Chapter 49 Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Chapter 49

Hotel breakfast room. (free full novel

The couple of farmhouse owners who heard the news and four boys and girls were placed in the hall and sat in pairs in three round tables. Several criminal police guarded the entrance and exit, and the expressionless face was cold, and the sharp eyes swept over everyone’s uneasy face.

Tan Shuang secretly raised her eyes and looked at Wang Ke, who was sitting on another table not far away. The latter was paying attention to her.

"..." Tan Shuang squinted at the criminal police in front of the hall and shook his head slightly.

Wang Ke carefully recovered his gaze.

"Tan Shuang..." whispered the sentence, "I am afraid..."

In the quiet and suffocating room, her subtle voice is particularly shocking. Tan Shuang immediately grabbed her cold hand and almost forced her to stop her voice, and then ran out of the phone and hurriedly wrote a few words: "Don't be afraid, nothing will happen!"

There are two packs of tears in the blink of an eye.

Tan Shuang continued to type in her grievances: "This is Shen Xiaoqi's fault. When he returns, he must knock him out!"

I feel my hands are getting tighter. She licked her lips and nodded her head, and immediately looked at her side.

Another son of Wang Ke, Wu Zixiang, is rushing to her to comfort and encourage her eyes.

Just in the darkness of the hall, there was a voice and footsteps coming out of the door. Everyone was anxious to look at it - the criminal police who kept at the gate immediately turned around: "Strictly!"

Yan Yan's left hand was inserted in the trouser pocket, and the right hand of the plastic bag was randomly placed, and then the shoulder of the river stopped and walked into the house.

"Hey this police officer!" "Leadership leadership!"

He hadn't had time to speak, the boss and the couple had stood up, and the criminals who had been slammed back into their throats had finally found a vent: "We don't know anything!" "Really, we just do B&B, what students are kidnapping, it really doesn't matter to us!" "Police officer please believe us!..."

Yan Yan’s eyes were staring at their eyes and pressing one hand.

The action was full of cleanliness and unbearable power. The boss and the couple’s arguments were getting smaller and smaller, and they quickly closed reluctantly.

"The registration of accommodation information is incomplete, the fire is not up to standard, and the surveillance lens is missing." The tone of Yan Yan has no ups and downs, "The Trade and Industry Bureau will talk to you."

The boss and the couple suddenly rushed, shouting and screaming, and the smoke at the scene was forced to be severely smothered, and the two criminal police officers quickly and half-lifted and helped.

The arguments and pleadings gradually drifted away, and the breakfast was restored in the breakfast room. The four teenagers exchanged their uneasy eyes with each other. Suddenly they only listened to Yan Yan’s faint words: "What are you looking at?"

Several students immediately lowered their eyes and no one snorted.

Only Wang Ke sneaked up and squinted, and was slamming into the sharp and sharp eyes, and bowed his head as a result of electric shock.

"Tan Shuang," Yan Yan slowly said.

Tan Shuang's figure is slightly stiff.

"Wang Ke."

Wang Ke is uneasy.

"Wu Zixiang."

Wang Gao’s other tall boy didn’t dare to say anything.

"Hey."The girl with tears slammed into the air and almost jumped up.

In the silence of being stretched to the limit, Yan Yan is like a wolf who broke into the rabbit's nest. Appreciating enough panic of the boys and girls, he slowly said: "There is one less person here."

"Shen Xiaoqi will come back..." Tan Shuang, with a trembling voice, said at the round table.

"Is it?" Yan Yan said coldly, leaving a heavy bombing bomb: "--So, what girl was taken away by Shen Xiaoqi?"


The quiet loud noise exploded in the air, everyone’s heart stopped, and Tan Shuang’s cold sweat slammed down!

Yan Yan seems to have no awareness of their white faces. He screams, throwing the plastic bag in his hand on the table, pulling out the pink curling iron in the bag and shaking it coldly: "Tan Shuang, hey, the two of you the day before yesterday. Isn't the same room sleeping at night?"

The blood on his face is lost, and the conditional reflection looks at Wu Zixiang!

- Her reaction was so fast that it was too late to cover up, and everyone knew it.

"It seems that we have a couple of young couples," Yan Yan paused, and turned to Wang Ke and Tan Shuang.

"Or, it's actually two pairs."

"You don't talk nonsense!"

"Yan Shushu asks you not to tell my dad!"

The sounds of Tan Shuang and Wang Ke sounded at the same time, and the contrast between sharp and pleading was very ironic and comical.

Yan Yan feels helpless and can't help but smile. He doesn't know what to do. He subconsciously turns his head and looks at the river. It happened that Jiang stopped and sighed and looked at him. They both looked at each other and seemed to hear each other saying in their hearts: Now these little Scorpion...

Yan Yan did not know if this was called the mind, but the ear was slightly hot and coughed and turned.

"We don't have anything at all, don't talk nonsense!" Tan refreshed and drummed Wang Ke and Yan Yan, pinching his hand almost to force it to break: "We have nothing good, your police will be great?" Can the police smother the blood?! We are just..."

"You haven't slept in a house, you may still be able to get rid of it. They are not expected to be." Yan Yan slammed his chin to Wu Zixiang and said: "The man's husband dares to be dare to do it. Sleeping without paying is not a man, you said What?"

Next to the 甄彤彤

Shaky to faint. Wu Zixiang was flushed and couldn't speak. He only squeezed out a sentence: "...How do you know?"

This is recognition.

Yan Yan opened the curling iron and pulled out a curly long hair from the gap between the corners. It took turns to show Tan Shuang and 甄彤彤: "You have a short hair, a straight hair ponytail, even with a curling iron, the tail is not As for the repeated hot dyeing, it is so sharp. Not to mention the three different hairs in the girls' room floor, bathroom and bed, one of which has the same characteristics as this long hair, indicating that the owner of the curling iron is at least in this double room. Stayed in the night.""And there are a few unobtrusive lipstick marks on your room pillow. In addition, you can find a few black straight hairs with a rubber band tied at the middle and embossed. It must be a small girlfriend." Yan Yan turned to Wu Zixiang and provoked Half of the eyebrows: "The only thing worthy of praise is the observation that I have been smashing the trash can for half a day. At least your security measures are in place. After all, this age..."

Wu Zixiang blushes: "Don't say it!"

Yan Yan snorted from the nose.

The breakfast room was quiet, only the boys gasped and the girls sobbed gently, and there was no other movement.

"What are you crying?" Yan Yan held his arm with a hint of play in his tone: "I am afraid that the school knows, parents know? Nothing, teenagers, you love me, as long as you don't delay learning, wait until thirty. It’s worth worrying that I can’t find the object when I was a few years old. Today’s police uncle is here to investigate the kidnapping case. As long as Shen Xiaoqi and another girl come back safely, the police car of the Municipal Public Security Bureau will immediately withdraw. No one will know the day before yesterday. Who sleeps on which bed in the evening."

The sobs gradually stopped, and a few people looked at the hesitant face of the students, adding a tone:

"Can you talk now?"

In a long silence, finally a thin and weak voice oozes out like ice: "Buwei she..."

Then the cockroaches of the cockroaches were interrupted by Tan Shuang:

"When Wei Wei was in the firewood, he was lost. Shen Xiaoqi went to see her, so she didn't come back all night."

When the words came out, I was quiet again in the surroundings. It seemed that I was so frightened that I hurriedly slammed my head and couldn’t speak. Wang Ke swallowed and stopped.

"Oh?" Yan Yan looked coldly at the hand of Tan Shuang, but did not say the following words, suddenly interrupted by a clear and calm voice behind him:

"The scratches on the inside of your back, may leave the dna of Buwei, dare to go to the city bureau to make an identification?"

Snapped! Tan Shuang grabbed his hand and looked like a thunder.

Yan Yan immediately stopped at the river and stared at the protest: I found it first!

Jiang stopped showing him a seemingly innocent expression.

"I didn't hurt her, you bullshit..." Tan Shuang's voice has begun to shake: "I don't, really don't..."

"I guess what was going on at the time."

Yan Yan stepped forward and sat down with a chair and sat opposite Tan Shuang. His arms were wrapped around his arms, and the two long legs were naturally separated.

"Two couples are traveling with another pair of lonely men and women. There is a good chance that they will match the two. Shen Xiaoqi may be unrequited love, or the two are interested in each other without explanation, so you promise to borrow this. The opportunity to travel to help him, to create a chance for him and Budwe to be alone."

Tan Shuang's eyes are like a stiff, and they don't turn.

"Let me guess how the injury in your hand is formed." Yan Yan stared at her with interest, with a malicious innocence in his tone: "I heard that you held a bonfire party last night, then it should be At the time of the firewood, you lure Buwei to the shelter of the forest, stun her, and let Shen Xiaoqi commit a crime...""I didn't!" Tan Shuang hysteria: "No, not like this!"

"You think that underage is a shield for coordinated crime, but in fact, as long as you are fourteen years old, intentional murder, intentional injury, serious injury or death, rape, robbery, drug trafficking, explosion, poisoning, all must be paid Criminal responsibility. That is to say, if the little girl of Buwei has anything..."

"Nonsense! This is filthy! Nonsense!!" Tan Shuang was completely crazy, took a cup of water and poured it on Yan Yan's face: "You shut up!"

A slamming sound, her hand was caught by people, and a half cup of water splashed on the table.

Yan Yan looked up.

- It is Jiang stop.

The fingers of Jiang’s stop are slender and the joints are distinct. Looking up at the arm, his skin was white and his eyes were dark, his eyes were drooping like a crow, and the arc made his heart sway.

"Tan Shuang," compared with the little girl with red face, Jiang stopped very soft and calm: "You may not think so, but if Shen Xiaoqi is so hot, or even if Shen Xiaoqi and Bu Wei are in love, you will be guilty afterwards." Sin, understand?"

Tan Shuang struggled hard, but the handsome young man's finger in front of her eyes was exceptionally stable and powerful, so that she couldn't break away from the half point anyway, and then she finally cried out in a wow:

"I didn't, I didn't sin..."

"You really don't want to, but the legally strong | sin is very biased towards the victim. As long as the woman is willing to identify, the biological sample can form a complete chain of evidence, even if the woman actually wants it when the incident occurs, it will not be proved because of subjective will. And it is easier to convict a man."

Jiang stopped for a short meal, down from the heights, overlooking Tan Shuang’s utterly sullen and wet eyes: “Maybe at this moment, I don’t know what happened outside. Shen Xiaoqi and Buwei are each other, I want you, but when They are coming back, Buwei

When I found out that things were getting through the storm, even when the Municipal Public Security Bureau was alarmed, I faced school, parents, relatives, friends, classmates... What would she say? ”

"Everyone is forcing her to be a victim. As long as she says the words 'I am forced,' Shen Xiaoqi and you are all finished." Jiang stopped the tone softly, but every word was clear and cold: " You have injuries in your hand, and you are extremely resistant to our investigation. We will not let you go. It is easier for us to convict you than to crush an ant."

Jiang stopped the cup from her hand and did not put it back on the table, and gave it to Yan Yan.

"..." Tan Shuang just reddened to the face of blood, has completely turned into white, lips moved, but only issued a voice that I can not hear: "I ... I did not commit crimes... ”

Suddenly, Wang Ke stood up and stood up: "Tan Shuang!"

Tan looked at him in a desperate way, as if he had found the backbone.

"You are right, say it!" Wang Ke said: "You will not have anything to do with the investigation!"

Jiang stopped and Yan Yan looked at each other and saw that the psychological defense of the girl collapsed at a speed visible to the naked eye. She burst into tears and burst into tears for half a minute before she whimpered and spread her palms, revealing two scratches:"I, I didn't hurt her... I want to save her!"


The police car bumped between the mountains and forests, and the dense bushes in the early summer season rubbed the glass, constantly making a loud noise.

"A probe group took the technology to detect the home to take the computer, resume q|q chat, web browsing and search records; the phone list in the past three months was all transferred out, one number one number for me to check, WeChat Taobao Alipay It is the key point of the focus; when is Shen Xiaoqi exactly, by what way, what kind of car is rented, and I must tell me the details within two hours, and the action is fast!"

Yan Yan hung up the phone and looked at the co-pilot. He was hitting the sight of Jiang’s stop.

"?" Yan Yan slightly raised his eyebrows.

Jiang stopped to the back seat slightly, the meaning is obvious: Do you believe her?

Yan Yan thought for a moment and nodded.

——According to the explanation of Tan Shuang’s convulsions and the supplement of Wang Ke and others, the process can be summed up as follows: This group of fifteen-year-old teenagers, who are daring to help Shen Xiaoqi pursue their beloved girls, even planned a Extremely bold activities for adults.

First, Shen Xiaoqi came forward to organize the camping. The reason why Tianguan Mountain was chosen was because the number of people in the scenic spot was small and the registration of the farmhouse hotel was not strict, so it was more convenient to implement follow-up actions. Then, according to the original plan, on the evening of the second day of arrival, the students deliberately dispersed to prepare for the campfire party. Tan Shuang took the ignorant step by step and volunteered to pick up the wood.

Of course, everyone is unaware that Shen Xiaoqi secretly followed them.

Tan Shuang was in the front seven diamonds and eight diamonds. Originally, he intended to lead Bu Wei to the depths of the labyrinth of the mountains, and then sneak away. The lost Buwei eyes look more and more late, and the surrounding is getting darker and darker. It is called that the earth should not be called the ground. It will naturally be very scared and fearful. When she is scared, Shen Xiaoqi will drill from the woods with a flashlight. Come out, pretend to find her after a long and arduous trek, just like the knights of the gods and soldiers, it is easy to harvest the princess's gratitude and heart.

In order to successfully implement this plan, Shen Xiaoqi even ordered a bouquet of gifts and cars in advance outside the scenic spot. He secretly told Wang Ke that if they could confess with Buwei, they would take her down the mountain that night, otherwise they would return to the farmhouse “80% to be laughed at by Tan Shuang”, “Buwei is angry and ignores me”; As for the follow-up is to go to a small hotel to enjoy the two worlds, or two small children to find an Internet cafe for the night, it is a random response.

The ideal is very full, and the progress seems to be very smooth. Only a small and innocent little scorpion is born. Tan Shuang leads Bu Wei to the depths of the forest. Before he even slipped away, suddenly he slammed into the tree ditch. The scratch on the hand is caused by the struggle to pull her.

"Don't be afraid to stay here first, I will call the boys to save you!"

Step by step, Wei Wei was horrified and screaming at the insects: "Let's hurry up!"

Tan Shuang ran back to the woods and found Shen Xiaoqi.When Shen Xiaoqi listened to this situation, it was simply helping me, and immediately set off with a flashlight. Unsatisfied Tan Shuang followed behind him, until it was confirmed that Shen Xiaoqi smoothly pulled Buwei up, the whole heart fell back to the stomach, and returned to the farmhouse along the mark left by Shen Xiaoqi.

The early love guerrillas did not expect the possibility of this incident, so when the parents came to the door in the middle of the night, their first reaction was to deny. Even the next day, the Municipal Public Security Bureau drove, and several daring students were very loyal to refuse to confess. They thought that Shen Xiaoqi and Buwei Shu were comfortable in which Internet cafes, and the so-called kidnapping was just a trick of ordinary phone fraud or adults.

Yan Yan expressed shock at their amazing innocence, stupidity and mobility. They asked them if they knew the dangers of the ancient mountains and forests in this primitive style. How many snake ants and wild animals were in the middle of the night, two fifteen or sixteen years old How many kinds of fancy possibilities are there for half-large children?

A few greenhouse flowers and flowers did not know, and they shook their heads with innocent big eyes.

As for the crimes committed by Jiang Su, several students shouted loudly. According to Tan Shuang’s statement, Buwei had already revealed a few times to Shen Xiaoqi in front of her, only because the girl was born with shyness and fear of being loved by the teacher. I found that I didn't dare to break through the window paper. If it is not to help them, a few junior high school entrance exams have just hated adolescents who can’t run around the world. Why do you want to run away from the ghosts where the birds don’t lay eggs?


Drive, pull out the water bottle and hand to the co-driver: "Drink?"

Jiang stopped shaking his head to indicate that he was not thirsty, and then he came to unscrew the cover and hand it back to Yan.

"Oh, so considerate." Yan Yan muttered a sentence, took a few mouthfuls with a water bottle, Jiang stopped and then tightened the bottle cap and put back the sundries.

In the back seat of the car, Wang Ke’s whispering comfort and Tan Shuang’s sorrow came. This sultry girl seemed to have become a fleshy body of water, and it has been smashed for more than half an hour.

"Yan Shushu," Wang Ke carefully probed his head: "Is there water?"

Severely screamed and pulled out a bottle of unopened mineral water and handed it over.

Wang Ke quickly thanked him and gave him a few mouthfuls of his seriously dehydrated girlfriend. He asked with guilty conscience: "Yan Shushu..."

Strictly ignore him.

"... will you tell my dad?" Wang Ke still had the courage to ask.

"Tell him what, and quickly save money for the next daughter-in-law to sue?"

Wang Ke did not dare to say anything.

Yan Yan turned over an unadorned white eye: "I don't even dare to look at the hair when I was in high school. You are good, you can't play so much if you don't have the milk." The big cut stopped on the uneven road.

Not far from the front, the command car parked in the center of the open space, more than a dozen criminal police with police dogs shuttled between the trees.

- The tree pit that Buwei fell off was found."Yan Ge!" Ma Xiang rushed down from the command car, full of face flushed, even sweat can not be rubbed: "We informed the school, several other parents are going to the Tianshan Mountain here! The girl’s household registration information was also found. The parents were both dead and the guardian was her uncle. We are trying to contact!”

Yan Yan drilled a big cut: "What is this?"

"Buwei's information." Ma Xiang finally breathed a sigh of relief, shaking the tablet: "I want to say, no wonder Shen Xiaoqi dare to play so big. With the registration of the household registration that I have seen in the police for so many years, this little girl It’s really..."

He didn't think of an adjective, so he shook his head and made a simple statement in one sentence: "It's a pity to not be a star."

Yan Yan took over the computer from Ma Xiang, the first impression is: really beautiful.

But it is also an unusually rigid.

It is true that most of the documents are in the same way, but the head of Buwei is more sluggish than ordinary people, without a look. If you want to make an analogy, just like a beautiful portrait on the light blue background, the facial features are so shocking that you are stunned by many star photos that are now exposed, but you are not angry at all.

Yan Yan looked for a moment, squinting at the side.

Jiang stopped slowly from the car, pressed his own fragile cervical spine, twisted his eyes and turned his head. With this movement, the sunlight that leaked from the shade of the trees flowed between his black hair, and a little bit of gold awns glowed.

Yan Yan suddenly flashed an untimely thought: still the police look good.

"What's wrong?" Jiang stopped to ask lazily.

"..." Yan Yan immediately regained his gaze, and the voice of the blind man snorted and pretended to seriously look at the household registration information.

On the computer screen, the girl's straight hook hooked on Yan Yan, and the eyes were like two dots of ink pen dripping into the eyes of the Phoenix. Yan Yan couldn't help but stare at her and watched it. I don't know if it was a psychological effect. Suddenly I felt a little weird.

He closed his eyes and opened it again in a few seconds, making sure it was not an illusion.

This amazing little girl, just a photo, gave him a weird feeling that could not be described in words.

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