Chapter 55 Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Chapter 55

Although the leaders of the detention center were obviously dissatisfied, it was not easy to turn over the face with the Yan deputy detachment. Or they took the city board and the party to the infirmary room - the administrative and staff-only one, separated from Li Yuxin on different floors. (free full novel

"The prisoner’s head was seriously injured. We have already urgently reported to transfer her to the hospital..."

"Don't tell me this, I'm sure she's related to the kidnapping case that's happening now, I have to ask!"

"We have our rules and regulations! Especially the prisoners who have not yet grown up! It is really difficult for you to engage in our detention center!..."


There was a small but fierce dispute from the outside, through the hidden wooden door, faintly passed into the medical room filled with disinfectant water.

Jiang stopped faceless, watching his hands were repeatedly disinfected and wrapped in a layer of white gauze.

"Be careful not to touch the water before healing, change the medicine in time to prevent inflammation - and," the middle-aged female prison doctor hesitated and said: "Attention to rest, supplement nutrition."

Jiang stopped only to point.

Yan Yan wrapped up in a sigh of relief and pushed in the door: "How? Serious?"

The female doctor wanted to say something. She was interrupted by Jiang when she had not had time to open her mouth: "Nothing, the bones are not broken. - Li Yuxin was sent to the hospital?"

"Fuck," Yan Yan said coldly. "The girl is evading the trial, deliberate. I have already called Lu, and let the provincial party committee Liu room put pressure on it. I have to take her again within two hours. Press back to the interrogation room!"

Yan Yan took the left hand of Jiang’s stop and grabbed his fingertips. He put the gauze on the joint and smelled it in front of his nose.

"What to smell," Jiang stopped pumping back.

Yan Yan said: "Oh, I can smell it casually. How do you disinfect this? The blood is not clean."

The female doctor was not happy: "I am clear..."

Jiang stopped without letting this inexplicable dispute continue.

"Li Yuxin's escape from the 712 kidnapping case is not a purely psychological problem, but it is also a bit self-deprecating. Her head is not a performance, self-harm is true, panic and fear are also true, a bit like a big disaster. The meaning of self-breaking."

Jiang stopped taking a breath and said: "She has a little doubt about her performance."

“What do you suspect?” Yan Yan’s long legs sat on the table. “I’m not surprised that this kidnapper has done something abnormal. Maybe Li Yuxin is not just a “notary” but even coerced into the execution process, so So afraid of the police?"

"If the kidnappers want to put an end to Li Yuxin's warning, force her to participate in the process of killing He Liang, or print her fingerprint blood on the weapon, so that she produces a kind of 'If the body of He Liang is discovered, I am absolutely unclear. 'Cognition, then this is very likely.” Jiang paused and said: "But it still can't explain our paradox: Why the kidnappers don't kill her directly."

“The kidnappers have some emotional connection with Li Yuxin?” Yan Yan said. “I have just called the Jiangyang County police station to ask if the Li family has any relatives in the criminal record.”Jiang stopped: "There is a certain emotional connection, but the relatives may not be the same, otherwise the kidnappers should also be relatives of Buwei..."

"No," Yan Yan interrupted him with a bit of self-sufficiency.


"Shen Xiaoqi and Buwei's case is already the second one. It is very common for the serial criminals to deliberately imitate or even sublimate the details of the first crime in subsequent crimes. Even if the kidnappers have no kinship with Buddhism, Buwei may also receive the same treatment as Li Yuxin."

Jiang stopped looking up and narrowed his eyes.

"How," Yan Yan said with a hand. "Only do you understand criminal psychology? I am also a person who has hosted more than a dozen serial killings."

Jiang stopped and waved his hand to indicate that he did not think so, and immediately told the female doctor:

"I am really embarrassed, I am bothering you to avoid it."

He spoke with a sigh of relief, but there was always a feeling of courtesy, command and irresistibility. The female doctor was originally fascinated, and she heard that she had to respond and slammed out.

Until there were only two of them left in the infirmary, Jiang stopped to explain: "I don't doubt your ability. On the contrary, your presumption is reasonable. But why did the kidnappers extort one million in cash in the He Liang case? In the case of Shen Xiaoqi, there is a price of 200 million yuan. I have a suspicion now, which is exactly the opposite of your speculation."


Jiang stopped sitting opposite Yan Yan, his elbows were placed on the armrests on both sides, and the body leaned back against the back of the chair. This movement made him lift his chin slightly, and he had a quiet and contemplative gesture, half a sigh:

"Maybe the ransom is not based on the boy's family, but on the girl."



"Girls?" Yan Yan is really very surprised: "By the girl's looks?"

- Step by step, the stunning face is really unforgettable.

It is expected that Jiang stopped without answering immediately, but was silent for a long time.

Surrounded by unusually quiet, early morning hospital rooms, pale walls and beds, as well as glowing iron frames and medical equipment, painted large chunks of cold light in the morning light.

"...I have been a policeman for more than a decade. Many cases have been thinking, imagining and even substituting from the perspective of the perpetrator, so I can find a solution to the case. But at the same time, as a law enforcer, I have always avoided understanding the perpetrator too. Roles, so as not to be emotionally and behaviorally biased because of empathy."

Jiang stopped taking a breath

, gently shake your head:

"It's just this case. It seems that I have always induced me to explore the inner world of the perpetrator. I have to keep thinking about what he wants to do, why he wants to do this, or what kind of inner expression he wants to achieve? The groping is like being thrown into the whirlpool, making me feel very uncomfortable."

His words seem to be just some kind of confession, but at the same time they give a stern, strange and seemingly faint hint of what it feels."...not at all, Jiang stopped." After a while, he finally said, "The criminal investigators often think too much. This is a common phenomenon, but in fact the criminals will not be so deliberately psychologically induced against the police handling the case, otherwise this Kinds of crime is too advanced..."

Jiang stopped saying: "No, you don't understand."

He did not explain what Yan Yan did not understand. He only looked at the tiny dust in the air. His eyes were black and white, his eyes were cold and soaked, and suddenly he said:

"On the basis of looks, they are all fifteen or six-year-old girls. It is unlikely that Bu Wei will surpass Li Yuxin hundreds of times. Unless the two girls have other differences in appearance, the chicken blood and eagle contaminated by the top. Blood also seems to express this image."

Yan Yan frowned.

"But," Jiang whispered. "What is the difference?"


Early morning, mountain forest.

In all directions, the birds called and the intermittent humming sounds. The first morning light passed through the dense canopy, which was reflected in the delicate and beautiful eyelashes of the girl workers' strokes, and let the black feathers tremble for a moment, finally struggling to slowly open. .

"... Shen Xiaoqi..."

Bv's lips moved, and the corners of the mouth that had been chapped due to lack of water oozing blood, but she couldn't care for the pain, and climbed up from the tree: "Shen Xiaoqi!"

Not far away, Shen Xiaoqi curled up in the grasshoppers piled up in the fallen leaves. The right arm was bloody and the angle was very different. It was obviously broken. It was only tied by two branches, and the face was burnt red and the forehead was hot.

"Wake up, wake up..." Budwei shook him weakly, even though he was weak and weak. After a long time, Shen Xiaoqi woke up from a semi-conscious coma, coughed a few times, barely opened his eyes: "Buwei..."

The girl's hair was covered with countless blades of grass, and the white face and the hands were marked with blood marks by the branches, because the lack of water could not flow through the tears.

"I dreamed that I was dead..." Shen Xiaoqi was hoarse and looked at his head with no eyes - even though in the depths of the mountains, the tops of the towers covered with countless towering trees, the criss-crossing branches and the aerial roots made them unable to see at all. Any sky: "I dreamed that I killed you too, if not to save me...if you are not trying to protect me..."

Buwei gasped: "You will not die, I will not let you die!"

The thin girl bites her teeth and almost uses her strength to eat milk. Even Shen Shenqi, who has a height and weight that is far greater than her own weight, has staggered and walked forward:

"We will be able to live, we will definitely go out, we must..."

Eight o'clock in the morning.

The unspoiled pristine forests, like the giant mouths of black holes between the heavens and the earth, quickly engulfed their ants-like backs.


Jiangyang County People's Hospital, the inpatient elevator opened, Yan Yan took the lead to cross the corridor, walked forward and touched the mobile phone, and went to the ugly detention center outside the ward, and clearly screened the provincial party committee Liu Jing's autograph Batch.

Yan Yu said to Li Yuxin in the glass window of the ward: "Can you go in?""Hah, or your city bureau is overbearing!" The director screamed heavily from the nose: "I am a small place in the backcountry, today I saw it. It turned out to be 'the official level of the dead!'... ..."

Yan Yan interrupted him unceremoniously: "Our entire detachment has been rotating for 30 hours. Your prisoner will not explain it. It will be dead at 8:09 tonight." I lifted my foot and entered the ward.

Jiang stopped wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, and followed him in a low-key manner. He was cold and couldn’t help but screamed: "What happened? Isn’t the batch saying that only the deputy detachment is going in? You and you, You are again -"

Yan Yan stopped the arm of the river and rushed to the head: "What are you and you? This is the criminal investigation expert who we specially invited from the public. The appearance fee is one hour and three thousand. The time is delayed. Money or are you paying?"

"..." The chief of the company was immediately stunned, and sighed halfway and said: "You have money in Jianning City Bureau, hehe."

The wound on Li Yuxin's head has been dealt with, and a thick bandage is wrapped around it. The blood can be clearly seen on the edge, which reflects her face pale.

Probably being scared by the madness, the police at the detention center put her hands on the iron frame on the edge of the bed, and the sharp objects on the bed were also taken away, and the ballpoint pens were not left. A bare countertop, which complements her all-lifeless face, is hard-hearted.

Yan Yan indicated that the ward round nurse went out until there were only three of them left in the house before they closed the threshold: "Li Yuxin."

The girl’s eyes narrowed and she looked straight into the air.

"Do you think that our police are so useless on TV, can they be solved only if they are fired?"


"I will tell you a story." Yan Yan took a chair and let Jiang stop to sit down. Then he sat next to the adjacent empty bed, his thighs and his legs, saying: "Real case, maybe with you. There are some similarities in the case. A few years ago, a wealthy businessman was kidnapped with his driver, and the kidnappers killed the useless driver, but in order to completely control the rich

Business, coerced him to take the murderer and cut off the driver's head, then let the rich businessman let him go home to get the money. The kidnappers thought that the wealthy businessmen who became co-murderers would not have the guts to report to the police, but to their surprise, the wealthy businessmen immediately surrendered after they went out. Guess how the case was finally judged? ”

Li Yuxin's mouth is still closed, but anyone with eyes can easily see it. Her expression is subtle and complicated, and it can be called a change of fear.

"The rich businessmen are not guilty, they have lost money to the families of the victims because of humanitarianism. Do you know why this is judged?"


The girl’s teeth are still tightly bitten, but Yan Yan does not care."The police investigate the case, in addition to the confession, it also needs a complete chain of evidence. A murder case must have a complete link of motivation, physical evidence, documentary evidence, inquest, identification, etc., logically interlocking and cannot be overthrown. The procuratorate accepted the letter. In the case of the murder of the wealthy driver, the forensic doctor can clearly identify that there are many hesitant injuries on the neck of the corpse, which does not meet the characteristics of the general murderer. The side proves that the rich businessman is indeed coerced; There is no life reflection in the wound, indicating that the victim was already a dead body when he was beheaded. I was one of the criminal police who took over the case at that time. We fought for the case for a few months and used various criminal investigation methods that you could not imagine. Finally, the innocent was saved from the dock."

Yan Yan leaned forward, because the hoarse voice of the day and night was low and powerful: "We can save him, and it can save you. No matter what you did, at the crime scene, as long as it happened, it will inevitably leave marks." The card, and what our police have to do is to use these traces to completely restore every detail of the incident, so that the guilty person is punished and the blind people sink into the snow."

He paused and asked: "Do you want to sink into the snow?"

I don't know how long it took, Li Yuxin's eyes moved, like a stiff mechanical doll suddenly injected with a trace of anger, twitching his head.

"...the guilty person..." she said softly.

"Why do you want to steal something?" Yan Yan stared at her wooden eyes and asked.

"I don't know," Li Yuxin said with a small voice. "I don't know, I can't control..."

"You can't control yourself because stealing is actually a barrier to will control, caused by intense mental stimulation and persistent high pressure. This disease can be treated with drugs, which means you should not stay in it. Prison, you should go to the hospital."

Yan Yan reached out and touched her hair. This move was very natural. Unlike the police who treated the prisoner, it was a bit like a brother who faced a poor little girl and let Li Yuxin shrunk invisibly.

"Tell us who he is," Yan Yan whispered. "Significant merits can get you out of prison immediately, and you can apply for recognition. Believe me, the police will let the person who intimidated you pay the price."

Time passed by, but no one said, Li Yuxin seemed to fall asleep with his eyes open, and his thin body was immersed in a secret nightmare.

Yan Yan waited patiently, and the corner of his eyes stopped to go to the river. Who would expect the latter to touch his sight? I don’t know why I avoided it.


Yan Yan’s heart raised a suspicion, but before he could see it clearly, he suddenly heard the sound of Li Yuxin’s voice: “...I don’t need anything...”

Yan Yan and Jiang Shu suddenly slammed at her.

"I just have to be alone," Li Yuxin was numb with a pale face on paper, his lips slightly open, and there was almost no mouth shape when he spoke. He didn't even have the slightest ups and downs: "As long as one is waiting... Let me be alone."

She slowly bent her feet and buried her head in her knees, not moving.It seems that this posture is enough for her to resist the whole world with a thin body.

Strictly stunned, when I was stunned, I didn’t know what to do.

“Li Yuxin?” he frowned. “What are you thinking about?”

A girl is like an egg - fragile, helpless, vainly and firmly guarding the small space of a few inches, maintaining the silence that is stupid, but makes people feel helpless.

Yan Yanman’s mouth is full of sweetness. When I look at the watch, at 9:30 in the morning, the whole body’s blood is pouring over my head: “Girl, you are thinking about the two innocent children who are tied...”

"I am coming," suddenly he was interrupted by the river.

Yan Yan looked up and saw Jiang stop and get up.


"Let's stay alone for a while, Yan Yan." Jiang stopped the voice very soft, there is a strange and calming force: "I will talk to her."

At this time, there were only about ten hours left before the execution of the kidnapper’s notice. Yan Yan took a deep breath, and the nose was filled with hot air. He barely stood up and stood up, suddenly hooked the shoulder of Jiang’s shoulder and pulled it into his arms. hold:

"Be careful, there are situations to call at any time, I am outside."

Immediately after waiting for the river to stop responding, Yan Yan turned and strode outside the ward.

"..." Jiang stopped involuntarily to send Yan Yan to leave, until his figure disappeared outside the door, only to look back at the hospital bed.

Li Yuxin seems to have no sense of what happened around him. He neither listens nor looks at it. He resists the outside world with his own senses and thoughts, and erects a transparent wall in front of everyone.

However, Jiang stopped looking down on her pity, and in a word, the invisible barriers were instantly wiped out:

"-What is the feeling of killing?"

Li Yuxin was thundered and his body was stiff!

Jiang stopped using her fingertips to hold her cold face up, so that the girl’s fierce trepidation was invulnerable.

遁 shape.

He whispered in a word: "How did he convince you to kill He Liang?"

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