Chapter 45 Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Chapter 45

The two traffic police motorcycles whistle in front of the whistle, and the s450 then rushed to the embarrassment. With the momentum of the f1 car, more than ten red lights were connected, causing passers-by to take pictures. (free full novel

"Open the point!" Jiang stopped in countless flashes along the way, "200 million ransom, not like kidnapping, don't worry!"

Yan Yan slammed through the intersection of the downtown area to avoid the emergency: "Can't be slow! If you have that stupid and dare to want 200 million?!"

The roar of the engine is like a beast, and the horns in the horn are full of road broadcasts. Jiang stopped to get together in the ear of Yan Yan, a word and a loud voice: "That would not scare people with animal blood, impossible!"

The thorns - s450 broke into the security door slowly opened by the city bureau, if the incarnation of blue lightning, and then stood still in front of the criminal investigation building.

Jiang stopped the upper body and rushed forward. Fortunately, he was stabbed and stabbed before he died in the seat belt.

"You know the animal blood when you look at the picture?" Yan Yan stared at him.

In the small cab, the two almost face the face, and the strong and powerful hands are still in front of the river, but the latter did not pay much attention to these details.

"..." Jiang stopped the relief and finally said: "It is only the logic of behavior, there is no evidence for the time being."

Yan Yan pulled out his hat from the co-worker's shackles, and turned his back on the back of the river. He opened a bag of smash-proof masks and handed him over his face. The ears on both sides were hung.

"You, go to my office and wait, the snack snack is in the drawer on the lowermost left side." Yan Yan whispered: "Nothing to run out, if you are seen, I can't save you."

After saying that Yan Yan turned and got off the bus, cleanly slammed into the door.


"..." Jiang murmurs: "Can't you let me go back?"


"Yan team is good!" "Yan brother!"

Yan Yan strode through the corridor, Ma Xiang flew in the face, the footsteps have not stopped, the mouth is like a beaded gun: "The alarm person is a couple, male, Shen De, four Thirteen years old; female, Yin Jindie, forty-one years old. The missing person is the only son of Shen Xiaoqi, who graduated from junior high school at the age of fifteen. He just went out for an outing with his classmates and finally contacted his parents last night. At 12 o'clock this morning. The Shenjia couple received an anonymous phone call from the kidnapper, claiming that Shen Xiaoqi was in his hands and asked for a 200 million ransom."

Ma Xiang also came to the city bureau on a temporary basis, wearing graffiti t-shirts, ripped jeans, and a few black silver skull crosses on his neck. Yan Yan couldn't help but yell at him while walking. "Why are you going to do this?"

"Although you don't know what I am going to do, I know what you did just now." Ma Xiang smiled and said: "Congratulations on the collection of the 108th. I only treat you as a brother card, Yan Ge, tonight. You can summon the dragon."

"Don't be kidding!" Yan Yan whispered, "Is the mobile number positioned?"

"I mentioned it, network dialing, Director Huang is personally taking people to trace the ip positioning server."

“Is there a kidnapper phone recording?”

"According to the original words of the missing parents, when they received the call from the kidnappers, they thought they were fraudulent. Afterwards, they returned to God and almost died of myocardial infarction. Who can think of recording?"This is also a human nature, and the tone of the tone is slightly deep: "--Is it true that no one is mischievous with the missing parent, or what new fraud group?"

"Scams are not fraudulent, this is too difficult to say." Ma Xiang shook his head and shook his head: "According to Shen De's statement, he immediately called his son after receiving the blackmail, but Shen Xiaoqi's mobile phone has been shut down, and now there is no news. ""

"- two hundred million." Yan Yan whispered, I do not know whether to talk to Ma Xiang or self-talk: "The kidnappers call, just the missing person shut down."

"Strict team! Yan team -!" A technical police rushed from a distance, panting: "The result of Director Huang came out, the missing person Shen Xiaoqi mobile phone is in use! Calling!"

Strictly follow the footsteps.

"Ah?" Ma Xiang blurted out, "Is talking?"


"I didn't have any electricity, I didn't have any electricity. Why don't I have a charger?! Do you know that Mom and Dad are in a hurry? Do you know how bad people are in this year? Ah?!..."

The criminal investigation detachment, the intervening police officers who came in a hurry, the closed doors of the large conference room could not stop the screaming of the father of Shenjia.

The voice of Shen Xiaoqi’s grievance came from the mobile phone: “Why don’t you ask my classmates, we are all together, when was kidnapped? Dad, you can also take 200 million extortions, you can take it seriously, but even 200 million Twenty-oneth of them can’t get it, and I can’t tie it to my head!”

"You shut down casually, still grin with me?!" Shen father growled.

Shen's mother was so happy that she cried, tearing her tears and pulling the hand of Wei's deputy bureau to explain: "The child said that the exam was over, everyone organized an outing, we said to go! We are usually busy with business, not familiar with his classmates, just thinking Hurry and call the police..."

"Don't worry, don't worry - don't cry, don't cry." Wei deputy bureau was wearing beach pants flip-flops, and the corner of the conference room was piled with his fishing tackle. Lao Wei is probably in the heart of the day, the tens of thousands of grass mud horses, but on the surface is still amiable and dignified: "The masses trust our people's public security, the first time thinking about the police, this is the embodiment of trust in our work! Come to you, Help the lady to go to the office to make a transcript, and it’s okay to sign a word..."

The two policemen went out with Shen Fu, who had not been angry, and Shen, who could not help but thank him. The door was just closed and everyone was relieved at the same time.

"Two billion, underage, kidnapping and killing." Deputy Director Wei sighed, victorious

Hey: "I thought that this year's collective has been stable."

The atmosphere was active, and everyone relaxed and teased and joked with each other. Only Yan Yan held his chin in one hand, and he did not relax from the brow that began to step into the city.

"How come you," Wei deputy patted him on the shoulder, apparently in a good mood: "Look at this person's dog-like squid?"

Yan Yan said: "I still feel wrong."

"Where is it wrong?"

"...I can't say it, but I feel very surprised everywhere. You just saw the Shende calling his son?"Wei’s deputy bureau said, “Can you still have a fake? I have been engaged in criminal investigation for so many years. Does this snack machine teach me with this stinky boy?”

The stern doubts did not seem to ease, muttering: "...two billion."

"I see you look like two hundred million!" Wei deputy bureau did not talk to him, waved to indicate that everyone was scattered, and then went to the office door to pick up his fishing tackle: "No case is a good thing, don't be so Nervous. My wife said that the criminal police work is not good at this point, the case manager is long, and when I see the cat and dog fight on the road, I have to ponder for a long time, and everyone is like a wanted criminal. Oh, yes, I listen to the old saying. On the night of the action last month, you suddenly acted arbitrarily. From the scene, you rushed through the bus and smashed for dozens of kilometers. They also met with the criminals."

- Fang Zhenghong, the captain of the anti-drug team next door, Qinchuan's top boss.

Yan Yan suddenly recovered from the thoughts, a little dissatisfied: "How can the party detachment beat me a small report, see if I am not pleasing to the eye or how."

Wei's deputy bureau did not explain much, and casually perfunctored: "On your day, the look of the beheadings, nothing to spray a perfume on the body, who looks pleasing to the eye!"

The two of them stood side by side in the big conference room, and they sighed and heard the left and right cuffs. They felt a little embarrassed about their unwarranted accusations: "I am preparing to go to the blind, and the city bureau called a phone call. I got it. I had a good conversation. The real estate prostitute has blown smoothly. You also said that I spray perfume, I have not complained that the city bureau has ruined my chance of taking off the bill..."

The voice did not fall, and Wei’s deputy bureau lifted his foot and slammed the blood.

"Bad boy, thinking that you have played with our elderly?" Wei deputy bureau touched out the mobile phone, opened WeChat, and turned to Yan Yan's eyes.

Every case will break Wei Laojiao: "Younger brother, the city bureau urgent case, I have to call Xiaoyan back."

The old and beautiful Mei Zengcui: "Call! Today's blind date real estate group big niece rejected him, useless things, I decided to give this waste son back to the society!"

Every case will break Wei Laojiao: [Like][Like][Like]

"--Your mother is really a mother," Wei deputy bureau sighed sincerely, carrying his beloved fish patted his ass and left.


The criminal police officers who took a break from today rushed to the city bureau from all directions, and another bee was made a bird and beast. The tight atmosphere of the enemy on the corridor soon disappeared.

Yan Yan is full of anger against socialism, and is planning to find someone to complain. Just pushing the door of the office will smash: "Hey!"

Jiang stopped sitting in the swivel chair behind the big desk. The table top was full of snacks. He sent people to the downstairs canteen to buy spare biscuits, plum, cupcakes and puffed food. Unfortunately, there was no bag. Only a pack of Oreo strawberry sandwich biscuits was eaten half a piece, and the rest was left.

"Do you have afternoon tea with me?" Yan Yan slammed the remaining half of the strawberry biscuit into his mouth, which was confusing. "Too enough to take a look. It seems that even the highest pick-up level of the Jianning City Public Security Bureau can satisfy the highest level." No, you."

Jiang stopped the mobile phone and did not even lift his head: "How is the kidnapping case?""I am embarrassed, I don't know which stupid person is trying to make a ghost." Yan Yan said the matter briefly, and did not say goodbye: "The case has been returned to the branch, and the sub-sector technical investigation continues to trace the source of the ip and blood clothes of the blackmail. See if you can catch the grandson, and let the big guys solve the hate."

Jiang stopped his finger and suddenly said: "This is a bit weird."

Yan Yan stood behind his desk and looked at his black hair top. His eyes were slightly different: "...what are you telling me?"

"If it is a fraud, the first ransom is too big. Secondly, Shen Xiaoqi will soon reconnect with his family. The fraud is too easy to expose. But if it is just a prank, it feels too delicate."

Jiang stopped to put the phone on the table and leaned back into the back of the chair: "Even if you are kidnapped, the ransom will be at most 20 million to the top. If there are more, the first one will be difficult to take away. The second family will definitely report the case. For families like Shen Xiaoqi who started their own business, extorting two million is a number that is easier to get. As long as the hostage is safe, the possibility of his parents choosing to pay the ransom instead of the alarm is almost 100%."

Yan Yan picked up his arm: "So what is your feeling?"

Jiang stopped the two fingertips to collide gently, and it took a long time to slow down: "Two billion... It is a bit like deliberately causing the police to pay attention."

The analysis he had just had was repeated in Yan's mind. He just didn't want to show his approval in front of Jiang Shu, so he only laughed and said nothing, but the last sentence was a bit unexpected: "Causing the attention of the police. ?why?"

"Psychological speculation, I am not a kidnapper." Jiang stopped lazily, picking up the phone from the table.

Yan Yan: "..."

Suddenly, what is the sight of the eagle-like vision, grabbed Jiang’s wrist: “Wait! What are you brushing?”

The river stop is always natural

Relaxing the drooping lips, suddenly getting rid of the gravity, showing a subtle rise of almost invisible: "Weibo."

"This is obviously..."

“Congratulations,” Jiang stopped back and showed him the screen of his mobile phone. “You are red.”

Real-time hot search - shocking! The Jianning street traffic police opened the way for the luxury car, the city bus, and even more than ten red lights!

Hot comment: "It is neither a military card nor a government agency. Jianning is rich and powerful." "Which is this small raft, the fire truck is not driving fast?" "There is money to open a big rush." How much better to open a Bugatti Veyron around the provincial government!" "Is it possible that the owner of the car is out of the provincial government?"

Yan Yan: ".................."

"Don't ignore them, your car won't break," Jiang stopped comforting him, Shi Shiran took back his mobile phone, opened up the online Go game that he had nothing to do, and suddenly remembered something:

"You don't really have Bugatti?"

"..." Yan Yanmu said: "Do you want it, you can, hire a gift."

Jiang stopped the vault and took a taxi, and concentrated on it: "Let the money go to the heat search."

·"Hey, hey, OK, OK, look back and find someone to withdraw. You are so big that you are doing things, you don't think about your own safety. You are better off having a barbecued pork..."

Strict mother - old and beautiful, Zeng Cuicui - hang up the phone, hurry to find someone to trust the relationship, busy for a long time to idle, long sigh, all the emotions come from the bottom of my heart:

"It's not as good as a pork roast. If you have a barbecued pork, you can also cut the meat. You can also make hibiscus rice with the eggs!"

At the Yanjia table, the atmosphere was extremely heavy. Yan took the reading glasses and closed the small report in front of him. He was a little dissatisfied with the gratification: "Open ktv..."

Yan mother coldly said: "According to your son's previous tastes, he can cut his eyes like snakes. He can close his eyes and say that people are not plastic. His legs are two meters. He is a bit of a gene, and his aesthetic vision is low. , blame you still blame me? Then say how to open ktv, people are called professional women! Look at the taste of people's dress, the next generation of genetic improvement depends on daughter-in-law!"

Yan’s father could not defend his son, only weakly defended one sentence: “The restaurant manager said that the girl’s name is the master...”

"While the famous flower has the Lord, I am going to loose the soil." Yan Mu reached out and took a small report. She looked at the waiter’s sneak shot of Yang Mei, full of love and affection: "I saw this girl did not cut the bones, hit After the brooch, I filled the bridge of the nose. The daughter-in-law is really satisfying. If my son decides to go loose, I support him with a 24k gold-plated iron shovel!"

"I still think that the real estate group girl he is dating today is good, knowing the roots..." Yan’s voice is getting lower and lower under the contempt of his wife.

"Old Yan," Yan mother cold ice ice.

Yan Fu raised his hand and surrendered: "Hey."

"When your son was 18 years old, I felt that he was more than a princess. At the age of twenty-five, I felt that he was almost a good girl. When I was thirty, my poor request had already fallen to the woman. Live, younger than I am."

Strict mother took out a white paper from the bag and painfully went to the strict father to take a shot: "Now? I have started to study self-study on the legal issues of gay marriage! I can ask you? You said that I support him. I can do it outside the gold-plated iron shovel?!"

Yan father said: "Say well!" Then he applauded for his wife.

Yan mother snorted and mentioned the white paper and got up to go to the kitchen. She just wanted to throw it into the garbage bin. Suddenly she stopped again. Her son’s previous great achievements in the blind date warfare appeared in the mind, and they played a whole singular landing in Normandy. .

"... Ten or eight | After nine, it is still used," said Yan.

Then she went back to the study and carefully inserted the Study of Legal Issues in Gay Marriage into the bookcase.


"A bowl of sweet porridge with two milky bags, take it well - hey, is this not a strict team, come here personally?"

At sunset, at the entrance of the Municipal Bureau, Yan Yan took over the steaming plastic bag in the hands of the owner of the Baozidian. He sighed twice from the eyes of the blind man.

"Your practice is not four meats and two dishes, how do you change your taste today, want to taste new? Or help others?"" others."

“Hey!” The owner of the buns shop was keen to smell the gossip. The thief was close to the point: “Who can work hard, is it a woman?”

Yan Yan dry and said: "Almost."

“Do you look good?”

As soon as you reveal two buns, I will send the expression free of charge. Unfortunately, the next moment I was severely pulled out of the banknote and shot it on my chest. The skin smiled and laughed: "Special, good, good-looking, criminal police overlord."

The boss's mouth immediately became a round "oh-" shape, and had not had time to continue to ask, Yan Yan has turned and left.

It is clear that Jiang stopped to secretly love me. Why should I be sent out to help him buy food?

In the past few years, I personally visited the Baozi shop for more than ten times. The deputy detachment leader, carrying a bag of sticky sweet porridge, two mother-in-law's milky yellow bag, black face into the city bureau door, just to lift Feet stepped on the steps, and suddenly there was an urgent call from behind: "Comrade comrades, police comrades!"

Yan Yan looked back and saw the couple standing at the door of the mail room. It was a Shen father who had only seen it at noon. Shen’s father still held a small cardboard box.

Yan Yan said that he was sent to eat? This year, I don’t want to send a banner to the police. Should I send Taobao snacks? That trend is worthy of advocating with the masses. Thinking so, he waved his hand to indicate that the guard did not need to stop.

Ba: "You two are this..."

"Police comrades," I don't know why Shen's face was unusually blue, and the carton was handed to Yan Yan. The voice shook very clearly: "This is, this is someone at the door of our company, we don't know... you and you , look at it."

Yan Yan suspiciously looked at the couple's eyes, opened the cover of the cover, a thick bloody smell.

A t-shirt soaked in blood was stacked in the box.

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