Chapter 50 Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Chapter 50

As you walk deeper into the forest, the posture of the trees becomes more and more strange. (Free full novels in midair, the trees that have been shackled by countless strips of roots are like the giants of the **, standing up to cover the sun; under the ground, the roots of the criss-crossing roots are circling, covered with slippery moss and Lichens force people to be careful when they take a step, and they will slip when they are not careful.


The sound of the air immediately behind him, Yan Yan immediately stood still: "What happened?"

Jiang stopped using force to press the palm of his hand, and saw that he had just climbed up the trunk and climbed a long ant.

"Call you to help, bite it." Yan Yan grabbed Jiang’s arm and forced him to tilt his weight to himself. At the same time, he whispered: "Call you not to follow, you still don't listen, wait What to do when you slide, you have to send you to the hospital quickly - squeaky."

Jiang stopped frowning: "Not so many things, not a little girl."

"Hey, the little girl is not as expensive as you!"

"How do you say so much?"

"I said that it is the truth of countless blood and tear lessons..."

The two just screamed and walked forward with a shallow foot. Not far away, the criminal police took the police dog to open the road between the jungle, and the cicada was heard intermittently.

"Strict deputy detachment!" The police ran forward from the front, loudly said: "We have reached the limit range that the police dog can track, and then there is no way to determine it!"

Yan Yan stood in the footsteps, and he was very expensive, unable to fall and could not touch, but also guarded against the peas being bullied by the ants on the flat soft leaf layer, and then looked around.

Here is the truth. There is no shop in front of the village. The surrounding is full of towering trees and vegetation. The ordinary cell phone signal is gone. Since the police dog can no longer track down, presumably Shen Xiaoqi and Buwei did not stay here, and there was no particularly strong smell left between the trees or the stones.

The police dog snorted and screamed, and was slammed by Yan Yan. He took a piece of beef from his pocket and peeled it off to feed. However, the police dog who was licked was twisted and refused to eat.

"Hey, it’s a good training." Yan Yan exaggerated and threw the beef into the trainer.

The trainer smiled and fed again, and the police dog actually ate.

"How can the two little children turn to this ghost place," Yan Yan's eyes narrowed after the sunglasses, and if he thought: "This is not the way down the mountain."

"It’s not that it’s just a hundred thousand miles away from the downhill road!” Ma Xiang turned from the big tree and held a map of the forest: “--hey, they’ve been walking deeper into the forest. If you are counting the normal pace of a fifteen-year-old child, it’s so dark when you get here. Are they not afraid?”

“Is there a village river in front of it?”

"There is a sneaky, I have a wolf or a fox."

The trainer couldn’t hold the police dog with his tail and squatted on the ground and looked at the police. He could see that he tried to help: “Is it completely lost or has been hijacked?”

Yan Yan did not speak, walked around for a while, then stopped.

"--all are possible. What do you say, policeman?"Jiang stopped holding his arms and sideways to avoid the ants everywhere. He heard the words "Well": "It is really difficult to speculate at the moment, there are two possibilities."

Ma Xiang couldn't help but ask: "How do you say this, consultant?"

Yan Yan immediately glanced at him, and there was only a police flower that I could call you, and the innocent Ma Xiang got a head.

"If it is hijacked, when the kidnappers started to focus on them, why not go to the deep forest instead of the more mobile road, this does not make sense. If it is lost, this road is very straight. There are not too many signs of circle, nor the normal track of the lost roads in the wild." Jiang stopped shooting the ants that climbed to the body, and the words turned: "But these two possibilities cannot be ruled out. Maybe the kidnappers deliberately want to bring two It’s hard to say that children go to places that are inaccessible."

Ma Xiang does not understand: "Why can the kidnappers do that?"

Jiang stopped to answer: "Is Bud’s uncle rich?"

"Hey... look at the information is a gallery business in the field all the year round..."

"Is it enough to get two billion?"

"There must be no wow," Ma Xiang squinted and bent his elbows. "The only master who can make two billions is here."

Yan Yan immediately sensitively: "Go! Dry and move hands and feet."

Jiang stopped turning a blind eye to their little movements and said, "That's right. If the kidnappers offer 10 million or even 20 million yuan, they can all say that they are for money, and the sky-high ransom does not leave any room for repayment. It only shows him. The purpose of the two children is from the very beginning, which represents the worst of all the state predictions."

Although I had a hunch in my heart, when I said these two words, Ma Xiang couldn’t help but scream: "--tear the ticket?"

Jiang stopped saying: "Execution."

Behind them, more police officers who followed suit began to spread around, search, and try to find traces of footprints. Yan Yan looked at the back of the dark blue uniform and fell into the bushes. He suddenly murmured the two words: "Execution."

He turned his head and looked at Jiang from the sunglasses. "The execution is a punishment for the judgment of the crime. That is to say, the punishment must be punishable first. What is the crime of Shenjia?"

“Hey!” Ma Xiang grabbed his hand first: “White-tailed sea eagle?”

Can't blame these criminal police officers always mention the white-tailed sea eagle, it is true that this national level of protection of animal blood is too irritating to them.

Let people think about things in the past when they have nothing to do.

"I said how old you are..." Yan Biao's thick brow wrinkled, but before he could finish it, he was almost interrupted by Jiang Shu: "No, it doesn't matter to Shen Xiaoqi's parents."

"what?""If I am a kidnapper, I have to punish the Shenjia couple for some kind of behavior. What will I do?" Jiang stopped in Ma Xiang’s confused eyes. "I will first kidnap the child and ask for a The number of Shenjia’s family but not to give up directly, for example, eight million. After Shenjia’s selling irons and collecting eight million, I cut off Shen Xiaoqi’s finger and sent it to 12 million – Shen Xiaoqi There are also grandparents, grandparents, seven aunts and eight aunts... After all the people have gone bankrupt and got together for 12 million, I will cut off one of his ears and add one thousand to five."

"The so-called warm boiled frog is to make the frog look at me and put a little bit of firewood into the fire. It is terrible. Do you want your child to live? If you want to live, you will continue to increase the code. Eight hundred, one thousand two, one thousand five Two thousand... The Shenjia couple are gradually forced to the point of insane madness, despair and sorrow, but they never know whether they will pick up their children after the next ransom, or continue to receive a certain part of the child. ”

Yan Yan said: "Psychologically late."

"Yes," Jiang said with approval. "If the kidnappers use the means of psychological delay, then we can be sure that the target of execution is an adult, but now it is obviously another situation."

"..." Ma Xiang stunned for a long time and finally squeezed out: "Lu consultant is terrible..."

Jiang stopped laughing: "There is no such case in practice. But at least you can be sure that the kidnappers are not me."

"Then the hypothesis that the kidnapper is punished is Shen Xiaoqi himself, including Bu Wei." Yan Yan's thinking changed the angle: "Two students who have just finished the exam, Shen Xiaoqi just got the ID card, and Bu Wei did not even arrive at the age of sixteen. Social participation is very limited, and it is possible to commit crimes worthy of execution?"

This question is a question.

Several people did not speak, the police dog trainer blinked and tried to test: "You just didn't say that the little girl's parents died, adopted by the uncle... Will the little girl's social relationship be more complicated? Is it related to love killing?"

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped to look at each other, and each saw a hesitation from the other's eyes.

There are too few clues and time is tight, even if Holmes is hard to make progress.

"Although in the description of the classmates, Buwei is a prostitute who is a regular, but can not rule out this possibility, after all, her appearance is a relatively rare category in the crowd." Jiang stopped his feet and shook the ants, looked up and asked: " Is the guardian of Buwei still not connected?"

Yan Yan has two hands and one stall, and he turned back and said: "Old high -!"

Gao Panqing is far away from the command car: "Hey!!"

"It’s really not easy for you to be a criminal investigator," the police dog trainer admired and yelled at them: "Hey, this brain is expensive, and every day is like taking the strongest brain."

Jiang stopped thinking. "I am not a criminal investigator. I am only responsible for bourgeois wool."

Trainer: "Ah?"

"Yan Ge -!" Gao Panqing poked his head out from the command door: "The city bureau found the guardian of Buwei, and was using her police car to send her uncle to the farmhouse! And Director Huang sent Shen Xiaoqi's computer search record. It!"At least the work of the technical investigation has progressed a little, and everyone’s spirit has been alive.

"Oh, our profession is not search and rescue. It is also a mess here. Go back and go." Yan Yan said: "Your land consultant is being drowned by ants."

Jiang stopped unhappy: "The bean sprouts that you bought in the morning..."

"You have two less words," Yan Yan sneered as he forced his shoulders to sneer: "All day eating sweets is to attract bees to guide the butterfly, what has anything to do with me."

At half past two in the afternoon, the command car stumbled across the forest, like a brawny man who had drunk, and made everyone miserable.

"Mobile communication, WeChat payment, social software chat, web browser search and other records are all here. Originally this document has hundreds of megabytes. Fortunately, Director Huang, who rescued the disaster, gave us a focus."

Gao Panqing opened the compressed file package and handed the notebook to Yan Yan.

Sure enough, full of screen data, Shen Xiaoqi computer all the secrets are spread out in the sun, as if a body was carefully dissected, whether it is heart, liver, lung and kidney, etc., or hidden parts that are difficult to open, all in the anatomy Let everyone watch on the stage.

Ma Xiang looked over from the back seat and followed Yan Yan for a few pages. He said: "This is the biggest worry in my heart after I became a policeman."

The driver of the city bureau drove in front of him, Yan Yan concentrated on browsing the search engine records, Jiang stopped physically weak, easy to get motion sickness, sitting upside down on the co-pilot. On the whole car, only Gao Panqing took care of Ma Xiang: "Hey, you still have hidden troubles?"

"You can't look down on the old man. I don't look like a slender boy?"

Gao Panqing said: "Well, what are you worried about?" The buddy will help you solve the problem."

"There is no need to solve the problem. You promised to help me with this." Ma Xiang coughed and said: "Do our work, the blessings and the blessings, life and death are unpredictable. In case one day I fight crime and Protecting the people and bravely sacrificed, please train your colleagues to exalt your talents. Don't touch my alien computer that I used to save, especially my defgh disk, and several tb resources... ..."

"..." Gao Panqing squinted at him from the corner of his eye and said: "That burned for you."

? ”

Ma Xiang hands on his chest, tears in his eyes, after thinking for a long time, he solemnly said: "Before you burn, you can give a copy to Qin next door. After all, everyone is an old teammate who has been black for many years. I don't leave a spiritual legacy for this society. I can't go through it. ""

Gao Panqing’s face was “Oh,” and he couldn’t help but nod his head. He turned his head and muttered: “ a love game and you’re still black.”

"Old high, this search record will not miss a part because of the open ** mode or instant removal?" Suddenly screamed.

"Director Huang said no, what?"

"That's a bit strange."Ma Xiang and Gao Panqing curiously scraped together, only to see Yan Yan pointing to a line in the full screen: "On May 9th, Shen Xiaoqi first searched with the Tiancheng Mountain Raiders as a key word, before this There are no search records on tourism, and there are no such keywords as 'Summer Resort', 'Changning Nearby Attractions', 'Cheap Free Travel'. He did not pay attention to any such things as Jianning scenery and Jianning on Weibo. The headline, beautiful Jianning account, the web microblog search record can not be restored, but the browsing history did not find any day vertical mountain related; feel that the child suddenly appeared the idea of ​​'I want to go to the sky.' No other options have ever existed, no hesitation at all."

"Well..." Netizen juvenile Ma Xiang said with great experience: "Now the children are basically using mobile phones."

Gao Panqing also agreed: "If you look at the WeChat circle of friends recommended?"

Yan Yan shook his head and had not had time to say anything. The front row of rivers stopped and did not return: "Jianning is a famous tourist city, and the surrounding attractions are rich. Even if it is recommended, it will not be considered at all when planning the itinerary. Any other option, unless he has some kind of obsession with Tianhengshan."

Yan Yan raised his legs, and Chong Ma Xiang Gao Panqing made a look, whispered: "Learning with others."

Ma Xiang replied with the same small volume: "Know that you are a pair of hobby friends, don't show off."

Gao Panqing is more upright: "Excuse? What might be the situation? Lu consultant?"

Jiang stopped holding his eyes and squatting slightly, his head resting on the back of the chair.

"Lu consultant?"


Everyone's eyes were burning, and at the end of the line of sight, the weak voice of the advisor was slowly coming: "There are many kinds of situations. Perhaps some kind of saying about the mountains and the mountains is circulating among the students. Perhaps important relatives and friends have been there, or..."

He suddenly screamed and opened the window.

Everyone: "???"

Yan Yan suspicion, just want to go forward to see, suddenly see the river stop lightning and put his head out of the window, followed: "vomit -"

Everyone: "..."

The Lu consultant, who has always been gentle and elegant, was finally knocked down by the motion sickness.


The farmhouse compound, the breakfast hall was changed into a temporary action office.

"I really don't know anything, are you sure that my niece was kidnapped?"

A fat man in a suit and a suit sat in front of two policemen, his face was full of sweat, and he held a piece of handcuffs like a cultural person, but it wiped more and more:

"No, I haven't received a blackmail message at all - yes, I did not see her from the day before yesterday, but I am usually in the field, I have to call this child every week, I am not her father! What? You said that the kidnappers need two hundred million?! I dare to do this, I don’t have two million! No! - tearing the ticket? No, the police officer, you don’t understand, I am not her legal guardian, I usually give me the tuition fee. Very conscience..."

Oops -

Suddenly the door was pushed open and the two policemen immediately stood up and saw Ma Xiang entering the room with a stack of sounds: "Water? Water? Take the ice water! Quick!"Ma Xiang was in front of the road, Gao Panqing followed the fan wind, and Yan Yan personally supported the pale-faced Lu consultant. The posture was like a few people returning to the middle of the road and smashing the wild giant panda. The stars held the river to the chair. Sit up.

"How is it not enough?" Ma Xiang took over the water that the police were busy with and handed over to Yan Yan. I saw the thorns in the public security system, not afraid of the thorns, the famous second-generation Yan detachment, quickly slammed the sleeves, and personally waited for the water to stop drinking.

The police carefully inquired: "What is this?"

"Sickness." Ma Xiang whispered in a half-mouthed explanation: "The private consultant of the Yan team, the IQ of the case, the case analysis was half-dumb, and now I have not finished the second half of the sentence."

"Oh..." The policeman was not aware of the expression.

Jiang stopped and waved his hand, indicating that he was not drinking, and tired of his eyebrows.

Yan Yan only screwed the bottle of mineral water, indicating that Ma Xiang lifted the vertical fan to the river and could blow it. The consultant would be able to resurrect with blood and beat the kidnappers from the forest in a dozen hours. Come out. Then he finally got up and asked the police: "How is it?"

"Strictly deputy!" The policeman slammed the ceremony and pointed to the fat man in the suit: "This is the uncle who was kidnapped by the girl, Wei Wei, Wang Xingye, just sent by the city bureau."

In other words, in addition to the crying and screaming Shenjia parents, the case finally reached a key family.

Strictly swearing two sentences, just reaching out to hold, suddenly I saw that the fat man named Wang Xingye was not right.

- His hand was stiff in the air, his eyes crossed over and he was staring at the river not far away; for a moment, his eyes seemed to be alive and seeing ghosts.

Unable to prevent the land, Yan Yan's heart slightly sinking, and then increased the force to hold Wang Xingye's hand:

"Mr. Wang?"

"Ah...ah? Police officer?"

Yan Yan stared at him quietly and asked, "What are you looking at?"

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