Chapter 43 Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Chapter 43

When the alarm sounded for the eighteenth time, it was finally smashed by a strong, well-defined hand that was stretched out of the duck down. (free full novel

At 10:30 in the morning, Yan Yan turned from the big bed and sat up. He stunned his head after a hangover. After a full ten minutes, he remembered the footage of the City Council celebration last night:

The 502 frozen corpse case was transferred to the procuratorate, and the provincial department drafted a tracing of unknown snipers. The new fentanyl compound was reported to the Ministry of Public Security, and the special police team leader Kang Shuqiang successfully escaped the dangerous period...

In the applause of the thunderous voice, Wei deputy bureau announced that each of the action personnel could take a three-day shift. All the policemen were crazy, and Qinchuan’s two dogs caught him and went to death. On the way back to the groggy, he seemed to have received a fucking call, reminding him not to forget today...

Today is going to...

Yan Yan poured the top, the whole person instantly woke up, grabbed the phone and opened WeChat.

"Son, at 12 o'clock in the afternoon at the zenith garden restaurant in the family, I met with the real estate group niece, remember to be beautiful! Apply a mask! Your mother."

"..." Yan Yan put down his mobile phone and turned his head. The mirror reflected the face of a bird's nest.

"It’s time to come out and sell," he murmured.

The process of Yan Yan’s transformation is always as magical as the Sailor Moon. After half an hour, he took a shower, shaved his beard, rubbed his scissors against the top of his head, and sprayed it with gel water. He also found a pair of men's perfumes and looked at the mirror for a while. It’s another face that has been listed in the sea for 50,000.

Then he put a towel on his shoulder and walked out of the bathroom naked. He was just going to go to the cloakroom to figure out what kind of posture and shape he used today to collect the 108th "Life is a good person" and "We can be friends". "I am too young mother will not let me fall in love" card; suddenly changed my mind, want to go to the pot tea to relieve the thirst after the hangover.

So the Yan deputy detachment winds and cools, and walks out of the bedroom in a candid way, through the living room, and pushes the tea door.

Yan Yan: "..."

Jiang stopped: "..."

The air suddenly fell into silence, and the river stopped to maintain the action of opening the tea box, and the face of Yan Yan was opposite, and the expressions on each other were very blank.


The first reaction of Yan Yan is how you are here, and then reacted by himself to force the door key to others; the second reaction is that you are really willing to come, and if you don’t export, you will be swallowed back. . His eyes were patrolled between the hands of the river and the open tea box in the river, and he slammed into the back and forth, suddenly stunned, as if he had caught the little thief on the spot:

"--You drink my daughter-in-law tea again!"

Jiang stopped his hands behind his back: "No."

"The water is burning!"

"Really do not have."

"The last time I took it to the scene, I said that I actually drank it for you!"


Yan Yan stepped forward and pulled out the lower layer of the rosewood box. He straightened out the half-tea cake that seemed to be shit like a dog. He stopped before the nose: "Who do you say this drink?!"

Jiang stopped: "Han Xiaomei."Yan Yan and his inch were slowly approaching, and Jiang stopped to lean back.

"Look at my eyes and say it again," the two men's noses are close to each other, and Yan Yan is staring at the eyes of Jiang Shu. The voice is low and full of pressure: "Who is drinking, Han Xiaomei, or you?"

"..." Jiang stopped raising his hand and pointed his finger down. Calm to the almost indifferent mask finally cracked a sew:

"Can you wear your pants first?"

Yan Yan looked down and saw that the normal men's blood congestion in the morning and after bathing was clear and obvious, and they would have to go to the police.

"...what do you dislike?" Yan Yan’s face is a little red, and he said: "This is called male capital, understand?"

Jiang stopped his face and retired. Yan Yan screamed and screamed like a victorious general. When he left the river, he immediately sneaked back and forth to the bedroom.


The minute hand once again walked through the middle half of the circle. Yan Yan was like a young elite who was born into a rich man. He wore Gaoding shirt trousers. The average person had to wait in line for half a year to get a pair of custom shoes. The top watch, low-key luxury has a connotation. The car with the same price as the watch looked at the side mirror, and it was really the same as the ostrich who just got up in the morning.

Yan Yan slightly smugly turned to the co-driver: "How?"

Jiang stopped holding the "Red Book" and turned over a page.

"Ask you?"

The river stopped to go wrong.

Yan Yan took out the book: "Do you understand, where is the big tail wolf?" said the dissatisfied thrown book into the back seat.

"..." Jiang stopped the support and sighed a long time: "I don't understand."

Then he looked to Yan Yan and finally said the truth:

"But I need to use some philosophical aspects to forcibly clear the memory, especially about a certain picture of you."

Yan Yan: "..."

Jiang stopped to be honest: "The impact is quite big."

The green light is on, the traffic slowly moves forward, and the car is quiet.

"No." After a few minutes, Yan Yan finally couldn't help but want to find a place: "I said that is why you are so upset? I didn't see other boys when I went to the university to go to the bathhouse, or the woman you entered." bathhouse?"

Jiang stopped the road: "Everyone in the male bathhouse is normal."


I am not normal? ! ”

It seems that Jiang stopped to want to nod, but he resisted, and asked in a more conservative way: "If you go out and kiss each other, you don't want me to go. It is a suggestion that I want to knock on the side of the woman. Compare...?"


"If you really need it, I can try it too."

Yan Yan Biu changed the line to overtake, and there were countless protests around the clock. He screamed in his horns: "I don't need to hint at this - Laozi can conquer women with his face--!"

Jiang stopped the applause in a symbolic way, "to conquer one."

"..." Yan Yan did not speak.The red light in front lights up, and the s450 slows down with the slowly stopping traffic, and the rear view mirror reflects the harsh and cloudy face. Probably I felt that the air inside the car was too heavy. It was not like going to a blind date to go to the funeral. Jiang stopped to clear the throat and decided to ease the stiff atmosphere and said:

"I have been very curious about having a problem. Since there are no others now, then I will ask, don't mind."

Yan Yan's eyes suddenly flashed a murderous.

According to his own style of conversation, "I am curious, you don't mind" is usually not very friendly. For example, "Is your absence not present on the night of the crime, explain it?" or "The victim." Check out the dna, or do you give us a few drops of blood before comparing?"

Sure, Jiang stopped asking: "Why is your blind date always unsuccessful?"

Yan Yan: ".................."

"Although it is true that the occupation is not dominant, but after all, you are very rich, comprehensively measured..."

"My blind date is basically from two channels," Yan Yan said coldly. "Parents give introductions and colleagues help to match."

Jiang stopped seriously beheading to signal him to continue.

"The former usually comes from a similar family, and it is divided into two situations: the first kind of famous school is independent and self-reliant, and all aspects are very good. I will ask me to resign and inherit the family business to make money, so there is basically no drama; the second kind of arrogant and arrogant personality, It’s impossible to get along with me, so there’s no play.”

The river stopped silently: "Oh-"

Yan Yan’s gaze can’t help but go to the co-pilot, and strengthen the tone to add: “I hate the most delicate people!”

Jiang stopped: "Hmm."

Then Yan Yan saw with his own eyes that Jiang stopped to reach the inside of the door and took out a bottle of fresh milk that he had prepared when he went out. He began to drink in a small mouth.

His mouth is always naturally falling, rarely raised in the arc, with shallow milk foam, it seems that even the light red is slightly deeper than usual. After a few mouthfuls, he stopped a little, his tongue sweeping his lips and looking in front of the road.

Yan Yan’s throat was so tight that he couldn’t say anything. After a long time, he came out with a sentence:

"Can you drink milk like this?!"

"Doctors ask for calcium every day. In fact, I don't like this thing." Jiang stopped indifferent. "You continue, why don't you get married with your colleagues?"

There is no language in the heart of Yan Yan. At this moment, he can mechanically step on the gas pedal, step on the brakes, and change the light. Because he bites the back molars, his cheeks show extremely tight lines.

"Strict Deputy Team?"

"..." Yan Yan said from the teeth: "My colleagues introduced me either I didn't feel the woman, or the woman criticized me too fiercely, and that the property before the registration was divided into half... What is it with! Don't drink it!"

Jiang stopped just finished the last bite, inexplicably throwing the empty milk bottle into the sundries.

The s450 turned into the parking lot and stabbed and stopped. Yan Yan put down the handbrake to extinguish the fire, but the man did not move after sitting at the steering wheel, spit out a few words: "You go first."Jiang stopped suspiciously staring at him and observed the micro-expression below. He felt that he was too nervous before the blind date, so he cared the car and closed the door.


Yan Yan was activated, and quickly grabbed the "Red Book" from the back seat and began to read it carefully.

After three minutes, Yan Yan finally ended his short journey in the sea of ​​knowledge, feeling that the whole soul was purified. He closed the book and sent a heartfelt sigh from the bottom of his heart:

"--It’s really a master!”

Then he finally got out of the car without any abnormality, his feet just touched the ground, and suddenly the whole person was wrong: "How are you here?!"

Yang Mei is wearing a champagne-colored velvet skirt. The pearl earrings are decorated with bright teeth. The nude-colored lace-up red high heels make her look up ten centimeters out of thin air. The momentum is enough to overwhelm the sentient beings. One look crushes the stunned sternness: Come, eat, rice."

"Who made you come?!"

Jiang stopped saying: "I."

Yan Yan almost didn't control his facial expression: "Who is going to accompany me?!"

Yang Mei gave him a charming and charming smile.

"You control it." Jiang stopped in his ear and whispered, extending two fingers: "I owe you this number." Then compares a nine: "And you owe her this number."

Yan Yan: "Not an order of magnitude! And nonsense, when am I..."

"Her car can't be repaired completely."

Yan Yan seems to be muted by a moment.

"I asked her to have a meal. The accounts of the two of you have been settled. The city bureau will take some compensation from the handling of the case." Jiang stopped his hands and crossed the line. That was the gesture of the referee in the boxing ring indicating the end of the round: "There is a problem." ?"

Yang Mei smiled: "I have no problem."

Yan Yan’s forehead biu bursts into the blue veins: “I am... no problem.”

“Very good.” Jiang stopped a little gratified: “Now we can leave the parking lot.”

The building, shopping mall and garden restaurant building has two sightseeing elevators that lead directly to the top floor. Two doors open at the same time. Jiang stopped in the eyes of Yan’s “?!” and said that I wish you good luck, and then follow Yang Mei entered another door.

The elevator rose rapidly, and the river stopped looking at the front. The streets and vehicles at the foot were getting farther and farther away. He only listened to Yang Mei and coughed aside tentatively: "Jiang Ge..."

"Why do you always go with Yan Yan?"

Yang Mei was a little embarrassed, and immediately clarified: "This is really not, mainly because the Yan sub-team is comparing some concepts..."

"Straight male cancer." Jiang stopped the interface, "that behind the intern is so embarrassing."

Yang Meixin said that it is, Han Xiaomei’s words are too precise. If you want to have a happy marriage in this life, you can only go to Vietnam to pay for a wife!

"He is sometimes quite strict, but it is not the kind of person." Jiang stopped seems to have seen Yang Mei's thoughts and said: "You are not too young with Yan Yan, what should be spread out, it is straightforward. Facing your own heart, avoiding and winding around is just a matter of delaying each other."

Yang Mei: "Ah... um?""If one day I left." Jiang paused and raised his hand to signal Yang Mei not to interrupt: "It is difficult to say whether you will be involved in some people's revenge, which I do not want to see. Yan You are a worthy person."

Yang Mei: "Hmm?!"

The elevator rose to the top floor and slowly opened. The river stopped and the clothes went out of the door.

What he didn't see was behind him. Yang Mei's eyes were round and he almost slammed the bag equivalent to Han Xiaomei's half-year internship salary to the ground.


The zenith restaurant is rotated throughout and has a viewing terrace, a suspended pool and a high-altitude garden. The interior of the glass dome presents a modern and luxurious design style, centered on the bar, spreading across the square.

After Yan Yan was hiding in the bar, his expression was so tight that the eyebrows were tight, and if the gun was in his hand, it was a live police ambush. The general manager of the restaurant stood behind him, crying and crying, and after a few words, he finally couldn’t help but remind him:

"Shaodongjia, what do you want to do? In the future, No. 108, Mrs. Shaodong has been waiting for you for a long time, and then you can't hide under the bar without a blind date! Everyone is an adult, brave. !"

“嘘——” Yan Yiyi, general manager, pointed to two people who came in at the entrance of the restaurant: “Let them both, give me optimism.”

General manager:"???"

Looking along the strict index finger, Jiang stopped to enter the seat under the guidance of the waiter, and helped Yang Mei to open the seat.

"If you dare to kiss your hand in my restaurant, you will come to tell me immediately. Also, when they pay the bill, they only charge one person's money, remember to accept one person!"

The general manager faintly felt that he had discovered something unspeakable: "...why?"

"Because I don't want to ask another one," Yan Yan said coldly and turned away.

The general manager was shocked and stood in the same place, looking at Yang Mei with an indescribable gaze. In the brain, he immediately performed a series of five hundred episodes of "I love people are not my lover" series Korean drama. Then he looked at the young man who looked cold and handsome and pale, opposite Yang Mei. He looked at it for five minutes. The anger of the enemy and the love for Shaodong’s family came from the heart.

“Manager?” the foreman whispered, “What are you doing with the manager?”

Although the general manager looked around, he was very reluctant, but he was still sternly going to the beautiful lady, and turned around. He stopped in the shadow of the river and hated: "I want to give the boss a small report." ""

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