Chapter 62 Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Chapter 62

Jiang stopped his head and his black hair was slammed on the door panel. When he was stunned, the eyes were too horrified to cover up, but Yan Yan’s tongue with tobacco smell had filled the mouth and swept the upper jaw and the bottom of his tongue. (free full novel

This is indeed too sudden, completely contrary to the idea that Jiang stopped to imagine, so that his mind was blank, and he subconsciously reached out and pushed it, and he was firmly grasped by his arm and fell behind the door. The hurried struggling door panel made a few more impacts, and was immediately rubbed by the back of the clothes to learn about the ropes. It sounded particularly obvious in the bloody ear drums.

... will be heard by people in the corridor, there is only such a thought in his mind.

Then he felt vaguely confused. It seemed to be tit for tat, but the kiss was soft, heavy and hot. The nerve touch produced a subtle tingling in both the brain and the spine.

Too unreal.

Dizziness is a bit ridiculous.

Jiang stopped his nails and broke into his palm. He didn't feel at first. The tingling was drowned in the overwhelming kiss. After a few seconds or even longer, he shook his hands and forced him to take it. The launch went half a step.

The surroundings were calm and quiet, and the nurses' movements and voices faintly came from the corridor in the distance, reflecting the two people's wheezing and breathing abnormalities.

"..." Yan Yan stopped the chest ups and downs, slowly stood up according to the position of the abdomen knife, and asked: "How?"

Jiang stopped his thumb and pressed the medial phalanx of the middle finger to make a relatively normal tone: "What is it, want me to praise you?!"

Although his voice was trying to flatten, the last word was still a bit too much, and even Yan Yan heard it.

But Yan Yan did not laugh, nor did he have any triumph, dissatisfaction or other emotional fluctuations.

"I am not worthy of you?" he asked.

- All the trusts that are mixed with temptation, the hidden cooperation, the unreserved help in times of crisis, and the protection of life when in distress, are these not worthy of recognition?

"...What I said to Li Yuxin is indeed a lie to her." After a long time, the river stopped cold and ice. "The spades k are poisonous, I am a policeman. No matter what I do, I can’t talk about betrayal. If your thinking Being taken away by a mentally perverted madman, you will soon feel that everyone around you may be a traitor."

He reached for the doorknob and lifted his chin slightly to Yan Yan: "You are in your thirties, calm down and think clearly, don't kill your own life."


The door opened and closed, and the footsteps of the river stopped gradually disappearing into the corridor.

Yan Yan slowly retreated, sitting on the side of the bed, ten fingers into the hair and rubbing hard, and then suddenly took a deep breath like a certain determination, pick up the new phone to open the card.

"Hey, Dad." Yan Yan paused and said: "I have something in Jiangyang County, help me to call a big car, pick me up and return to Jianning."


The river stopped to open the co-pilot door, drilled in and buckled the seat belt.


Yang Mei was sitting in the driver's seat. It was probably anxious along the way. Even her makeup that she had seen as life had not had time to reconcile: "Jiang Ge...""Nothing," Jiang said. "The idiot that was shot into the operating room is not me."

However, the worry of Yang Mei’s eyes has not been alleviated. On the contrary, it is even more intense: "Jiang Ge, I really can’t follow this case. Where can we hide in China? First, the hospital is this time, even sitting in the police car. I dare to do it, that person is simple and simple..."

"You said spades k?"

In the broad daylight, I heard the name and let Yang Mei stunned. Then Mori came up from the spine and made her involuntarily.

"It's not him." Jiang stopped turning a blind eye to Yang Mei's chills and said: "But it's rare that he left a flaw in this case, so he must chase it down."

"...what...what is the flaw?"

Jiang stopped not answering her immediately, but took sunglasses and masks from the sundries and put them back on the back. It was adjusted to an angle that would not be photographed by the surveillance camera when it was at high speed.

"Drive," he said. "I will sleep first and call me when I change hands."

Yang Mei knew that it was useless to discourage him. He looked at him with anxiety and sorrow, but he saw that Jiang suddenly stopped using the knuckles to lick the mask on his face, and then put his hand back to his side.

Yang Mei couldn't help but squinted strangely.

- That subtle movement looks as if he subconsciously touched his lips.


Not a night palace ktv.

When the last time the car stopped at the back door, it was still just discharged. When the river stopped drilling the door, he looked into the far lane. Under the streetlight, there was no young boy who was carrying a school bag, wearing a blue shirt, and flustered and shunned.

He regained his gaze.

"You don't have to call the kitchen to eat," Jiang stopped at Yang Mei's mouth and blocked her: "I went up to see something."

Yang Mei’s pink girl who was hard to mention was poured into a cold water.

The river stopped closing the door and turned on the desk lamp.

The suite on the ktv upstairs was different from the last time he left in a hurry. The bed cover was changed to clean and fresh. Half of the water was poured and poured, and the glass was washed transparently and neatly. Standing on the coffee table in front of the sofa.


Jiang stopped pulling the curtains, unbuttoned the clothes, and threw the shirt on the bed with his backhand and walked into the bathroom.

Shower spouts warm water, hot air

The transpiration came up and the river stopped closing his eyes.

For a time, he felt that the most comfortable way to say goodbye to the world was to suffocate in warm water, ignorant and quiet, as if he had returned to the womb of his mother who had long lost his face. But when he was tied to a seat belt and sank into the river, what he thought in his mind was, how can I die?

He will never tell Yan Yan that when the water door is opened for the first time, he is actually awake for a few seconds.

He could feel that Yan Yan was taken out, and the little girl on the side of the body was rescued. The carriage slowly slammed into the bottom of the river. Unsurprisingly, he was alone and tied to the back seat. The cold embrace of death.

This is the end, he thought at the time.However, he did not expect that the door would be reopened under the huge water pressure. The hand that had appeared in the dream stretched out to reality, and he was dragged to death and dragged to the other side of the life.

Jiang stopped a long sigh of relief, and when he blinked, he saw the opposite mirror and then wiped the water vapor.

The people in the mirror look younger than they are, but they are not too young. At least the corners of the eyes have been traced by the years, but because of the lack of laughter, the sides of the lips are unusually flat and there is no age for him. The habitual and sulcus that people are used to.

When he was a child, his skin color was whiter than that of other children. He was lying on the bed for three years, making his face paler and less angry, and the eyeballs were a bit too sharp. After a few years of graduation, the size of the college is still relatively healthy and refined. Now it is also ruined. If you do not try your best to straighten your back and look up, you will feel a little weak.

- It is not the cowardice of sympathy, but the old scars on one side, and the alienation and indifference that are incompatible with each other, making people feel like they are far away.

Jiang stopped his eyebrows staring at the mirror, and even he felt that it was not very good. Don't say that compared with pretty girls, even if you are standing with a young and energetic boy, they are extraordinarily unlovable.

Therefore, the second generation of criminal investigation team leader with strict surname is not only stupid, but also a little embarrassed.

Jiang stopped to laugh at himself, and splashed the water on the mirror. The unlovable figure suddenly twitched in the water.

In a few moments, he walked into the bedroom with a bathrobe, wiped the hair with water dripping, pulled the whiteboard from the back of the door, and then opened a safe under the bedside desk and welded it to the wall, taking out a few lines. Tie a kraft paper bag.

In the paper bag, there are countless notes, old newspapers, dozens of photos, etc., scattered and scattered a table.

Jiang stopped to draw a yellowed kale k playing card, nailed it to the center of the whiteboard, and then pulled out the marker to draw two arrows around it. The arrow on the left points to the Gongzhou Anti-Drug Corps, and then another arrow is written: Hu Weisheng.

The arrow on the right points to a question mark, and the question mark is divided into left and right, which are written by Fan Zhengyuan and Jiangyang County.

He fills in the piece of key information on each arrow, then takes a step back and examines the whiteboard. After half a mile, he writes two side-by-side phrases in the blank space:


He pointed the "exercise" to the spades k, and the "kidnapping" hesitated for a few seconds, pointing to the question mark.

There was only one lamp in the suite, and most of the space, such as beds and wardrobes, was hidden in the shadows. Only the square in front of the eyes was covered with a warm orange glow. Jiang stopped the pen holding the hand on his lips, subconsciously biting his thumb, and his eyes swept across the table with his dense notes and a familiar portrait of the policeman.

Numerous pieces of clues flashed from the front of the light, and finally settled on a distant and unclear detail.

- An empty mineral water bottle.

Ma Xiang said: "The fingerprint of the bottle and the orientation of the bottle mouth are the same. Only Shen Xiaoqi touched it..."The reason why this water bottle appeared on the scene was whether it was mistakenly taken or deliberately dropped. This is not yet known. But the water bottle itself reveals a sensitive and subtle hint that is enough to stop the river from catching a crucial point of doubt – why is the replay of the past so important to the “person”?

One person repeatedly went to the theater to watch a performance, probably because he liked the content of the performance, psychologically touched or resonated.

But if he walks into the background from the audience, personally writes the script, repeatedly induces, and even forces the actor to reinterpret his own script over and over again, it can only be explained: he is dissatisfied with the original script.

He was dissatisfied, but he couldn't wear back the past plots that had already ended, and the regrets and unwillingness to grow into paranoia as time passed, eventually developed into today's cruel and abominable kidnapping.

Jiang stopped his eyes.

The most terrible criminals are not born anti-social, revenge-type murderers or high-intelligence professionals, but people who know that their spirits are extremely distorted and that they can control and enjoy this very well, thus giving them a very high criminal talent. Such people are usually somewhat similar to the psychological description of patients with cold-blooded psychosis. In the absence of normal emotional sensibility, they are extremely good at "imitation" of emotions and the use of others' feelings; therefore, although most of their emotional performance is not From the heart, but it is often difficult to see through its hypocrisy, while avoiding the psychological weaknesses of normal people because of their feelings.

The spades k are typical of this aspect, and even more so cold and difficult to deal with because of the unique growth environment.

Jiang stopped the lips and suddenly appeared a slight arc of cold.

When he just woke up from a coma, his physical and mental state was extremely poor, his mind was difficult to adjust, and he had never thought of dealing with the spades in his life. But the appearance of this empty mineral water bottle seems to have made him

There is a glimpse of the opportunity in the desperate situation.

- The pursuit of bloody punishment and punishment by that person exposed a strong, paranoid feeling, and this kind of thing will inevitably cause psychological weakness.

In other words, the opponent is not invulnerable.

But how do you start?

The room was quiet, Jiang stopped pulling the pen cover, just wrote something on the whiteboard, and suddenly only heard outside the glass window:


He jerked back.


Someone is knocking on the window?

Jiang stopped, immediately quickly put the photo of the documents on the desktop into the safe lock, just erase the words on the whiteboard, almost clean up the head and tail, before going to the window, the two fingers will slightly Pick a line and then smash it:


The squatting of the drain pipe outside the window is serious!

In an instant, Jiang stopped thinking that there was a problem with his eyes, but then Yan Yan knocked on the window for the third time. His expression was a bit painful, meaning that I would let me in and couldn’t hold it!

Jiang stopped: "..."

Jiang stopped opening the window and grabbed his hand. Yan Yan borrowed the force to climb the window sill and jumped into the room. The two men stepped back and slammed into the bed."This is the third floor!" Jiang stopped getting angry.

Strictly gripping the abdomen knife: "I have been driving for four or five hours..."

Who are you cheating? What is the point of your bankruptcy in order to be able to afford the hundreds of dollars in the chartered car? !

But then, in the next sentence, the anger of Jiang stopped was pressed back. He said: "I am like saying that I am sorry to say that you should not test you so today. This is what I am doing wrong."


"And I want to be clear." Yan Yan looked at him and whispered: "If you think clearly, you can't wait, you can't wait for a moment, I want to come over and see you."

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