Chapter 47 Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Chapter 47

"Are you alarming?"

Shen Shen stunned and cast a look for help. Yan Yan gently nodded. (free full novel

"Report, of course, report it! Otherwise, what should we do? Where do we get two hundred million for you in ordinary people?!"

There was an electronically synthesized cold voice coming from the mobile phone: "Good."

Shen’s father stuck in the shell and didn’t answer the words for a while. The small meeting room was suffocatingly quiet.

Yan Yan touched out the phone and quickly hit a few words, and the backhand was bright. Shen Shen carefully squinted and slyly followed the strict instructions of the parrot: "We, we still want the son to come back, you open a price! As long as our family can afford it, the shabu-shabu sells iron to you!"

"Two billion," the other said. "You can't afford a penny."

"I am not Ma Yun, not Wang Jianlin. You have to get a practical number for kidnapping blackmail. Millions of dollars can't sell us and sell cars for you. Two hundred million you don't want to live to force people to die?!"

Huang Xing poked his head from the corridor and made a gesture in the distance to indicate that the technician was tracking.

Yan Yan first gestured to know.

The bargaining work on Shen’s business field finally played a role at this moment: “You want money, I want people, things that could have been solved peacefully, why do you have to lose both sides? I’m absolutely unable to get 200 million yuan. Either you lower the price, or I can only have never had this son!"

The slamming sound was loud, and Shen’s father was beaten by Shen Shen’s solid slap.

Obviously just a play! Shen Shen used his mouth to angrily defend, and then Shen Shen also used the mouth to top back: not doing the play!

Yan Yan's ears moved, and suddenly heard the sound of the phone that was not obvious, like a mocking sneer, immediately stepped forward and opened the couple.

Sure enough, I only heard the electronic sound ringing again, like a computer program without feelings, and the hard state repeats:

"Two billion, a penny can not be less."

"Mom!" Shen father was furious: "I don't want to be fooled with me, my son is not in your hands! My son is very good! Scholars do not swindle and measure themselves a few pounds, take a piece of The clothes of the bird blood thought that I could scare the old man? The shit! I have the ability to be bright and straight, I am not afraid of Shende’s life, anything -"


As if a program was launched, Shen’s anger was subconscious and stopped, and everyone stared at the phone.

"Distance time, forty-eight hours and twenty-four minutes."

The phone was hung up.

The meeting room was shrouded in a stunned atmosphere, and after a long while, Shen’s father was confused and said: "...What is this thing?"

Yan Yan did not care for him, and quickly walked into the technical investigation office: "Is it found? Rhubarb?"

"This is a network dialing that is made by using a foreign paid service. It should be done before the charging party has charged the value, and then set up a platform to make a call or edit a text message. The number is automatically generated by the system. It is similar to many domestic spam subscription SMS. , but the difference is that this server is set up outside the country, and very low level, it is a bit difficult to track."Yan Yan asked: "But the person who made this call should be in the country?"

Huang Xing definitely said: "That must be."

"This year, the TV station criminal investigation drama was released, and the criminals all learned to investigate." Yan Yan muttered a sentence, and suddenly remembered the evaluation of Jiang stopped a few hours ago, and his heart glimpsed a little -

"If it is a prank, the means is too delicate."

Indeed, if it is telecommunications fraud, criminals can not open 200 million and understand the situation of Shenjia; if it is a prank, the means are too delicate, beyond the normal logic of behavior.

The only explanation is that kidnapping is real.

This is not a joke.

"how about it?"

Yan Yan leaned over and saw that Jiang stopped standing on his side and holding his arm.

The Jiang team's facial expressions are still iconic and relaxed. The waist is slim and slender, and the shoulders are wide and the legs are long, like the models in the shop window. Looking at him, I don’t know how to make a slight movement inside, like a stone thrown into the lake, and it’s hard to calm down.

"Network dialing." Yan Yan touched the nose, which slightly concealed the unnatural expression, said the results of the tracing of the technical investigation in three sentences and two words, and asked: "What do you think, the king flower?"

Jiang stopped inexplicably and gave him a look.

"What is your eyes?"

Jiang stopped asking: "...not to say Yuanfang?"

Yan Yan slammed, and then almost squirted out, hurriedly slammed his face: "Hmm, Yuan Fang?"

“It’s hard to say.” Jiang shook his head and shook his head: “There may be flaws, or it’s just that Shen’s business is offending people and deliberately tidying them. But in any case, just in case it’s necessary, if I were you, immediately……"

The river stopped talking halfway and was suddenly interrupted by the knocking on the door.

"Yan Ge!" An intern police officer sneaked in. "The old bunny shop downstairs said that you helped a beautiful policewoman to order a meal, and did not send it in?"

Yan Yan: "..."

Jiang stopped: "?"

"Old high-!" Yan Yan was furious: "How do you bring an intern? Can you learn to talk?! What a beautiful policewoman is messy! Everyday thinking is to go to work or to fall in love!! Let me give you Gao Panqing!!"

Innocent Gao Panqing is next door

Finishing the file, the sound of the rush came, copying the ignorant of the internship police to the next folder, flying generally slipped away.

Yan Yan is like a fire-breathing blame, rushing out of the door to pick up the takeaway, and I saw the owner of the buns shop smiling at the plastic bag standing on the stairs, looking at the neck and looking at the corridor, and saw Yan Yan immediately laughed. flower.

"Look at it, look at it," Yan Yan said: "I said how many years of buns you sold with the city bureau, even I can't tell you, where are the beautiful policemen from our bureau? ?..."

"I see the couples," the boss smiled and pointed to Yan Yan: "My son's classmates, what? What happened?"

Yan Yan turned back, separated by more than ten meters, Shen Shen Shenmu was standing at the door of the small conference room, hurriedly pulling the logistics police to ask what."... Shen Xiaoqi?" Yan Yan confirmed.

The boss nodded: "The representative of the physical education class, organize the big guys to go on an outing together, each person has two hundred dollars."

Strictly for a few seconds, he said: "Your son has also gone to the mountains?"

"Why don't you go," the boss suddenly returned with a taste: "Is it something out of the country?!"

The boss’s face changed dramatically, and it seemed that the heartbeat was on the verge of one hundred and eight. Yan Yan hurriedly waved to him and said nothing, and called Shen Xiaoqi’s parents over again. Several adults met and said that they were really clever, and they actually met each other at the school’s parent meeting. Shenmu couldn't wait to say the blackmail and blood clothes, scared the bun shop owner to take a sigh of relief.

"There is still such a thing in this year! Don't worry, it doesn't matter!" He hurriedly comforted Shen's mother: "I sold so many years of buns and porridge at the door of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. What kidnappings have not been seen? - Two months The former police officers successfully rescued a rich second generation. Nothing was wrong except for a small number of fingers. The rich second-generation aunt also drove a sports car to send the banner! The police were very powerful!"

Shen mother: "..."

Shen Father: "..."

Yan Yan can't laugh and cry: "Hurry and don't scare people, call your son and confirm that Shen Xiaoqi is really with his classmates."

The boss promised, did not ruin, and immediately called his child.

His son, Wang Ke, can be regarded as the gang of criminals who watched growing up. When he was young, he helped the shop at the entrance of the city bureau. When he was in elementary school, he was seduce and ransacked his pocket money. He was crying back and crying, or the criminal investigation detachment personally settled out. He grabbed the punk and beat him to the police station and detained him for ten days. The few non-mainstream young people still don’t understand why they only recruited the city’s public security bureau when they only grabbed 20 pieces. Since then, the primary schools around the square have been very peaceful.

Wang Ke is not like Shen Xiaoqi. When the bell rings a few times, he immediately picks up the phone. He said: "--ah? Dad, what are you talking about?"

“Shen Xiaoqi!” The owner of the buns shop repeated the tone: “Is he with you?”

"...not in the air."

Shen Fu Shenmu immediately became nervous: "What? Not?"

"...He went to the wood and he will come back soon." Wang Ke added, "We are going to open a bonfire party, everyone is going to smash wood."

The parents of Shenjia were relieved to confirm that their son did not lie, and thanked Yan Yan and the owner of the Baozi store again and again.

After a lot of twists and turns, it seems that the curtain has finally come to a close at this moment. The confirmation of the classmate Wang Ke has made everyone have a reassurance. Shen parents also slammed a few words against Wang Ke, and explained that they should pay attention to safety and fire prevention. The three parents finally let go of their hearts.

"In the past few days, pay attention to lock the door and lock the window. It is best to pick up the children when they go to school." Yan Yan sent them to the stairs and said, "If there is any investigation into the blood clothes, we will contact you again."

Shen’s father laughed and sighed and promised: “Understand! Understand! Police comrades have worked hard!”

Yan Yan waved his hand and pushed his cigarette back to the floor."I should have been comfortable playing games at home, or going out to play." He thought as he went upstairs. "This is a messy day."

At this time, it was already more than eight o'clock in the evening. There were no major cases, and the people of the criminal investigation detachment went almost. Yan Yan climbed to the last step, put his hands in his trouser pockets, and vaguely felt that he had forgotten something, but he couldn’t think of a reason, so he licked his faint eyebrows.

In the early years, I was so dizzy that I climbed up and appeared on the second day. I didn’t have anything to do with my spirits. I can’t do it now. It can be seen that his mother is right. If there are more than 30 people, you should pay attention to your body. Go home and go to bed early tonight.

"Police!" Yan Yan casually said, "Go home, go!"


"Police flowers?"

Yan Yan turned around and almost ran into the face: "Hey, what's the matter with you?"

Jiang stopped his hands and embraced his chest, leaning against the door frame of the office. At the beginning of the Hua Deng, he crossed the glass window at the end of the city hall corridor, and plated his side with a gentle glimmer of light - if gentle.

He asked calmly and clearly, one word at a time:

"What about the pretty policewoman's buns?"

Yan Yan: ".................."

The Yan deputy detachment was empty and empty. Just a little chaotic and busy, the buns sent for the second time did not know where to go.

Jiang stopped shaking his head, it seemed a bit embarrassing, touched the phone to open the takeaway app, and then was held down by the strict hand.

Yan Yan is like a male who has not completed the predation task and failed to feed his family. His face is suddenly red and red, and he swears a little: "Go home. I will compensate you for going home."

Jiang stopped politely and raised half of his eyebrows.

City bureau

The buns shop at the door was closed, and Jiang stopped to follow the Yan Shun on the s450. On the road, he did not see him go to the supermarket to buy food. After only sending a few text messages, he stepped on the accelerator. Family.

Yan Taizi didn’t know what his mentality was. He was not lucky enough to be in the double-decker palace in the city center. Instead, he lived in the high-end residential apartment where he stayed in the river and finally lived in the cold and gorgeous model house. Rich... male hormones. S450 light car familiar road into the garage to stop, Jiang stopped just down the ground, followed by Yan Yanzhao shoulders, smug full of upstairs to open the door, the lights are not bright, only heard the melodious violin sound.

Snapped! Strictly open the big chandelier.

Jiang stopped: "?"

In the dining room, the newly-made five-person double-level high and low level is placed on the dining rack, respectively, covered with silver meal cover, red wine, goblet, bright knife and fork neatly placed, the candle-shaped candle holder blooms faintly Huaguang.

"..." Jiang stopped two fingers to pinch a meal cover, like a sizzling fried medicine lead.

On the Hermès hand-painted porcelain plate, the delicate lobster pasta on the plate is fragrant.

"Can I ask?" Jiang stopped finally.

"Yes." Yan Yan took off his coat and replied with the same degree of courtesy as Jiang’s eyebrows. "You can do whatever you want with money."

"Well... I mean, can you turn off the music, not very good."

Yan Yan: "..."Yan Yan silently turned off the sound, and finally admitted himself: "In fact, I also feel that eating at home is not easy to digest, so the chefs should come every time they come, maybe they want to praise."

The lobster is tender and tender, the pasta is full of flavor, the fish is smooth and juicy, and even the tiramisu as a post-dinner snack is very authentic. The only fly in the ointment was that the atmosphere on the table was a bit awkward, and the river stopped there was no opening. From him there was only a slight click of the knife and fork colliding with the plate.

It would be a bit strange for two men to sit face to face and have a candlelight dinner. Do you want me to put the candle out?

I actually just want to ask him to have a good meal at home. Who knows that the chefs have made such a big fuss. However, Jiang’s stop was interesting to me, and he should not think that I would chase him. Although I am chasing it, there is nothing. If he is indeed innocent, but it will take more than four hours to drive from Jianning to Gongzhou in the future. It is very difficult to maintain long-distance relationship.

Strictly smashed the forehead, suddenly coughed, tentatively asked: "Jiang team?"


"If there is a chance in the future, would you like to transfer to Jianning?"

The river stopped and seemed to have completely ignored this problem. He said: "It doesn't matter."

- He is willing! Yan Yan definitely thought, he is good to take the initiative!

"Thank you." Jiang stopped finally finished the last small tiramisu, wiped the mouth with a white napkin, looked up and solemnly.

Yan Yanzheng is immersed in the thought that "he is so active, I can't live up to him, after all, he is the Jiang team." He screamed: "What do you thank?"

To his surprise, Jiang stopped saying: "I don't know."

Jiang stopped near the spacious back of the chair and stretched out. This is the first time he has made such a comfortable and undefended movement in front of Yan Yan. It seems that he got some kind of warm cat in the snow and ice, and the delicate eye tips are smashed, and then he "hook!" In a tone, smiled: "You can always make people around you feel safe."

Strictly stayed.

"Dishwashing?" Jiang stopped asking.

"...Oh, no, let's call the hour to work tomorrow."

Jiang stopped to loosen his shoulders and said, "I will wash it, activities."

Strictly blocking the card in the throat, Jiang stopped to pick up the leftovers, and walked into the kitchen with a stack of porcelain plates, and the sound of the water was heard.

The candle burns and the warm smell of the food lingers in the dining room. The sound of the dishwashing is a bit embarrassing. Yan Yan sat for a while, got up and followed the kitchen, picked up the dish cloth from the disinfection cabinet, stood on the side of the river, and began to clean the plate with water drops on the iron frame.

In this way, Jiang stopped handing over a plate and handed it over. Yan Yan received the hand and wiped it clean, and then gently put it into the dish cabinet. The two did not talk, but shoulder to shoulder, only the chores of housework in quiet nights.

Until the last few forks and knives were put into the drawer, Jiang stopped to take the soft towel from Yan Yan and wiped his hand.Yan Yan stood in front of him, bowed his head slightly because of his height difference, and saw the long, slender and bruised hands rubbed back and forth on the white towel, and the nails were slightly pink.

- I can't get the trigger. Such a sentence suddenly appeared in Yan Yan’s mind.

But this hand must be very beautiful when pulling the trigger.

Jiang stopped putting the soft towel back into Yan Yan’s hand and decided to look at him, his lips floating in a smile: "Good night."

In the warm orange bright light, Yan Yan wanted to say something and could not send it out, only snoring in the throat.

Jiang stopped to bypass him and walked out of the kitchen.


That night, I hadn’t slept for a long time, as if there was some kind of hot liquid flowing back on the central nervous system. After a long time, he fell into a dream, and fragments of broken, fiery and chaotic intertwined in the depths of consciousness, forming a scene of hidden and grotesque.

I don't know how many hours later, the bedside phone bell broke through the night and screamed sharply.


Yan Yan, a spirited sitting

When I got up, I slammed my head, and the conditional reflex took the phone. I couldn’t hear the sound of hoarseness: "Hey? Who?"

"Yan brother, something went wrong." Ma Xiang on the other side of the phone was also full of tiredness: "The Shen family and his wife drove to Tianlongshan to pick up their son and went home. They found that Shen Xiaoqi was really missing. He did not even talk to his classmates. together."

Strictly immersed in some kind of anger that was interrupted by a nightmare, a sinister fire rushed to the top of the brain: "Is this fucking endless?!"

"You listen to me, this time is true." Ma Xiang probably has gone out of anger, is in a state of detachment and emptiness: "The Shenjia couple received an anonymous call, which is Shen Xiaoqi’s heartbreaking screams and The voice of help, while the kidnappers said that there are still three hours and 52 minutes from the execution time."

Yan Yan frowned: "What?" At the same time, subconsciously looked at the time.

On the bedside alarm clock, the numbers jumped in the darkness, emitting a secluded green light - 5:35 in the morning.

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