Chapter 46 Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Chapter 46

"The blood clothes, carton, and sealing tape are not allowed to move. All of them are sent to extract fingerprints for physical and chemical identification. Give Shen Xiaoqi's mobile phone number to the technical investigation, and call Director Huang to do a triangle positioning. I want to know where the child is. Individuals call the Scriptures Office and ask them to contact Shen Xiaoqi’s school teacher, to get a list of all the classmates and guardians of this outing, immediately!”

The screams of screaming resounded through the corridor, and all the duty police officers who stayed in the city bureau responded, and everyone was busy at the same time. (free full novel

"Yan Ge," Gao Panqing rushed forward and whispered, "Would you like to call the Wei Bureau?"

Yan Yan did not answer immediately, but looked at Shen Shen.

Shen father called his son's phone over and over again. The phone repeatedly heard the user's absence from the service area. When you look at the expression, you know that the couple's tortured nerves are simply broken.

"Old Wei, then wait," Yan Yan whispered to Gao Panqing. "Call and call Ma Xiang back."

Gao Panqing nodded, and went quickly.

"How old is not in the service area, where is your child going on an outing?" Yan Yan asked.

"Day of the mountains." Shenmu probably saw Yan Biao's inexplicable complexion, very uneasy: "I didn't hear the name at first, but later I learned that it was a new scenic spot developed in the southeast. - When they arrived yesterday morning, the mobile phone. The call was intermittent, saying that the signal was not good in the mountains."

Yan Yan raised his chin to the physics and chemistry laboratory. "When and when did the carton be discovered?"

"After we went back in the afternoon, we had a phone call with the children. When we came out of the company at night, it was... his signal was not good..."

It is hard to say clearly that Shenmu’s eagerness to stutter. Yan Yan couldn't help but frown and wanted to tell her something, but watching so many people around the corridor was a bit of a scruple. After thinking for a moment, he gestured and said, "Follow me first."

Shenmu is not clear, so take the Shen father together, followed by Yan Yan into the small meeting room.

"I said this in advance is illegal," Yan Yan closed the door and opened the door to see the mountain: "But look at you so panic, I will pay the first. The bloody clothes smell a little different from human blood, your son has encountered unexpected The possibility is relatively small."

If Shenmu was reborn, she almost bite her tongue: "Ah?"

Strictly nodded.

"Can this smell?!"

Yan Yan said that the fresh blood that I have smelled has deteriorated. The blood of all kinds of blood is more than the blood that I have eaten in my life. How can I not smell it? The terrible thing is that there is a company with a surname of Jiang. You don't have to smell it. If you look at your eyes, you know that it is animal blood...

However, he did not say this sentence, but simply said: "At present, it is only speculation. It depends on the identification results of physics and chemistry. Is the carton found at the door of the company at night?"

Shenmu was able to calm down a bit, although the tail was still a bit unstable: "Yes, yes, we had a particularly important dinner tonight, when we came out of the company..."Shen Xiaoqi is a well-born teenager. His parents opened a clothing company. As Jiang stopped, if the kidnappers only need 2 million, the police may not receive a report at all. Now the money has arrived.

On the way back from the police station in the afternoon, the frightened Shenmu Shenmu called his son and asked him not to go out and hurry home. However, Shen Xiaoqi said that he had an appointment with his classmates to "have activities" at night. Even if he came back early, he would have to start tomorrow morning, and the mobile phone signal might not be too good at night.

The parents of the Shen family asked the son to repeatedly guarantee that he would stay in the farmhouse. He calculated that he would go to the company with anxiety and worry about the group activities and never separate.

After work in the evening, the couple had a particularly important contract waiting to be signed at the dinner, so they deliberately set off early. When they just left, they saw the carton with the blood coat on the ground.

——The warehouse of Shenjia Company is far away from the industrial area, but the office is set up in the downstairs of the home. The picture is convenient and easy to operate. The surrounding is not equipped with a perfect camera like a regular office building. If someone deliberately puts the blood coat in a cardboard box and puts it there, and then avoids the monitoring and slipping away, technically, it is completely achievable.

But the terrible thing is, why do the other people know the office location of Shen’s parents, and they can just catch the fault of Shen Xiaoqi’s mobile phone?

If it is possible that this incident in the afternoon may be telecom fraud, then the target of the crime has become very specific.

"Beep - beep -"

The prompt tone of the other party in the service area suddenly disappeared, and everyone was refreshed at the same time. Shen's entire man trembled violently and almost slipped the phone out. After a few seconds, he only heard the phone:

"Hey, Dad?"

When Shen Shouton was a soft leg, if it was not strictly supported in time, the risk did not fall on the spot.

Just then, behind the door, Jiang stopped pushing the door.

"..." Yan Yan rushed to the door in the roar of Shen’s phone fluttering to the door, slamming the door and whispering, "How come you?"

"Don't you say that you are not in the Lu and Wei Bureaus?" Jiang seems to be completely ignorant, "Buns?"

Yan Yan discovered that his hand was empty, and the buns did not know which corner he was thrown into.

"Fuck, how is this person you are so delicate, I got it and I will help you call it..."

Jiang stopped looking at the eager and angry Shen Shen, suddenly raised his hand to stop Yan Yan and went forward.

"You do not know

Mom and Dad are more anxious? Don't go to the corner where the cell phone has no signal, just stay in the hotel! activity? what activity? Today, people bring a bloody clothes to the door of the house! ......"

“Mr. Shen?” Jiang stopped to confirm.

Shen father raised his head as he yelled at his son. "Ah?"

Jiang stopped referring to the mobile phone: "Open video."

Shen’s father woke up like a dream, and his heart said that the police comrades of the police were moving fast, and immediately asked his son to hang up and fight again.From Shen Xiaoqi's reaction, he was probably a little unhappy, but he couldn't get rid of the nerve-damaged parents. So after a few seconds, he connected the video and saw a young boy's face in the background: "Hey, Dad. Can it be now?"

Jiang stopped his thumb on his chin, and covered his small half face with one hand, his teeth gently sticking to the root of the index finger - this is his habitual movement when thinking.

Yan Yan walked over to him and found a pair of eyes under his baseball cap, staring at the screen of the phone.

"I am going to pick you up with your mom now, it's too dangerous! Don't say anything!"

"Oh my dad, that's all mischievous, you all reported twice for police..."

"How come you are not in the hotel? What about your classmates? How is a person outside?!"

Shen Xiaoqi complained: "At night, the bonfire party, I am not in the wood? I promise to leave home early tomorrow, go early in the morning!"


"How?" Yan Yan asked softly.

Jiang stopped the line of sight without leaving the phone screen. "What do you think?"

"The boy of this age, just finished the test, can't wait to live outside the collective life is normal, can't see anything."

Jiang stopped nodding and suddenly leaned over his ear and gently said: "Look at the child's eyes."

The warm air flow is not so much as it is, it is better to say that it is impacting the severe eardrum and blood vessels, shaking each nerve. For a few seconds, Yan Yan’s expression and his mind were completely blank, and his heartbeat was loud like a drum. Every word of Jiang’s stop was heard in his ear, but its meaning has not been transmitted to the brain for a long time.



Jiang stopped pulling the distance: "What happened to you?"

"..." Stern gaze slammed down on Jiang’s lips, seemingly a little erratic, then turned to the phone screen: "... um."

Uh huh?

The river stopped frowning, but did not say anything. Suddenly the door of the small meeting room knocked a few times, and then was pushed away by Huang Xing: "Old Yan!"

Yan Yanru was greatly stunned. Even Shen’s end of the call hanged up and the video didn’t have time to respond. He hurriedly waved to the couple and asked Huang Xing: “The result is out?”

"Well, this is the latitude and longitude of Shen Xiaoqi's mobile phone signal. This is a nearby map." Director Huang saw a river in a casual park, but because there were too many policemen wearing casual clothes in the city bureau today, he did not pay much attention. In a hurry, the positioning result was pointed to Yan Yan: "Hey, Tianding Mountain, a southeast suburb of Jianning City, has just developed into a tourist attraction at the beginning of this year. This table is a registered farmhouse and family hotel in the scenic spot. It is said that the original style is very well preserved, but since it has not yet started publicity, it has not yet become a local resort for small fresh people, although I guess it is fast."

Yan Yan took over the positioning information, turned a few pages, and muttered: "No."

Huang Xing asked: "Where is it wrong?"

“The new developments that have not yet started to be promoted, how many children who graduated from junior high school think about going there?”

Shen Fu’s mother’s face is not the same, she can’t say why."It's also very understandable," Huang Xing's family has a son who is being talked to by the teacher every day. He has a better experience: "The youth rebellious period always wants to be different, and runs specifically to the place where the unique taste is displayed. I can barely say it."

Slightly sucking a sigh of relief, the suspicious color on the face is even heavier.

Suddenly a voice came from behind a few people: "I can't say it."

Yan Yan turned back.

Jiang stopped maintaining the one-handed posture of covering the lower half of the face. From his natural sight and relaxed facial muscles, his face is probably his signature expression—that is, no expression.

"How do you say, police comrade?" Shen Fu hurriedly asked, another brainstorming: "Oh, look at me, haven't asked your name yet?"

- Jiang stopped to have a kind of particularly calm and stable old cadre temperament, so that Shen Shen thought that his level is higher than Yan Yan, and that he has to be a leader of the detachment.

"I am his friend," Jiang stopped facing Huang Xing's doubtful eyes, and gestured to Yan Yan if nothing had happened.

Obviously, I don’t want to be friends with me, and I’m serious.

"Adolescents are rebellious, but they are also strong. If you have never had a family, the first stop will often choose to promote the tourist attractions with high popularity and popularity, and will send a lot of friends to attract attention. Choosing Tianzhangshan, the first round is inconvenient, the second is no way to show off, and it is less likely to be the first choice for hiking."

Jiang stopped his eyebrows and seemed to think for a moment. The words turned sharply: "But it may be another situation."


"Someone wants to go especially, and this person is the leader of a small group."

Shen Fu Shenmu shook his head, but then hesitated. Shenmu twisted and said: "Our children... play basketball and swim, it seems to be very active among the students..."

Shen father also said: "We also

Give pocket money, let him occasionally ask his classmates to have a meal and drink water..."

Probably seeing the subtle look of several police officers, Shen Shen quickly found another sentence: "But that kid is very good, never contradicts people, let alone bully other classmates! We know that we want to fight dead!"

"You think about why Shen Xiaoqi wants to go to Tianzhang Mountain." Jiang Shu obviously is too lazy to pay attention to the care of the school violence in the air, and faintly said: "You can pick this time and explain the situation to your family. Not knowing nothing, that is, basically eliminating the possibility of ordinary telecom fraud."

The nerves of the poor Shen family’s parents just relaxed again, and the couple looked at each other and began to whisper to figure out who had offended their business in the business. Who had the heart of Lu Fu, who might have provoked the villain.

"Hey, I am a policeman," Yan Yan whispered and asked: "What did you just let me see?"


"What's wrong with your eyes?"

"..." Jiang stopped whispering: "The professional level of your high and low sometimes makes me horrified."

The warmth of the breath once again smashed through the neck and rubbed his ear and burned it.- Fortunately, today, Yan Yan today, wearing a pair of custom-made shoes, followed by a set of double soft bottom, the river stopped at a height of nearly ten centimeters, Jiang stopped will not deliberately look up to see other men's ears, so No awareness.

“The crown of the video is obviously low and dense in the background. It is not like growing in a lot of places, but the sky-long mountain view may be this kind of environment. I pay more attention to the fact that the child’s eyes are flashing, if not, avoiding the father. Looking at each other and returning twice in the middle of the conversation, it seems that I am paying attention to what I deliberately pay attention to."

The nerve that Yan Yan belongs to the criminal police was instantly touched: "What is he avoiding?"

"It's hard to say, I think this child seems to be in a state of excitement." Jiang paused for a moment and said: "But it may be that I have observed it."

"Old Yan! Hey!" Director Huang hang up a phone call and waved: "I told you that the physical and chemical identification of the blood coat came out!"

Not only was it strict, but even Shen Shen’s mother was immediately attracted attention: “How about a police officer?”

"There is no effective fingerprint on the carton, and the inside of the tape needs further identification. As for the blood coat," Huang Xing paused, it seems a bit puzzling, but still said: "It is not human blood, but a kind of... poultry."

Shenjia’s parents immediately sighed and his eyes showed a happy color.

- This is natural. Although the couple suspected that their own eyes were being perverted, at least they did not metamorphose to the point where they used bloody clothes. It was a blessing in misfortune.

However, Yan Yan did not think so: "I see your reaction, birds are not chickens and ducks?"

Director Huang hesitated:

"No, it's Eagle. It's possible... it's a white-tailed sea eagle."

Everyone expressed doubts, and Shenmu subconsciously rushed out: "What carving?"

"White-tailed sea eagle, large eagle raptor, was endangered worldwide in the last century. Later, the number has recovered, but its subspecies are still the first-class protected animals in our country." Huang Xing explained: "The technology of the municipal bureau Only the poultry can be identified, but we want to get more detailed information. Just when Chen returned to the provincial office, he asked him to take care of it, so the physicochemical analysis room of the provincial government just came out."

Yan Yan stopped to look at the river, and the latter shook his head slightly, indicating that he could not think of anything.

"First call the Forestry Bureau," Yan Yan said. "How many eagle must be killed?"

Huang Xing nodded, just lifting his foot to go, suddenly came the phone ringing behind him.

Yan Yan subconsciously touched his trouser pockets, and then screamed at it - everyone turned their eyes and saw the phone that Shen Shen had just placed on the table rang.

Caller ID is a string of unordered numbers.

"That is it, it is!" Shen father pointed at the phone, gnashing his teeth: "The same is true of the blackmail phone in the morning! This is the metamorphosis grandson!"

"Take it up, try to delay the bargaining time, don't let the other party hang up." Yan Yan took the initiative: "Rheumbow! The machine began to track, fast!"

The voice did not fall, the director had already smashed out like a fire, and Yan Yan picked up the phone and answered it. He handed it to Shen, giving him an encouraging look."..." Shen Shen took a deep breath and adjusted his emotions: "Hey-"

The next second he was interrupted by the cold electronic synth sound on the phone:

"Are you alarming?"

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