Chapter 58 Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Chapter 58

The shovel swiftly swayed on the smooth ground, and when the shovel rushed through the corridor, the red light in the first aid after a few hours was illuminated. (free full novel

"Need an urgent blood transfusion, contact your family, and prepare to sign the operation..."

In the distance, the voices were noisy, and Jiang stopped sitting in the corridor outside the emergency room. He looked straight at the shiny ground under his feet. Suddenly the nurse’s eager voice rang at the top of his head: "Are you a patient's family?"

Jiang stopped for two seconds before reacting and looking up.

The nurse was anxious: "Is you a patient's family?!"

"" Jiang stopped, "I am... I am his friend."

The nurse was helpless. Just when someone was running in the hallway, grabbed the back shoulder and let her turn around. Then I saw Ma Xiang feel the drenched policeman|certification to the nurse:

"The injured person is the deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Department of our Public Security Bureau. This matter has already been notified to the local police station. Please perform the operation immediately, fast!"

The nurse ran away.

Ma Xiang was just getting along with the ambulance all the way. At this time, it was like a panting chicken, brushing the hair with water dripping, sitting on the opposite bench: "Xiao Zhang Rescuing next door."

"……is it serious?"

Ma Xiangyi shook his head: "I don't know. The group should have made a black-made gun. The small arm was shot in the arm. There was not much bleeding, but it was difficult to say whether it hurt the bones. I just notified the provincial office when I was on the ambulance. The Municipal Bureau and the local public security organs are sending people to block the scene and trace the gangsters. Jianning City is also urgently dispatching the director of Technical Investigation Huang to come over."

Jiang stopped nodding and suddenly remembered something: "What about Li Yuxin?"

Ma Xiang clasped her head in both hands, and the ten fingers forced into the hair. After a while, she finally raised her face and said: "I took her and Xiao Zhang for a few hundred meters. After landing, I found out that it was a bullet in the chest."


"People can't do it on an ambulance."

The distance is very noisy, but the emergency room is quiet and suffocating.

"Their goal is Li Yuxin," I don't know how long it took to hear Jiang stop.

Ma Xiang was on the bench: "But who else can detect the case synchronously, who can know that we have brought out Li Yuxin from the detention center, who has eaten the bear heart, the leopard, the courageous dare in the criminal investigation detachment Earth on the head?! Ah?!"

Ma Xiang couldn't help but scream, and several nurses at the end of the corridor at the same time turned back at the same time, but took two steps forward and stood still.

"Nobody can't elute the suspect until they catch the gang..." Jiang stopped a sigh of relief and said, "You, me, Yan Yan, Xiao Zhang, all the insiders of the city bureau who were informed of the progress of the case. Even Li Yuxin, who is dead, is... I have more or less points that can be suspected. These doubts are in the case of Wu Weisheng’s Feng Yuguang case, and the looming shadow appeared on the night of Hu Weisheng’s drug abuse. The times are just more arrogant and obvious."

His voice was slow and heavy, and Ma Xiang’s anger was forcibly suppressed: “You mean...”

Jiang stopped without answering him directly, and twitched his lips in a short time:"Of course, my suspicion is the biggest."

Indeed, everyone is an insider of the public security system. Only he is an unidentified foreigner. There is no source other than the "friends of the strict detachment". Even before the Feng Yuguang case, no one in the city bureau saw him.

If the inside line really appears in the case, then only this inside line is the river stop, which is the best situation.

"But you are the one who was rescued by Yan Ge." Ma Xiang sighed and said: "When the police car sinks to the bottom of the river, I pull Yan Ge, Xiao Zhang pulls Li Yuxin, rushing to the last bit of oxygen before exhausting Earning up, life and death really only happened in a few tenths of a second. It was Junge who forced himself to get out, but he saved you from the back seat before the car was completely trapped in the mud. If your seat belt at that time Yan Ge is also entangled, and both of you are finished now."


Ma Xiang still wants to say something, the dean rushed out of the first aid station: "Comrade comrades, is your telephone number of the Public Security Bureau!"

Ma Xiang nodded and said that he knew it. He stood up and watched Jiang stop:

"So, are you a friend of Yan Ge, or the inside line of the enemy, Lu consultant?"

The eyes of the two of them met in the middle of the rescue outside, and the semi-Lijiang River stopped slowly: " Yan Ge thinks that I am who he is, who I am."

Ma Xiang nodded and seemed to get the answer he wanted, and quickly walked to the first aid station.

Behind him, after the river stopped flooding, the bloodless face was exceptionally cold and looked at the wall clock.

At this time, it was already more than six o'clock in the afternoon, and the time for the execution of the man was only less than two hours.

He did not remind Ma Xiang that Li Yuxin had already explained what she could explain. The remaining part that was not accounted for was really powerless. Taking her to Tianguanshan was only hoped to provide help in search. If it is really inside the ventilating letter, so that "the person" is going to kill people, what is the use of her mouth?

Unless, there are people who are afraid that she will say more.

The passage of time, the second hand moves in a grid, reflected in the darkness of the river -

Li Yuxin, who uses chicken blood as an image, kills He Liang after being coerced. What will happen to Buddhism with eagle blood as an image?

Or, planning the behind-the-scenes ambassador of the whole incident, I hope to see how she does it?


At seven o'clock, the sky is down the mountain.

"Yes, I know. The city bureau Lao Wei has been on the road with the technical investigation. After the scene at Jiangyang County, I will contact me again. In addition, the Yan deputy detachment and Xiao Zhang will notify me immediately after the end of the operation." The Nei Lu Bureau hangs a satellite phone and turns to the hundreds of thousands of people on the side of the road: "What is the situation?"

"Reporting Lu, the search and rescue has completely covered the red zone of the action map. So far there is no news, it is spreading to the orange|region!"

"Lv Bureau Lu Bureau, the satellite map and the aerial photography results came out. There are four recorded phoenix trees on the whole mountain. There are eight suspected phoenix trees observed, and the police dogs are splitting their actions!"

"Lv! The ambulance of the local hospital is not here, ask if we have a replacement!""Lv..."

Telephone bells and shouts come and go, and the command car is like a large market. Lu Bureau sighed and just wanted to say something. Suddenly a very steady and tough female voice rang from behind the crowd, and when he slammed all the shackles:

"Arrange the personnel to pick up the ambulance, disperse the twelve probes with the security guards and the local police station to any suspected place where the phoenix trees are grown. The technical investigation synchronizes the real-time monitoring of the nearby road sections into the command car. The rest of the people have something to say. One!"

Everyone turned back at the same time - Yuzhu.

The Yu detachment took the command car in a lot of gaze, and the Lu Bureau moved to the side, indicating that she was sitting on her side and screaming with a voice that only two people could hear: "Strictly an accident!"

Yu Zhu nodded and said softly: "I really shouldn’t be in the face of so many people that day, and sure enough..."

"As long as you know."

Lv Bureau paused, and then resumed the normal volume, or the usual ill-fated: "Since I came, I will participate in the command work together. There is still more than one hour from the time of the kidnapper announcement. Pick up a table. How is the situation of the on-site team?"


At the same time, the original mountain forest.

The foot is stepping on the decaying layer of fallen leaves, and each step is deeply trapped in the sharp, sharp, dead branches. It takes a lot of effort to endure the pain. Shen Xiaoqi almost lost consciousness, and only walked mechanically forward. I don’t know how long it took to suddenly find a distant cloud that reflected a violent cloud.

His line of sight is already very embarrassing, and the ghosting overlaps for a long while, and he barely spits out a few words: "Look... see, the phoenix tree!"

He tried his best to help him, and he raised his head.

In an instant, the two lost their balance, and they threw themselves down to the ground, rolling down the hill like two bodies. The pain is accompanied by vertigo, until you are! boom! Two hit the stone.

"Buwei... Buwei!"

Shen Xiaoqi couldn't help the pain, and tried to climb forward along the ground, shaking the pace of the twitching body.

"You wake up, Buwei, you wake up!" Shen Xiaoqi shouted, even though he was so hoarse because of the extreme lack of water, "I killed you, I hurt you!..."

"It doesn't matter," Buwei gnawed his teeth to support his body and barely climbed up: "It doesn't matter..."

Two and a half children lie on each other, sitting on the ground, the top of the hillside, the fiery phoenix tree is like a flame, reflected in their desperate eyes.

Shen Xiaoqi murmured: "It's all my fault. If it weren't for me, we wouldn't get lost, if it wasn't me..."

Buwei tried to shrink her body. It seemed that physical strength was not enough to support the sobriety of the mind. She closed her eyes and shook her head: "It doesn't matter, we will definitely go alive... I will protect you."

"But it should be up to me to protect you!" Shen Xiaoqi burst into tears and repeated, "If we are alive, I will repay you. I will protect you in my life! Buwei, Buwei!"

- I will definitely repay you.

I will repay you in this life.Bu Wei finally laughed, as if waiting for this sentence for a long time, the smile was very satisfying and happy on her weak face.

"Is it?" Her sly slang sounded like hypnosis and said, " must remember."

On the half of the mountain, Shen Xiaoqi’s tears of heartbreaking echoed, as if the light was flowing back, back to an old yellow vow. The sun gradually moved westward, and the afterglow turned from gold to red, and the blood color filled the half of the sky; I don’t know how long it took, the painful crying could not be heard, and the young man lost consciousness in the dead woods.

What no one saw was that, not far from the top of the hillside, the god of death quietly showed his figure from the woods.



The emergency room door was knocked open. In the empty corridor, Jiang stopped almost instantly and stood up. I saw the nurse wearing a bloody white coat and rushed out: "Quickly, people? Is the amiodarone opened?"

Another nurse in the first-aid station rushed out with a blood bag and a pill box. It was too late to hand over the check-in and directly stuffed things into the nurse's arms. The latter turned back and ran back.

"Excuse me -"

If you change to a person familiar with the Jiang detachment, you should suspect that the ruined, crumbling river stop at this moment is not true, or a fake product that looks very similar. But at this time no one could see this detail, the surgical nurse had already rushed back to the rescue room, and Jiang stopped to gasp and watched the red light.

- Amiodarone, an emergency drug with arrhythmia during rescue.

Why is the arrhythmia? Which step did the operation take? How is Yan Yan going? !

The river stopped as if it was still at the bottom of the cold river. The water poured into the car from all directions and filled up.

The lungs, drowning the respiratory tract, forced out the last trace of oxygen in the blood. He didn't find himself taking a few steps back, his back hit the wall, his knees were soft and he couldn't stand.

"...Lu consultant..."

There was a voice calling him, but I couldn’t hear it.

"Lu consultant!"

Jiang stopped a fierce spirit and jerked his head, only to find that it was Ma Xiang.

When Ma Xiang was born and was scared by the face of Jiang, he reacted: "Oh, you are..."

Jiang stopped raising his hand and blocked his support. He slowly walked over to the bench and sat down.

"The surgery next door is finished. The doctor said that it was a success, but it must be restored to avoid the sequelae. The bullet is stuck in the muscles of his left arm and has been taken out to keep the testimony. I will return to the dumping site to meet. Director Huang."

Jiang stopped talking and nodded.

“Lu consultant?” Ma Xiang’s worries could not stop: “Are you alone here, okay?”

"..." Jiang stopped his mouth and coughed twice, hoarse and said: "I am fine."

He doesn't look like it's okay.

After all, the lungs smashed the water, and after going to the hospital, the soldiers were ruined, and they only rushed to find a nurse to deal with. Ma Xiang wanted to persuade him to do a detailed inspection and rest, but when he saw that the river was full of bloodshot eyes, he couldn’t help but endure it. He turned to the nurse station and asked for hot drinks and clothes, and returned to the rescue. Outdoors placed on the side of the river to stop, and wrapped a few mobile phones with a towel into the river to stop."Lu consultant?"


"This is your mobile phone."

Jiang Shuo’s spirit was not very good, and he did not respond at the moment.

"Yan Ge and yours, just found an intern nurse in the emergency room, blowing a hair dryer for a long time. You can see if you can boot, or contact your family or your girlfriend."

Strictly use two mobile phones every day, the domestic machine and the iphne, which are uniformly distributed by the Municipal Bureau, and the one that is stopped by the river is the old machine that is recharged in the telecom hall. After the three mobile phones fell into the water, they were powered off, and they didn’t know if they could open now.

The river stopped and came over.

His extremely high IQ and insight gave Ma Xiang a very deep impression. Even if the apparent state is not right now, Ma Xiang did not dare to say anything. After hesitating for a while, he carefully advised: "Lu consultant, life and death are rich and rich. In the sky, this is a thing that can't be done. I saw the warhead from the small arm. I should have a lot of ground-made bullets. I don't think it will be too dangerous. You shouldn't worry too much. ""

Jiang stopped whispering, "Well. I know."

Ma Xiang is not good enough to persuade: "That... I went back to the river embankment first, let's keep in touch."

The river stopped nodding and nodded.

After Ma Xiang left and went back three times, there was only one person left in the rescue room. The flashing red light reflected on his half of his face, forming a strange and wolverine-red interlaced.

The wall clock on the wall is still going. Half past seven.

He wants to concentrate on thinking about anything, but the brain seems to be soaked in the river, and he can't think of anything. Even for a while, he did not appear to have left a little bit of time left at 8:09, and the head side saw a sharp pain.

Jiang stopped quietly for a while and opened his own mobile phone.

The solidity of the brick old machine is far more than that of the ultra-thin intelligent machine. The screen flashes dozens of times on the boot screen, as if struggling for a long time on the line of life and death, suddenly! The ground came back to life, and then the jingle was smashed, and the spam messages were so busy that they rushed to the ground.

Jiang stopped to stare at the screen, and there was another sound in the unread cue bar, which flashed the sender.

... ah, yes.

Before the accident, Yan Yan was texting with him.

Jiang stopped the index finger and took the icy squat of the river water, gently tapped the text message, the first thing that jumped into sight was sent:

Did you install a bug on me when I left the ward?

Yan Yan: Right. Anything to say frankly, just don't believe that I will help you?

On the empty white corridor, Jiang stopped bowing his head, covering his mouth with one hand and shaking his eyes.

- Believe, he thought, I really believe.

So please don't let me down my expectations and expectations. Please open your eyes as I firmly believe and come back alive.

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