims' footprints came down the hillside respectively. Then the victim's footprints disappeared. The footprints of several kidnappers were obviously deepened. It should be that the victim was put on the top of the hillside, in this position."

The river stopped to the place where the yellow pole was inserted, and leaned over to open the grass, observing the traces of dryness in the soil, and then walked back to the pit along the mark:

"I don't know what happened afterwards. Maybe Buwei is in the control of the kidnappers or fainted like Li Yuxin. Shen Xiaoqi came alone to get the water above the trap and fell into the pits that the kidnappers had dug beforehand. The ossified body has caused great damage."

Yan Yan said: "But it is still possible to check out Li Yuxin's DNA from He Liang's nails, which is enough to prove who killed him."

"If something happens, it will inevitably leave evidence... You see, Shen Xiaoqi struggled at the bottom of the pit and left a clear trace. In the process, the mineral water bottle fell into the pit."

Jiang stopped talking and squatted down. The edge of the pit had been set up by the police as a supporting point. He wanted to climb slowly and look at it, but he was stopped by Yan Yan: "Too slippery, don't go down." His own body jumped into the pit with a quick glance.

Jiang stopped safely, and looked at it on the top. He said that he was searching around for a long time. After a long time, he asked: "Is there a discovery?"

"No-! What are you doing? Be careful not to plant it and let me pick it up! Although I don't mind picking it up, don't play the same trick twice!"

Jiang stopped: "..............."

Yan Yan feels very good, Hudi stands up and pats the cuffs covered with dirt:

"The empty mineral water bottle was taken back by the technical team and tested from the inside to the outside. Even the plastic body of the bottle was cut and analyzed for analysis. It is basically a bottle of ordinary mineral water, and there is no miscellaneous drug ingredient. The saliva of the bottle mouth and the fingerprint of the bottle are the same, that is to say, if the case of Shen Xiaoqi is given to the mouth, the whole bottle of water is drunk by him. Buwei is not fishing at all, in line with the kidnapping case. Imagery."

Jiang stopped nodding.

"We restored the situation at the time of the incident," Yan said. "Assume that the kidnappers used the method of catching up, inducing or coercing to bring the two victims to the vicinity of the Phoenix Forest, and then put the bottle of water on the open space, so that the desire for survival is strong. Shen Xiaoqi climbed over and drank himself, and then fell off the pit; finally, he awakened Buwei, and forced Li to commit execution to Shen Xiaoqi who betrayed himself.

Yan Yan stepped on the stone and climbed to the ground, squatting down:

"But at this distance, Budwe can't reach Shen Xiaoqi anyway, unless he lifts his stone and smashes his head."

"Buy Wei does not have the strength to lift a large piece of stone." Jiang stopped shaking his head: "And the meaning of killing people at close range and using weapons at a distance is completely different. You can see from the nails of He Liang - Li Yuxin must be After a fight, he was killed by a knife. The killing method is usually a very important and unchangeable component in the execution rituals from ancient times to today.""So the kidnappers took the trouble to get Shen Xiaoqi out of the pit, just to let Bu Wei kill him. Why didn't he give the knife to Buwei and then get her down? The girl's weight is obviously more convenient."

Yan Yan and Jiang Shuo stood on the side of the pit, and the two faced each other, and they felt very weird.

Suddenly Jiang stopped what he thought: "...How many possibilities do you think, on the day of the incident, the spades k are on the scene?"

"If I am a drug dealer, I am sure I don't dare to show up when the police are closing the mountain. Li Yuxin's confession also indicates that the behind-the-scenes ambassador is contacting her through a satellite phone. But the spade k is harder to say, mainly because we are at Hu Weisheng's home. He met him once on the rooftop, and this poisonous act seems to be..." Yan Yan frowned and thought about the words, saying: "It’s a bit too long."

Jiang stopped a short smile: "I don't think he will appear here, and he didn't talk to the scene on the day of the incident."


"Command car."

This answer is quite concise, but Yan Yan suddenly realizes.

——On the day of the incident, several command vehicles were nearby. Any short-wave signal and satellite communication could not escape the channel monitoring system of the command vehicle. In other words, people like Li Taok who listened to Li Yuxin to kill He Liang, if they want to satisfy their extreme paranoia about the execution ceremony, can only let the whole person record the whole process!

"It is impossible to pick up a camera from the wilderness, but if the execution process is under the pit, the mobile phone will not be recorded." Jiang stopped faintly said: "So only Shen Xiaoqi can be brought up, and several kidnappers surround the victim. Like Li Yuxin killing He Liang at the time..."

"But why are the two victims found under the hillside and pushed down by the kidnappers?" Yan Yan suspected.

This problem is really difficult to explain.

Even if they use all the on-site traces to try to restore the situation at the time of the incident, they can't grow their eyes, or turn back the clock, and go back to the scene to see for themselves what the victim has experienced.

Jiang stopped taking a breath, and gently rubbed his throat with the fingertips of the glove. After a long time, he muttered.

"Maybe Buwei made a completely different choice from Li Yuxin, so that she would also be executed. But in any case, it is really strange to fall down the cliff."

Yan Yan was originally immersed in the case, and the result was a glance, and he saw him tilting his head and touching his long, straight neck, suddenly swallowing uncontrollably.

Jiang stopped asking: "What do you think?"

"Oh, huh? What?"

Jiang stopped: "..."

The two looked at each other with sorrow, and Yan Yan quickly looked at the watch to hide his absent-mindedness: "When you go, it's all time. It doesn't matter if you look at it again, or wait until the victim wakes up and talks."

—— Indeed, the current situation of staleness and speculation can only provide critical clues when Wake or Shen Xiaoqi wakes up, and it is difficult to make breakthrough progress.There is no way to stop the river. At this time, it has already been more than four o'clock. It is estimated that it will arrive at night in Jianning City. They can only walk carefully and swaying down the steep slopes, and from time to time, they will help a river that is about to fall. It takes a long time to go through the woods and return to the big g car. It is like driving an off-road vehicle with superior performance to the bottom of the mountain.

The carriage bumped and bounced on the turbulent mountain road, and the stern out of the cigarette box stopped to indicate to the river. The latter's face was pale and white, and he waved his hand and said that he did not want to.

"Look at your face." Yan Yan licked the cigarette and said: "When you go back to the city, please eat, and make up for it."

When Jiang stopped analyzing the case, the calm and clear voice was quite faint at the moment: "I will take care of it again and I will spit on your car..."

The voice did not fall, and Yan Yu looked at it with horror, and stabbed the brakes.

Jiang stopped the groggy brain and remembered that this is the top g65. If you really vomit it in the car, it is estimated that you will be severely arrested and sold... Selling kidneys, and quickly sitting on the body: "It doesn't matter, I can still— —"

He stopped for the next second.

Yan Yan did not open the window, did not drive him off the car, but did not hesitate, can't wait, pulled off his shirt, hands holding him in front of him and said: "Spit it."

Jiang stopped: "?"

Jiang stopped all the rivers and smashed the sea and saw the top of the shirt sign at the moment, but Yan Yan did not care about this. He seems to be unintentional, and he turned his body deliberately, fully demonstrating the lines of the upper body, and screamed: "The time and money that I have been willing to be cheated by private education for so many years is specifically for this moment!"

Jiang stopped: "..............."

Yan Yan feels excited to start the car, red|naked muscles stand proudly under the sun. On his side, Jiang stopped facelessly holding the clothes that were definitely more expensive than the car wash, and never wanted to spit.

Yan Yan was so smoky, bare-boned, driving the big g of the wind back to Jianning, and harvested countless horns along the way. When he was at high speed, he was also picked up by the beautiful car owners in front of him. He couldn't help himself. He had to stop at the river several times. He had the meaning of "look, you don't hurry to know the goods."

Jiang disabled his clothes and covered his face and pretended to fall asleep.

The two returned to Jianning at eight o'clock, and the sky was dark. According to Yan Yan’s meaning, it’s very hard to get to the boat in a few days. At this time, I should go to find a restaurant with a good atmosphere and have a good meal. I can’t even order a “not chilly” seafood porridge for sale. Let Jiang stop to see what It is an authentic elephant geodetic; however, he has not yet decided which seafood porridge to sell out, and suddenly the phone rang, it is the phone of the city bureau.

"Hey, old high?"

Yan Yanjing listened for a moment, Jiang stopped not sleeping, and put his clothes on his face.

"Well, I know, I will see it later."

Yan Yan hangs up the phone, then looks at Jiang and sighs, and the deep feelings are full of pity: "How can I not let you eat even if I don't even have a good time?"

"..." This is a nine-day god Lei is really too embarrassed, Jiang stopped to ask him what Gao Panqing said, and for a moment he forgot the words.Fortunately, this wind was so tight that it was immediately stopped, and he gave him the answer: "The old Gao called to wake up, and the mental state is not very good."

He paused and apologized and asked: "Will you buy two buns for you?"

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