Chapter 54 Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Chapter 54

The vehicle was rushing forward, and Yan Yan only felt that his arms were heavy and there was no response. Free full novel (

Jiang stopped eyelashes and covered it densely. From the perspective of top-down, he could only see his small, quiet and handsome side face, and his nose was smooth and long.

"..." Yan Yan waited for a long time, and the heart that leaped slowly fell back into the chest, and he almost breathed a sigh of relief.

"Okay," he murmured.

Whether Jiang Stop is sleeping or awake, this is the most sensible and most responsive to his emotional intelligence – always leaving a little room for everyone to change.

It seems that everything has happened, and it seems that nothing can happen.

But when Yan Yan leaned his head on the back seat and then closed his eyes, he knew that what had happened in his heart was unavoidable. Just like a seed is inadvertently thrown into the rich soil, when it emerges from the bud, its roots must be densely wrapped around the bottom of the heart, so that it can no longer be ignored or easily removed.

Yan Yan’s hand holding the shoulders of Jiang’s shoulders tightened tightly.

He knows that whether the person in his arms is asleep or awake, the best way to do this is to let go.

But he didn't do that.


Near five o'clock in the morning, at the entrance of Jiangyang County Detention Center, Cherokee lowered the window and Yan Hao handed out his policeman.

When the duty officer saw it, he was awe-inspiring and waved to lift the safety gate.

Whether it is Yan Yan or Jiang Shu, they are very familiar with the place of the detention center. Criminal suspects who are awaiting judgment in custody and prisoners whose remaining sentence is not more than six months will stay here. Only those who have left the sentence for more than half a year after the judgment is issued will be transferred to prison, commonly known as “uphill”.

Li Yuxin was arrested for multiple thefts by minors. The sentence will not be more than one year. It will take a few months to collect the evidence and transfer the money and go back and forth. It will only be held for half a year after being sentenced, so it will be closed here.

However, although it is not officially imprisoned, the "under the mountain" environment is much more complicated than the "mountain". After all, prison management is now strictly formalized, and prisoners of death sentence are separated. But in the detention center, serial killing, arson, drug trafficking, and even arms smuggling, what kind of people can see, when the situation is met, the police start Even the stick is not too scruples.

After the registration of the group, the leader of the detention center was personally taken to the interrogation room. At the entrance of the iron fence, Yan Yan let Ma Xiang and Xiao Zhang stay outside and waited. He only took the river and stopped into the house. After waiting for more than ten minutes, the police came with Li Yuxin who was woken up in the middle of the night.

When the iron gate slammed open, Yan Yan gently "hmm?"

Li Yuxin, this girl, looks a lot better than the photos.

She doesn't have the thrilling beauty of Bu Wei, but her appearance is naturally delicate and beautiful. After half a year of jail and torture and ten hours of detention every day, plus the desperate and deflated, and then put on the rough and ugly prison uniforms, Did not be exhausted. When she was seated on the interrogation chair by the police, her white fingers slammed on the armrests, and the keel was trembling, showing an ivory texture.Yan Yan’s gaze glides from Li Yuxin’s apparently strong cover of his fearful face, and his brow wrinkles: “Have she beaten?”

Going into the detention center's shackles, although not in line with the mainstream propaganda of a harmonious society, in fact everyone understands what is going on.

It is expected that the two policemen will simultaneously deny: "No, she is detained every day, and when she comes back, she goes to the library to read."

"Be honest, minors, the leadership accounted for not being linked to the drug murder, where was it beaten?"

After the doubts were unresolved, they indicated that the two policemen did not have to give Li Yuxin a captain, and they did not leave. They went forward and gently picked up the little girl’s prisoner’s sleeves and looked down at the arm, and turned to her back to the hair and Looking back in the back collar.

There are no traces of bruising or bruising, unlike the all-day beating.

But I don't know why, Li Yuxin seems to be more nervous, and even the whole body can't stop tremble.

Strictly unknown.

If this is in a poor country, maybe he will doubt that the local prison guard is illegal and what the little girl has encountered. However, the Jiangyang County Detention Center is very strict in terms of scale and management. If you want to think about it, unless you are shooting a rare film.

After Yan Yan turned back to the interrogation table, he stared at Li Yuxin from top to bottom and touched his chin. He asked, "Are you afraid of me?"

After a few seconds, Li Yuxin spoke two words like a gossip: " there..."

- That is the meaning of "yes".

Yan Yan’s heart was relieved, indicating that the police could leave. A few times, the iron gate closed again. There was only three people in the room, Jiang Su and Li Yuxin, sitting face to face in the dark and quiet interrogation room in the early morning.

Yan Yan subconsciously went to the side.

Jiang stopped leaning back on the back of the chair and put his hands in his trouser pockets. The side was indifferent and there was no emotion, and there was no look back.

"Cough!" Yan Yan clears the scorpion, and forcibly concentrates on it and turns to the opposite girl: "Li Yuxin?"

"..." Li Yuxin buried his head tightly.

"I am Yan Yan, deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Department of Jianning City Public Security Bureau. I have a case to ask you to provide some clues about the victim He Liang in the 712 kidnapping case last year."

- He Liang.

When these two words landed, Li Yuxin’s horror almost reached the extreme. Even the naked eye could easily see the shaking and trepidation that could not stop her whole body, as if the crumbling dam was on the verge of breaking the levee under the impact of the flood.

But then, react with this Cangjie

The difference is that her clear and fluent answer has rang:

"I don't know, I don't know anything."

"I don't know this person at all."

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped to look at each other, and both of them were surprised.

"You don't know? What are you afraid of?"

"……I do not know anything.""On July 12 last year, He Liang disappeared on the way to school. On the same day, his parents received a phone call from the kidnappers for one million yuan in cash. Your parents came to the Jiangyang County police station to report that you were missing, suspected to be After scolding, you will run away from home; but when you contact your mother for the last time, your so-called runaway and kidnapping with He Liang should happen at the same time."


"You are not leaving home, are you?"


"You know what happened to He Liang, but I dare not say it." Yan Yan leaned forward and leaned his hands on the table, staring at the dark girl's black hair: "What are you afraid of, Li Yuxin?"

"I don't know! I didn't know anything!!" Suddenly without warning, Li Yuxin's scream broke through the air, and immediately took Yan Yan back to avoid it. "- I don't know him at all! I don't know anything!! You let me go!! Let me go!!!"

Snapped! Snapped! Li Yuxin began to hit his head with his hands, tearing his hair desperately, his face flushed with red. The posture was simply self-inflicted, the iron gate was pushed open, and two police officers on duty rushed in. At the same time, Yan Hao got up and stepped forward. She took her back from behind the little girl, regardless of the twist. Forcibly put her hands behind her.

"Don't go to the top!" Jiang stopped drinking: "Control it!"

"Two comrades in the city, we must act according to regulations..."

Yan Yan sighed: "Listen to him! Captain will not say anything!"

As soon as the voice fell, Li Yuxin turned into a trick and slammed his forehead toward the iron table. Boom! A muffled sound, the little girl's forehead was first stopped by the river, and his knuckles were on the sharp edge of the table, and the pain snorted.

Yan Yan: "Are you okay? - Nothing, go out! Control! You lead me to say!"

The latter half of the sentence was awkward to the police, and it was very impressive. The worried policeman had to quit the interrogation room.

"Are you OK?"

Jiang stopped holding his back and began to feel painful. He shook his head and said that he didn't care for himself.

"..." Yan Yan took a deep breath and forcibly pressed the full of anger.

Li Yuxin is still struggling, his face is blue and purple, and his eyes are flashing with the beast-like cold light. Her appearance was indeed a bit horrible, and Yan Yan reversed her hand and looked at her face from the side down. Gradually, the anger was gradually covered by some more sensitive intuition.

"Fundamentally?" Suddenly he repeated.

Li Yuxin gnawed his teeth.

"I just said that I hope that you will provide some clues about the Heliang kidnapping case. You said that you don't know him ‘fundamentally. This kind of strengthening tone is usually not used for the first time. Have you ever questioned you before?”


"Still," Yan Yan said coldly. "After the question and answer of the Heliang case, have you rehearsed many times in the heart?"

Li Yuxin's struggle gradually weakened. I didn't know how long it stopped, and she sat there rigidly and did not speak. She carefully tried to let go of her, and she did not respond.

"Li Yuxin, you look into my eyes."The girl’s eyes are empty and there is no focal length.

"We are not here to hold you accountable," Yan Yan eased his tone and said: "We arrived overnight because another pair of boys and girls were kidnapped."

I don't know because of the sincere meaning of the words, but the semantics itself. Li Yuxin's black and white eyes turned sharply and sternly.

"Yes, the couple who surnamed Shen in Jianning City received a two-billion ransom call from the kidnappers in the afternoon of the previous day, but they even looked down on one-tenth. Are you sixteen when you were kidnapped with He Liang? This time, the girl was not even happy at the age of sixteen. She was called Buwei and had a birthday next month. The boy named Shen Xiaoqi, the kidnapper informed us that the execution time was only over ten hours."

"Shen Xiaoqi's parents only have one son, just like He Liang's parents only have one, and your parents are only one of you." Yan Yan paused, facing the morning light outside the window of the interrogation room, staring at Li Yuxin. For a long while, he finally asked the sentence:

"He Liang is dead, right?"

Li Yuxin did not move.

"But you are still alive, Shen Xiaoqi and Bu Wei should also be alive. We can't give up any hope of saving the living. Do you say it?"

"...useless," Li Yuxin said suddenly.

She had just gone crazy, her voice was hoarse, and after three or three seconds of export, she realized what she was talking about.


"He will die." Li Yuxin said quietly. "She will become like me."

Yan Yan looked at the river to stop, facing the same suspicious look of the latter, they all realized that the other party's understanding of the two "ta" is the same as himself - Shen Xiaoqi will die, and Buwei will become the next Li Yuxin.

Li Yuxin was kidnapped together with He Liang, and the executioner was actually copying the serial case!

"Have you seen the kidnappers right?" Yan Yan blurted out: "He asked you to watch him on He Liang's execution? Is it?"

Li Yuxin screamed at him strangely.

"The kidnapper

What? Why did he do this? How did he kill He Liang? ! ”

The little girl’s eyes with a straight hook did not change.

"Li Yuxin!" Yan Yan couldn't help but whispered: "There are two children who are as big as you are going to die! As long as you are willing to provide clues, I promise to make a significant contribution! I promise you can go out immediately! Li Yuxin !"

"Is it bad to die?" Li Yuxin took the quirky smile and spoke softly, just like fearing to wake up the dream: "I want to die when I dream."

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped at the same time, and then, with lightning speed, the little girl slammed to the table!


This time, I didn’t need to stop the river, and the whole person who had prepared for it was like a lightning bolt. Before Li Yuxin raised her head and hit the second one, she stopped her and slammed her in her arms, completely ignoring her. The madness of dying struggles, and the blood on his head is covered with blood.The iron gate was knocked open for the second time. The guards on duty at the detention center, the police and other people quickly entered, and the footsteps, exclamations, screams, etc. were mixed into a ubiquitous embarrassment. Someone is calling a doctor, someone is on the phone, someone is trying to pick up Li Yuxin and take it away... In a porridge-like chaotic scene, Jiang stopped slowly and stood up, staring at Li Yuxin's lips.

Her face was full of blood, flowing down the nose to the corner of her mouth. When the lips opened and closed, I could even see the scarlet in my teeth.

But that did not affect Jiang’s recognition of her nightmare mouth.

"A midsummer...not central..."


- Midsummer nights, July is not yet central.

As if the fog was torn apart by the ghosts, the heart was fatally contracted, and the cold blood rushed to the top of the brain. The time points represented by the eight words will be kidnapped, bloody, execution, and 8:09. There are countless clues that are familiar and incomprehensible.

Jiang stopped his hand.

He fell silently back into the armchair.

Li Yuxin was smashed by the police and slammed his head and rushed to the health care room of the detention center. Yan Yan talked with the leaders of the detention center. His voice was loud and the volume was quite large. He was almost a bit noisy, and even Ma Xiangxiao Zhang outside the door came in.

But Jiang stopped listening to anything.

He seemed to sink in the deep water, a little away from the whole world, but everyone stood on the shore and quarreled, no one found that he was gone.

It turned out to be like this, he thought.

- But why?

Starting from the last glimmer of the horizon, what is the grand and bloody performance?

"...Lu consultant..."

"Lu consultant?"


Jiang stopped as if he had been awakened, and then noticed that when the crowd had dispersed, only the pedestrians in the empty interrogation room and the poorly-held detention center led.

Yan Yan actually squatted on the side of the chair with one knee and half, holding his finger: "What happened to you? Is it okay?"

"...ah," Jiang stopped taking a breath, only to notice that his cold sweat had soaked his back: "Nothing."

Yan Yan then stood up, but did not let go of his hand: "You are hurt."

Jiang stopped to bow.

His left hand had just been smashed on the edge of the sharp iron table, and the three fingers were swollen and swollen, and they looked swollen. It was quite scary to think about it. It can be imagined what the result of Li Yuxin’s brain would be.

Yan Yan held his palm in one hand, let the injured knuckle lift in the air, and the other hand held the shoulder of the river. This position is very close, but Jiang Shuzhi is not as clear as usual, and he follows the Yankee subconsciously, only to listen to him: "Go to the medical room to deal with it."

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