Chapter 63 Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Chapter 63

Jiang stopped working for more than 30 years. For the first time, he was dragged and sat on the edge of the bed. He whispered, "I want to come over and see you," and I was stunned. (free full novel

The soundproofing of the suite is very good. The movement of the ktv downstairs is almost completely isolated. Only the desk lamp on the desk emits a dim light, and the bedding pillow on the side and the clean bathrobe on his body are dyed lightly. Cream color.

Yan Yan decided to watch the river stop, his eyes seemed to flash a deep glimmer.

"... Are you crazy?" Jiang stopped to squeeze out such a sentence, "Who is going to discharge you?"

Yan Yan said: "I have done it myself, and the stitches have been healed almost. I don't believe you. The shirt is hem, and the marks on the strong abdominal muscles are quite obvious. There is a piece of transparent plastic like on the knife edge. .

Jiang stopped his mouth and immediately pumped it, recognizing that it is still a relatively advanced postoperative healing bioactive tape. This kind of thing is not easy to get in the county hospital, so Yan Yan must have let people drive from Jianning with medical equipment to Jiangyang to pick him up - what personally took the wound for four or five hours, pure It is a nonsense.

"Is it beautiful?" Yan Yan’s eyes showed a ridiculous smile.

Jiang stopped and did not answer this question. "It is not suitable for rehabilitation here. Go home."

But when he was together, he was pulled back to the bed by Yan Yan: "But I don't want to go."


"I didn't see enough." Yan Yan whispered, "I still want to stay here to see you."

Jiang stopped the face that was always very relaxed and too lazy to make expressions. It was a bit incomprehensible. But he couldn't pull his hand out of the hot palm of his hand, and he couldn't keep the bathrobe in the same position. The two stalemate for a little while, Jiang stopped and said: "You are in the end. ......"

There is no end to the end, but Yan Yan understands what he wants to say, and immediately interrupted: "I can't say it, it is what you think."

Jiang stopped: "You are the blind trust and the suspension of the bridge when you are in a desperate situation. I suggest that you understand the two-factor theory of emotions. Physiological awakening and emotional cognition should be two different factors. When the error is linked, your brain will naturally have the illusion of heartbeat or electric shock..."

"I don't want to know." The smile of Yan Yan's eyes deepened, and he whispered in his ear and asked: "Is it the object, the Jiang team?"

Jiang stopped: "..."

At this time, the door was suddenly knocked down a few times, Yang Mei’s voice came: "Jiang Ge! Jiang Ge?"

Yan Yan's eyelids jumped, and when he stopped, he stopped his hand and stood up.

"Are you asleep?"

The handle turned around, it seems that she wants to push the door - followed by the river to stop the channel: "Don't come in!"

Yang Mei’s action stopped.

The atmosphere was slightly solidified, and Yan Yan looked at the river to stop making eyes, but the latter only saw it and walked over to stand behind the door: "What?"

Yang Mei has a little period of Ai Ai: "Don't you eat?"

"You eat it yourself, I have some information to study."

"That... I made people cook porridge and let you go in?"

Jiang stopped saying: "Oh, ah." Then he reached out and opened the door.Yan Yan did not expect that he would say that he would not even call when he opened the door. In an instant, he quickly hid to avoid it or was hesitant to get up and say hello. The hesitation between the two was about 0.5 seconds, then the conditioned reflex As soon as the whole person was hiding, the whole person was hiding inside the bed, and then he heard Yang Mei’s embarrassment coming from the door:

"Be careful, hot, eat hot..."

"Well, you are busy with your go."

The door was closed, and Jiang stopped putting the porridge bowl on the desk. Then he asked, "What about people?"

Yan Yan suddenly stood up: "So I said that you want to push the door with her what is the relationship between the door and the door... Hey!" Dizzy and shocked in an instant, Yan Yan involuntarily supported the bed.

Jiang stopped: "What happened to you?"

"...Come to see you, didn't eat at night..."

When the river stopped, it was not easy to get a little nervous. The cheek muscles were loose when they arrived. The corners of the eyes twitched slightly. They slammed the bowl with a spoon and said, "Let's drink this bowl of porridge."

Said to be porridge, in fact, very thick, Yang Mei let the chef add fresh shrimp, fish, scallops, egg yolk and other finely formed. From the choice of ingredients, Yang Mei is adhering to the simple concept of health care of the working people: only choose the expensive ones, the more expensive the better, the more expensive the more psychological comfort.

Who knows that Yan Yan only glanced at it and shook his head: "Don't eat, it's too cheap."

Jiang stopped: "..."

"Shrimp is not a blue lobster, the fish is not a yellow-lipped fish, the shell is not like a plucking, and the yolk looks very fresh. I have never eaten such a porridge since I was born, and I have not even a side dish. Okay."

Jiang stopped cold and cold: "Who is the person who eats instant noodles in the city bureau every night?"

Yan Yan answered the question: "That is that I went deep into the grassroots to observe the people."

The two men looked at each other for a long while, and the river stopped even with eyelids.

"..." Then Yan Yan finally said the truth: "I don't want to eat the love of the enemy."

Jiang stopped the spoon in the porridge bowl. "How come you don't starve to death?"

five minutes later.

Looking down from the open window, Yan Yan slid down the drain pipe, slammed the soil on the trousers, waved in the dark back alley, and lowered the voice: "Jiang team! Don't be afraid of the Jiang team! I will continue with you. !"

The sound of the river stopped and the face closed.

"Wang Ge, where are you?"

Go? "Yang Mei stood in the elevator door in amazement: "It's so late, why don't you rest, what's the matter tomorrow?" ”

Jiang stopped to deal with two sentences and went straight. Yang Mei did not worry to chase after him and shouted: "Would you like me to send you!"

"Nothing!" Jiang stopped to rush out of the store door, and the night effectively blocked his rush-like rush: "I will return when I turn!"

In the night market, people are like a woven, shoulder-to-shoulder. The light bulbs of the food stalls are shrouded in spicy hot air, and the air is full of intimate and lively taste.

"Come on! Two bowls of cool skin, four pounds of crayfish, four pounds of spicy crab! Beer drink, you eat!"

Yan Yan used the Swiss army knife that he carried with him to get rid of the beer bottle cap. Before he could do anything, the bottle was taken out by a hand that was stretched out of the air, and another can of drink was placed in front of him."Your blue lobster, yellow-lipped fish and geoduck." Jiang stopped drinking a glass of beer and said: "With this cup of 82 years, Lafite is just right."

Yan Yan looked at the words of Yonghe Soymilk and his eyes bounced straight.

This is to be replaced by other people’s words. At this time, Yan Yan is already anxious, but the Jiang team is not a Jiang team. Yan Yan’s eyelids jumped for a long time and smiled awkwardly: “Look at you, the object is not on the scene yet. I started to care about my body.” Speaking of unscrewing the soymilk bottle cap, the crayfish sipped a big mouth.

Spicy crabs are sautéed with fragrant leaves, star anise, oyster sauce, cumin, etc., salty scent, force a crab claw, which is full of white meat. Yan Yan himself was full of oil, but he did not forget to stop slashing the shrimp shells and stop digging a few chopsticks of crab meat. He shook his head and said: "I still think about this mouth. I stayed in the hospital for a few days. Yes, I really want to fade out the birds."

Jiang stopped and said: "You better restrain the point, be careful of the inflammation of the knife."

"The knife edge has healed early. What are you afraid of? Can life live for decades? If a person can't satisfy his appetite, what does it mean to live?"

Jiang stopped to say that you eat, eat more, chrysanthemum will naturally teach you to be a man when going to the toilet tomorrow.

Yan Yan looked at him, and his mouth was hooked: "More."

He grew a little embarrassed, and it is reasonable to say that this kind of face will give people a sense of slipperiness, but after so many years of criminal police career, he has squeezed the point and refined it into a fierce and sturdy sigh. He is so unwilling When I laughed, it was very handsome and attractive.

"The confession argues with Mencius, saying that food color also means appetite and love. The desire of color is the most instinctive pursuit of human beings. I am not dead, I have to eat and drink after returning, and there are Jiang team. The beauty is here, it is a perfect life, what else is it?"

... This paradox is simply terrible, but Jiang stopped without any comments. He put down the chopsticks and slowly drank the last bite of beer, saying: "Don't go to the city council tomorrow."


"Take you to hang an ophthalmology."

Yan Yan laughed, it seemed very interesting. He smiled and found out that the cigarette case had taken root in the soft China, and he ignited in his mouth before he handed it to the river.

Jiang stopped his black and white eyes, but he could not see any emotions on his face and took the smoke.

"Really, I regretted it after you left today. In fact, I tried to test your words is not true." Yan Yan also ordered a cigarette and said: "But those questions have been pondered in my heart for a long time, so I am in a hurry. I have no control under it, and I also want to irritate you."

Jiang stopped a faint road: "Which sentence?"

Yan Yan said: "Stop the cloud."

Around the food stalls, guessing the punches and squandering, shouting loudly, drunk the wine... The men with bare gold chains and bare-chested, chatting with the laughing women, screaming the children running around, As well as the greasy ground, the table filled with leftovers, and the shackles on the road at the entrance, it reflects the most lively and lively side of Jianning night.No one knows that there are two criminal policemen in the corner, drinking while talking about the most secret, expensive, and bloody evil drugs on the market.

"The name of the new fentanyl compound is Blue Gold. Most of it should be exported to Southeast Asia from smuggling channels. A considerable part of it has flowed to the United States and Mexico. In the early years, blue gold was rare in China, mainly because there was a considerable part. The toxic raw materials are not on the list of state-controlled chemicals. If they are sold in the country, it is likely to cause the National Supervisory Authority and even the Ministry of National Security to be alert."

Jiang stopped taking a cigarette and stared at his quiet face in the white mist: "So you already know the existence of 'Blue Gold'?"

"This new compound has appeared in the armed robbery of drug addicts I have handled." Jiang stopped, "but the physical and chemical report was altered, and the inspectors at that time were also transferred. The existence of Blue Gold was Some people I couldn't detect were covered up, so I secretly traced it for about a year or two, and found an underground drug-making base in an abandoned village around Gongzhou, and also sacrificed some informants in the middle."

Yan Yan's fundus is slightly discolored.

- I secretly traced for a year or two, and some of the informants were sacrificed in the middle.

How many creepy killings and sins are hidden in the two words of the wind and the light.

"……and then?"

"Then was discovered." Jiang stopped humming and said: "The day the spades k just happened to be in the drug-making base."

Strictly narrowing the hole, I saw the river hanging down the eyelashes, and slowly smouldering.

"The reason why I asked if you saw his face was not because you were afraid that you should not see it, so there was a risk of being destroyed. It was because I wanted to know what he looked like."


"I haven't seen him." Jiang stopped. "In the poisoning factory that night, my closest contact with this person was that he pointed his gun at the back from my head and said that these fentanyl compounds are in front of me. It is worth 600 million."

"Six billion, you see," the proverb of the spade k relatives seems to be clearly echoing in the back: "The happiness of the world is so valuable."

The rainstorm washed the underground factory, and the taillights of the truck in the distance were like scarlet eyes. The countless bags of faint blue powder in the depths of the factory were reflected in the grotesque.

"...Do you want to kill me?" Jiang asked hoarsely.

When the voice is not falling, he feels that the heat behind him is close, and he smiles in the ear: "Or you can divide my wealth and authority with me... An excellent and intelligent police officer is always more important than a corpse. Much more, isn't it?"

"So he didn't kill me, or in fact, it doesn't matter if he kills me. My private tracing has just touched the nearby area, and the whereabouts can be so easily exposed. It explains many internal problems." Jiang paused. Don’t say: "Besides, I should be a murderer at the time, it would be very troublesome, and it would be very useful to keep it, and I don’t need to worry too much about the role I would go out to talk about. Of course, as far as I know, they quickly put that The factory is abandoned, which may be one of the reasons why I can save my life."Yan Yan smoked a bite and thought for a while: "Will then? After the explosion of the plastic factory, you lost your whereabouts, and haven't seen the spades in real time?"

Jiang stopped surprisingly tonight, but he has been silent for a long time in the face of this problem. Until Yan Yan thought that he would not answer this question again, only to see him suddenly and eloquently said: "I have been sleeping for three years... those details have been very confusing."

"I don't know where I was during that time, and I can't remember the valuable clues of climate, temperature, geographic features, etc. The only certainty is that the memory is always dark, indicating that my eyes have been blinded. And."

His index finger points his own temple:

"Later I tried to build a face model of the spades k in my brain, but all failed. The human brain is not a computer after all, and strong negative feelings will affect the senses. This is even something I can't help."

Jiang stopped two slender fingers with cigarettes, and smashed the bottle of beer. The metal bottle cap slammed into the table full of crayfish shells.

" when you want to catch him later, he will think that you have betrayed this interest alliance." Yan Yan asked: "Is it?"

This is actually a very decent and considerate for others. It basically puts an end to any possibility of embarrassing the river, but what he expected was that Jiang stopped shaking his head: "No, from his way of thinking, it should be me. Betrayed him."

"How to say?"

"Lianjia kidnapping is a very personal expression. A boy, a girl, the fifteen-year-old is the purest in feelings. Under the desperate support of each other, all images have strong directivity. If I feel that I have destroyed the power If there is a relationship of interest, there is no need to design such a complicated and bizarre serial kidnapping for self-expression. Otherwise, personal emotions will be too much. People like Kamaoka K who have both criminal talent and experience must know that feelings are connected. The more obvious the crime process, the more clues and flaws are available for analysis."

Yan Yan slightly decapitated.

- In fact, he also thinks so, even thinking more deeply. It was only after the contradictions in the afternoon that he did not want to stop talking to Jiang at this time.

"The kitchen is off! The last wave of order! The spicy crab crayfish barbecue hot list the last wave!"

The stall owner’s screaming sounded, and he looked at the watch with a stern look. “Well, let’s go to the Tianshan Mountain tomorrow to see some clues.”

Jiang stopped nodding and raised the beer bottle with only the bottom of his mouth. Suddenly he suddenly remembered what he thought. He said: "This serial kidnapping case will definitely catch the victim after waking up. Personal, but may not be able to lock the spade k."

It is not surprising that this point has been expected.

At present, the big drug lords caught in China are still dealers. Even if there are manufacturers, they are mostly entry-level banned drugs such as methyl amphetamine. It is possible to invest a lot of money from the main research and development of new compounds and to achieve mass production in the factory. One of them is a level that can alarm the Ministry of National Security. It has been lurking for more than ten years or even twenty or thirty years.In short, it is very difficult to get rid of the Lord in one fell swoop before the jaws are completely removed.

Jiang stopped his face on the side and squinted. This angle caused the dim light to come from the side. From the forehead to the bridge of the nose, it seemed to be covered with a strip of light, which was very sharp and angular.

"You may still have doubts, but the person who wants to put the spades in the world is really me, Yan Yan. With the professionalism of a criminal investigator, you can have doubts about anything else, but There is no doubt about this."

After he finished, he drank his last few beers and put the glass on the table. He got up and said, "Let's go."

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