Chapter 42 Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Chapter 42

The office of the director, who was already very spacious, suddenly became very empty. Only Lu and Yan Yan, sitting one by one, looking at each other, quiet to the point where it was a sense of oppression. (free full novel

Finally, it was shaken.

He stretched out the chair behind the desk, lifted his trousers and sat casually. He said, "Hey, but I heard that this person is dead. Three years ago, the rescue operation? Who rescued?"

Lu’s face, which seems to be always very kind, does not see any questioning or condemnation, and the tone is not ignorant. Slowly: “After the explosion, many people on the top thought he was dead, but some people thought he did not ""

Yan Yan’s face was listened to without any abnormality, but he knew that his palm was slightly oozing a little wet:


“Former Vice Mayor and Public Security Director of Gongzhou, Yue Guangping.”

Lu Bureau opened the mug and drank the tea, swallowed it carefully, and then put the mug back on the table in a strict gaze, giving a soft voice.

"This incident is rarely known in the public security system, even including the old Wei, only heard about the part of the explosion. But in fact, after the explosion, Gongzhou City Public Security Bureau set up an ad hoc group to investigate the failure of this action. The reason and the relevant personnel are being blamed. One of the leaders of the task force, Yue Guangping, the deputy mayor who had just retired at the time, proposed that Jiang Shu may not have died yet, but was hijacked by drug dealers."

"..." Yan Yan smiled at the eyes of Lu Bureau briefly. "It is not impossible."

Lu Bureau obviously did not care how he answered: "The task force decided to adopt Yue Guangping's opinion."

"The first and foremost matter at that time was to try to rescue the undercover policeman's undercover 'rivets'. According to analysis, he has a high probability of being detained in an abandoned house at the junction of Gongzhou and Jianning, and there is always the danger of being killed by drug dealers. Soon after, the task force finally determined the specific location of the 'rivet' being detained, and decided to take immediate action to jointly launch Jian Ning and Gongzhou police to carry out the assault, but it was too late."

"As if knowing that the police would come, the abandoned house ignited a raging fire before the police car arrived. After the flame was extinguished, the police dug out the squad with guns and 'rivets' in the ruins, a middle eyebrow The bullet took his life."

Lu Bureau suddenly stopped, and only heard the slightest breathing sound in the office.

"The results of the ballistic analysis matched the speculation, and his own fresh fingerprint was found on the handle of the river."

It is clear that the voice is not big, but there is something in the void that seems to be suffocating.

"From this point of view, it is indeed very likely that Jiang will stop killing rivets." After a long time, Yan Yan finally began to speak.

If he studies it carefully, his answer is actually very flexible. It seems to be reconciled. Actually, he did not bite to death. He even had some suspicions, but Lu did not follow him.

"That was the last time Jiang stopped in front of people. From then on, he disappeared. The public security system made sacrifices and did not award the title of martyrs." Lu said faintly: "But I personally think that if he appears again, then It will be a harbinger of great danger coming again."He stretched back to the computer monitor, and Yan Yan looked at the cold and handsome face as the screen turned.



Yan Yan opened his mouth and finally heard his voice: "What kind of person do you think Jiang Captain is?"

Lu Bureau packed up the scattered materials on the table, no snoring, like thinking about something. After a long time, he finally spit out a few words and said: "Young, courageous, high IQ. Terrible high."

After a pause, he said again: "This makes me feel very uncomfortable."

--Very uncomfortable.

This is the second time that Yan Yan heard the same description in just one hour. His eyes changed unconsciously.

"Let's go back," Lu said. "The comrades in the criminal investigation have worked hard these days. After the case file is transferred, it is guaranteed that all the people involved in the action will be magnified. Ah, you tell everyone, insist on persisting. ""

Yan Yan should have heard the sound, got up and walked to the door.

Behind him, he learned that the movement of Sosuo was that the Lu Bureau was sorting out the case file, and Yan Yan’s hand touched the doorknob and suddenly stopped. He almost forced himself to turn around and face the Lu Bureau again, taking a deep breath, as if prepared by this action:

"You have nothing else to ask me?"

"What?" Lu Bureau glanced at the eyelids. "Nothing."


The tone of the Lu Bureau is not shocked: "You are the old Wei looked at the grown up, and now the deputy branch of the criminal investigation, the future level of the branch. No matter what you do, it represents the Jianning City Public Security Bureau, we do not trust you, Who else can you trust? Go."

Lu’s fat body leaned behind his desk, and he sternly succumbed to him for a long time. He owed him a shackle and turned and went out.


Huang Xing actually followed up, waiting in the elevator at the elevator, looking at Yan Yan, and immediately stepped forward in three steps and two steps: "Strict team..."

Strictly squatting and glaring at him, stepping into the elevator.

Huang Xingyu followed up and came in: "You asked me to locate the chip that day. It was a trivial matter. I didn't intend to tell anyone. But after the Lu Bureau returned to the market from the scene, I came over and asked me with the unforeseen prophet. The technical investigation office has taken the positioning record, so I am really..."

Yan Yan: "Well?"

In fact, Huang Xing was not sure what happened in the end. He only vaguely guessed that Yan Yan’s request for positioning was related to the child’s blood coat found on the scene. But the blood coat is because of the province

The reason for the limited technology was that it was sent to the top physical evidence laboratory in Beijing for inspection after the report was made by the Ministry of Public Security. The result was also directly presented to the Lu Bureau. Others were not clear about the inside.

Judging from the only words that Huang Xing heard, the results of the dna test were related to the cases sealed up a few years ago. Strictly 80% of the cases were arbitrarily taken into action, and they were called by Lu.

"You said that I can predict this, I thought that someone was running your money, or your girlfriend ran, or your mother told you to slap your dad..."

Yan Yan said: "Hey, my money is my mother, my dad dares to derail and go out of the house!"

Huang Xing immediately praised Shun Mao’s flattering and confided intently: "Isn’t you in the Lu Bureau?"The elevator door was opened, and the hand was held tightly, and the upper and lower squats patrolled Huang Xing for a while until the latter lost his face and the muscles on his face were sour, and he took out his hand and took him slowly:

"I don't know what to do, anyway, I would have liked to ask for your five-star zenith swimming pool buffet barbecue. It is probably no play."

Huang Xing: "..."

Yan Yan’s sleeves went away, and Director Huang looked at his back with a stunned voice. He sighed with sorrow: "...Do you not say that there is barbecue?!"


Director Huang regretted it, but the savage landlord class Yan Yan did not pay attention to it. He went straight into the office of the criminal investigation detachment. On the face, he saw many criminal policemen who were holding a cup of tea and snacks. The cake chocolate and pizza beef jerky spread the table. On the side, two boxes of blushing cherries with the size of a thumb were built.

"Hey, public money to eat and drink, give me some points." Yan Yan handcuffed a few cherries, just took a handkerchief to eat, Yang asked: "Who bought the single? Waiting for the detachment financial reimbursement, Ma Xiang turned back to remind I remember it as an informer!"

Ma Xiang was eating a pizza and was confused: "It is not so troublesome, it is the victim's condolences, we are coming, oh."

Yan Yan followed his gaze and looked out. A young man was standing in the corridor outside the big office. He didn't know what he was looking at – it was Chu Ci.

"Eat! Just know to eat!" Yan Yan immediately took a shot of Ma Xiang: "You have finished the half-month internship salary!"

"Yan Ge, you don't understand." Ma Xiang's two lines of tears rushed out, and he said: "We built the first evil force in Jianning for so many years. The first time I saw the victim came not to bring the banner, but to It’s really a snack, I can’t control it, I’ll send it a few times!...”

Strictly spit out the cherry core, I did not put my hand on my five-figure trousers, wiped out the paper towel and wiped it out.

Chu Ci side facing him, his face sinking, looking to the end of the gallery in the other direction. Yan Yan stood still and looked at the past, only to see two police officers are holding Ding Dang, far from here, ready to go to the detention center.

Ding Dang seems to be different from the pure and weak at first sight, and the madness of the day of the action scene. Yan Yu’s criminals who have been sent to the detention center for more than ten years can add up to half trains. After the suspects plead guilty, all kinds of performances are taken for granted. Despair, madness, unwillingness, heart and even hatred. It is not unusual to report these. Dante’s performance is different from what he has seen. She is staring at Chuci, her eyes seem to be full of hate, but when I look closely, I see something more complicated and indescribable after hating poison. .

Chu Ci quietly looked back at her, and the two passed away, and suddenly Ding struggled to stand still.

"Don't stop!" The police immediately yelled and was stopped by the eyes.

"At the factory that night, before the police came in, you said that I was the mastermind." Ding looked at Chu Ci and gritted his teeth and asked, "How did you know?"

Chu Ci seems to have expected her to ask this question. The reaction is very dull: "Because you said that Feng Yuguang about to go out to sing on the night of May 2, this sentence is a lie."Not only Ding Dang, but even Yan Yan was born with the sensation of "he actually knows".

"You... you actually, you already know..."

Ding was incredibly pale, and Chu Ci seemed to want to say something, but swallowed back in an instant and smiled.

It is difficult for outsiders to find out, and there is a trace of sadness in the smile.

"Of course," he said. "Feng Yuguang installed a few review books in the bag before going out. Whoever brought the book when he was dating."

In the hallway, the shouts of Ding Dang hysteria echoed, and then they were taken away by the police and gradually disappeared at the end of the stairs.

"Cough!" Yan Yan cleared the scorpion and made a round: "Come on, it's still so expensive."

Chu Ci took back the sight of her departure and handed back the plastic bag in her hand to Yan Yan. It seemed a bit embarrassed: "I didn't buy anything good. Thanks to you for saving my life..."

There are two clouds of hard treasures in the plastic bag.

Yan Yan slammed the sound, and after receiving the two words, he still received the hand and smiled: "I am just famine here. Thank you, thank you. But it is really unnecessary. It is not that we saved you, you saved us." The hostages must have three long and two short squats. The entire bureau has to eat and drop. Reports, reviews, bonuses, promotions, and how many people go home to marry their wives."

Chu Ci laughed.

"What's the matter, high-quality students?" Yan Yan tweeted. "Is it still an internship, returning to Beijing or returning to my hometown?"

Chu Ci said: "The ticket was originally returned to Beijing three days ago. It happened to go to the station this morning to pick up my mom and my brother to travel from home. But the doctor said that when the explosion hit the head, the risk of leaving the hospital early is very high, so change to today. Going in the afternoon."

"That's too late to invite you to dinner. Go back and prepare to study.

La? ”

Yan Yan thought that he would say yes, but unexpectedly, Chu Ci stretched out and smiled slightly, and replied: "Look at a hammer."

Yan Yan: "..."

"I didn't want to miss it. When I graduated from college, I wanted to go to work. My mom didn't let me study and said that I would read more books." Chu Ci said: "Well, what is good, my brother chooses the school fee of 20,000. I can't afford to work in junior high school if I work two years earlier."

Yan Yan didn't know what to answer. He said, "It is really difficult."

"Nothing, there is a research institute that prepares me for an interview, and it will get better and better in the future."

Yan Yan nodded, Chu Ci looked at the time: "That will not delay your work, I will go first."

"--oh wait!"

Yan Yan called him, thought about it, beckoned to call an intern policeman, and found the car key tossed over: "You go downstairs to drive my car out, wait for the victim to go to the train station, the team public funds Please come back for dinner and develop | ticket."

Chu Ci just wants to quit, just seeing the internship is like a grand prize. "I want to drive your car. You are really my brother!" far."After delivery, come back! You are a rabbit!" Yan Yan yelled at his back, and then shook his head helplessly: "The oil is not running out and it is estimated that it will not come back. I got a high student, I will send you downstairs." ”

In mid-May, Xiayi became thicker, and the city’s public security bureau shouted intermittently in the shade of the trees. The golden sun was splashing and smearing, and dazzling reflections were made on the roofs of the roads, roofs and distant vehicles. .

Yan Yan sent Chu Ci to the doorstep of the gate and said, "Then you have a good interview, fight for one time, find a job and report a good news."

Chu Ci solemnly responded.

Students who are not graduated in their early twenties, even if they have been in the laboratory for many years, have developed a silent and quiet temper, and the eyebrows will not completely fade the youth's escape and look. Yan Yan looked at him with his arms for a moment, as if he suddenly remembered something and swept his eyes around him: "Hey, high school."


"I have a little curious in my heart. You are going away. I will ask more. The molecular formula of the new compound of fentanyl, how much do you know now?"

"You want to ask if I can make it."

Yan Yan: "Oh, you are so direct and hurtful..."

"Not necessarily, it may be possible to delve into research." Chu Ci said, "But I won't, rest assured."

"That's a lot of money 呐 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 峫 ?

Chu Ci stood on the steps of the city public security bureau's gate, facing away from the distant roof of the distant hanging police emblem, seems to have fallen into thinking. After a long time, he seemed to think about something and shook his head: "It is really unfair. But there is no absolute fairness in the world."

Yan Yan did not say anything.

"When the notice was sent down, the whole school was sensational. The other grades ran to the door of our classroom. I put the book up in my seat to block my face. My desk said, Chu Ci, life is really unfair. I am studying harder than you, why can't I go to Beijing's university?"

"You see, if I even think that the world is unfair, what would people think that there is no way out and no way out of me? At least I can test it out by my own strength and bring a better life to my family. Satisfaction is no less than the happiness of the rich and the rich."

Chu Ci looked up at Jianning's summer and blue sky, and looked with a slight ambiguity. He immediately turned to Yan Yan and smiled: "So I am very poor in the down-to-earth, those who are afflicted with human blood, breaking the law. I think it’s okay to kill the head."

He waved his hand with a smile, free and easy, and strode down the steps, carrying the sun to the gate of the city bureau.

Behind him, Yan Yan opened the cloud, and slowly took a sip, and narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.

He suddenly remembered that he had stopped calling with Jiang for two days ago to ask him if he wanted to tell Ding Dang’s motive for killing. Jiang stopped telling him to follow the process, don't do extra things, and don't simply sketch any steps that should be taken.

Still forget it, Yan Yan thought, it is not easy to learn from others.- Not to mention that he did not even ask questions, perhaps, no need to bother to tell him again.

"It's quite good," Yan Yan murmured. He shot a ash and took out his cell phone and turned to the city hall building.

"Hey, Jiang police flowers? Nothing, your third bowl of chicken soup has not been drunk? I will tell you that the schoolmaster is here to send food, and at night I will take you two pounds of cherry to go with you..."

Miles of heaven and earth are like a wash, the summer wind swept through the high-rise buildings of the rowing, crossing the commercial street of the shoulders and shoulders, spinning through the water and the pedestrians; it swayed the dense phoenix trees on both sides of the long street, whistling into the sky.

Over the bustling city of Jianning, the clouds gradually gathered, and the sun was hot and bright, reflecting the silent silver badge on the top of the Municipal Public Security Bureau building.

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