Chapter 56 Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Chapter 56

The time seems to have condensed in the ward. The pale walls, beds, glass windows, and shackles have turned into distorted reflectors, reflecting the faint white light that makes people dizzy. (Free full novel.

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The metal crash of the handcuffs broke the silent silence. Li Yuxin’s hands were constantly shaking. The whole person seemed to be falling apart immediately. After a few minutes, the sound of the teeth was interrupted and spit out a sentence: “ …know……"

"Do you think that as long as you hide the truth about the death of He Liang, you will sit back and steal the prison for these few months. If you go out, it will be fine."


Jiang stopped leaning down and gently said in her ear: "The first half of the midsummer, the seventh month of July. This sentence means that in the evening of mid-July, the splendid sunset falls at 8:09 in the place, declare At the end of the boyhood, the penalty time begins, and the long night that followed is the entire execution process. - Do you think that the punishment for killing He Liang is over? No, far from it. Why don't you think about why you were picked from the very beginning? Is it for you?"


Li Yuxin's beautiful face was white and scary. He just couldn't help but sigh, but he was stopped by the force of the river.

Jiang stopped three fingers on the gauze, and Li Yuxin’s hand was also injured in the struggle. Two equally white, slender and scarred hands clenched each other, giving the illusion that the left hand clenched his right hand.

"Tell me," he said. "I will take you out of this nightmare, otherwise you will not be able to escape from those people in your life."

"No..." Li Yuxin whispered in a hurry. "It's not me..."

"I am not the first one... I am ahead, still, and..."

Jiang stopped his eyes flashing.

The metal chain jingle, that is, Li Yuxin took the fingers of Jiang’s stop more forcefully, as if he had obtained the unspeakable courage from this move:

"But the two people in front of me, they are... all dead."


Both people were killed.

As if upside down, the scene is replaced. Everything around the ward receded from the eyes of the girl, and the images in the nightmare repeated countless times gradually encroached on the horizon and swallowed up all the senses.

It was the golden sunset that sank into the horizon, the night rose from the end of the wilderness, and the bundled He Liang squatted on the ground.

Ghostly ghosts surround the open space, and the girl's legs holding the knife are too soft to stand up.

"Go kill him," said a smiling voice in his ear.

"no no……"

"This coward has betrayed you for living and must be punished."

"I beg you, let us go, beg you..."

"Go kill him, or you will hold hands with him and lie down into the ground."

"I can't do it, beg you, beg you!..."

The crying girl was forcibly turned over her head. Not far from the pit, the two rotting corpses held hands and cuddled each other. Their empty eyes were against the sky, and the black internal organs and mites were faintly visible in the bones.

"Look, this is the end that can't be done." The voice still smiles, it seems always very pleasant, saying: "You will come to bear the penalty together."You will bear the penalty together -

The girl burst into tears, and the heartbreaking mourning rose from the wilderness to the sky, and the desperate whim in the ward gradually turned into the same voice:

"I don't want to kill, I don't want to kill He Liang, why is it me?"

"What mistakes we made to be punished, I don't know, I really don't know..."

"You didn't do anything wrong," Jiang stopped wiping the tears on the girl's face, whispering: "Listen, when I call the policeman in, I will know about how He Liang was killed." How to say it."

"I, I don't dare," Li Yuxin twitched: "I really don't dare, I-"

Jiang stopped saying: "You dare. He Liang is indeed killed by you, but he has no evidence of death. No one can prove that you are being coerced without catching the kidnappers. Do you want to sit for a lifetime because of the crimes of others? prison?"

Li Yuxin shook his head insanely.

"Then do you want to go back to school, let the police apply for your merits, and restore your reputation in front of all the relatives, teachers and teachers?"


Li Yuxin was horrible, and as the Jiang stopped the soft and low voice, it seemed as if he was tempted, and he nodded in nowhere.

Jiang stopped saying: "Then you know what to do."

He just had to stand up and was suddenly pulled hard by Li Yuxin to seize the life-saving straw: "Police, you - why are you helping me?"

Jiang stopped without answering immediately, and he did not recognize the emotions on his face. He turned his head and looked out of the hospital bed.

Through the glass window, I saw that Yan Yan stood in the corridor and called, and it was impossible to hear the movement here.

"...because he really wants to execute the sentence is not He Liang, nor Shen Xiaoqi." Jiang stopped facing Li Yuxin's cold ears, his voice was so small that he could only hear each other: "The person who betrayed him is me."

Li Yuxin’s pupil suddenly became big.

The voice that is always calm and familiar is heard in the mobile phone: "It’s not He Liang, not Shen Xiaoqi... The person who betrayed him is me."

Then he snorted in the corridor behind him, Yan Yan turned back and saw Jiang stop at the door of the open ward and said to him concisely: "Come in, she is willing to explain."

"Oh, OK." Yan Yan had no abnormalities on his face and hurried to the mobile phone: "Continue search and rescue.

Keep in touch, I will contact you as soon as I have news. Then I cut off a certain key and put the phone back in my pocket. I took a few steps and hooked up the front of the river. "How is your hand?" ”

——When he asked this, he stopped Jiang’s wrists. At the same time, the other hand slid from the river and then slipped to the back waist, gently picking up a small thing from the edge of the belt.

That was when he left the ward, he used the hug to monitor the wheat.

"Fortunately, it doesn't matter." Jiang stopped his face with some uncomfortable exhaustion and pulled his hand back: "Don't worry about me."

Yan Yan walked into the ward and smiled at him with a twisted face.

This smile is actually a little weird, but because it is extremely short, no one will find it.Li Yuxin leaned on the white pillow of the hospital bed, and the lifeless face finally recovered a trace of blood. When he saw Yan Yan coming in, he immediately struggled to get up and talked very hoarsely. "You really can count my merits and send me back to study?" ”

Jiang stopped in the armchair at the other end of the ward, his hands folded over his thighs, like a static and beautiful statue.

Yan Yan blinked at him and immediately regained his gaze and nodded: "Yes, I promise."

- His eyes are quite profound, but Li Yuxin did not notice that her full attention is on that guarantee.

"I didn't see what that person looked like." The girl finally shrank and squeezed out the first sentence: "I only heard his voice."

Severely opened his eyes.

"In July last year, I was with... I was with He Liang, we were in contact. Because the final exam results were not good, my dad was stunned at home all day, I ran out in a hurry, and called He Liang to accompany me... ...the two of us walked along the road, went to the dark, and went out of the county. At this time, a car came over to carry us home."

Li Yuxin swallowed dryly and Yan Yan immediately asked: "What car? What does the driver look like?"

"It's a silver modern, it was dark, I couldn't see the driver's face. It was a man of 30s and 40s. Soon after we got on the bus... I was like a fan, I fell asleep somehow. ""

Yan Yan didn't say anything, but he couldn't say anything.

Two unarmed sixteen-year-old high school students stumbled into the black car, and the awareness of security was simply terrible.

"When we wake up, we are already in the wilderness. There are no people around. They are all mountains and wilderness. We are especially afraid, but we should not call the earth every day, we can only walk and go... We spent the next two days in the woods." Li Yuxin couldn't help but weeping: "We didn't have to eat and didn't have to drink, He Liang still fell, we are all having a fever..."

Yan Yan suddenly heard something wrong: "Nobody kidnapped you?"

"I did not know - we didn't know that we were kidnapped. I didn't hear people say when I came back. He Liang's father and mother received a blackmail call." Li Yuxin twitched: "But we didn't really know, just I kept walking in the mountains, and I have never seen anyone else in the first two days!"

Yan Yan seems to understand something, but did not say it, he asked: "What about the third day?"

Li Yuxin’s expression is like being caught in the throat.

"On the third day, we met..." For a long while, she barely squeezed a few words from her throat: "Those who wear black clothes and face."

- People who wear black clothes and face?

“How many people? Is it male or female? How did you meet them?”

"I don't know where they came from. On the third day, we climbed to the open space on the top of the hillside and fainted. When we woke up, we found these people around the open space. He Liang was tied up and kneeled on the ground, always begging. I have been begging... I want to run but they are caught by them. I am desperately calling for help, asking them to let us go, but someone is holding the phone in my ear-"Li Yuxin’s eyes widened and it seemed that it had been so long. The horror at that time was still deeply soaked in the marrow:

"The voice said on the phone, He Liang is a coward who betrayed me, and told me to kill him. I cried and asked him not to be like that, but he said that if I didn't dare to do it, I would have to be punished with He Liang. Like, like..."

Yan Yan asked: "What is it like?"

"..." Li Yuxin trembled and said, "There is a pit on the ground."

The ward was quiet and terrible, and both Yan and Jiang stopped focusing on the face of the girl who was not like a living person:

"In the pit... there are two bodies... a man and a woman, holding hands..."

"He said that if I don't kill He Liang, I will be like the girl in the pit..."

Yan Yan’s face has changed. He knows what Li Yuxin’s words mean: Last year’s 712 was not the first case of serial kidnapping!

Before He Liang, there are at least one pair of victims!

"... So you killed He Liang?" Yan Yan groaned in his head and heard his voice.

Li Yuxin ducked away from his gaze.

"No," said the girl. "I don't know anything, I... I fainted. When I woke up, He Liang was already... already dead."

Yan Yan looked up and stopped at the river, and the river stopped falling silently.

In the ward, I only heard Li Yuxin’s shuddering breathing and choked. After a long time, Yan Yan slowly decapitated and said, “Yes.”

-- Yan Yan is such a person: he rarely has nonsense when he handles a case, and he can take action to solve it.

But as long as he is willing to say, every word that is said is a nail, and it cannot be changed by external forces after being nailed.

The river stopped silently, but the face did not show up. He didn't seem to see the sharp sight of Yan Yan in the moment, his face muscles were still relaxed or even relaxed, and he asked Li Yuxin: "Later, this group of people let you go?"

Li Yuxin shook his head, and he heard the sound of the jaws slamming and slamming: "No, no, no. They drove several off-road vehicles and moved He Liang to one of the cars, carrying me down the night and going down the mountain... After going down the mountain I was sprayed with something on my face and suddenly fell asleep. When I woke up, it was a whole day, because when the sun went down, I saw the off-road vehicles parked on the top of the hillside. They put He Liang. - Moved He Liang, who was holding his eyes closed, to get off the train..."

The girl is incoherent and wants to hug her head, but she can only earn her hand in vain:

"There was a big hole in the ground... They put He Liang inside and put it inside..."

"Then they fill the pit...oh!"

Her nerves, which were stretched to the limit, finally broke, and they made a sharp, crying cry.

Yan Yan raised his hand and pressed his eyebrows tightly. With this action, he slowly digested the huge amount of information in Li Yuxin’s words. He sighed hoarsely in the tragic cry of the girl."The executioner is not a person, but an organization with perfect motivation. The leader of the organization is the young men and women who love each other. After being kidnapped, they are thrown into the barren hills, making phone calls, sending blood clothes and notifying the execution time. The two hostages struggled to survive, and then at the moment of execution, forced the girls to kill the boys. If the girls did not dare to start, they killed the two at the same time and buried them together."

Yan Yan shook his head and took a breath: "This sense of sacrifice and ritual feels like a cult, but I don't know what the so-called "betrayal" and "coward" mean."

Jiang stopped talking.

Strictly grinded for a moment, suddenly rushed him to raise his chin: "Hey."


"How do I feel this organization is similar to the drug trafficking group behind Feng Yuguang's case? Wouldn't it be the same group?"

Although it is a question, Yan Hao’s extremely oppressive tail sounds like a hint of vagueness, letting the river stop looking down.

From the cheeks on his micro side, a long, beautiful streamline formed from the eyelashes to the tail, a little cold and not close.

"Actually, I am thinking about another thing," he said suddenly.

Yan Yan said, "Hey?"

Jiang stopped but ignored him: "Li Yuxin?"

The girl did not know whether she was crying or collapsed. The wailing has gradually subsided, turning into a convulsion from time to time, and she heard the face of the wolf.

"When you say that the kidnappers are coercing you to execute on He Liang, there are two male and female bodies in the pit, and after He Liang died, he was buried on another hillside that is a full day away?"

Li Yuxin nodded his lip and nodded.

Jiang stopped turning to Yan Yan: "Although I can't figure out why he wants to bury another place, is it possible that the kidnapper wants to use He Liang's body to intimidate a pair of hostages?"

- This is really too easy to associate. Jiang stopped to say that he did not say it is strict: "Dragon Mountain!"

"Ma Xiang!" Yan Yan touched out the mobile phone dial-up number, and told him very quickly: "The kidnappers are not individuals but gangs. They immediately informed the city bureau to send people to pick up and leave at 12 noon to 12 pm on July 16 last year. All the mountain road monitoring in the hinterland of Tianchang Mountain, the target is the off-road team, I will inform you immediately!” Then I grabbed the mobile phone and asked Li Yuxin: “You can still remember any landform features of He Liang’s place of execution and the location of the body where He Liang was buried. Any information? This is crucial! Any details must be provided to the police!"

In the eyes of the public, Li Yuxin trembled and said, "Can."

- She suddenly became so sure, not only strict, but even the Jiang stop was unexpected.

"There was a large flaming red tree on the hillside where He Liang was buried. They forced me to stand on the open space, watching the pit being filled, and the man told me on the phone -"

"'I thought you were a poultry rolling in the mud, who knows that you actually saw the life of this phoenix tree." Li Yuxin’s face showed a mixture of irony and despair: "That is my life, this For the first time in my life, I saw the Phoenix Woods."

Yan Yanran raised his mobile phone: "Ma Xiang..."

"Yes! - Hey Yan Ge? What happened to Yan Ge?""I am with your land consultant. I seem to know why the kidnappers used the white-tailed sea eagle blood." Yan Yan paused and said: "And, inform the provincial government and the Lu Bureau, use aerial photography to survey the entire day. The place where the kidnappers are preparing to kill Shen Xiaoqi is a phoenix forest."

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