Chapter 51 Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Chapter 51

"What are you looking at?"

Yan Yan's voice is soft, but the voice just fell, Wang Xingye's expression is like stealing things on the scene, it is called a slap in the face. (Free full novel.

"No, I am wrong, look at me..."

"I read it wrong?"

"Yes." Wang Xingye clenched his hands with his hands: "You just said, my daughter was kidnapped? How do I listen so confused?"

Yan Yan smiled, patted his shoulder, slightly force, this fat man surnamed Wang had to follow him to the side door on the east side of the breakfast room.

Originally, this business-smelling B&B has few guests, and it is a kitchen that has been emptied by the police through a small corner aisle. Yan Yan casually took the chair and sat down, indicating that Wang Xingye was also sitting, and then took out the cigarette case and took the soft root and handed it over.

Wang Xingye is worried: "Strict detachment, you see my daughter's business..."

"What did you read wrong?"

Wang Xingye has a glimpse.

Under the sharp and thick sword eyebrows, a pair of eyes stared at him with a smile and smiled slowly. "You just thought of our police adviser as who?"

The meat on Wang Xingye’s fat face couldn’t stop picking up, his face was suddenly green and red, and the sweat of the bean slid down his face.

"Nothing, here is only you and me." Yan Yan smiled slightly, but every word was bitten very clearly: "What is said, it doesn't matter, we police can find everything."

"..." Wang Xingye repeatedly licked the soft Chinese in his hand, Zhang opened his mouth and closed it, and Zhang opened his mouth again. He repeated this several times, only to twitch and scream a smile that was more embarrassing than crying: "Actually... there is nothing, it is this thing... it has been several years..."

Yan smiles unchanged, but the bottom of his eyes sinks.

"I am not doing a gallery intermediary business. I used to have two money in my hands. I have some resources. I know the female painters." Wang Xingye was flushed and shouted: "The hotel has long been packaged." The house, who knows when it’s time to scan the yellow, the police directly slammed the door and rushed inside...”

Yan Yan looks slightly stiff.

"Strict detachment, you are also a man, you know. The key moments were frightened, and the scene is almost all this life..." Wang Xingye said with a sigh of relief.

Yan Yan was silent for a long while and suddenly asked: "Where are you?" Was it caught?"

"Hey, Guangdong!" Wang Xingye shot his thigh: "Of course it can't be the same policeman, but just looking at it, it's really a bit like, so I just met the ghost!"

Is there such a clever thing?

Yan Yan slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at the fat man without any emotion. Wang Xingye looked like the embers had not disappeared. He put the soft Chinese shackled in his mouth and shook hands for a long time before he got angry. He immediately couldn’t wait to take a deep breath.

"..." Yan Yan pressed his thoughts and ordered a cigarette.

The first-line criminal police at the deputy level of the anti-drug department will not be published everywhere, let alone show up. Even after the sacrifice, it is not that anyone can log in to the public security network to check the photos and check the information, so that there is a considerable level of authority.That is to say, the identity of Jiang Shu is not so easy to leak, not to mention the obvious changes in appearance, body shape and body atmosphere after three years of coma.

"--Don't mind, we are the criminal investigation detachment, 嫖|娼 娼 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 这 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

The fat man is confrontational | 娼 This thing has finally been revealed and relieved: "Yes, yes, I was running a gallery exhibition in the south yesterday..."

“Busy is your relatives?”

"Hey, since you are a policeman, I will just say it - the child is really not, I just hang a guardian's name in her school."


A beautiful girl, and a male "guardian" with no blood relationship, the space of imagination is so irritating.

"No, no, not what you think." Wang Xingye waved his hand in a cigarette: "I told you the truth. Her dad was a brother who was mixed up on the road in his early years. He died unexpectedly with his wife. Probably also. On the one hand, three or four years ago, this little girl was on the one hand that her dad had some financial involvement with me, and gave money when I was in distress; on the other hand, I saw her poor, afraid that she would go on the road. Therefore, the money is for her to go to school. Anyway, the nine-year compulsory education, tuition and living expenses can not be much, after graduation, just go to a high school without high prices, I will do my best..."

"Hey," Yan Yan bounced the ash, casually said: "You are really a good person."

"When you say this, a good person can’t count it, and you can afford to be conscience."

"I just listened to an ear outside. Didn't you receive a blackmail call from the kidnapper?"

Wang Xingye said: "Don't mention the phone call, I don't even know if she was kidnapped. I thought it was a fraud when I received a call from the Public Security Bureau in the morning!"

"Why, do you usually have a lot of contact with your daughter?"

"This is really not much..."

"Why?" Yan Yan came to the interest: "When you are an uncle, are you only paying for it, usually don't care?"

Wang Xingye smoked a few cigarettes. It seemed to be a bit of a heartfelt meaning. He sighed and said: "You can say this, how can I pick it up?"

Yan Yan did not take a chance, and looked at him with a smile and a smile.

"When her baby was just out of trouble, she was also twelve or three years old. It’s too much trouble at this age.

. If you are a little smaller, you can be half a daughter, and then give me a pension. If you are older, even if you are 18 or nine years old, you might be able to give me a little wife. "The fat man smiled without hesitation: "But at the age of twelve or three, the two don't depend on each other, and they have to enter the rebellious period. I don't care if she cares about her. In case someone thinks that I am a metamorphosis like a little girl, how can this be?" Explanation? ”

Yan Yan nodded and motioned to continue.

"Why, this girl lives in the school, and I usually take a relationship in the field to run a painting exhibition. I don't want to worry about it. It is not bad to make a phone call in a week or two." Wang Xingye said with one hand: "Do you say it is not? This truth?"

His explanation is indeed reasonable.Yan Yan asked: "Do you know that Bu Wei was missing with a boy this time?"

"That is Shen Xiaoqi? Is it right? I just saw the couple outside, crying very badly. But tell the truth..."

Wang Xingye paused, and Yan Yan made a gesture of "please say": "It doesn't matter, I have no one but you, I have any doubts, even if you ask our police."

The kind of unrelenting look on Wang Xingye’s fat face came out again: “I don’t want to mention this in front of the couple, but I’m going to talk to you. I’m screaming for two billion phone callers. I was given to him, indicating that the goal was originally his son. It’s totally irrelevant to my niece, right?”


"That is to say, my niece was tied up from the very beginning. If it was not with his son at the time, it would not happen at all, right?"

Yan Yan did not affirm and did not deny, but did not say anything.

"Although not my relatives, I have raised her for three or four years. In case something happened to the little girl, his son is at least half a murderer! So his husband and wife just took the opportunity to borrow money. Want to ask me to pay for the ransom? What do they think?!"

Wang Xingye said with excitement, Yan Yan quickly slammed the cigarette and patted him on the shoulders: "It is not easy to know how to make money this year. Please trust our police..."

"How can you say that you can be like this? Don't say two hundred million. I can't get 200,000 out! It's hard for me to help him with his ransom. Who knows what his family has done to hurt the kidnappers? Still tired of my niece?!..."

The fat man is probably also nervous to a certain extent, and the swearing words can't stop when the scorpion is opened. Yan Yan side guest comfort, while trying to find out the phone to see if the city has not heard the latest situation, suddenly only heard the door was gently smashed twice.

As soon as he looked up, he saw Jiang stopped standing at the door frame, with one hand in his trouser pocket and a mask on his face, revealing only a pair of black and cool eyes:

"The kidnapper came to the phone and named the police to pick it up."

Yan Yan slightly stunned, and immediately reacted, and in a few words, he got rid of Wang Xingye, who was preparing to scream, and let the police come over to take care of the feelings of the family members of the kidnapped, and then got up and rushed out of the kitchen.


"My hard-working Xiaoqi--! What should mother do, what should I do?!..."

In the long distance, he only listened to the commander’s car and the desperate roar of Shen’s father and the cry of Shen’s mother’s voice. Tan Shuang’s several students shrank in the door of the farmhouse’s compound, and they cried and cried.

"Whoever let them all squeeze in this?" Yan Yan saw this scene on the evil fire, and slammed a criminal policeman whispered: "Bring the minor away! Don't let so many people around the command car!" Then strode up the command car.

The technical investigation and negotiation experts who were dispatched by the Municipal Bureau were sitting in the car with their headsets, and each face was like an enemy. Gao Panqing had already eaten two lunch boxes, and the phone was splashed on the seat of the command car. But at this time, he also took care of it and held the phone with dignity: "Captain, find you."

He deliberately did not call a strict surname.Yan Yan took a look, this is Shen's mobile phone, the screen shows the call.

——This mobile phone has already been synchronized by the Technical Investigation Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau in real time. Hundreds of kilometers away, Huang Xing is scrambling to try various methods to crack and locate, and try their best to find the traces in the data ocean. Hope.

The negotiating expert made a few mouthfuls of silence on Yan Yan: delaying time -

Yan Yan nodded to indicate that he knew, and then turned on the speaker, Shen Sheng:

"I am Yan Yan, deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. What do you want to do?"

He just reported the name directly!

The voice did not fall high, I hoped that I would silently scream "Fuck!" and screamed with a mouthful: Do you want to die? !

Yan Yan raised his hand and stopped him. It was an extremely decisive and even harsh gesture.

"Two billion." There was a ruthless electronic sound coming from the speaker, and asked, "How are you prepared?"

Yan Yan looked to the negotiating expert, and the old professor stared at the technical investigation and nodded to him.

"Money is not a problem, but I must first know the safety of the hostages." Yan Yan paused, and his tone was very strong: "Two million ransom hostage family members simply look down on them, even if they want to make up, they must be approved in the province or even in the Ministry. If you have already torn the hostages, the country will have two billions of dollars. Even if you run to the ends of the earth, the Ministry of Public Security’s Tianluo network will not let you go!"

Shenmu gave a sharp inhalation.

Several criminal police officers immediately clashed, and they couldn’t take care of anything. They dragged their eyes on the family members who were going to start mad.

The electronic tone sounded a little, it seemed to be a mocking chuckle, saying, "I am here, come and catch, I am waiting for you."

"How do you get money when you catch it?"

"You can't get the money, you don't want the life of this child!"

- This child.

At the moment of hearing these four words, everyone’s eyelids jumped, and Yan Yan almost blurted out: “Is there a girl? The object of your extortion is Shen, can you return another girl?”

The phone suddenly fell silent.

Yan Yan and the negotiating experts are opposite each other. It seems that even the latter has no idea and can only gesture to signal that he is patient.

Three seconds, five seconds, ten seconds.

Yan Yan felt that the sweat was falling down with his own burr, licking his cheeks and gathering in the lower jaw, causing a subtle itching.

He almost subconsciously shifted his gaze to the outside of the car. Jiang stopped standing at the door of the car. He didn't look at him, nor looked at anyone. He closed his eyes slightly and closed his head.

At the end of the river, the silhouette of the river made Yan Yan feel a sense, as if he was capturing some kind of slight vibration in the air, or the sound of the kidnapper in the speaker - some people did not hear, or did not pay attention To, it is almost impossible to detect the sound waves.

I don't know why he was so isolated and sober, and he even raised a sense of stability.

"That little bitter luck is not good, tied up and tied." Suddenly, the electronic voice of the sinister came again, with a heart-wrenching arrogance: "Do you want to spare one if you don't spend money? Dream!"The negotiating expert screamed, and the meaning was immediately understood: "It takes time to prepare 200 million in cash! We are willing to provide you with transportation and non-contiguous banknotes, but it is impossible to do before 8:00 tomorrow evening! You have to relax the time -"

The negotiating expert even hit a few figures, Yan Yan stared at his hand and shouted to the phone: "At least 12 o'clock in the evening after three days, our cash can be..."

"Distance time," the electronic sound from the cell phone interrupted him, without any tone ups and downs: "Twenty-nine hours."

"The earliest night after three days -"

call ended.

Yan Yan’s voice stopped abruptly, and everyone looked at the computer screen at the same time. The time in the upper right corner was silent and turned into 15:09p.

There was a terrible silence in the carriage.

- The time of execution, 8:09 tomorrow night.

"I..." Yan Yan wanted to smash his mobile phone. When he was in the midst of a thousand times, he was forced to restrain himself. The back of his hand gently put the phone back on the table.

The negotiating experts gave a glance at the technical investigation, and the technical investigation was willing to call the director of the Municipal Bureau Huang to inquire about the positioning result.

Yan Yan took a breath and forced to calm down, took out the smoke and lit it, and took a big sip, and spit out the whole place. In the white mist, he forced himself to close his eyes, and his beautiful face was sharp and angular. When he opened it, he had already recovered to the savvy and fearless criminal investigation deputy head of the past.

"There is still time." His voice was hoarse and low: "Tell the technical investigation to intensify the investigation of Shen Xiaoqi's car rental company, and draw people to the Forestry Bureau to help trace the white-tailed sea eagle line. In addition, the "Tianji Mountain" is the key word for the hostage. Parents' family members, relatives and friends, school teachers and classmates, browser search records, etc. are all screened. I don't believe that this tourist spot is dropped from the sky into Shen Xiaoqi's mind, whether he or he is the first to come to Tianzhangshan. The idea that these two children must be strongly influenced by some kind of information!"


Gao Panqing refused to eat, and followed a group of criminal police quickly rushed out.

Yan Yan took the smoke after three or two mouths, just smashed the cigarette butt, and suddenly the shoulder was gently taken.

"..." He suddenly turned back and saw that when he stopped, he did not know when he got into the command car. He was standing on his side and said, "Take me another recording."


"The kidnapping phone just now, the technical investigation should have a recording." Jiang stopped, "I suddenly had a ... immature guess."

Yan Yan didn't quite understand what he meant, but he knew the legendary Jiang team's criminal investigation ability, and immediately greeted the white-haired negotiating expert, let the technical investigations take the recording, and took the river to join the computer. before.

"Two billion, how are you going?"

"I am here, come and grab... If you can't get the money, don't want the life of this child... If you want to spend money, you will spare one? Dream!"

"Distance time, twenty-nine hours."

- The current rustling stopped and the recording was interrupted.

"How?" Yan Yan whispered.

Jiang stopped answering and ordered a replay."...I want to spare one if I don't spend money? Dreaming!"

"Distance time, twenty-nine hours."


"Two billion, how are you going?"



"Very weird." Jiang stopped suddenly pressing the pause, muttering.

Strictly glaring at him: "Where is it?"

The two men put their heads together in one place, Yan Yan slightly turned his face, and it happened that Jiang stopped looking. The distance between the two is not too close, and even the eyelashes of each other seem to be close together, and each other can see the red silk of the other side's eyes.

"The kidnappers seem to be two people." Jiang stopped gently. "Or, he deliberately showed two opposite characters in front of the police."

Yan Yan’s sharp brows were screwed up again: "Well?"

"Do you trust me?" Jiang stopped suddenly asking.


A few seconds of complete silence, it seems that even the air is not flowing

The commander outside the car is getting farther and farther away.

"I took you with you, not because I believe in you," Yan Yan said in a low way. "I hope I can believe in myself."

Jiang stopped his beautiful eyes and stared at him. He said, "You listen, my next analysis may shake the entire investigation direction of the Municipal Public Security Bureau."

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