Chapter 53 Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Chapter 53

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Although everyone knows that there is such a day, no one can think that this day is coming so fast.

Yan Yan didn't know what to say for a while, but Yu Zhu looked at him and smiled. He got up and patted his cuffs: "Go, go to your office and talk about this kidnapping case."

Then she bypassed Yan Yan and went straight to the door of the deputy detachment chief who was not far away.

- Jiang stopped in the office!

Yan Yan took the step forward and rushed to hold the handle in front of Yu Zhu’s hand. He smiled and said: "It’s a pity that my office is in chaos. I haven’t had time to clean up this time. I’m afraid I’m going to let the Yu team see a joke...” Pushing open the door, it is very skillful to sideways and half-step, blocking the eyes of Yu Zhu.

There was a slight movement in the door and it was silent.

The Yu team walked into the office.

"Isn't this very clean?" Yu team laughed. He sat down with the armchair opposite the desk and waved his hand to stop Yan Yan: "No need to make tea, I can't drink anything now. I have to listen in two steps. Medical advice - I am already a waste."

Yan Yan also opened the swivel chair, and quickly walked through the gap to patrol the office, only to laugh: "Where, if you have contributed to Jianning City, how can you say this yourself?"

- This is what he said sincerely, because it is true.

Yu Zhu is the first female police superintendent in Jianning City and one of the highest female criminal investigators in the province's public security system. More than 30 years ago, she started from field interns, did trace inspections and technical investigations, participated in anti-drug smuggling, and arrested various kinds of actions hundreds of times. More than a decade ago, when the criminal investigation was under the control of Wei Wei and went to the police station to exercise, she was transferred to the deputy director of the criminal investigation as the deputy director of the technical investigation department, and led the criminal investigation work of the municipal bureau; Wei Wei was promoted to the deputy director shortly after returning, and she became a matter of course. It is put on the right side of the criminal investigation.

If it is not the first two years to find a heart problem, or even to the point of doing bypass surgery, she turned to the deputy bureau level leadership is no problem.

"The hero does not mention the courage of the past, and the previous things need not be mentioned." Yu Zhu smiled. "Tell me about the kidnapping case. I listened to the meaning of Wei’s deputy. You insisted that this is Not an isolated case, but a series of kidnappings?"

"Oh, that's the way it is."Yan Yan had been prepared to hand over the materials to Yu Zhu, and briefly summarized the analysis of Jiang Su, emphasizing the unusual role of the kidnappers in splitting and ritual desires, adding: "Mainly our original The investigation thought has gone to a desperate situation, and it is almost impossible to push forward. The technical investigation investigated the car rental company hired by Shen Xiaoqi, who was a soft-selling circle of friends. He only said that he did not wait for Shen Xiaoqi outside the scenic spot on the night of the incident. The rest asked three questions. The black car driver has been mentioned by the pony in the interrogation room for two hours. There is nothing to gain from Shen Xiaoqi’s question about why he wants to go to the Tianshan Mountain Scenic Area and whether he has received any external factors.

“There are no clues in the forests between the search and rescue personnel on the spot?” Yu Zhu asked.

"The mark inspection, police dogs, life detectors, all of them can be put on, and the scope of search and rescue has been pushed to the limit." Yan said, "The original mountain forest of this season, looking for the traces of the two children's tracks, is worthy of a needle in a haystack. ""

Yu Zhu nodded and nodded.

Yan Yan asked: "Do you think there is anything wrong with our way of tracking the serial case?"

Judging from Yu Zhu’s reaction, she probably thought about the following sentence and said: “It’s not right to say it, but it makes sense.”

Yan Yan looked slightly loose.

"But only one thing caught my attention."

Yan Yan: "Well?"

"The direction you are good at is organizing and interrogating. The behavior analysis is a bit too professional for you." Yu Zhu’s upper body leaned forward slightly, looking at the harsh eyes: "Is there anyone in the city bureau who inspired you?" ”

It was only a second or two of hard work. Severely calmly looked back at the opposite side of the gaze, but there were countless thoughts flashing in my mind.

What is she testing?

How do you say that?

"Oh, this." Yan Yan blinked and smiled unconsciously: "There is no way to go, so I called my dad. Didn't our family invest in a private hospital? He should have asked a few An external psychologist."

Yu Zhu thought for a moment, and finally slowly leaned back on the back of the chair:

"...hey, it’s okay to do this."

Yan Yan smiled and did not answer.

"My physical condition is such that it is a matter of time before you pick up the beam independently. The captain of the criminal investigation team is the most important position in the front line of the public security. It is the first barrier to face the crime. If your judgment is wrong, many people will suffer, and if If you influence your thoughts, there will be many people who will get illegitimate benefits."

Yu Zhu stood up, and Yan Yan also stood up, only to see her words and words:

"I hope that all your decisions are not affected by any outside influence, even if the impact comes from a seemingly calm city."

Yan Yan: "..."

"Well, don't bother you to handle the case." Yu Zhu looked at the watch and reached out and solemnly patted Yan Yan's shoulder: "I went to the office of Lu Bureau, and let's talk back."

Yan Yan wanted to say something, her lips moved, but she was lifted by her hand before the opening.

Yu Zhu carried his hand and turned and left the office.Yan Yan stood at the desk and watched her leave, her eyes flashing slightly. For a long while until Yu Zhu’s footsteps disappeared completely into the hallway, he finally came forward and closed the empty office door.

Then he looked at the file cabinet: "What do you think?"

After the curtains were moving behind, the river stopped drilling.

Yan Yan suddenly turned his head and saw that Jiang stopped the stiff shoulders as if nothing had happened. As if he had not heard the words of Yu Zhu just now, he only asked: "How is the case file checked?"


At the same time, the office of the Lu Bureau.

The door was knocked twice, and then Yuzhu pushed the door.

Lu’s line of sight sticking to the computer screen didn’t move away, just lifted the watch and shook it: “You’re late, what have you gone?”

"Nothing. I talked to Yan Yan about the case halfway." Yu Zhu went to the table and sat down. The probe looked at the screen: "--have you started watching?"

Lu Bureau pushed the display to her direction: "Yeah."

- I saw the video on the screen, which is the internal surveillance video of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the lower right corner is the early morning of May 8.

Hu Weisheng died of drug abuse that night!

In the dimly lit office, only the screen was lit with faint gleam, reflected in the dull face of the two men, and the four eyes reflected the shaking of the corners of the city bureau. After a long while, I listened to the Yu team and took a sigh of relief. He whispered: "We will Jianning City Bureau, after all, will we become the next Gongzhou?"

Lu Bureau gave her a look and suddenly said: "Speaking of Gongzhou, I think of individuals."


"You have conducted several actions with the former Gongzhou Anti-Drug Second Team Jiang Shu, what is your evaluation?"

Good end mention this, Yu Zhuwei: "Jiang stopped? - Is he not already dead?"

"But it has always been said that Jiang Stop is the number one black police in Gongzhou." Lu said that his face was not angry, and asked: "I want to hear your opinion."


The rest of the team’s face was her consistent restraint and cautious look. After thinking for a long time, she slowly said: “The analysis of the case of Jiang’s case is really very powerful, but in addition to the analysis of the case, anything that is said from his mouth is Very untrustworthy... He has a very special skill, which is easy to believe, and even many experienced criminal investigators can't escape. I have seen many criminals in my life, but I am as good at hiding and inducing as Jiang Su. The master of the heart is unique."

Lu Bureau did not speak, and the fingers crossed and lifted up.

Yu Yu said: "I am sure that the death of Gong Guang, deputy mayor of Yuezhou and undercover ‘rivets,’ are all related to him.”


The wall clock on the wall was circled in a circle, and the criminal investigation detachment office window, the sunset red sky gradually became the night of the Hua Deng, the taste of cigarettes and instant noodles filled the entire corridor, fully saturating everyone's lungs.

Ma Xiang was unable to lean on the door frame and symbolically took two shots on the open door panel: "No, strict brother, the result is not ideal."

After Yan sitting on the computer, Jiang stopped wearing a baseball cap and sat in the file pile. He heard that both of them looked up at the same time."In the three years, a total of 2,840 cases of youth disappearances reported in the province, and 216 unbroken cases were identified as 19 abductions. Of the 19 unbroken kidnapping cases, 11 were male and 8 were female. No case is double kidnapping, and there is no ransom of more than two million.” Ma Xiang threw the information on the desk: “As for the double kidnappings in the cracked case, there are 63 cases, mostly Children under the age of 10 who have kinship, the suspect is not in the prison or has already eaten a gun, and is even less likely to commit another crime."

Yan Yan took over the material and just wanted to open it. Jiang stopped to rush him.

Yan Yan had to hold the materials in the past, Jiang stopped sitting and he stood, and the two gathered together to look at the stack of files.

"What happened, this road is dead again." Yan Yan bowed and muttered. "What should I do next?"

"Which is so easy to die."

"What do you say?"

"..." Jiang stopped just turning the page, suddenly stopped moving, and looked up to Yan Yan: "This idea is definitely right, but the screening method may be a bit problematic."

Yan Yan provoked half of the eyebrows and motioned to continue.

"Let's go back and look at the case again. After the six students arrived at the farmhouse, Tan Shuang took the step by step to the wood, and Shen Xiaoqi followed behind and left the mark of the return journey so that Tan Shuang could return to the hotel along the way. In this process, Shen Xiaoqi is in a state of being alone."

Yan Yan nodded.

"We already know that the kidnappers have a better understanding of the situation of the Shen family. They are premeditated tracking and kidnapping. He did not shoot when the target was placed, but he waited until Shen Xiaoqi rescued Buwei and Tan Shuang to leave. The two men."

"Wait," Yan Yan interrupted him: "Do you want to say that Buwei may be suspected of committing a crime?"

"Before the hostages have not been rescued, even Shen Xiaoqi himself can not completely rule out the suspect." Jiang stopped, "I still have this common sense."

Yan Yan: "Hmm..."

"But we don't mention the two hostages now, we only discuss the general situation. When the suspect is negotiating with you as a 'kidapple' instead of a 'executor', there is a bit of performance that is contrary to the normal kidnapper role: That is, he did not take the initiative to mention the existence of Bu Wei, and did not even try to ask the government for a ransom. It seems that from the surface, Buwei is just a dispensable addition to him."

The river stopped talking

Looking at Yan Yan.

"Yeah," Yan Yan said a bit inexplicably by him: "Because of this we can't judge whether Buwei is a pure hostage. If she is a victim, why does the kidnapper not take her as a threat to the police? She is not a victim, or even a member of the kidnappers. Isn’t this discriminatory treatment more plausible to the police? This is too contradictory to the high anti-reconnaissance ability of the kidnappers."

He said it makes sense. Even the tired Ma Xiang, who is not far away, can listen to the concentration and can't help but move the chair closer.

But Jiang stopped shaking his head and said, "How can you not understand what I mean?"" are this person," Yan Yan backhand swept his shoulders: "Don't put a dumb puzzle here, hurry up."

Jiang stopped to care about the small details of the manual feet.

He said: "The existence of Bu Wei is useless to the role of 'baby kidnappers', but she was taken away. Will it be because of the need for her to be a 'executor'?"

As if some fog was set aside, the other two people in the office had a little bit of change.

"...notary public," suddenly murmured. "The shooting scene usually requires a notary."

Ma Xiang slammed his thigh.

"If the executioner only needs another hostage to appear as a notary, then like the current case, the other kidnapped parents will not receive blackmail at all, even if the police will only be an ordinary disappearance or even leave home. Go out and deal with it. That is..."

Jiang stopped his hands and Yan Yan immediately took his words: "--That is, our screening target should be the disappearance of another population in the same area as the kidnapping case!"

Jiang stopped throwing the thick stack to Ma Xiang, and Ma Xiang "hey!" jumped up in spirit and turned and rushed out.

"Yan Ge! Yan Ge!" Half an hour later, Ma Xiang slammed the door and rushed in. He slammed the material on the table.

Yan Yan suddenly looked up, Jiang stopped like a premonition and got up and walked over.

"On July 12 last year, a 16-year-old boy named He Liang in Longchang Town, Jiangyang County was kidnapped, and the kidnapper was blackmailed for one million and was limited to 72 hours. The parents borrowed a million from the patchwork. The money was sent to the designated place of the kidnappers but no one came to pick it up. On the fourth day, the parents finally went to the police station to report the case, but it was too late. The police have not found the body of He Liang."

Ma Xianglu opened the material and pointed to a few pages: "There are two points worth noting in this case. First, the parents received the blood coat from the kidnappers, but the post-mortem verification is chicken blood. Second, although there is no execution in the material. This keyword, but that is because the case is not in Jianning, our file is incomplete, and there is no detailed information on the police station."

Yan Yan did not say anything, rushing outside to raise his voice: "Come to the individual!"

A red-eyed criminal policeman rushed in.

“Immediately call the police station in Longchang Town, Jiangyang County, and ask them to fax the first hand of the 712 He Liang kidnapping case last year!”

"Yes!" The criminal police turned and roared out.

Ma Xiang took out another piece of printing paper: "According to the speculation of the land consultant, the same day, the same place, the same jurisdiction, Jiangyang County 110 police center received an alarm from another 16-year-old girl Li Yuxin, saying that The daughter was missing because of her family’s decline in academic performance. She was suspected of running away from home. The police at the grassroots level was tense. The police on July 13 was only opened 24 hours later. On the evening of the 16th, the family went to the police station to remove the case and said that the daughter was angry. I will be back when I disappear."

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped and looked at each other.

- I am back.

"Is this Li Yuxin still missing?" Yan Yan asked."No, but she later entered the detention center because of repeated theft. At the same time, it is worth noting that I checked the map," Ma Xiang smashed the paper with the dense information: "Li Yuxin’s Jiang Yangyi, He Liang studied in the middle school of the teacher, the two schools are separated by a road door to the door, the geographical distance is less than two hundred meters."

The same young boys and girls, the door is facing the door, and the school is basically mixed together...

In the minds of all people, the words "knowing less and less AI" emerged at the same time.

“Jiangyang No. 1 Middle School.” Suddenly, he said: “Although I didn’t have a good class in high school... but I remember that the first middle school in a certain place is one of the best schools in the area.”

Ma Xiang affirmed: "Yes, Jiangyang Yizhong is quite famous. I just found out that they had a college entrance examination."

“Which girl who was admitted to the best high school in the local area and was scolded by her parents for her decline in academic performance, why did she steal the record because she repeatedly sneaked into the detention center?”

"No, but it may be that there is no record left under the age of sixteen..." Ma Xiang could not explain: "It is quite weird."

"It may be stealing," Jiang stopped.

Yan Yan and Ma Xiang also cast their sights.

"Stealing sputum usually occurs in women. It is more common in people over the age of 15 and under the age of 20. The symptoms are mostly psychogenic and are induced by external factors. sd, a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. ”

When he said the last few words, he looked a little dull, but no one could see it in the office at night.

"Strictly deputy, you want the transcript!" The criminal police who just called back, and rushed into the room with a fax that had just been sent hot: "I just received a fax from the Longchang Town Police Station. This is 712 last year. One-handed warning message!"

Yan Yan’s whole person was excited when he was on the scene. He picked up his hand and opened it. He only swept his eyes and pointed to one of the pages to stop at Jiang.

That is the blackmail call record dictated by the local police to He Liang’s parents.

"The voice said: ‘One million, one point can’t be less, and there are still seventy-two hours from the execution time.’”

Jiang stopped saying: "It is him."


Yan Yan and Jiang stopped a heavy clap, although the latter was almost out of reach because of the slap in the face.

"When Laozi catches the grandson, I can't kill him!" Yan Yan is full of joy, completely ignoring his own hoarseness due to lack of sleep: "Ma Xiang went to check Guan Li Lixin which detention center took Jianning how long?" !"

Ma Xiang said: "Is this still used to tell you, Jiangyang County Detention Center, if you have a fast drive, you can take a one-hour trip, can't you go?"

Yan Yan looked at the watch, at 1:14 in the morning.

"Go!" Yan Yan grabbed the documents, uniforms and guns as the wind rushed through the border: "Ma Xiang sent your land consultant to take a rest, called a kid who was not on duty during the day to send me to Jiangyang, to inform Lu Bureau and the local The detention center greeted me - I have to go through the night to mention the little girl named Li!"

Suddenly his hand was caught by the person behind him. Yan Yan looked back and saw the river stop and said: "I will accompany you."

"You are this body...""It doesn't matter, sleep in the car." Jiang stopped answering succinctly: "The case is important."

One o'clock in the morning.

The Criminal Investigation Building was lit up all night, and downstairs, the red and blue lights were lit up and rushed out of the city public security bureau.

"It’s still a good advisor to the land. Sure enough, this kidnapping is not an isolated case. The anti-reconnaissance ability of the kidnapper and the precise grasp of time can also prove that he is a veteran." Although Ma Xiang was severely stopped several times, he was asked to go home to sleep. However, Ma Dashao still took the case with the case file and sat on the co-pilot: "Now we only need to find Li Yuxin, this little girl must know the information about the kidnappers, at least with the metamorphosis. Dealing with..."

"Not necessarily," the sound of the river stopped in the back seat.

Ma Xiang turned back: "Ah?"

Before leaving, Yan Yan grabbed a small criminal policeman named Zhang to drive, and he stopped the two with him in the back seat. The night train was dim, and I could see the river stop because of the tiredness and some pale face, but the speech was still very calm: "If Li Yuxin had dealt with the kidnappers and even saw the face of the kidnapper, why was it put in good condition? Come back, this is a problem that cannot be explained at the moment."

"Then our thoughts are..."

“The idea itself is right, but one thing: our analysis is not based on facts, but on behavioral logic.”

Ma Xiang "诶?!" was nervous.

" not understand?" Jiang stopped looking at his innocent eyes.

Ma Xiangcheng said: "It may be possible during the day, but my current IQ is only one-tenth of the day..."

Yan Yan always looked out of the window from the time he got on the bus. He didn't know what to search for along the way. He said coldly: "If you listen to him, his IQ will be up to 70 in the day!"

Ma Xiang wrinkled his face with extreme grievances, and Jiang stopped laughing.

"The police do a logical analysis of the suspect's behavior, just like the legendary psychological portrait and micro-expression recognition, all lack scientific arguments, mainly relying on experience. Although we say that the vast amount of criminal investigators' practical experience is behavior The basis of the analysis, but empiricism is empiricism. If there is no evidence of actuality, the criminal psychological portrait and behavioral logic analysis can not avoid the fatal error of 1 even if it can reach the correct rate of 99."

"For example," Jiang stopped to see Ma Xiang's serious appearance, and it was rare to have some interest: "Do you think that we are now inferring the basis for the kidnapping is not an isolated case?"

“Hey...” Ma Xiang hesitated: “There was a blouse that was soaked in chicken blood in the 712 kidnapping. There was an execution penalty keyword, which basically met the premise that a man, a woman and two teenagers were missing at the same time...”

"But we still can't be sure that these two cases are made by the same person. If there is another group of kidnappers who like to use blood coats to threaten the hostages of the family, and at the same time see the criminal investigation drama, like the word execution, it also has certain What is the anti-investigation method? If Li Yuxin’s disappearance is really just leaving home, it’s just a coincidence that the 714 He Liang was tied up?”

Ma Xiangyu stuffed."There is also an unexplained part, which is why the Shen Xiaoqi case used a top that was soaked in white-tailed sea eagle blood, and the kidnapper's opening was extorted two hundred million; last year's 712 case appeared a chicken blood shirt and a million ransom." Jiang stopped, "We can't deny that there are all kinds of coincidences in this world, and we can't rule out the possibility of imitating crimes. Therefore, in the absence of evidence, the so-called criminal psychological portraits and behavioral logic analysis are just gorgeous papers."

If Ma Xiang is aware of it, he will silently stand.

"--Lan consultant," he couldn't help but ask: "If, as you said, we really have the possibility of that 1, all behavior analysis and inference are wrong..."

Jiang stopped without leaving him any room for luck: "Then two children will die."

The cabin was quiet and the air was slightly condensed. Even the criminal police driving could not help but sigh.

"This is normal in the process of detecting any case." I don't know how long it took, and suddenly the sound of hoarseness screamed.

Ma Xiang looked back at him from the vice driver.

"The criminal investigators are not gods. In the process of confronting crimes, there will inevitably be powerlessness, even when judging mistakes. We will pay a heavy price, and even leave an unforgettable yin.

Shadow, but that is hard to avoid for every old criminal police - the most important thing is that we can stand up again with scars and shadows when we face crimes next time. ”

Strictly speaking, the voice is slightly.

On his side, Jiang stopped to be aware of it and showed him a very unobtrusive look.

Suddenly I only heard the sound of "squeaky": "Xiao Zhang, stop in front of you."

The driving police are not clear, but still rely on the words to light the side, slowly stopped in front of the convenience store. When the car just stopped, I saw that Yan Yan pushed the door and drilled it. I came back with a bag of things.

"Hey, drive at night to lift the gods." Yan Yan handed the red bull, coffee and snacks to the front row, and stopped the two steamed buns in the river:

"You didn't eat instant noodles at night, they are used to it, and quickly take the two bean paste mats."

The river stopped a little.

Yan Yan said: "When you eat and hurry to sleep for a while, Ma Xiang does not look at the materials, and raises the spirit. When we mention Li Yuxin, we still have a hard battle to fight."


The big cut flashed the police lights on the road in the middle of the night, like a lonely boat in the Black Sea.

Yan Yan closes his clothes and leans against the rear window. He only heard that Ma Xiang and Xiao Zhang had a chat without a ride. After a moment, Ma Xiang’s head slammed and snorted. The side knows that the plastic bag of Sosuo is still unbroken. It is that the river stops at the buns, and the back seat is filled with sweet bean paste.

In a few minutes, the cat’s subtle movements were gone, and the warmth of the body gradually came.

Yan Yan opened half of the eyelids and saw that Jiang stopped the sweet buns to eat half, and people were sleepy and fell asleep, and gradually leaned over to their shoulders.


Yan Yan’s arm suddenly became as heavy as a thousand. He impulsively moved several times and finally slowly lifted it up, carefully holding the shoulder of Jiang’s stop and letting him rest more comfortably in his arms.The long road is long and endless, the carriages are slightly bumpy, and the dimly lit street lights are flying away from both sides.

The night of the city and the lights of the Wanjia were left behind, and the city building where they left was already drowned in the sea of ​​lights. The case of Yuntao’s case and the future of sinister speculation seem to be like the ebb tide in the moonlight, and at this moment it has retreated far away.

The whole world is left with this rear seat, dark, narrow and private, and the warmth of the ups and downs in the arms.

Severe eyes, although he does not know what he is looking at, it seems to be in a dreamlike void.

He slowly turned his head and looked at the river.

Jiang stopped his body softer than he thought. This is a bit of a serious surprise. The Jiang team in his impression should be thin and hard and very sharp. I didn't expect the fact that it was soft as a fluffy feather. His breathing was light and well-proportioned, and the sweeping streetlights smudged his black hair, faintly smelling in his hair, and stunned for a long while, only to be sure of his own shampoo. taste.

Wash your hair every day, really pay attention to it, and think hard.

He stared at Jiang's sleeping cheeks, and suddenly he had a thought in his heart: Can someone like him be soft and squeaky?

Strictly slammed his thumb and slammed the hair of the river to stop the forehead, dialed the bangs and dialed it, and the soft hair kept rubbing against the fingertips. He didn't know what he was doing. This action made all sleepiness and fatigue disappear strangely. When he reacted, the thumb had slowly slid to the cheeks and corners of the mouth along the forehead of the river. In that light red The lips continue to hang around.

Strictly confused, this feeling is really strange.

It’s clear that I have only been together for two months, but it seems to have been known for a long time. As long as I remember the existence of this surname Jiang, my heart is like a little worried, both heavy and light, both troublesome and anticipating, it is difficult to get rid of hands and do not want to leave, as if the whole person has fallen into a slimy dream .


Jiang stopped whispering something, and did not hear clearly, his face stuck in the stern shoulder pocket.

Stop when you are strict with your fingers.

The vehicle is still galloping, the back seat is regularly bumped, and Ma Xiang’s ignorant shouts are heard in the front row. I don't know how long it took, Jiang stopped his body curling up, as if he found a more comfortable and relaxed posture in his sleep.

Yan Yan had been staring at him until he was in deep sleep, his eyes being attracted by the sticky corner of his mouth - it was the rice-sized bean paste.


Yan Yan’s throat slipped hard, but the sputum seemed to be dry.

He was like being given some kind of curse, holding his breath and raising his hand, picking up the little bean paste, and then the ghost made him with his fingertips.

A trace of sweetness smudges in the mouth.

Really sweet, he thought about it.

Suddenly at this moment, he felt something was wrong.

- Jiang stopped breathing for a moment.

The air suddenly solidified, and no one responded. All the reactions were like pressing the pause button. Only the sound of the big cut and smooth forward was suddenly clear.

Jiang stopped without blinking, and his strict hand hung in the air.I don't know how long it took, Yan Yan asked a very slight question from the lips:

"... Are you awake?" gd1806102

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