Chapter 61 Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Chapter 61

As if lightning had passed through my mind, there was only one thought in the electro-optical fire: no, not me. (free full novel

It is the river stop!

Fan Zhengyuan’s pursuit was Jiang’s stop. When the group attacked the police, Jiang stopped in the car. Even he was shot in himself because he was holding the river in his arms.

If the group is not coming to Li Yuxin, then their assassination goal is self-evident!

Strictly smashed the body and chilled, and could not speak for a long time.

His expression was so rare that Wei’s deputy bureau thought he was scared. He rarely said softly: “Of course, don’t be too scared. The sales range of the local bullets is difficult to determine. This group and Fan Zhengyuan’s Contact is currently only the police's guess, or to seize the criminals before you can go down. You must be well-trained, I have arranged a plainclothes patrol near the hospital, I will let the people of the city board drive when you are discharged from the hospital. Come pick you up and build Jianning..."

"Ah, nothing," Yan Yan returned, and smiled reluctantly: "I just lost my mind."

Wei deputy bureau looked at him awkwardly, desperately trying to cover his old face to cover up his concern, so that his facial expression was a bit distorted.

"It's okay, Fan Zhengyuan can't die anymore. The gang attacked the police and the group can be caught sooner or later. In the end, who is behind the ambassador, the first trial will be able to come out." Yan Yan touched his chin and coughed. Said: "I just thought of Bu Wei and Shen Xiaoqi, did they wake up? And Li Yuxin said that she saw two bodies in the execution of He Liang, most likely the series of kidnappings. A victim, is it still not found anywhere?"

The old man surnamed Wei can finally find him to cover up his pity of overflowing: "How can you care about this kid? Is it not empty when you open your mouth? The city bureau relies on you." Is it human?"

Yan Yan continued to lick his fish bones.

Wei Wei said the current situation of Buwei and Shen Xiaoqi, the search for the kidnappers in the Tianchangshan case, and the strange mineral water bottle on the scene, telling him that the blockade has been extended to the border between Tianheng Mountain and Gongzhou. In part, although the footprints and clothing fibers of the suspected kidnappers were extracted, they still did not find more valuable clues.

In addition, because Li Yuxin was suspected of being ruined, the place where she had been confronted with He Liang in the past year was not able to be accurately positioned. That is to say, she knew that there were two bodies but could not find where it was. In the past few days, the blood pressure of the hall has soared and it is so hard to say that drinking a whole two pounds of Chinese medicine will not help.

Yan Yan listened as he listened, and the action of drinking soup gradually slowed down, and his mind inexplicably remembered the sound of Jiang Su:

"The beginning of the midsummer, the July is not in the middle. This sentence means that in the middle of July, the brilliant sunset falls at 8:09, the end of the boyhood, the beginning of the penalty, and the long night that followed. It is the entire execution process..."

"The object that he really wants to execute is me."

Yan Yan meditated and put down the bowl.He vaguely felt that the crux of the status quo was in the words of Jiang’s unclear words. In his unknown years, there were things closely related to images such as betrayal and coward, and those memories were behind the scenes. It has become a modern kidnapping ritual and has evolved into today’s serial kidnapping.

Even Hu Weisheng’s Ding Jiawang drug-making gang and the sniper who killed Fan Si have a lot of unclear connections with this matter.

But what is the connection?

"Oh, let's rest first." Wei deputy bureau patted the sleeves and stood up: "Let's take a rest, don't think too much. The city bureau has your remaining detachment sitting in the town, and Qinchuan is also temporarily recruited to help, your most important task. Just don't let them down, and get back to health as soon as possible, don't leave any old injuries, ah."

Yan Yan returned to God: "Qin Chuan came to the Criminal Investigation Detachment to help?"

"What can it do? You have a heart attack in the remaining detachment. Who dares to let her work overtime?"

"...that Qinchuan can't decide a lot of things, is it asking the remaining detachment or the party detachment?"

When the two looked at each other for a while, Wei’s deputy bureau couldn’t help but smile: “Hey, would you still have a small report on eye drops?”

Yan Yan said: "The party detachment usually does not play my small report. Is this rude? - I am also afraid that the old man will bury me any eyeliner in the team. After returning, the action is stared. Do things."

Wei’s deputy bureau seemed to want to say something, but he only sighed.

Yan Yan was still thinking about the case. He said that the personnel changes in the city bureau are just like that. Looking at the Wei deputy bureau, what is sensitively perceived: "What?"

"While you are worried that the old man will bury your nails, it is better to worry about what to do after the detachment has retreated." Wei Bureau lowered his voice in his ear: "Wang deputy bureau is going to retire."

Yan Yan Meifeng is a tick.

"The car has its own way to the front of the mountain, and the boat is naturally straight to the bridge; the vision is long-term, and there is no stalk that can't go." Wei's deputy bureau patted Yan Yan's shoulder and said with a strong heart: "Young people, health is the root of everything."

Yan Yan screwed his eyebrows and finally nodded. Wei’s deputy bureau took the lead and left.


When Wei Wei left, the ward was restored to silence. Yan Yan was facing the bottom of the fish soup in the thermos on the bed, and his mind kept turning around.

The deputy bureau of the personnel in charge of the personnel is going to retire. It is not a big deal. People will retreat at the age. The public security system, except the ones that have the halo of the river, like the river, the vast majority of the police are step by step. Ascension, as long as there is not much mistake, there is always a police superintendent at the age.

Bad is bad,

Yu Zhu, who took over as the deputy director of the deputy bureau, was Yu Zhu, and Yu Zhu just released his own voice.

If the organization intends to skip Yuzhu, then it can be promoted under her. From the aspects of qualifications, prestige, credit and age, the obvious best candidate is Fang Zhenghong.Yan Yan believes that there is not much contradiction with Fang Zhenghong. Apart from being young and not sensible, he just went into the city bureau for a while. One day, he went to the next anti-drug detachment to find Qinchuan. Fang Zhenghong saw the watch he wore and exaggerated: "You are a good watch, which store to buy?" Twenty-year-old singer, who is not stupid, does not take a few words. The following table says: "The Royal Oak is more than 600,000, and the team likes to take it." As a result, Fang Zhenghong’s black face on the spot came to the forefront, but in the past few years, he has not had any other awkwardness.

But Fang Zhenghong seems to have a good vengeance, and in recent years there has become more and more careful. After this returning to the team, the performance was even more obvious. Even the criminal investigation detachment pointed to the sternness of the nose, and people could not help but wonder if he had reached the menopause and could not control himself.

Yan Yan sighed and forced these things about the mess in the human body to be removed from the mind and put the focus of thinking back on the case.

During his more than ten years of frontline police career, he has experienced many big cases of twists and turns, sorrows and sorrows, and even some coincidences to the point where people have to be superstitious and have a dead soul. But the case of a bizarre kidnapping is so weird, condolences, and full of foggy images, it is unprecedented.

Now think about the day when Jiang stopped in the nursing room, the case seems to be inducing him to explore the inner world of the perpetrator, so that he has to always think and even empathy from the perspective of the perpetrator, so that he is forced into some kind of What does he want to express when he is maliciously thinking about the whirlpool?

As a person who almost completely refuses to confide, is Jiang Sushe concealing, even if he does not realize his help?

"Why haven't you come yet..." Yan Yan looked at his eyes again and muttered.

He thought for a moment, holding the wall and biting his teeth, and went out of the ward.

The single-room ward floor is not as crowded as the ordinary floor, and there are not many people visiting the disease. He walked through the corridor and was discovered by the head nurse: "When you are a stern police officer, why do you come out alone, your family?"

"The family members went away with people!" Yan Yan did not have a good air. "What about your phone? Use it for me."

The head nurse quickly took him to the front desk and taught him slyly: "The next time you ring the bell, ask the nurse to send a mobile phone, don't run out of it. Although it is good to go out of bed, but in case of collision, What can I do? The director said that you still have to live in two or three days."

Yan Yan can only cope with sending her away, saying that you are when I am sitting on the moon, people can get out of bed the next day of caesarean section, what is it for me to lie down for a week? If you didn't force me to stay in bed, I can't guarantee that I have already flew to the US to play NBA!

- Fortunately, the head nurse does not know what he is thinking, otherwise it is estimated that he will immediately confiscate the phone and then drive him back to the ward to lock up.

"Hey?" The sound of the river stopped stationary in the receiver.

Yan Yan looked around and no one passed by. No one was at the front desk. The little nurse was stealing his eyes with a slanting eye. When he was in contact, he immediately got up and squinted.

"Lu, Gu, Q," Yan Yan lowered his voice and deliberately asked: "What about my lunch?"The voice on the other side of the phone was a bit noisy. It seemed to be standing on the street. After a while, I listened to Jiang and said, "The bucket of fish soup is what I let Ma Xiang bring to you, drink it."

"Where are you?"

"The phone is black, come buy a new one."

"Then you bring me one, no need to be good, you can just use it for two days. Oh, yes, don't recharge any blue-pink Mito phone, give it to someone else and think that I am abnormal. How to do."

"... Go back and buy it yourself, I won't go."

"What? What are you coming?"

Jiang’s answer is still very calm and simple: “I almost met your Wei’s deputy bureau in the past, and I saw a few local police stations around the inpatient building. It should be to protect you. Now I am inconvenient to show up in this situation. I will go back to Jianning first, let’s see you later."

When the voice just fell, he felt that he was going to hang up the phone. In a hurry, he knocked over the decorative flower pot on the front desk and smashed something over the table: "Wait!"

"what happened to you?"

"Are you fine? Strict police officer?" The little nurse who just ran away immediately turned back: "Oh, you are careful! What happened, you sit down!"

"Strictly?" The sound of the river stopped at the earpiece was obviously not very smooth: "How is it going to be serious, go back!"

What Yan Yangang had to say, suddenly the eyeball turned to the heart, and the shortest moment made the most correct decision like the spirit of the body - he did not answer Jiang stop, but sat down in the chair, as if the body fell The ground is full of muffled sounds.

Then he hanged up and hanged up.

The little nurse was scared: "Oh, strict police officer, you..."

"Nothing," Yan Yan smiled at her: "I am fishing."

He said that he got up and patted his butt, and strolled back to the ward to watch TV in the inexplicable contempt of the little nurse.


Half an hour later, the fish stood at the door of the ward, with a hand in his pocket, and a shopping bag in the telecom business hall in one hand. From the tight forehead to the straight lips, you can see that the fish is not in a good mood.

"What happened to you?"

Strictly sitting cross-legged on the bed and playing TV remote control: "No standing steady

A little, oh? ”


"Oh, you see, you are still rushing to run, really." Yan Yan immediately got up and took a lychee from the imported fruit basket to peel it off. The handsome face was full of hot smile: "Come, eat fruit and eat fruit, deliberately I bought it for you."

Jiang stopped as if he didn't see the white lychee, took a new mobile phone box from the shopping bag and threw it to Yan Yan: "At least four or five plain clothes inside and outside the building, what do you call me to do?"

Yan Yan caught it and saw that it was the latest Apple, exactly the same as his broken water.

He couldn't help but laugh. He said that Jiang stopped because it was Jiang, but his mouth deliberately said: "You didn't worry about me so much. Hey, there are still thoughts to continue to pick the phone. You can see that you are not worried."

Jiang stopped the cold ice and said: "I am not a doctor, and I can't give you an oxygen tube if I am in a hurry!""Hey, he’s still angry." Yan Yan’s face is a compromise that I will yell at you: “Oh, this is not just the Wei Bureau. I said that the investigation has made new progress. I am eager to discuss with Jiang Shen.甭 甭 啊 啊 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警

One advantage of Jiang Shu is that because he eats too much, he always has low blood pressure, so the food stuffed in his hand will basically eat subconsciously. Yan Yan saw that he was not very happy to tear the piece of orange into his mouth, and his eyes stayed on the lips for a long time before he turned his eyes and said: "This grandson who attacked us is probably the same person as Fan Si. ”

The river stopped with orange petals: "What?"

Yan Yan relayed the words of the Wei Bureau to him. He did not want to mention the part of the office struggle. However, because Jiang stopped witnessing Fang Zhenghong running to the criminal investigation team and smashing the street, he said that the personnel changes that would happen to the city bureau were taken in a few words. Road: "If the criminals who crashed into the cold gun and Fan Sizhen are a group, or employed by the same employer, then their goal is whether you, I or Li Yuxin are not good to say, it is especially dangerous for you. ”

Jiang stopped seems to be thinking about putting the orange that had just been eaten on the bedside table.

"Not necessarily," he said suddenly for a moment.

"Uh huh?"

"The same bullet content can only show that the two batches of killers share a purchase channel, or from the same area, and it is not certain that their goal is me. If someone really wants to kill me, there are many opportunities in Jianning to do it. When it is necessary to catch me sitting in the police car, the movement caused by this is too big, and it is too difficult to close the door, which is contrary to the normal behavior logic."

- This view does make sense.

"Is it?" Yan Yan’s face was quiet. "So, do you think the bullet is just a coincidence?"

Jiang stopped saying: "Maybe, it is also possible that the two killers just use the same underground intermediary. This clue can wait for you to go back to Jianning and then trace it down."

Yan Yan nodded, sitting on the edge of the bed, holding his hands on his knees and talking to himself: "Unfortunately, although the hostages were retrieved, Li Yuxin was wiped out. Finally, the traces of the kidnappers were lost... If you know more clues. ”

Jiang stopped as if he didn't hear it. He stood up and said, "There is no way to do it now. I have to go first, you take care."

"Where are you going?"

"Yang Mei found someone to pick me up and go back to Jianning."

Yan Yan suddenly looked up, but saw Jiang stopped and stood up, then turned and went to the door of the ward.

Just like Jiang’s self-deprecating, he has always been empty and has no long objects, so he is very comfortable to come and go. When he appears, he is pleasantly surprised. When he leaves, it is difficult to retain. Yan Yan stared at his back and jumped, knowing that he could not let him go. During this time, the various speculations that often lingered in his mind worked like lightning, and suddenly a very bold temptation was born:"--You know that the group wants to kill you, and dare to leave me alone. Is it hope that ‘that person’ will kill the problem like Fan Si, and solve the problem again?”

The air in the ward seemed to freeze for a moment, and then the river stopped turning:

"...What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean." Yan Yan stared at his black eyes and stood up from the bed: "What I am wondering is, what kind of relationship is it, let you tell Li Yuxin that he betrayed. That person, but also so confident that that person will protect you?"

Jiang stopped his body halfway and did not completely turn to face Yan Yan. His face seemed to be frozen by Bai Sensen, and it took a long time to say: "What betrayed, that is, I lied to her."

Strict and tough facial contours do not move.

Jiang stopped: "The means of taking temptations during the inquiry process are very common. Are you serious?"

"I don't have to take it seriously, because it was true."

Yan Yan stepped toward Jiang to stop until he stood in front of him: "That is not an inducement, nor a trial technique. It is true that you have seen the shadow of your past from the two young girls of He Liang, Li Yuxin and Bu Wei Shen Xiaoqi. The so-called 'betrayal' has nothing to do with the two murdered boys. It is what happened between the behind-the-scenes masters and you, only the two of you know."

Although Yan Yan was not injured well, when he stood up, he was still half a head taller than the river. The sense of oppression brought by the male strong body was especially obvious when the two face to face, almost shrouded the side of the river in the shadow. :

"--all of this step, you are not going to tell the truth, is it because you want to see the kidnapping case continue to happen, Jiang team?"

"What do you think is the truth?" Jiang said, "No need to

Trouble, tell me directly, I will tell you. ”

At such a close distance, Jiang stopped to lift his chin slightly to look at it with sternness, but his posture was still very calm, and even some ice-like meanings could not be shaken anyway.

Yan Yan slightly lowered his head and bit his teeth, almost sticking to Jiang’s ear: “The one who was betrayed by you, the kidnapper behind the scenes, is the gunman who can’t see his face on the roof of Hu Weisheng, isn’t it?”


"His name is Spades K, and the poisonous scorpion behind ‘stop cloud.’” Yan Yan said gently, “Ding Dang was fully accounted for in the detention center.”

The squat of the river stopped slightly when the word "stopped" fell.

"Jiang stopped," Yan Yan looked up and stared at his eyes. "I don't want to use threats to force you to provide any clues, because I know that your IQ can easily tell lies more than real gold." I hope that you willingly trust me and willing to cooperate with the police, but if you insist on maintaining the spades k, I will be very, very disappointed with you -"

"If the person I succumbed to death is actually connected with a poisonous scorpion, and the person who has really paid the wrong dog is you, what would you do?"

Jiang stopped slightly, his lips sneer, and then the smile became more and more obvious in the strict gaze."Don't break the silk." He repeated the word with such a smile, and raised his eyebrows and asked: "It turned out that you thought of naming drugs with the name of a poisonous policeman. It was not an extreme humiliation, but some kind of old feelings. Proof?"

Yan Yan did not say anything.

"It is still said that the reason why you have questions in this regard has nothing to do with the facts of the case. It is purely to force the ** that you are afraid of exporting to be attached to me-"

The river stopped slowly and prolonged the tail of the last word, with a deliberate sigh: "Strict Deputy Team?"

In an instant, Yan Yan is completely in the same place!

It’s one thing to know the hidden feelings that can’t be announced. It’s another thing to say that exporting. Moreover, in the case of the current extreme stalemate, recklessly tearing open, the huge embarrassment, the impact is extremely fierce.

At the end of the river, there were a few polite regrets. When I turned around, I went to open the door. The movement was clean and neat.

But when his fingertips touched the doorknob, the right shoulder was buckled, and then he rushed over, and before he got out of it, he was "hey!" and he reached the door!

"Is it hard to attach?" Yan Yan coldly said: "I really thought I couldn't say it?"

Jiang stopped squinting backwards, but the door resisted the angle he had escaped, and Yan Yan had already pinched his squat and kissed it.

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