Chapter 57 Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Chapter 57

In the afternoon of the same day, half past three. (free full novel

"The phoenix tree is rare in the wild. According to Li Yuxin's description, it should be located in a place where the high ground is sunny on the Tianzhang Mountain. The specific location should wait for the aerial photography and satellite map to come out and analyze it in detail... Yes, I put Li Yuxin up. I am not in compliance with the rules. I will help me to remind the provincial office to complete the approval process... OK, OK, we will go to Jianning directly at 5:00 pm, and you can go up to the sky at around 6:00, until the last minute, don't give up the search and rescue! ”

Dache is flying on the suburban river embankment road, or the small criminal police officer Zhang Guanyao is driving in front, Ma Xiang is sitting in the co-pilot, behind Yan Yan and Jiang stop one left and one right and sandwiched Li Yuxin in the middle of the handcuffs.

When the prisoners are escorted according to the regulations, all the members must be awake. Fortunately, there are strict telephone calls in the car, people can not sleep, and everyone is holding a pair of panda-like dark circles.

"Get the aerial picture and send it to me immediately. There are only five and a half hours left, and everyone will be mobilized for me, hurry!"

Yan Yan finally hang up the call with the city bureau.

"Our 趟 is also a very rewarding, strict brother." Ma Xiang, the front row, comforted, "not only dug up the case of 712 last year, but even found two bodies in the Heliang case and waiting for us to go. dig……"

"Shen Xiaoqi and Bu Wei were not rescued. The kidnappers have not been caught. The previous cases have been dug up for more talks, or they must be the first to live."

Ma Xiang sighed and agreed, and couldn't help but turn back: "Hey, I said Yan Ge."


"In case the end is really over, we just can't catch up. Do you think that Buwei will accept coercion to kill Shen Xiaoqi?"

"This is a good thing..." Yan Yan just wanted to say something. Suddenly, a few words flashed in his mind:

"The object he really wants to execute is not He Liang, nor Shen Xiaoqi... The person who betrayed him is me."

"It's hard to say, we don't know that the main ambassador of the scene is He Liang, who is a 'coward' and also 'betrays' what Li Yuxin means." Yan Yan paused, and if he pointed to the side, he said: "What do you say?" Lu consultant?"

The river stopped at the window of the car, and looked at the air defense, and looked a little tired.

"Lu consultant?"

"..." Jiang stopped and finally hoarsely opened his mouth: "How do I know that I am not Buwei, and I also lack her personal information to do character profiles."

"Have you heard the advice of the consultant?" Yan Yan learned Ma Xiang.

Ma Xiang blinked inexplicably.

Jiang stopped his body badly. When he was quiet, he had a kind of indifference with the things around him. His body was slightly bumped with the vehicle, and suddenly his cell phone slammed into the pocket.


This number is only known to Yan Yan and Yang Mei, but Yang Mei has no reason to send messages to disturb him when there is a case.

Jiang stopped to touch the phone and looked at it.

"..." Jiang stopped frowning and opened the message bar. The content is:

Do you think that the betrayal in the kidnapping is a symbolic suggestion in the execution ceremony, or is it specifically referring to something?

——I would like to know why everyone is in the same car, but to discuss the case but use this way?Jiang stopped his elbows and stayed at the window of the car, staring at the screen of the mobile phone for a while. In the end, there was still no opening. He raised his hand and simply typed the words "specific reference" and sent it out.

Across the Li Yuxin, dozens of centimeters outside, Yan Yan began to bury his head and input anything, and it was a shock to stop the mobile phone.

What does it specifically mean?

Jiang stopped: "..."

Yan Yan: Li Yuxin mentioned that she fainted on the third day. When she woke up, she found that He Liang was tied in front of him. The kidnapper on the phone ordered her to kill him.

If the confession is conclusive, it may be what He Liang did during Li Yuxin's coma, and angered the kidnappers who had been observing behind the scenes.

It is also possible that this matter has nothing to do with He Liang from beginning to end. He Liang is only a substitute for a certain image in the brain behind the scenes. The so-called "betrayal" is actually a past event that the Lord has experienced.

Jiang stopped: "..."

What do you think?

The news came one after another, and the mobile phone continued to earthquake, and it was quiet for a long time. The river stopped to the side, and Yan Yan was nothing. He leaned back on the leather back of the back seat.

Jiang stopped taking a deep breath and finally made a paragraph on the phone. After half a second, the phone was bright:

Did you have a bug on me when you left the ward?

Strictly laughed.

This person is too sensitive, and surely any temptation can lead to a complete end.

He could almost feel the sharp sight of Jiang's stop, but he did not see it. He entered a few words in the reply box, thought about it, and deleted it again.

Suddenly Xiao Zhang said: "Yan Ge, the truck behind seems to be following us."

Strictly press to send, turn to look at it: "What?"

The county road is quite desolate, and the big cut is driving along the river bank. At this time, there is no car passing by, so it seems that the logistics truck behind it is extremely conspicuous. It is estimated that the rear window is only about twenty or thirty meters away.

I don't know why when I looked at the front of the car seriously, my heart suddenly felt a very uncomfortable feeling, and I told Zhang Guanyao: "Small Zhang open slowly, see it is super."

Xiao Zhang heard the words and stepped on the brakes a little.

At the same time, the truck accelerated and approached, and the eyes of the car were reflected closer and closer.

"..." suddenly screamed: "Accelerate! Accelerate!! - It has not changed course!!"

The truck didn't change lanes, it wanted to hit it!

The accident was unpredictable, Xiao Zhang had no time to react, and the instinct to obey the command overwhelmed everything. The two cars that were biting before and after hit the throttle at the bottom!


The truck figure is poor, like a mad steel monster, smashing into the big cut tail!

At the same time, everyone was leaning forward, and the big cut was brought to the highway guardrail by a strong impact. Xiao Zhang slammed on the brakes in the screaming and hit the steering wheel, and the tires gave a harsh rubbing sound on the ground.


The big cut front was bounced back by the guardrail, and the whole body was out of control and swirled. The middle and rear sections were slammed by the truck.

Hey! !

The whole big cut was pushed out horizontally, and the side horizontally hit the metal guardrail. Juli made the door and the guardrail have a terrible deformation at the same time!Time is infinitely static at this moment, and it seems to be pre-emptive in the midst of it, trying to reach out to the side: "Jiang stopped-"

But his embarrassing exit was drowned in a terrible turn.

The large cut side of the guardrail, like a huge steel coffin, rotates down the river bank, plunge into the river!

The surface of the water quickly drowned the roof, and several deafening screams in the carriage were silenced, replaced by sly blisters.

The bottom of the water is completely blurred, and the blue and green are mixed with red silk. It is impossible to distinguish who is the blood. Nothing can be seen clearly.

Everyone had an instant loss of consciousness when they rolled over, but Yan Yan woke up in the moment when the whole body was soaked in cold water. He couldn’t take care of checking his own forehead on the window, biting his teeth and relieving the seat belt, reaching out and groping Body side. Fortunately, this car is his money to buy a "donation" to the criminal investigation detachment, usually he himself opened, familiar with the details inside the car, stunned to successfully untied Li Yuxin's seat belt.

What about the river?

Stop with him in a seated river?

Yan Yan stalked and touched, and the finger touched something. In an instant, he realized that it was the body that stopped the motion of the river!


The bubble came from behind with the impulse, and almost pushed Yan Yan to the depths of the car. But then he was caught behind him, Ma Xiang and Xiao Zhang.

When the front door of the car is flooded into the water, the glass and the door are absolutely impossible to open because of the extremely high water pressure. When the compartment was filled with water, the internal and external pressures gradually narrowed. Ma Xiang and Zhang Guanyao seized the opportunity of escape in just a few seconds. They forced the water to open the door and rushed out, and immediately came to the back seat to save people.

"Oh..." Yan Yan’s hands were desperately earned, and they were dragged out of the carriage by the two of them. Ma Xiang pulled him tightly from behind. Zhang Guanyao's water-based point is better. Taking advantage of this gap, a fierce plunged into the door, dragging out the individual from the gradually sinking big cut, and rushing to the top.

Yan Yan’s brain banged, but Zhangkou couldn’t make a sound, only a series of bubbles appeared.

- He knows that Xiao Zhang rescued Li Yuxin, and Jiang stopped in the back seat.

He was stuck in a car that was falling down more and more!

In theory, people can suffocate for up to two minutes under water, but strenuous struggle will quickly consume blood oxygen. At this time, everyone's breath in the lungs has reached the limit, and if it does not surface, it may not really float.

But at that moment, Yan Yan’s mind was completely blank, and he didn’t even think about it at all. All the movements were the instinct of life and death.


Ma Xiang only felt that his arm was pulled hard and pulled open. Then Yan Yan swooped out, and his hair and clothes swayed back against the water, which was madly plunged into the depths of the river in the black hole!

Ma Xiang’s voice made a noise that no one heard: “Yan Ge!!”The big cut is like a cockroach that has lost gravity, and it floats slowly in the dark and cold river water. Yan Yan wrapped the water into the rear compartment, this simple action on the land has become extremely complicated and long, and finally he struggled to find out what, it is the body in the back seat that has not moved at all.

Severe heart blood vessels almost burst, all consciousness is concentrated into one sentence: Don't die, beg you not to die.

With a slamming sound, Yan Yan opened the safety buckle and hurriedly untied the seat belt that was entangled enough to be deadly, and seized the hand of Jiang. At this time, he couldn't tell whether he was a living person in his arms, or he had become a cold body; he could only use his last strength to slam his feet, float up, and rush out before the body completely got stuck in the mud. Car door!


As if there was no end to the end, and finally in the first burst of the lungs bursting, Yan Yan took the river from behind and stopped and rushed out of the water!

"Yan brother!"

"Strictly deputy!"

"Cough, cough, cough, cough!!..." Yan Yan broke out with a shocking cough, nosebleeds, and his face was covered. He had no time to pant and madly hug the river and stopped using his power to pat his face. After a few seconds, he saw the river stop and slammed, and wowed out a big mouthful of water!

In an instant, Yan Yan almost collapsed, and the danger did not sink.

Ma Xiang and Xiao Zhang hold Li Yuxin, who is breathless, and he is relieved to see it. Ma Xiang exhausted and sternly compared to a thumb, indicating that they were going upstream.

But at this time, suddenly -


The air has solidified, and few people who have just died are still not responding.

boom! boom!

The gunshot shattered the air, and Yan Yan and others looked up at the same time. I saw that the truck that had knocked over them stopped at the riverbank and ran out of the car.

For the first two shots, they started shooting at them!

boom! boom! boom!

This group of people is actually prepared to come up with an endless idea!

"Get out of the water!" Yan Yan broke out, and then stopped the river and stopped into the water!

Ma Xiang entered the water at the same time, but Zhang Guanyao supported Li Yuxin. The movement was slow and half-shooting. He only felt that the girl's body was suddenly pushed back by some invisible force, and then the blood color spread along the river.

She was shot.

Ma Xiang swooped down from the bottom of the water and pulled the stunned Zhang Guanyao's life into the water - but it was too late. The electric light stone fire bullets rotateed, Zhang Guanyao body was cold and hot, and when planted into the river, it brought out a lot of hot blood.

Under the turbid river, Ma Xiang looked at his teammates wrapped in blood, and the pupils tightened like needles.

The same moment.

The undercurrent was soaring and rushing, and Yan Yan tried his best to swim. He stopped his chest in the river and could barely open his eyes to see the situation around him. Suddenly, he felt that the river was violently struggling.

what happened?

Yan Yanqiang looked at it, and the blood was cold when he arrived. I saw that the river stopped to suffocate to the extreme, and Zhang mouth spit out a long list of bubbles.

That is, the air in the lungs is squeezed to the bottom, and the water is poured back!Yan Yan took the face of Jiang’s stop, grabbed the back of his head and forced him to look up, and his mouth crossed his mouth. If this is a kiss, it should be very embarrassing, but the lips that are stopped in the river are cold and soft, weakly half-tensioned, and there is almost no living temperature. The entire back of the cold hair is set up at the moment of contact between the lips and the tongue.

No, he only has this thought, and Jiang can’t stop.

Must be fast, must be as soon as possible!

As if in the midst of the blessing, the undercurrent suddenly rushed, wrapped in two people crashed into the rock and turned a sharp corner. Yan Yan's entire body protects the river and stops, and it bears a huge part of the impulse. When the throat is squirting, it is full of sweetness, and then the eardrum is stunned by the heavy hammer.


The river suddenly narrowed, and the water held them on the shore!

In the chaos, I can't figure out how far I have swam out, and I can't observe the surrounding scene. I only feel that there is a long distance from the river. Jiang stopped the whole pale face soaked in water, his eyes closed tightly, and his pulse was stern, although it was stable but extremely weak, he turned him over and put it on his knees, and slammed his back.


Jiang stopped the whole body to twitch, the water entering the lungs was hardly controlled, and immediately fell to the ground with severe sputum. The hands were folded up and pressed in the lower part of the sternum, supplemented by artificial respiration, and then got up again.

Blood and water did not know from which part of his body, a drop of water sprinkled on the face of the river, clothes, and a large piece of blood marks, but Yan Yan did not notice.

He didn't even have any pain, lost the concept of time, didn't know how many times he switched between chest compressions and artificial respiration, and didn't notice that his hands were getting paler and weaker, and even shivering.

"Cough and cough!"

Finally, Jiang stopped his throat and suddenly squirmed, squirting water mixed with blood, woke up in the convulsions of the wolf.

Yan Yan’s heart was loose, and the tone that supported the will was vented. The whole person could not help but sit back. When he was stunned, he felt that he was going to fall down, so he stretched his elbows with conditioned conditions. Whoever expected that both arms were cold and soft like noodles, just fell on the ground and fell.

What's wrong with me? He lay on the ground and thought.

Where is the blood?

Then he saw the river stop and swayed up and squatted on his side, his face pale and blue, and ten fingers twitched to untie the buckle, and the backhand took off the wet shirt. Tightly blocked on his abdomen.

Jiang stopped the water and just woke up, but his strength was unexpectedly large. Yan Yan was simply unable to breathe and he was confused and asked: "How... what?"

"Don't talk, nothing, don't talk..."

"What's wrong? Don't cry," Yan Yan muttered. "Don't cry."

Jiang stopped his eyes and turned red but looked calm. He forced the upper body of Yan Yan to hold his arms tightly, keeping his heart at a higher level than the bleeding mouth. He said, "You are shot."

"..." Strict pupils are slightly enlarged.Although there have been many dangers in various actions in more than a decade, some of them have indeed become a ghost gate, and even a few times he has done a good preparation for glory, but in such a situation that he is too late to prevent it. It’s the first time that you are in contact with death.

So it was shot? Are you going to die?

However, the hostages have not been rescued. I still have a lot of words to stop talking with Jiang. I haven’t seen my aunt’s last side yet?

Is this too fast?

The earth seems to be shaking, stunned. He didn't know that the car on the distant road stopped one after another, and the whistle sounded one after another. Many pedestrians were running here.

"Don't be afraid, it will be fine, don't sleep. Look, the rescue is here, don't sleep..."

Yan Yan couldn't hear what Jiang stopped talking about, and even he couldn't even hear what he was saying. His consciousness was blurred, and he felt that the soul seemed to be very light. He almost fled from the heavy body several times, but he was stopped by the arm of Jiang.

"Yesterday," Yan said with a sigh, even though he could not hear his voice: "Yesterday... in the car, are you..."

"I know." Jiang stopped humming, "I always know."

His wet cheeks

Yan's forehead, forcing his own trembling sounds calm and powerful: "You listen to me and say sternly, wake up and listen to me. You didn't ask me if I had a brother last time? I have."

"I used to have a lot of brothers, but they all left me three years ago."

"But you are different, strict. Even if one day I die, I will look at you in the sky, I will always watch you live well."

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