Chapter 60 Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Chapter 60

In the early hours of the morning, the headlights were turned off in the ward, and the beds were covered by curtains. Only the instrument flashed light spots in the dark. Free full novel (the drop in the liquid in the infusion bottle, the heartbeat monitor has a regular ticking sound, suddenly came from the curtain to the almost incomprehensible subtle 呻 | 吟.

Jiang stopped suddenly opened his eyes and turned to get out of bed.

Sure enough, the strict anesthetic strength has passed, the first wave of pain quietly struck in the semi-faint half-awake, let him stumbled and turned to the opposite side, the bean's sweat beads slid down the pillow and kept catching Crumpled sheets.

Jiang stopped immediately to ring the bell, the director expert for the care of Yan Yan deliberately changed to the duty tonight, personally took the nurse to test the signs, nodded: "heartbeat blood pressure and the overall situation are very good, postoperative pain is also normal. It’s just that the boy’s strength is too great, and the family has to look at it, don’t let him turn it over to the wound.”

Jiang stopped watching Yan Yan's brows tightened tightly, not squatting | 吟, face and neck were soaked in sweat, and asked: "Can you open a painkiller?"

The director has not spoken yet, and the new nurse has come up with a sentence: "The provincial police are still afraid of pain?"

Jiang stopped saying: "The police are also people. How can people not be afraid of pain?"

The director glanced at the little nurse and immediately urged her to take the painkiller and hand it to Yan Yan. After a few minutes, Yan Yan calmed down, and the hand next to the sheets was released, and even a quiet and even breathing sound was heard.

"The first night after the operation will always be difficult. The family members should pay attention to the situation at any time. If you have any questions, please ring the bell immediately..." The director explained in detail a few precautions, and the river stopped clearly and promised well. The nurse left the ward.

Jiang stopped back to the bedside, and there was nothing sleepy.

The situation of Yan Yan looked more stable than before, and his face was not as yellow as before, but the cold sweat that had come out had not completely faded. Jiang stopped watching for a while, suddenly remembered something, got up and screwed a hot towel back, carefully wiped the sweat on his forehead and cheeks, and carefully wiped the wet neck.

But when the towel hit the throat, suddenly the river stopped moving - his hand was suddenly caught.

"..." Severely opened his eyes, his eyes were still very loose, and his lips moved a few times: "...Jiang..."

"Hey," Jiang stopped trying to pull his hand out: "It's too late, don't talk."

But as soon as he tried hard, he did not break away. Yan Yan straight hooked on the front of the river, his eyes gradually looked good, it seems to be more sober than before the painkiller: "How do you... here..."

Jiang stopped without answering this question and only took back his hand: "Sleep for a while, don't you hurt?"

"You... is it to take care of me?"

In the late night ward, the river stopped quietly.

Yan Yan’s eyes showed a few invisible smiles and said, “But I am so hurt, I can’t sleep.”

Jiang stopped and said, I just got the painkiller just hit the dog.

"You give me your hand... it won't hurt me."In the distance from the corridor, the nurse gently walked, and the pale light passed through the door to create a warm shadow for the narrow space. Jiang stopped to stand up and leave, but the foot just made a force, it was stopped by the action of getting up and going.

No one noticed this hidden little stalemate, and the shovel of the drug truck outside the door was close and far.

At the end of the river, I stopped out with a sigh of relief. In the tail, I couldn’t help but hear what I couldn’t hear. I threw the towel on the bedside table and held the strict hand. I immediately tightened it to my chest.

"Do you feel that this heart is jumping?" whispered in the dark.

Jiang stopped "Hmm" and said: "What?"

"It is jumping fast now."

Jiang stopped his expression slightly changed, but did not speak. Every beat in the chest under the palm of your hand is exceptionally hot and clear, and they maintain this position. After a long, long time, the severe breathing finally recovered again.

He fell asleep.

The river stopped moving and sat quietly there.


A week later.

Street public telephone booth in Jiangyang County.

"Know, I'm fine, I was discharged from the hospital early... I am looking for someone to pick me up, you will not use it..."

The voice of Yang Mei on the phone is like ten sharp and sharp nails. I can't beat the small iron plate: "How can I not pass? How can I not pass?! Will the deadly ghost with a surname be driving? Why? Fell into the river? Did you catch something? Why didn’t you tell me these days? Where do you live? Who will cook for you? Xiao Liu!! Xiao Liu drove us to Jiangyang, now go— —!!”

The river stopped plugging in a few times and couldn't get in. There was a firecracker-like explosion in the earpiece, and he had to hang up.

In the morning, Jiang stopped to go to the hospital to buy some Chinese herbal medicines, and ordered a live fish in the restaurant next to the hospital. After the boss was killed, he smashed the fish soup with the herbs. What kind of MSG seasoning was not put, and the snow was thick and white. A trace of suffocation, ready to bring back to Yan Yan to supplement nutrition.

- Although Yan Yan does not necessarily need to add any nutrients, after living in the hospital for a few days, all doctors and nurses agree that the person who needs to recuperate in bed should be stopped at any time.

Jiang stopped the left hand holding a thermos bucket with a cup of hot soy milk in his right hand. When he first entered the hospital door, he only heard a familiar big door behind him: "Hey, Lu consultant!"

When he turned around, it was Ma Xiang who caught up with it.

"What are you doing, soup? Hey, I told you that Yan brother does not need this at all. He is as strong as a male dog. On the contrary

You are scared and falling into the water, so you have to make up for it. ”

Jiang stopped without paying attention to this, and handed the insulated barrel to Ma Xiang and said, "How come you?"

“The Jiangyang County police station screened all the suspicious vehicles during the incident, and the results have been made. Wei’s deputy bureau said that we will return to Jianning in the afternoon. No, I will come to Yange to report before leaving. ”

Jiang stopped nodding and did not ask what the screening results were.Although Ma Xiang is greatly embarrassed, but in fact it is fine and fine. This level of sensitive information will not be told to the Lu consultant before it is strictly approved. Both of them are well aware.

"How is the situation of the two hostages?" Jiang stopped drinking a mouthful of soy milk.

Ma Xiang said: "Hey, I am going to say this. In the morning, Buwei woke up once and fainted. The doctor said that the mental stimulation may be too big, and it may be time to accept the police question. Shen Xiaoqi's words are more dangerous. It may have fallen to the head, and it is still in iu. It is said that the doctor can't estimate when he can wake up."

“Is there a danger of becoming a vegetative?”

"It's hard to say, I look at it." Ma Xiang sighed: "There is still something special evil--Lv Bureau and Qin deputy detachment personally took people to block the entrances and exits of Tianzhang Mountain. They searched for two days and did not find it. Suspicious kidnappers, now the city council is going crazy, hehe."

Jiang stopped frowning and slowly squatted through the parking lot in front of the hospital building.

His legs are long and his steps are not small, but the pace is very steady and slow. Ma Xiang has to slow down a little and follow him. He only listens to the river and stops. "The point of this case is still on Shen Xiaoqi. What is the kidnapper?" People, how did the day appear in Tianzhangshan, have you tried to contact two children in any way before, including tracking, monitoring, monitoring, social software chat private letters, etc.; these information light is not enough for Bianwei, I Still tend to get more clues from Shen Xiaoqi."

Ma Xiang thoughtfully nodded and promised, suddenly remembered something: "Right, do you know that Lao Gao had a mineral water bottle on the scene?"

"When you took the call yesterday, I listened to my ear, didn't listen to the truth. Check the results?"

"The result is yes, but... the fingerprint of the bottle and the orientation of the bottle mouth are the same." Ma Xiang is also obviously confused, saying: "Only Shen Xiaoqi touched the water bottle."

Jiang stopped and stood still, and seemed to suddenly think of something, his eyes slightly surprised.

At this time they had already reached the entrance of the inpatient building, and the two faced each other and did not say anything. After a few seconds of river stop, I reacted. After drinking the last bit of soy milk, I raised the empty plastic cup: "Wait for me, let's go up and say." Turning around and walking to the trash can in the distance.

By the time of the noon visit, the number of people in the inpatient department increased. Ma Xiang stood on the steps in front of the building, carrying a heat-insulating barrel to avoid a few steps on the side, letting a few waves of doctors and family members flow, looked up and saw the distant river stop throwing the soy milk cup into the trash can, turned to Come here.

"Pony!" suddenly shouted behind him.

Ma Xiang snorted and turned back. At the same time, Jiang stopped.

When the time stopped, the river stopped.

The Wei deputy bureau of the plain clothes bag carried the fruit and was coming from the hospital gate. When he stepped up the steps, he accidentally directed at Ma Xiang: "I said how you can see people at noon, and you have come to see Yan Yan. I knew that I would take your ride - why are you standing at the gate?"

A few meters away, the river stopped half a step, and it was hidden in a large group of people who happened to pass by.

Ma Xiang: "Ah, I am...""Wait?" Wei Wei asked.

The eyes of Ma Xiang’s eyes swept over the location of the station where Jiang stopped, and people were gone.

“——Oh, no,” Ma Xiang’s voice made a slight pause, and then he turned back to Wei’s deputy bureau: “I came alone, just just hesitating to go back and buy more fruit, and I happened to meet you.”

He said that he mentioned the insulated barrel on his hand: "Fortunately, I brought the chicken soup. Otherwise, the banana apple sold at the hospital entrance is compared with your imported fruit basket. Oh, that would be a drop!"

The Wei Bureau couldn't help but laugh: "Look at the monkey-like, do you have a bad detachment in this squad? Go up."

Wei's deputy bureau took the fruit basket into the door without hesitation. Ma Xiang turned around in a moment, and looked away from the distance, and was hitting the crowd and watching the river.

Jiang stopped to wave his hand to signal him to go, silently said two words with a mouth: thank you.

Ma Xiang nodded and followed the Wei deputy bureau and left in a hurry.


Yan Yan is very unhappy to lean on the bedside and look at the watch every 30 seconds.

Jiang stopped at the hospital the next day after surgery and then came to see him every day. Really just two eyes, stepping on the point to send a lunch, let him not know that the satisfaction of the Jiang team personally wash their hands to send soup, or should point to the end of the river to stop the mother - this is even more excessive It’s been ten minutes since I sent the meal today. The Jiang team that caught the water and patted the butt when nothing happened did not appear.

Yan Yanzheng wondered if he would struggle to go to the nurse station, ask the nurse to call and ask, suddenly the ward door opened.

"How come, I have waited a few times -"

Yan Yan’s voice was awkward, and Wei’s deputy bureau stood inexplicably at the door: “Ah?”

The two face each other, Ma Xiang squatted from the back of the Wei Bureau, and continued to make a gesture of killing the chicken neck.

The ward was quiet for a few seconds, and then I saw the Wei's deputy bureau's old face, which had been stinky for decades, red, coughing, struggling, contradicting, talking and concealing, and so on. Together

After a while, one sentence came out:

"...I don't want to see you, hey, I'm not busy with investigating these days. I don't said that you are a child, and you are spoiled."

Yan Yan: "..."

Ma Xiang: "..."

It’s like a thunderous slam, and it’s stunned inside, and the subconscious has searched for 18 rounds and backs in his mind—yes, Wei Wei’s last call to him “you are a child” is probably the first in 20 years ago. The time when the group was arrested into the police station, it became "you dog x".

Wei's deputy bureau probably thought that the old face couldn't be hanged. He quickly put the fruit basket on the bed and opened the topic: "How come back, what about your mother?"

Yan Yan is not arrogant: "No wonder you mention such a large basket of fruit, was it to see my aunt?"

Wei's deputy bureau almost slaps a shot on his head: "I see you need to mention such a precious fruit? Do you have a dog x eat fruit? Do you have a bowl of braised pork?"

"Speak well!" Ma Xiang applauded.The Jiang team did not wait, waiting for the spoiler, Yan Yan full of resentment nowhere to vent, angry and unable to say: "I wonder, I did not let people inform my aunt. Ma Xiang gave what to eat? There is no meat Hurry up, I am starving."

"What, noisy! How can such a big thing not tell the family!" Wei deputy bureau was anxious, and immediately touched the phone to call the old and beautiful Zeng Cuicui. Who knows that when I opened the address book, the mobile phone was taken down by the strictness and simplicity, and it was stuffed into the quilt: "Don't call it!"

"Are you crazy, don't tell the family, how can I tell you what to do if you have three long and two short?"

"If you tell them, my mom will definitely force me to resign, or buy a bunch of 18-line small net red lined up strong | rape me, believe it or not?!"

Wei Deputy Bureau: "..."

This is like what old and beautiful Mei Cui Cui can do.

Wei’s deputy bureau had to be soft: “When you have a big deal, you should be dedicated to the country and not lose.”

Strictly, Wei Wei Songkou promised to take advantage of the family. After leaving the hospital, he returned to Jianning and told his aunt about it. Then he took the phone out of the bed and gave it to Wei’s deputy bureau. The keen sense of smell of the old criminal investigation judged that the mobile phone was contaminated by the squeaky foot odor, and it was only after two times that it was wiped with a towel.

"Who cares for you these days?"

Yan Yan said: "Oh, you ask this. My police school has a classmate named Lu in Jiangyang County. This time, Li Yuxin also helped him. After taking care of me last week, he took care of me. ""

After the city bureau went down to the grassroots, it was a common thing for the local police to help greet and clear the contacts. Wei Wei did not care. Ma Xiang took a bowl of white soup from the mug and handed it to Yan. , Shunkou asked: "Hey? Is this not a fish soup?"

Yan Yan stirred up with a spoon without any appetite: "Yes, what?"

"The pony just told me that it is chicken soup?"

Strictly scoop the spoon.

"I... I ordered it in the restaurant downstairs," Ma Xiang slaps his head. "Remember to mix and mix, or fish soup, fish soup is light."

Yan Yan’s reaction to what happened, the mouth corner was slightly uncontrollable, and he tasted the mouthful of fish soup: “Well! Good! It’s really a good fish soup!”

Ma Xiang touched his head and laughed. But Wei’s deputy bureau thought that the fish soup was particularly delicious. He wrinkled his nose and wondered, but he didn’t have any oil or salt. He didn’t smell a good smell. Come.

"How is the Wei Bureau?" Yan Yan quickly opened the topic and asked: "You are finally willing to come to see me today, should the search progress?"

The Wei Bureau was "received to come to see me" and gave it a thunder, but the old man who was conscious of the loss was embarrassed to dislike him. He sighed and said two words: "Progress, progress is indeed there."

"Uh huh?"“The accident truck blocked the license plate number at the time of the incident, but Lao Huang took the criminal investigation squadron of Jiangyang County Police Station for two days and two nights, and finally found a highly suspicious target truck at the entrance of a national road near Jiangyang County, and even found The driver's face was photographed. Now the traffic video and security monitoring of the nearby road sections have been transferred to the city bureau. We are preparing Skynet to lock the escape route of the accident vehicle, and the accurate result can be obtained in two or three days."

Jiangyang County is not a backcountry. The construction of a national security monitoring system is relatively good. This kind of low-level criminal escaping is unlikely to escape the criminal investigation staff.

Strictly licking the fish bones: "That is a good thing, and quickly grabbed these grandchildren, and there are ten and eight | nine and the kidnappers are his mother."

"In view of Li Yuxin's demise, this possibility is indeed very large, but I found an unexplained doubt."


Wei deputy bureau did not answer and asked: "Do you still remember Fan Zhengyuan?"

Yan Yan Wei Wei, followed by the name.

- Fan Zhengyuan, alias Fan Si, escaped after the hospital stopped killing the river, and then was crushed into a meat sauce by Ajie, and was thrilled on the highway.

"Fan Zhengyuan once fired a shot at the south lane of Sanmao Street in Jianning City. The bullet was left on the scene, but because there was no smashing line, it was impossible to trace it. It was saved by the technical team as one of the physical evidence of the 502 case. ”

Yan Yan eyes, indicating that the Wei Deputy Bureau continued to say.

"The earthen bullets fired by several criminals, including the warheads that caused you to break through the front and back, because they are all left in the river, have not been fully salvaged by the conditions. So I can only let people put a small arm. The excavated warhead was sent for component inspection and found its metal composition.

And the fire|drug residue is exactly the same as the bullet that was left by Fan Zhengyuan. ”

Everyone is an old criminal policeman for more than ten years or even decades. He almost understood the meaning of Wei’s deputy bureau at the moment when the voice landed.

His face has changed.

“The quality of the bullets forged by the black workshop is very unstable. If the metal and fire medicines of the two warheads are identical, they can only explain one point: they are the same batch of products. That is to say, Fan Zhengyuan who once attacked you. And this time a few criminals are likely to have some kind of connection."

The deputy director of Wei paused and looked at Yan Yan with a dignified look:

"It is even possible that their real goal is not Li Yuxin, but you."

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