Chapter 59 Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Chapter 59

Tianhengshan. (free full novel

Invisible minute hands in the void gradually point to the whole point, the sunset slowly sinks in the forest, and the ethereal blood red is smeared in the field of vision through the eyelids.

Shen Xiaoqi’s hand jerked and woke up from a coma.

"..." He wanted to call Bud, but the cracked lips moved, but there was no sound. After a long period of time, the consciousness gradually became clear. He suddenly found himself lying on the open space at the top of the hillside. The top of the head was covered with a fiery phoenix tree. It was like burning in the last glimmer of the last rays.

How come to the top of the mountain?

Shen Xiaoqi didn't think much about it. His attention was completely attracted by something that was never possible to appear here—it was actually a bottle of water.

A bottle of mineral water that is placed on the ground at the end!

For a few seconds, Shen Xiaoqi thought that he had an illusion in the desperate situation, but he also fully satisfied his instinct. When he realized what he was doing, he had tried his best to climb the steep slope and grasped it. The bottle of water, when the bottle cap was unscrewed, was overwhelmed and even sprinkled a few drops.

How can there be water here? Who put it? Will it be toxic?

Shen Xiaoqi has nothing to think about. All his senses and all his senses are concentrated in the sweetness of the throat to the extreme liquid. Other than that, he can't think of anything else. He just puts the whole bottle of water into his stomach and stops. If you dream, stay in the same place. Empty water bottle in hand.

Then, what did he think of in the flash of fire, and his brain slammed into it?


Shen Xiaoqi suddenly turned his head and did not see the girl who passed out to the ground not far away. All the accidents happened.

When the mud splattered, he suddenly lost weight, and the ground collapsed. The whole person fell into the pit with countless dry grass ash!


"The second group did not make progress!"

"A group did not find the target!"

"The Six Detective Group is expanding its search to the surrounding area!"

The announcements in the walkie-talkie came one after another, and countless uniformed police officers took police dogs to wander through the complex pristine mountains, and suddenly the bark screamed and rang.

Qin Chuan lifted the walkie-talkie: "This is the four probes! There are discoveries!"

The police dog ran wildly in the forest, followed by the criminal police and search and rescue personnel. After a while, they only heard the canines coming from the thorns behind the slopes. In an instant, everyone was beaming. Qin Chuan couldn’t help himself to step on the mud in the mud. He was rushing to the front with his hands and feet, and he took out the scimitar that the search and rescue team had. He opened it a few times. Thorns.

"Wang Wang!" "Wang Wang Wang!"

The search and rescue team was so excited that they "had found it!"

Qin Chuan threw the chopper, and in the rush, he refused to take care of the other, and forced the thorny bushes to break away.


"Cough and cough..."

The smoke in the pit was filled with dust. The cock fell at least two meters deep and almost broke Shen Xiaoqi's lungs out of his throat.His fractured left arm was completely incapable of moving. Fortunately, it was not even bigger than being covered with fallen leaves. After a long time, Shen Xiaoqi finally stopped the bloody cough, and used the arm that did not break to support himself. He climbed up from the wet soil under his body and suddenly felt that his hands were not touching.

He fixed his eyes and looked at it. It was half a rotten face, and the eyes that were turbid and grayed out looked straight at themselves.

Shen Xiaoqi's brain is completely blank, and the whole body is energized like a tremor. He wants to climb open but his hands and feet are weak.


It seems that after a century, the screams that are not like humans finally broke out from the throat that he pulled to the extreme: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The corpse in the day turned into a cracked open mouth, and the white bones were lifted up, and bloody imprisoned his hands. Shen Xiaoqi made a crazy madness and climbed back and forth, screaming and screaming, and the tone was simply an indescribable slut, until he slammed into the stone on the edge of the pit, and finally he was black. .

Before he lost consciousness, he heard the sound coming from the top of his head. It seemed that someone finally came over and stopped at the edge of the pit.

"...the police are chasing, they are searching for mountains..."

"That's too late……"

Shen Xiaoqi’s ear slammed and he couldn’t hear anything. He fell to the ground with the rapid loss of his mind.

Until the last moment before consciousness disappeared, he still held the empty mineral water bottle in his hand.


Hey! The thorns were distracted by hand, and Qin Chuan jumped up and stepped up. He stepped up and suddenly stopped.

The policemen followed suit, and they were there when they were there.

A few police dogs screamed, sniffing back and forth, and the back of the slope covered with grass was empty, not to mention Shen Xiaoqi and Bu Wei, except for this group of police, there was no ghost shadow.

Qin Chuan gasped and looked up at the watch, it was already 8:05 - the last four minutes of this life and death tug-of-war!

"Four investigation groups report!" "How about Qinchuan?" "Four exploration groups, tell your situation soon!"...

The pace of the walkie-talkie was full of buzz, but the scene was dignified and tight, no one answered or even no one, and all the face-faced faces were all white and white. A forest search and rescue team couldn't help but cry out, and kept saying: "What to do, Qin Qin's vice team, obviously nothing, how can the dog call it..."

Suddenly, Qin Chuan stopped his hand and went to the front to squat in the grass.

For a long while, the fingertips carefully ticked out the dead branches.

"this is……"

"Clothes." Qin Chuan stared at the cloth thread in the nail slits that no one else could see. "This dye may be the camouflage pants worn by Shen Xiaoqi."

When everyone caught up, they didn’t have time to look at it. It was at this moment. Suddenly, there was a glimpse of what was happening in the distance, as if it was an unclear scream, and then the birds on the treetop flew up. People have come up.

"Wang Wangwang!!"The police dog rushed to the direction of the quiet movement, Qin Chuan hurried up, and all the walkie-talkies in all corners of Tianhengshan sounded his shackles at the same time: "Follow!"

Turning through the wilderness and the bushes, after several forests covered, the eyes suddenly slammed openly, and a large phoenix forest burned from a height. The unpredictable sight made everyone stunned, and then I saw the police dog scratching the ground and madly ran to the hillside.

"The four exploration groups have found the target phoenix forest, police dogs have found, we are following up!" Qin Chuan put the walkie-talkie into the right shoulder, three steps and two steps to follow.

The search and rescue team stumbled in the jungle that had not passed through many years, and the air roots hidden under the humus layer were smashed and let them fall in two steps. But at this time, no one cares about the pain. Many people climbed up with their willpower and fell, fell and climbed again. They covered the fallen leaves and followed the big troops. There are a variety of noisy tricks in the walkie-talkie:


"8:07,740 seconds!"

"Qin Chuan," came a quiet voice in the walkie-talkie and said: "There is only less than a minute left."

The nerves are getting tighter and tighter in the minds of all people, almost to the limit, and the invisible leads gradually burn to the end -

Qinchuan's back molars bite, pull the gun to the sound of the sky, and countless birds in the twilight wrapped in fallen leaves and screamed!

This is a shock to the nearby kidnappers, which is the same as the police car whistle, but no one knows whether this kind of ruthless metamorphosis is likely to work. The policemen behind Qin Chuan stopped their steps and looked at the already dark sky. In addition to the reverberation of the guns in the valley, they were surrounded by desperate death.

The search and rescue time is so short and rushed, but at this moment, there is no end to every second.

Ticking -

At 8:09, the floating dust that was stirred up by the foot slowly fell back to the soil.

There is no sound, but it seems like a hammer hits the invisible bomb in the void, and the front of the policeman’s arrogance!

"found it!"

"Where! There!!"

The bark rips everyone's eardrums, and the search and rescue teams in the valley raise their heads at the same time. On the semi-mountain command car, Lu Bureau Huo Ran gets up.

"Found it!" Qin Chuan ran to the police dogs that were gathering together in the distance tens of meters away. Even the number of smashing and falling smashed was not found. The tail sounds strangely changed: "Call the emergency squad! Ambulance The car is coming up! Fast!!——"

Looking down from the heights, Bu Wei and Shen Xiaoqi quietly lingered between the grass at the bottom of the hillside, and the body could not see any breathing ups and downs.

The sky that has fallen from the canopy has changed from pale yellow to dark blue, and the night has opened its magnificent curtain. Only the blood of the young girl under the heavens and the earth became the last smudged color.


Jiangyang County Hospital, rescued outdoor.

The red light was extinguished, and the door was pushed open. At the same moment, the river stood up and slammed, and the doctor walked out with a mask."The bullet has been dug up, the operation is very successful, it can be said that it has been out of danger. But although it did not hurt the internal organs and major blood vessels, how can it lose so much blood? In the future, you need to rest well, young people can not know Light and heavy..."

Around the sky, the doctor's voice is getting farther and farther, and gradually becomes nothing.

"Hey, what's the matter - nurse! Nurse!"

Jiang stopped black in front of his eyes and looked as if he was being held up by his hands. After a few seconds, he recovered his consciousness and was placed on the bench by the medical staff. The people around him were vocals.

"I'm fine, nothing... thank you." Jiang stopped the ice-like hands and shivered, took the hot honey water that the nurse hurriedly took, and took a sip on his lips.

“Comrade comrades,” the head nurse squeezed out of the crowd and handed the phone that was constantly shaking: “Your phone.”

Jiang’s cell phone has not been stopped, but it’s still a problem. It only rings but does not light up, and can’t see the caller ID. He glanced at the screen and picked it up and put it in his ear and asked, "Hey?"

"Hey, Lu consultant, it’s me, pony!"

Jiang stopped to answer, and looked up at the wall clock on the white wall.

"Tianlongshan came to the scene to find the hostage of the land consultant! - Phoenix Woods! Bu Wei and Shen Xiaoqi are alive, are alive!!"

Ma Xiang’s roaring background sound is extremely noisy, and he must have just received the news. Jiang stopped to look back. The three words in the eyes of the blind man were dull and dull. They couldn’t hear any signs of weakness, and there was no emotion of anger or excitement. They only said, "Know it."

"Qin's deputy team is taking people to block the entrance and exit of Tianzhang Mountain, and strive to catch the kidnappers overnight. After eating the bear heart leopard, dare to go to the criminal investigation detachment of the city bureau! This time we even let a fly do not let go, must be These grandchildren are rooted out | come out!..."

Jiang stopped the phone and gently dropped the phone to his side.

"You are fine, police comrades.

? The head nurse worried about his face that was not like a living person: "Come a few of you, help the police officer go to the ward for an examination, may be a little acute hypotension, ask people to take two glucose! ”

Jiang stopped talking, thanked by the little nurse, and walked forward, suddenly struggling to stop.

"Sorry," he said, his voice was weak and scary. He had to be close enough to be heard, but he was very polite: "Can you arrange me on the side of the policeman who is doing surgery, if it is not troublesome... ..."

The head nurse replied in a hurry, and Jiang stopped to nod and turned and was carefully taken care of.

At nine o'clock in the evening, the end of the inspection of the river stopped lying in the ward, with an infusion needle in his hand, and he was just pushed forward to settle it.

The director expert personally arranged a variety of medical instruments and monitoring equipment, and was busy for a long time until all the machines and hoses were in order, and the doctors and nurses retired. As the door closed, the white ward suddenly quieted down, and only the heart rate meter made a squeaking noise, flashing red and green.

Jiang stopped turning his head and looked at the next bed.Severely with a breathing mask, the profile of the side face is covered, but Ying Bing's eyebrows are clearly visible under the black hair and angular forehead.

"..." Jiang stopped the force to get up and pulled the infusion needle.

The back of his hand was slender and white, and the blood vessels of pale blue were very obvious. A blood-stained bead spurted out with the needle, but he seemed to have no feeling at all. He held the bedside table and walked to Yan Yan to sit down and sighed.

Severe heartbeat and vital signs are very stable. With the ups and downs of the breath, the oxygen mask slightly warms the white air. Jiang stopped grabbing his hand and clutching it tightly. He felt that his hand was full of tiny scars and his hand was hard to lick his palm, even to the point of a little pain.

The slight pain finally made him confirm that the man was still alive, and he was still lying in front of his eyes.

Jiang stopped silently, raised his hand and smoothed Yan Yan. Even in the coma, he did not forget the serious frowning brows, and then carefully looked at the handsome face of this chapter, and the bottom of his eyes gradually showed a trace that he did not even discover. Warm and sad emotions.

"...White has a savvy phase," he muttered. "Stupid."

Jiang stopped tired and extreme, leaning over his forehead against the sturdy arm.


The forest has completely fallen into the darkness, the wind through the treetops, and the roar of the beasts is looming on the distant hills. Several police cars drove the high beam around the command car. Qinchuan shoulders a satellite phone. On the other hand, "Hmm, yes," and both hands stretched out to help Philip help bandage the scarred fingers.

"The old Yan is out of danger? OK, I am going, the Kyrgyz world.... Yes, the two victims should have fallen from the top of the hillside. It is not good to say that it is not enough. I look at it. In addition, the top of the hillside is pit. There is a young male body in the body. According to Li Yuxin's confession, it should be He Liang. It is already ready to be sent to the city bureau with Daxie... Hey! People are buried for almost a year and not bad for these few hours!... ...Yes, yes, I know, I will contact the City Council as soon as I can."

"Qin deputy, Qin deputy!" Gao Panqing got into the car: "Come on, find out!"

Qin Chuan was arrested by both hands and grabbed the yellow syrup. He couldn’t hang up the phone and kept his head shrugging. He turned around: "What?"

Gao Panqing put forward the material bag on his hand, under the swaying lights, I saw that the bag was an empty mineral water bottle: "This is the trace inspection found at the bottom of the pit where He Liang bones are buried. A small amount of liquid remains, and another cap has been installed separately."

--Mineral water bottles?

Qin Chu took the evidence bag and looked at the light. He suddenly took a sigh of relief: "...The bones of He Liang were buried in July last year."

Philip has no idea what to say: "Yes, it’s all ossified."

"But the date of production of Nongfu Spring is ... three months ago."

The car suddenly fell into a quiet, Qinchuan, Philip and Gao Panqing face each other, a chill of cold along the bone marrow slowly picked up.

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