Chapter 44 Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Chapter 44

“What are your hobbies in your spare time?” The girl cut a piece of fish and asked with an elegant smile. Free full novel (

The food is exquisite and fresh, the piano melody style, the waiters come and go light, without a bang. Yan Yan’s line of sight crossed the opposite side, and he looked straight into the other corner of the restaurant until the girl’s temper was aggravated: “——What are your hobbies in your spare time?”

“Well?” Yan Yan returned: “There is no spare time. The city bureau works overtime once a month and twice a month.”

"...When you have a holiday, will you read a book, travel, or go to a concert?"

"Music," Yan Yanxing said, "There will be a Phoenix legend when driving."

"..." This girl is really good at training, she can control her facial expressions, and even come up with a new topic: "Since you are so busy at work, you should have encountered many cases."

Yan Yan: "Ah, that's it!"

"Great, I admire the police the most since I was young! Do you know what novel cases can tell me?"

Not far from the restaurant window, Yang Mei did not know what to say, even the things on the plate did not eat much, and stopped talking with the river. The stop of Jiang’s eating is still so methodical and slow, and occasionally a single tone from the nose, neither nodding nor shaking his head.

Yan Yan’s eighth-time retreat from the sneak peek of the imperial concubine, absent-mindedly said: “The novelty? Nothing new, almost the same.”

The girl looked at Yan Yan’s face and decided to give the man a last chance.

"--If you want to say something fresh, there are a few recent ones." As if God heard her voice, he thought about it and finally opened his mouth. "There was a criminal suspect on the highway a few days ago." The man was destroyed and the truck was crushed back and forth twenty or thirty times. The body was about the same as the meat sauce on your plate. Our policeman took the iron pliers and took a few hours to get out the two plastic bags. Last month, it was your big girl who helped to transport the poison. I took the plastic wrap and stuffed it into the private place. It was disgusting in the trough. After the incident, our policewoman almost didn’t eat for a few days...”

The girl should not be given any chance.

" I said that girls like your age should not go out too late, take the night to be vigilant, and wear clothes to pay attention to conservative points. It is not that our patriarchal society accuses women of the problem, the problem is that some animals It’s not human, it’s useless to blame. Even if they are caught in prison and enjoy the pleasure of tens of thousands of chrysanthemums becoming sunflowers, the wounds of the victims themselves are hard to be erased, so from the probability... 哎 waiter! ”

The general manager who secretly observed immediately stepped forward: "Shaodongjia."

Yan Yan pointed to the river stop and Yang Mei who was getting up and going to the observation deck in the distance: "What are they doing?!"

The general manager was full of sympathy: "They finished eating and wanted to blow the hair."

Yan Yan: "..."

Yan Yan is like a real room on the scene. From his expression, the two may not go to the viewing platform, but hand in hand to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain the certificate."Cough!" The blind girl put down the knife and fork, wiped the corner with a napkin, and said the bag smiled: "I am so happy to meet you today, Mr. Yan, I should probably go back, don't exchange contact information. ”

"?" Yan Yan has only returned to God: "What's wrong? Isn't that good?"

The general manager stunned his eyes.

Miss Qianjin really spent all her life in tutoring and self-cultivation. She smiled and said: "No, Mr. Yan."

Mr. Yan: "..."

"Can I take the liberty to ask, is the couple who are the men and women you have been watching, or a couple?"

Husband? Couple your sister!

Yan Yan nailed the railroad: "Brother and sister! ... No, sister!"

The girl's eyes are full of enthusiasm and encouragement: "Since it is not a couple, then you want to chase it and chase it! Use force to level all obstacles! It is best to fight now! I will go first, and worship."

Yan Yan said: "Ah?"

The girl gave him a "quick up" look, even though it looked like a white-eyed eye, and then grabbed Chanel's white rabbit fur handbag, and did not go back.

"...even though you are very pitiful," the general manager patted Yan Yan's shoulder, painful and fair: "But it is indeed your fault."

Yan Yan’s face is full of pressure, it seems that the whole person is still out of the situation, and even a little wronged: “I just looked at it!”

Strictly smashed the three remaining steaks on the plate, and stood up and ran to the observation deck with a cigarette case. The glass is full of flowers, the jasmine is white and fragrant, the phoenix wood is lush, the rose vine is curved around the marble column; the river stops back to him, his hands are inserted in the trouser pockets, and Yang Mei’s head is half a centimeter per second. The speed is slowly tilting, and I am preparing to lean on his shoulder without knowing it.

Yan Yan: "Cough!!"

Yang Mei: "!!"

Yang Mei turned back and glared, and Yan Yan revealed a smile that was exactly the same as her in the parking lot: "I just got a call from the city bureau."

Jiang stopped to respond sensitively.

"An urgent warning about the circulation of new fentanyl compounds..." Yan Yanman filled out with deep thoughts.

Sure enough, Jiang stopped to pay attention: "Yang Mei first went back, I discussed some things with the Yan vice team."

Yang Mei was out of anger. She seemed to be stuffed with an egg in her throat. She snorted and gasped. She slammed her head and glanced at him as she passed through Yan Yan. The bottom of the eye clearly reads "The old lady wants to tear her hands."

You" these big characters.

Yan Yan humbled the dagger. Judging from the follow-up reaction of Yang Mei, she probably regarded her high heels as a strict body.


"What about new drugs?" Jiang stopped a faint road.

Yan Yan did not answer, walked up to stand on his side and lit a cigarette.

"..." Jiang stopped looking up and saw the "No Smoking" card here, not far away, thinking for a moment, raising his hand and hooking the index finger.

Yan Yan then touched the roots of soft China, and he turned to the huge floor-to-ceiling glass wall, and spit out a long cigarette.

The bustling city in the distance was drowned in the white mist, and then disappeared instantly."What is this time?" Jiang stopped asking.

Yan Yan said: "I don't know, inexplicably, the woman's heart is under the sea."

Jiang stopped slightly over the head, and Yang Mei’s figure had disappeared into the restaurant. He bounced the ash and said to Yan Yan: "Maybe you haven't recognized the other half that you really expect."

Yan Yan gave him a special look at it, and I didn’t expect you to be such a literary Jiang detachment.

Jiang stopped shaking his head. "I don't have any experience. I just give you some advice from a rational point of view."

Yan Yan's eyes narrowed, and suddenly his elbow hit him twice: "Hey, senior."

"What are you doing?"

"You are also this age, have you ever been to each other?"

"The organization has introduced it."

"The results of it?"

Jiang stopped saying: "Did you not see it?"

Yan Yan looked at him up and down and said: "Hey, I didn't expect the seniors to have fallen into the sand..."

"Basically, I refuse people."


Jiang stopped taking a cigarette and said: "When the front line policeman is not prepared to protect the family, don't drag people into the water. There is a guilt in my heart. Many times, I will look after the situation, not only harm others, but also harm. I myself. Of course, I don’t have much interest after the blind date is one of the important reasons."

"Oh..." Yan Yan dragged a long tone, and thoughtfully nodded, suddenly it seemed that something was wrong:

"Not interested in?"


Yan Yan’s eyelids quickly slammed a few times. “Are you... have you ever had a girlfriend? Isn’t the first love of the Qing Dynasty at the end of the school period?”

"That didn't."

Yan Yan repeated: "...not interested?"

Jiang stopped saying: "I work overtime for two months in a month. I haven’t had a good heart at this age. I have so much interest."


If a lightning bolt hits the soul, it will reverberate in the mind for a long time - no interest!

He is not interested in making friends! !

Does he like men?

The reclining can't, the second captain of the Gongzhou anti-drug should like the man, and the gossip news spread early in the land of China. But if he doesn't like men, how can he not make a girlfriend, is it not in line with the normal behavior logic? Can't he? ?

Wait a minute, assuming that the Jiang team likes men, there is no contradiction in the logic of behavior. In the early years, he explained the past events that the second class returned to me. After all, I was handsome and handsome, and the male hormones swept the entire Jianning plus Gongzhou, up to the 60-year-old aunt to the 16-year-old girl... and so on! Does he secretly love me? !

There is no abnormality on the surface of Yan Yan, and the heart is falling apart.

No wonder he agreed to accept the door key from Yang Mei that KTV came to my house, no wonder he is willing to accompany me and also called Yang Mei to cover. No wonder he asked me if I want to bring me a bottle of milk before going out this morning... and many more! No wonder he is drinking milk in my car! Everything is explained!

Jiang stopped and asked: "What happened to you?"

what happened? I am a straight man, what else can I do? Although you look good, your IQ is very high, your waist and legs are long and white, but...but...Severely smoking a cigarette, the soul seems to be crumbling on the edge of the cliff, trying to find the lifeline that can be caught - but what?

- Yes, men can't have children!

Yan Yan relieved and felt that he was at risk of a straight male cognition. No, even the soul was redeemed. If you look at the masters of psychology for a few minutes in the carriage return, maybe he will rise to the ground immediately.

"Hey," Jiang stopped his eyebrows, and probably felt that Yan Zheng was immersed in the pain of blind date. He took the initiative to take his back: "If you want to open, the fate is hard to say, maybe you will meet tomorrow." It is."

Strictly unprepared, he was shot a sly, and instantly felt the shock of the place where he was hit. The hand was soft and almost lost the cigarette.

"..." Jiang stopped and finally found out: "Are you okay?"

Yan Yanran looked at him, his eyes stayed for a long time in the beautiful lips and white and white teeth of the river. In addition to the action of opening and closing, nothing could be heard and the brain creaked.

What does it mean to meet the fate in the corner of the trough? Is he suggesting that I am chasing him? Although I can't chase it, and the captain of Jiang is very good-looking, but after all, the man can't...can't...just said that the man can't do anything...

“Strictly!” Jiang stopped in the strange sights of several tourists around him and shouted, “Your mobile phone is ringing!”

"Ah?" Yan Yan was a spur of the spirit, and he subconsciously touched the mobile phone. It was really a call from the city bureau.

City bureau calls are usually not what

Good things, especially on the first day of the vacation, but have to pick up. Yan Yan just wanted to find a quiet and uninhabited place, and suddenly he turned back and hurried to Jiang: "You are waiting for me, don't run around!" Then I took my mobile phone and strode away.

"Hey, big bang?" Yan Yan casually pulled the chair down after the bar, indicating that the general manager who is step by step is far away from him. The word is hidden in Mars: "What is it, there is a case?"

"Calling Director!" Philip said proudly. "You can't hope for the good crow's mouth? You can't be old Wei body to understand everyone's hard work, take the initiative to give two more bags of two bottles of oil, or from public funds. Take the money out and ask everyone to have a barbecue tonight?"

"Oh, that's a good relationship, just because our family has opened a new barbecue restaurant..."

"I said," Philip said with a smile. "There is a case."

When the pressure was severely frozen, the temperature suddenly fell to minus twenty degrees.

"After ten minutes, the branch office just reported the situation. A couple received a blackmail message. The sons who had just finished the test in the third grade had been kidnapped with their classmates and were kidnapped. The kidnappers extorted two hundred million." Philip said: "啥都Don't say it, let the people of the criminal investigation detachment come back, and we have no fate in the life of the squad."

Yan Yan feels wrong, "two billion?"

"Well, the amount is extremely large, so I was taken over by the city bureau in the first time.""According to my understanding of the wealthy class in Jianning City, I can withdraw more than five million households from the short-term working capital. The only son who has a son at home and is now in the country is talking to you. I am sure I have not been Kidnapping." Yan Yufu suspected: "What are the parents of the missing person? Are you sure that kidnapping is not a prank?"

"Where can I know, it is said that the couple opened a small company, and the average person is better than the family, but 200 million is not thinking about it." Philip said, "However, I personally feel that the case is very strange. ”


"The photo taken by the kidnapper with the text message is a t-shirt soaked with blood." In the forensic room, Liliton paused, the neck was holding the microphone, staring at the high-definition magnified picture in front of him, and frowned: "Photo According to this amount of bleeding, it is unlikely that the missing person will still be alive."

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