Chapter 48 Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Chapter 48

Half an hour later, the empty road in the early hours of the morning. (Free full novel.

The Phaeton is flying like a lightning bolt, like a dazzling meteor in the morning and evening, disappearing at the end of the long street, leaving only the tail to slowly drift.

"The whole process is like this." Bluetooth inside the car followed by a strict mobile phone, Ma Xiang said: "The police car in the team has already opened to the sky, I am also going there, let's go to the place to see you."

"Well, comfort the parents' emotions, don't let them be too excited to influence the question." Then he hanged up the communication.

“Shen Xiaoqi’s parents arrived at home after dinner at night, but they decided not to worry. They decided to drive to the scenic spot to pick up their son’s home all night. Because of the strong rebellious mentality of adolescents, they were afraid that the forced reception would cause any unpredictable consequences, so they did not say hello in advance. More than three o'clock, the couple secretly drove to the farmhouse hotel, and found that his son did not go with his classmates, and did not come back to sleep all night. So the couple started to ask students, but this helped the children very uncooperative. ”

Jiang stopped leaning on the vice driver's seat to close his eyes and raise his face. His face was pale: "I don't cooperate?"

"I don't know. Shen's father asked her son to leave before or after the bonfire party. Some students said that before the classmates said it."

"It means that they are lying."

"Almost." Yan Yan said, "but a group of lying children are better than criminals who deliberately lie."

"So if the child is a suspect?" Jiang stopped suddenly asked.

Yan Yan took the steering wheel and the river stopped lifting his eyelids slightly. The two men collided in the darkness and immediately touched each other.

"5:17 in the morning," Yan Yan turned back to his sight: "The parents received the call from the kidnapper again. This time it was more than ten seconds of Shen Xiaoqi's screams and calls for help, and the voice was cut off. The kidnappers only gave The collapsed Shenjia couple left a sentence, three to eight hours and 52 minutes from the execution time."

- 3 hours, 52 minutes.

This is so complete.

"...more than ten seconds of screams, plus a warning from the kidnappers, this phone call is within 60 seconds." Jiang stopped his arms and arms, Shen Shen said: "The execution of the notice is tomorrow at 8:09."

"Yes, let's count it at 8:00. But why?"

The vehicles are flying fast on the road, leaving the city center and high-rise buildings far behind, the end of the horizon at the end, the suburban fields are endless, and the morning sun is gradually dyed with light-colored fish.

"You can't count that minute," Suddenly Jiang stopped. "The time of the kidnappers is very strong. You should have a stopwatch on several calls. The time is accurate to the minute. If it is not intentionally revealing clues, or There is only one explanation for maliciously teasing the police and parents."

Yan Yan tightened his brow: "At 8:09 in the evening, is this time specific to him?"


"Can't," Yan Yufu suspected. "What can be meaningful if you don't rely on the store after the time?"

This time Jiang stopped him with a sentence: "Where do I know, I am not a kidnapper."He closed his eyes again, holding his beloved mug in his hand - if it was tea, he was a lively old cadre, but in fact it was strict in order to attract him to go out in the early morning and wear clothes. In the gap between the competition, the old Tongxing Pu'er tea is soaked up by hand.

This does not mean that Yan Yan wears his clothes, but stops the river. Jiang stopped his body and his spirit was weak. If he slept well in the middle of the night, he couldn’t wake up in the early morning. Yan Yan shot the door for thirty seconds without fruit. He simply broke into the house and personally took him from the wide and soft double bed. A few pieces of clothes were caught in the closet, just like dressing up a doll, and picked it up and pulled out of the bedroom.

All the above details fully demonstrate the hegemony of Yan Yan as the homeowner - the bourgeoisie.

"Hey," the bourgeoisie taught, "Do you handle the case, what is your attitude, and still worry about the morning?"

The proletariat has nothing to say: "I call this a passive resistance after the violence has failed."

Yan Yan: "..."


At 8:30 in the morning, the Tianshan Mountain Scenic Area.

The Phaeton struggled up the hillside, not knowing how many branches were scraped, and finally stopped in the grass.

At the gate of the farmhouse in the distance, Ma Xiang looked up from the crowd and immediately followed the three steps and two steps to catch up: "Yan Ge! - Hey, this is not land-"

Yan Yan took over Ma Xiang: "Old Wei and Lao Lu are not there?"

"No," Ma Xiang said inexplicably. "Wei second boss is in the remote direction of the city bureau."

Yan Yan let go of his heart and turned back and waved: "You can come down."

"Lu Consultant" took a smash-proof mask between the fresh mountains and forests, and looked down and slowly got out of the car.

The trio walked to the compound at the end of the gravel road. The police car of the Municipal Public Security Bureau had already surrounded the scene. The morning fog in the forest was not scattered, and the policemen were draped in the dew and drove around, and they heard the cry of Shen Shen’s hysterical.

"How?" Yan Yan asked.

"Just finished the transcript for the students, two men and two women a total of four." Ma Xiang sweared a swearword, "Hey, the little fart children do not know the height of the sky, thinking that their little smart can get the police, speech The flaws are enough to make a hole in the jeans. Some people say that Shen Xiaoqi did not come back after the wood, and disappeared all night; some people said that they went straight to sleep after the bonfire party last night, did not notice that he was absent; some said that the party seemed to be I saw Shen Xiaoqi, but I didn’t see it at night..."

Yan Yan interrupted him: "What does Wang Ke say?"

Wang Ke, the only son of the owner of the Baozi store, is currently one of the most likely children who have been rebelled by the police.

"It is that he said that Shen Xiaoqi did not come back after the wood, which is what we are most inclined to say now."

Yan Yan raised his eyes: "Who said that she saw Shen Xiaoqi at the party?"

Three people walked into the compound, Yan Yan took the lead, Ma Xiang followed the side, the river stopped the slowest - was severely turned back and pulled his arm from time to time, as if the police dog with his ears was always paying attention to prevent losing it. s cat.Just entering the hospital door, Shen Mu’s crying was clear, and she saw only a short-haired girl with a short back to them. “Auntie don’t worry, it’s impossible to have something. Auntie, let’s relax first... ”

"It's her," Ma Xiang raised his head, "Tan Shuang."

Yan Yan stood still, observed Tan Shuang and a half, and took the transcript of the question from Ma Xiang. At this time, Jiang stopped by standing in the shade of the trees to breathe the fresh air, and was sternly pressed against the soft black hair of the back of the head, forcibly turning his head, not letting him look at him with his face, both of them standing face to face between the grass .

After a short period of time, I finished watching it carefully.

"Tan Shuang!"

The girl turned back and showed a clean, but with a strong face.

Strictly looking at her for a moment, she waved her hand and found out the certificate from the trouser pocket: "Police."

Tan Shuang hesitated for a few seconds, and then turned back and comforted Shenmu a few words, only slowly came over, hands clasped in front of her, looked back and forth in front of this handsome and high but full of anger, obviously it is very bad at first glance The policeman.

Strictly, the whole body is double eleven Taobao specials, but the wrist is wearing a block of Patek Philippe crocodile nautilus - he has no cheap watch, he is standing on the side of her position, and casually said: "How, comfort the parents? ”

Tan Shuang looked at him with a smile, and couldn't figure out the details of the policeman. He whispered a reply: "Well."

"Nothing, I will see you will be very comforting. How do you know that Shen Xiaoqi will definitely not have something?"

Tan Shuang slammed, but then responded quickly: "Because a lot of police uncles came, I believe that no matter what happens, Shen Xiaoqi will definitely come back safely."

Ma Xiang’s face was full of “哟嚯?” expression.

At this time, Jiang stopped watching the transcript and whispered: "I am going around."

"Yes," Yan Yan said that he approved: "Ma Xiang followed your land consultant and was careful to serve."

Ma Xiang immediately: "Hey!"

Jiang stopped: "..."

Yan Yan turned back to Tan Shuang, hands loosely inserted in his trouser pocket, and walked to the huge patio courtyard of the farmhouse hotel: "- Needless to say, don't be nervous, I will ask casually. You know that Shen Xiaoqi was kidnapped. ?"


"Shen Xiaoqi usually has an enemy in the school? He has played a small report to the teacher and made a small report."

Tan Shuang reluctantly followed him: "No."

"How is your relationship with Shen Xiaoqi?"

"He is my brother!"

Yan Yan returned to the bottom: "A younger brother?"

Unsurprisingly, the hobbies of these children who like to recognize relatives have not changed for many years. Tan Shuangbangbangbang has two words: "Yes."

Yan Yan felt very funny and laughed. Suddenly, not far away, there was a personal flash at the end of the whole row of rooms. Then most of the body was hidden into the corner, only half of the head was exposed, and I looked anxiously here.

It is Wang Ke.

Yan Yan recognized it in an instant, but he did not look at it, and he did not seem to see anything."I don't think anything. When I went to school, I not only recognized a group of big brothers, but also went to more than a dozen police stations because they had a copy of the bricks and bricks." Yan Yan did not see the expression of Tan Shuang's doubt. Shifted the topic: "The air here is good, who proposed it?"

Tan Shuang immediately replied: "Shen Xiaoqi."

"Where do you know the scenic spot of Tianzhang Mountain?"

"Shen Xiaoqi said that it is good, quiet, and isolated, so we are here."

Yan Yan smiled and said: "The half-big child still knows what is isolated from the world."

Tan Shuang closed his eyes behind him.

“Does Shen Xiaoqi have any abnormalities before his disappearance, has he said that he has been threatened, followed, followed, or has any abnormalities in recent times?”

Tan Shuang denied: "No, no."

Yan Yan had a ride without a ride, and asked all the nonsense that had been asked at least three times in the transcript, but Tan Shuang had to follow the step by step, one by one, and felt very wrong.

The policeman, who is obviously bigger than other officials, walked in front of himself and only occasionally looked back and eyes, but every time his eyes cast his eyes, the smiley eyes seemed to have hidden snowy blades, which could easily open any cover. And camouflage, even if it is only a little bit.

"How many boys and girls do you have in a row?" Yan Yan suddenly asked.

"My sister-in-law is a girl, and there are three boys, Shen Xiaoqi, Wang Ke, and Wu Zixiang." Tan Shuang couldn't help but swear: "Did you police have seen the hotel registration book?"

Having said that, in fact, the registration form of the farmhouse is in vain. Only Shen Xiaoqi left his name as the organizer to book the room. As for the actual number of people who actually lived, the farmhouse management is too lazy to care.

Yan Yan did not care, said: "I see that five of you have opened three rooms,

Is there a person who orders? ”

Tan Shuangyi grinned: "Wu Zixiang sleeps and snoring at night, even the boys are not willing to live with him, so I have to sleep, what is the problem?"

"No problem," Yan said, suddenly standing still and laughing at her: "I wonder if you are a little girl, how to be so disgusted with the police uncle."

Tan Shuang suddenly slammed into his condescending gaze, as if he had been smashed into the chest by his knife, and his heart skipped half a beat.

" police," Tan Shuang's face was slightly white, and he thought he was very calm and swallowed: "You policeman used us as a suspect, and asked it over and over again. Is it really strange to be unhappy? Clearly we I don’t know anything, I’m being shackled, and your police know you don’t know how to respect our personal freedom!”

This is really naive, and sternly provokes a half of the mouth, revealing a smile full of evil.

"What are you laughing at, what are you..."

"Your hand is hurt."

Tan Shuang made a shock, and the conditioned reflex handle slammed and covered two hidden parallel scars on the inside of the palm: "That was just when feeding the cat..."

Yan Yan interrupted her and could not refuse: "Give me your phone."


Oh!Jiang stopped to open the bathroom drawer of the hotel room, reached in and flipped it over, and did not care to put the girls' shower caps, headscarves and hair clips and other pieces to one side.

Ma Xiang looked at the Lu consultant in front of him, and he felt very confused inside. He felt that he was in the hotel room and turned aimlessly, except for the suitcase locked by the student, even the wardrobe, drawer and bathroom. Haven't let go. Even worse, he spent a lot of time in the girls' room, not to mention that this unauthorized search behavior was originally a violation of the rules, saying that the behavior is like a psychopathic voyeur.

——But the ordinary voyeur will not be as cold as his expression, his eyes are so sharp, and the body is so calm and professional, so that Ma Xiang has no intention of dissuading him several times.

"That ... Lu consultant," Ma Xiang cautiously said, "Would you like to buy something to eat? Breakfast?"

Jiang stopped answering, suddenly took out a thing from the depths of the drawer, and the wire was smashed with a lot of bits and pieces.

Ma Xiang curious probe, I saw that it is a little like a baton-like pink ceramic round bar, with a short handle and a rubber handle, it seems that there are several switches: "This is what?"

"You do not know?"

"I do not know."

Jiang Shushun said: "You must know the strict brother."

"???" Ma Xiang headed out three question marks neatly, followed by the words of Yan Ge, and then look at the shape of the round bar, thinking suddenly spread to some unspeakable different dimension, Teng! In an instant, I got a red face.

"Hey, I... Oh, Lu consultant, you are really..."

Jiang stopped inexplicably and took a look at Ma Xiang, who was arrogant, and did not know what he was thinking. But he was not a curious person. He only reached out to turn on the bathroom lights and squatted on the ground and began to search carefully.

"Sure enough, you said the same thing as Yan Ge." At the same time, Gao Panqing followed Yan Yan on the steps and admired the authenticity: "We checked all the students' mobile phones as you said, and they did not find any of them. Calling the parents - usually in this situation, the minor contacted the parents early to pick up the police, but this child is afraid of fear, even dare not inform the aunt..."

"There are many kinds of people's fears. The four students' fears are not the kidnappers around them, nor the students who are still alive or dead, but the police." Yan Yan said faintly, "You can clearly see from Tan Shuang's reaction. Seeing it, she and other students have the same hope: as long as Shen Xiaoqi comes back, the police will withdraw, and the more troublesome things are over; as long as they persist in not telling parents and teachers, they will Will not be embarrassed."

Gao Panqing stood still: "What do you mean, is Shen Xiaoqi's disappearance a masterpiece of these students?"

Yan Yan said: "He is the most likely to be the mastermind. It is not ruled out that Tan Shuang is assisting from the side. Several other students have set fire bridges."

"But... why?" Gao Panqing said: "I thought that this adolescent boy was disguised from his home and was tied up. The bridge with a high ransom to prove his position in the parents' mind could only appear in the TV series... ”"No, it doesn't. The Shen family and the couple sneaked in the middle of the night for a few hours and ran to the mountains. They were obviously very concerned about their sons. Besides, if they were self-directed, the tops that were soaked by the white-tailed sea eagle could not be explained."

After Yan Yan said this, he continued to walk along the corridor of the hotel. Gao Erqing, who was unable to understand his mind, quickly followed the front: "Is it related to the protection of animals at the national level? The bear child steals the eggs and is nearby. Is the Zorro complex tied?"

"Are you writing a novel?" Yan Yan said with a smile. "The rhubarb suggests that the blood coat may come from the white-tailed sea eagle. I specifically checked the information. First of all, this scenic spot is not the habitat of the sea eagle. Secondly, do you know? How fierce is the white-tailed sea eagle? These bears are not necessarily opponents. If you dare to steal the eggs, the ashes are getting cold."

This kidnapping case is full of surprises. Gao Panqing only feels that he has never seen such a case in the fog, and he has no intention of spreading his hands: "That strict brother said, what is going on?"

At this time they walked to the open door, Yan Yan stood still, took the plastic bag from Gao Panqing, and smiled:

"Where do I know, I am not a kidnapper."

Gao Panqing: "..."

Yan Yan puts early

When I was stopped by the river, I was thrown it to others. I felt an unspeakable spiritual satisfaction and turned into the house: "Lu consultant! I am giving you food, have you found it?"

In the hotel house, Ma Xiang was stopped by the river and stood squatting with his hands on his face. In the bathroom, Jiang is wearing gloves, picking up a few hairs from the ground with a pair of tweezers, and carefully observing the lights.

"--Hey, what?" Yan Yan saw this scene and stood up sensitively: "This is the scene? Do you want to wear a shoe cover?"

"No." Jiang stopped and said, "What's the food?"

Yan Yan pulled out the soy milk cup, inserted the straw, and placed the warm plastic bag on the outside table: "This is my hard work, I went to buy the sweet bean paste in the bean paste, and we are dedicated to the free dry work." Land consultant..."

Jiang stopped watching the hair without leaving the hair. He took a soak of milk in his hand and did not raise his head. "If you can put a kidnapping case with only 30 hours left, let's go and buy what soy milk." Buns, the position of this detachment may not be long."

As he looked up, the two stood in close proximity in the bathroom and looked at each other.

"I am busy, and I have worked hard to personally tell the intern who the old master to buy the buns." Yan Yan said with courtesy, "Hold it, don't be so crap."

Jiang stopped taking the soy milk cup, and the bottom of his eyes slipped through a slight smile.

"How?" Yan Yan somewhat unnaturally opened his eyes and carefully took over the scorpion: "Have you found evidence?"

"I don't count the evidence, it's just a doubt, mainly because I found that." Jiang stopped holding hot soy milk in his hands, and went to the pink ceramic round stick that made the pure love boy Ma Xiang still unable to calm down.

Yan Yan handed it up: "Is the hair right?"

"You see it yourself."Ma Xiang’s eyes immediately straightened, and I saw that Yan Yan really picked up the round stick and observed it for a while.

"...It's really true." After a long time, the quiet room only listened to Yan Yan and muttered: "Sure enough, I don't know... I know what these children are hiding. The students in this year are really courageous... ”

Jiang stopped biting the straw with ambiguity: "There is another detail in the boy's room. I suggest you look at it, maybe there will be more inference."

Yan Yan nodded in agreement, took the lead in drilling the bathroom, handed the pink ceramic round bar to Ma Xiang, and turned to go outside.

Suddenly he noticed something, and he stopped like a ghost: "- What happened to the pony, not comfortable?"

Everyone looked in the distance, only to see Ma Xiang blushing almost able to burn eggs, the expression is like a hand holding a countdown bomb | bomb: "I am not, I do not, I, I, I..."

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped to look at each other, the latter shrugged to indicate that they were completely ignorant.

“Do you have any problems?” Yan Yan said inexplicably. “What is wrong with this ceramic curling iron?”

Ma Xiang: "Ah?"

Ma Xiang, who has never been pulled by a girl in this life, is single, old, and straight, and has fallen silent in the confusing gaze around him.

The author has something to say:

Yan Yan: My mom used it.

Jiang stopped: Yang Mei used it.

Gao Panqing: My sister used it.

The second-year-old junior Ma Xiang:...

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