Chapter 52 Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Chapter 52

——In the last twenty-nine hours of the detection time, the hostage life has entered a critical moment in the countdown phase, shaking the entire investigation direction of the city bureau. (Free full novel.

Yan Yan did not say a word, seems to have fallen into consideration and thinking, slowly stood up from the computer.

With this action, Jiang stopped to stand up, and the two men looked at each other face to face with a whole half of the smoke, and then listened to Yan Yan spit out:

"You said, I listen."

Jiang stopped to hang a high-definition headset on Yan Yan, put on another one, and re-broadcasted the phone from the beginning. The recording rustling sounded, the first sentence was: "Two hundred million, how are you prepared?"

Jiang stopped pressing the pause. "This sentence is repeated several times during the negotiations with Shen Xiaoqi's father. According to my memory, the sound lines are thicker and lower at each repetition, and the ups and downs are very flat. The end of the sentence has no sound, it is a mechanized tone without emotional factors."

Yan Yan nodded.

"But when you started to negotiate with the kidnappers, his voice changed." Jiang stopped canceling the pause, and a "H" came from the headset clearly, followed by:

"I am here, come and catch, I am waiting for you."

"Have you heard it?" Jiang stopped staring at Yan Yan's eyes: "He had a very disdainful sneer before provocation, and the tail tone was obviously rising. What do you think?"

Yan Yan muttered: "Emotions."

"Yes, the tone of the mechanical straightness suddenly began to become emotional, and then continue."

"You can't get the money, you don't want the life of this child!... The little bitch is not lucky, tied up and tied up... You want to spare one if you don't add money? Dreaming!..."

Jiang stopped to press the pause again.

"If you don't know the background of the kidnapping case, and completely remove the abnormal elements such as blood-stained tops, white-tailed sea eagle, high-priced ransom and precise execution time, just listen to the above recording, the initial idea of ​​the kidnappers in your brain. What is it like?"

Yan Yan said: "A greedy, fierce, ruthless traditional kidnapper."

Jiang stopped the dagger and agreed: "Yes, traditional and typical." Then the third time to play.

With his movements, the electronic sound rustling turned out the last sentence left by the kidnappers, cold and without emotion: "Distance time, twenty-nine hours."

The recording ends.

"Now." Jiang stopped, "clear the greedy, fierce and sultry image in your mind, just remember this last sentence; then contact the blood coat, the sea eagle, the sky-high ransom, etc., whether your judgment on the phone end occurs Has it changed, is it the traditional typical kidnapping?"

"..." Yan Yanran looked at him.

Command the air inside the car to be tight.

"No, he has changed." Yan Yan said gently, each word seems to be incredible: "He became a ... executioner."

Jiang stopped to change his mind: "Or, a ruthless punishment executive.""This kidnapper has always given the police an unpredictable feeling because he expressed his intentions very contradictory. But if we divide the kidnapper's anomalous behavior into two parts and treat him as two different characters, everything will be Explain it."

Jiang stopped his back and leaned back on the seat back. He took off his headset and erected an index finger on Yan Yan: "First he tied Shen Xiaoqi, extorted from the Shen family, and eagerly demanded a ransom in a threatening manner. And ridicule. When he appears in this role, the keywords 'two billion' and 'exercise' will never appear. Instead, 'you don't want the life of this child' - obviously more inclined The common words used by the kidnappers to threaten to tear up the ticket."

If Yan Yan is thoughtful, he will not speak.

"But when he was a executioner, his behavioral motives seemed to have nothing to do with money. On the one hand, two hundred million yuan of cash could not be taken away, and he did not ask the police for any means of transportation, even the banknotes were not numbered. None of the basic conditions were raised; on the other hand, he abandoned the general sentiments of traditional kidnappers such as fierceness and greed, and repeatedly repeated executions, showing extremely strong executions; and his precise degree of time seemed to There is a strong sense of ritual."

Yan Yan suddenly realized: "...the sense of ritual?"

“Yes.” Jiang stopped, “My personal opinion tends to be that the behavior of the executioner whose motivation is not related to money is the true identity of the kidnappers.”

Yan Yan touched out the root smoke, subconsciously squatting between his fingers, repeating: "Motivation."

He seems to be squinting at these two words and indulging for a moment: "If the pursuit of execution is his real motive, then kidnapping is only a link to the final result - only through kidnapping can the 'exercise' be achieved. The ultimate goal..."

Strictly stop the voice, use the middle finger joints to press the eyebrows that you lock. Some speculation seems to be coming out of my mind, but it is vaguely uncertain.

"Abduction is a part of the ritual. The 'ritual' is to externalize the inner feelings of an individual to something, and has the characteristics of emotional traction, displacement, and subconscious projection." Jiang stopped the voice and said: " Generally speaking, the pursuit of ritual sensation represents the fact that people project their inner vision into reality and commemorate, mark and identify them. The kidnapping as the inner picture of the executioner is also an essential way to satisfy his desire for punishment. ——"

"This is not the first kidnapping case." Yan Yanran interface.

He slammed into the river and stopped: "- Every time the precise time is reported, the repeated execution of 8:09, the executioner happened before the projection.

Things that have passed! ”

The river stopped unresolved, and it was very light and very heavy after a long time.

Yan Yan did not delay at all, immediately touched out the mobile phone and dialed the number of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

"Hey Wei, I am Yan Yan... There is no progress in search and rescue. The kidnappers do not accept communication at all... Listen to me, Wei Bureau, I have a new investigation idea here...""What? What do you say?" Wei deputy bureau was surrounded by a bunch of telephones in the conference room: "When are you, why do you want to go out with me?"

“I want to focus on manpower to search for similar files in the province for the past three years,” Yan Yan said in a word. “This is probably not the first time the kidnappers have committed crimes.”


The sun is getting west, and time passes by in a minute.

On the highway, three police cars roared past and rushed to the busy Jianning City at the peak of the evening.

With a bang, the door of the external office of the Criminal Investigation Detachment was pushed open.

Yan Yan followed with a large number of people from the technical investigation, map detection, materials and other temporary transfer, while striding forward and turning and ordering: "The scope of the search includes the entire province in the past three years, in pairs The young men and women who are tied up, the two social relationships between the two hostages are listed as the primary screening focus. Only one hostage family member receives the blackmail and the huge amount is listed as the secondary focus; priority is given to the age of the unsustainable rescue of the hostages. The old case does not necessarily occur in Jianning. It is more likely that the subordinate bureaus of the provinces, counties and towns of the province are relatively large..."

Everyone followed the quick note, there was a figure to detect the students and raised their hands and asked: "Yan deputy, a tie is rarely seen, the hostage must be a pair of young men and women? Male or female?"

Yan Yan is impatient: "Yes! I can find out! I am not surprised by what the children have done this year!"


Suddenly slammed into something, almost a sly, only to hear the cold voice in front of me:

"It’s not surprising that you are doing something!"

Strictly looking at the first look, I saw the leader of the anti-drug team next door, Fang Zhenghong.

Fang Zhenghong is still the face of the sallow sallow, and his face is very bad. Yan Yan’s eyes were a little bit sloppy, but after more than a decade of professional criminal investigation, he had tempered him more smoothly, and he did not immediately yell at him. He smiled and nodded and then left.

Whoever expected to pass by, Fang Zhenghong reached out and stopped him:

"There are only twenty hours left before the ticket is smashed. You have pulled people back to turn over the file. Is it too much time to send it?!"


Yan Yan stopped his footsteps and thought for a moment in his mind, but his face and his face did not change: "Oh, this matter. The team did not know, the Wei Bureau thought that there is a great possibility that the kidnappers are not the first time to commit crimes, so we I hope to try a new breakthrough through the previous clues."

He did not follow Fang Zhenghong's hard bar, only lifted Wei's deputy bureau as a shield. Sure enough, Fang Zhenghong did not continue to entangle the topic, snoring from the nose, the phone opened Weibo lost:

"That is what the Deputy Director of Wei asked you to do?!"

Yan Yan looked down.

Millions of fans big v blog: Jianning traffic police downtown whistle for the luxury car to open the road, hot search for no reason to be withdrawn, where is the luxury car? The local traffic police did not dare to respond positively. The netizens were banned by the slag wave. What kind of tricks do you need to cover up?

The picture is a s450 that has been coded and smashed under the red light. There is no surprise in the bottom, and it is irritating, and it is worth six thousand."..." Yan Yan smiled and said: "This rhythm is brought, the big run is also considered a luxury car, I don't know if I thought that I opened a Bugatti Veyron..."

Fang Zhenghong took back his mobile phone: "Why did you not find the hot news in the first time? I asked the official account of the city bureau to clarify it. I was eager to use the self-family pulse to withdraw the heat search, but it caused more and worse. Social paradox, who does not say that you have ghosts in your heart!"

The look of Yan Xiao’s face that smiled and laughed disappeared, and faintly said: "Now everyone knows how to operate public opinion. Just look for a few big v to buy a batch of water army, but it will take two or three days to live. If you really care about the network public opinion, the case can't be done? What do you do with Guanshui?"

"You said this to the traffic police brigade next door!" Fang Zhenghong screamed: "The traffic police captain came to the city bureau for a morning! Now it has not gone far!"

This is the place of the criminal investigation detachment. Fang Zhenghong can be said to have won his face and no face. Not only did everyone in the office stand up in ugly face, but even the interns outside the corridor were timid and stopped.

Not far away, in the office of the deputy detachment.

Jiang stopped to hear the movement, and suddenly got up from the desk, walked to the door, and looked out through the glass sideways.

The party detachment is usually very strict and diligent, and the opponent’s wrist is slightly slippery, and the habit of luxury is not pleasing to the eye. It is not a secret in the city bureau. But the private opinion is private. On the surface, the working relationship between the two people is still to be maintained. I have lived for so many years and have not had much problems.

Yan Yan did not know why the party detachment came back with a disease. How did it change with the temperament? Seeing how many times he found himself, he was ill again today. But what he knows is that the Jianning criminal investigation of the sub-provincial system is half-level than the anti-drug. In theory, he is equal to the detachment; if he is pointed to his nose by Fang Zhenghong on his own site, then he is vice There will be no dignity in the detachment.

"Fang team," Yan Yan took a breath, crossed his hands in front of his body, and smiled and asked: "Where is this from the director, do you ask me, Lu Bureau? Or Wei Bureau?"


"This is something I did not do well, but suddenly, there is no other way. If the Lu Bureau or the Wei Deputy Bureau has opinions, then I accept their criticism and I must pay attention to it later."

Fang Zhenghong’s face, which had no blood on his face, became flushed: “There are other words that carry the Lu and they come out to talk about things. You know in your own heart how many things have been done in the past! Farther, the last time the drug-making case, everyone saw you slipping away from the scene..."

"I was going to arrest the sniper | gunman, and explained to the two directors afterwards." Yan Yan coldly interrupted him. "The team may not be involved for too long, afraid that it is even anxious. The right words are forgotten."

Fang Zhenghong has sharply raised his voice: "Is it urgent? I am afraid that you are not aware of what is hidden in the office of your deputy detachment!"

Strictly speaking, the momentum is not allowed, but the heart is instantly glimpsed.

What does he mean?

Does he know anything?Yan Yan took back his sneer and looked up again. Then he took the action and quickly went to the door of his office not far away.

——He knows that Jiang Stop is standing behind a single-sided visible glass door, and it is in direct contact with his own sight.

"When you say this," Yan Yanpi laughed and laughed, jokingly said: "Let people who don't know listen, I thought I had a little lover in the office."

Fang Zhenghong couldn't look at him like this. He was on the spot and said: "I tell you that Yan Tian, ​​Skynet is not leaking, you..."

Suddenly a steady and familiar female voice came from behind everyone:

"There are only more than 20 hours left in the kidnapping case. Everyone is not going to turn over the case file. What are you looking around here?"

Everyone brushed their heads back and slammed their eyes.

At the door of the criminal investigation detachment, a short-haired female police officer in her fifties stood back, her body was thin and her face was peaceful, and everyone in sight couldn't help but squint. The office hall heard a loud voice in the distance.

From the expression of Fang Zhenghong, he was extremely surprised. Then the sparse eyebrows wrinkled and seemed to suspect that he was wrong:

"... Yu detachment?"

Yan Yan just wanted to go forward, but before he even had time to step, he was stopped by the remaining detachments.

"The opinions of the party team are very correct. The young people are not stable enough. If they see the criminals, they dare to go up alone and do not take their own safety seriously." The Yu team walked into the office in the avoidance of everyone. Raise your hand to the point and make it a bit harsh. The expression is a bit harsh: "Be sure to pay more attention in the future!"

Yan Yan nodded.

"However, since the time for the kidnapping case is getting less and less, our older generation still has to focus on the overall situation. For the time being, don't distract the young people from putting their energy into the criminal investigation." The captain of the remaining detachment was relieved and laughed. The sample is directed at Fang Zhenghong: "You say yes, square team?"

In the void, it seems that the invisible strings are getting tighter and everyone is afraid to come out.

The flush of Fang Zhenghong’s face gradually faded, and it turned into a sallow-yellow face. He looked up and down the remaining detachments, didn't know what to think about, and after a long while, he snorted without yin and yang:

"What do you say is what it is."

The captain and the squad nodded and expressed their approval.

Fang Zhenghong turned and left, and suddenly went to the door and suddenly stopped. He looked back in the eyes of everyone, and seemed to look deep into the captain of the team and asked: "However, the energy is indeed on the right side, is it the team?"

Immediately after waiting for her answer, he went away and went straight to the door of the criminal investigation detachment.

The string was suddenly loosened, and the gloomy pressure in the air suddenly became light.

"What are you doing here? Not going to work! What time is it, what time is it!" Yan Yan’s roaring resounded through the office, and the police quickly slid into the case and sneaked into their seats.

"Youth hostage! Have social relations! 8:09! In the past three years, every suspected fraud case in the kidnapping case has been turned over for me! Don't squat, fast!!"The entire criminal investigation detachment was shivering, and everyone hated not to learn the phantom shift in an instant. Until there was no one left, Yan Yan suddenly changed his face and quickly greeted him: "Yu team, I heard that you have a heart bypass surgery... How come you today?"

Yu Zhu, the criminal investigation team leader of the Jianning City Public Security Bureau, who is in his early 50s, lifted his skinny hand and pressed his left heart position. He smiled and said: "Old, finally the oil is running out."

Strictly narrow the hole.

The captain of the detachment patted his shoulder: "I came to the bureau today and came to talk to the Lu Bureau."

The author has something to say:

Yan deputy detachment: Fuzheng came too fast, let me slow down...

In fact, according to Yan’s age, the criminal investigation of the sub-provincial-level cities is really rocket-style. The criminal investigation is not a part of the criminal investigation. (Jiangshang is a drug-free port of the municipality and has a professional academic background, so it is another matter) . In reality, to achieve strictness, this authority may have to be added to five to ten years old, but the power in the novel is treated as art, oh~

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