Chapter 41 Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Chapter 41

The 502 dead corpse case finally concluded its investigation and entered the trial process. Free full novel (

The work of the criminal police in the film and television drama ended when the criminal suspect was successfully arrested, but in fact, the really difficult battle began only at this time.

Interrogation, attacking hard, soft and hard, and 18 kinds of martial arts and seventy-two means, from the confession of criminals' true and false confession to identify effective information, deduct the details of the deduction, repeated interrogation, one by one, and even all.

How many of you go in and out of this, how many wits and wits, it is difficult to use words to describe, the only concrete display is how many hours the city public security bureau criminal investigation detachment added, and the lights of the deputy captain’s office All night.

The sound of the water in the bathroom stopped. After a moment of learning, Suzanne slammed the door with a wet black hair like a hedgehog. He took the little yellow into the cloakroom and pulled out the black from the drawer that could not be closed. T-shirt, just put on and paused.

Then he threw two t-shirts and two t-shirts, and the naked back muscles that had not dried the water drops, opened the closet that would only be fortunate when they only had a blind date.

Half an hour later, the Yan deputy detachment had a pair of sunglasses on the bridge of the nose, hair waxed to make a shape, wearing esareattli custom shirt trousers, wearing a watch more expensive than the car, opened a car with the price equivalent to ten watches , went out with pleasure.

After another half an hour, Yan’s mood was severely challenged.

"No," he casually pulled the doctor, and he was dissatisfied with the ward. "I pay this number every day, that is, let them date each day?"


Yang Mei diligently took out the third bowl of chicken soup: "Come, Jiang Ge, Xiao Liu squatted for half a night, let's have another bowl! Ah-"

Jiang stopped: "Wait, if you have something to say, let's put it down..."

Yan Yan coughed a lot, the whole sleeves, and stepped wide.

Yan Yan’s image in Yang Mei’s heart is already very complicated. On the other hand, she is very grateful. On the other hand, whenever she sees Yan’s attitude that “I’m owing you the ability to come,” It is very resonating with the Wei Bureau, which can't wait for a fly to send Yan Yan back to Mars.

"I have a little discussion with the Jiang team," Yan Yan said in a tone that seemed to be arrogant and sturdy. "You should go out for a while, and I will leave when you leave."

Yang Mei: "???"

Yang Meigang couldn't help but vent his rebuttal. Yan Yan used the corner of his eyes to stop at the innocent river. He added a tone and said: "Ding Dang confessed."

"Yang Mei first goes back," Jiang stopped immediately from the flow: "You have time to come again."

"..." Miss Yang can only clean up and pack up, and she is out of the ward.

At the end of this inpatient corridor, Yang Meigang turned to the corner of the corridor and saw that she was walking through a 20-year-old girl with her arms hanging and walking slowly around the window. Yang Mei looked at the figure a little familiar, frowning and thinking about it, suddenly remembered that this was the interrogator of the criminal investigation team who was sent to the hospital with Jiang stopped that night, called Han Meimei.——Han Xiaomei’s injury is not serious, and will be sent to public hospitals according to the normal process. However, she stunned the consultant's unconscious light, and took it to the private hospital where everyone stayed in a single room, and the bill was naturally sent to her boss.

She was hanging her hands, carefully thinking about moving her stiff shoulders, and suddenly she only heard a lazy and high-profile female voice behind her: "Han Meimei?"


Han Xiaomei turned back and was almost stunned by the beautiful young lady's sister with 24k gold diamonds.

Yang Mei dyed into a deep maroon hair, rolled up a white diamond neck necklace, wearing a deep pink velvet skirt, nude powder with suede high heels, squatting Han Xiaomei half-year salary may not be able to afford the bag, Yan Tingting came Around Han Xiaomei turned a half circle, the makeup was perfect and the eyes were unscrupulously harsh. From her two-piece plastic slippers all the way up to the unwashed head for three days.

"You are the intern policewoman who was sitting in the car with Jiang Ge when the accident happened?"

Han Xiaomei is sincere and fearful, and finally realizes who the young lady is coming from:

"Yes, my name is Han Xiaomei, you must be Yang-"

Yang Mei went around for a half circle, and the steps were beautiful and swaying. He showed his s-shaped figure in all directions. He pressed two fingers with light pink nail polish and pressed Han Xiaomei’s gang to gently lick the past. Carefully observe the lower skin, which looks like a mouth when you buy it.

Han Xiaomei’s head was checked and trembled. He only listened to Yang Mei’s lazy: “The car that was crashed is mine.”

"I'm sorry, sorry, I am sorry, I didn't mean it..." Han Xiaomei didn't know why she would start to apologize for the conditioned reflex.

“Do you have any other internships to do?”

"I didn't really notice it at the time... ah?"

"Following Jiang Ge all day, how can I not go to the streets to catch thieves?"

Han Xiaomei is really a head squat, and he has no awareness of the murderous murderousness: "Oh, because Yan Yan let me look at the river... Lu... Lu consultant, saying that any change will inform him the first time, as long as the land consultant He left immediately after he left half a step, so..."

Yang Mei is not surprised: "Strictly? Why?"

Han Xiaomei took a look at the distance from the neck and confirmed that there were no one around him. He whispered, "I don't know, it may be that the male heart cancer is sprouting."

Yang Mei took a sip of cold air and almost stepped back three steps on the spot. Han Xiaomei also gave her a meaningful expression with her mouth open.


"..." However, Yang Mei did not drag the river out of the scene of the highway accident, and sent him to the hospital to rescue a small life. After many years of passing through a woman who did not know how many big winds and waves, the blink of an eye reacted. In the second, the offensive and defensive strategies and countermeasures were quickly formulated, and a hand that Han Xiaomei was too rough was taken:

"younger sister!"

Han Xiaomei: "???"

"Look at how small you are so thin, come with your sister." Yang Mei smiled like a female fox who just became a fine woman. He kissed him hotly: "Sister is good, good, please have a meal."

·"Ding Dang confessed?" At the same time, Jiang stopped to confirm.

Yan Yan took the chair with his hand, and sat on the side of the bed with a golden knife. The elbow rested on the armrests on both sides, and the fingers crossed and the two long legs crossed. He is like a young and handsome president. He smiles and looks at the river for a long time. He just likes to sing like a song: "When~~~~"

Jiang stopped: "I thought she should be the one that is more difficult to overcome."

"It depends mainly on which big god personally went to the trial. Guess?"

The ward was full of sunshine, and the bed was full of a bouquet of lilies, emitting a burst of fragrance. Jiang stopped the face with plain white, and looked at the color with a soft cotton white, holding his arms around his chest and leaning on the loose pillow.

Although it is not obvious, his red lips are indeed curved in a curve: "Is this great god not sitting in front of me?"

Yan Yan’s smile has obviously deepened.

"Hey, it’s serious." Yan Yan took the soft Chinese cockroach in his mouth and pulled the chair forward. "How do you know that the name of Dingna is the fourth kidnapper?"

When the time went back more than ten days ago, Yan Yan stood back at the police car and slowly lowered the window, revealing the cold cheeks on the side of the river, saying that it was not three kidnappers, four.

Therefore, when Yan Yan broke into the scene, he took the first shot to catch Ding Dang. After the explosion, he rushed to the ground to take the gun in Ding Dang's hand. It turned out that this judgment saved the lives of the hostage.

Jiang stopped: "Ding should go to the police station should be true, but not want to surrender, but to report."

Strictly embarrassed, made a gesture to continue.

"She wants to report Ding Jiawang and Chi Rui Wang Le and others. The words are the same as the one she told Chu Ci, and she pushed the responsibility of planning drug trafficking and Hu Weisheng to her dad. This coincides with Zhang Jiao’s confession. Perhaps before the drug trafficking, the two mothers and daughters secretly discussed how to say things in the east window. This is understandable. After all, most women | love children more than love husbands."

"So after being bravely controlled, Ding Dang found the police surveillance personnel, she knew that she had been suspected. At this time, the only idea she could think of was to take the lead, so I went to the police station and planned to throw out the prepared words." Stopped and took a breath and said: "But, perhaps by observing conversations or other means, Chi Rui and others first noticed that she had a disagreement, so I started with a strong hand and tied her back."

"Then she chose to work with the kidnappers," Yan Yan said.

"Yes, she has to." Jiang stopped: "Because your speculation is very correct, the female accomplice in Hu Weisheng's car on the night of the 502th incident was Ding Dang. Even, she might have deliberately murdered Feng Yuguang."

Strictly watching the cigarette, he smiled and smiled at him for a moment, finally leaning back on the back of the chair, slowly repeating: "Deliberate murder."

He didn't talk for a long time, like enjoying the moment when he was alone with Jiang, and then he asked: "You can guess this, talk about why?""Feng Yuguang has been passing the exam by eating psychoactive drugs such as Adler, Moda | Fini, and he should have a fixed and trusted seller in Beijing. But after coming to Jianning, because of the risk of illegal drug delivery, the purchase demand is very high. Urgently, he accepted Ding Dang, who was the first month of the water, as a new source of supply. What he did not expect was that Ding actually wanted to kill him."

"The second last call of Feng Yuguang on the night of the incident was to Ding Dang. I guess Ding Dang received a phone call and gave him another mobile phone number without a real name registration. This is also a kind of confusion for her follow-up investigation. Means. After Feng Yuguang dialed the mobile phone number without a real name, he went to Hu Weisheng’s car according to the instructions. The rest of the things should be no different from what you speculated before.”

The river paused, leaning his head back on the soft pillow and subconsciously rubbing his throat.

Yan Yan has found that this is the habitual movement when Jiang stopped thinking. He looked at it intently. Suddenly he felt that his throat was a little tight and couldn't help but swallow.

- It seems that the hand is just rubbing on his neck.

"Then why do you suspect that she is deliberately murder?" It seems to be to disguise his own abnormality. Strictly sternly, he smiles and asks: "Maybe she just wants to seduce Feng Yuguang to take drugs, just take the wrong goods."

Jiang stopped shaking his head.

"Feng Yuguang's medicine is a failure of Ding Jiawang's imitation. It should have been destroyed. Even if there is a surplus, it will not be piled up in the pot like methylbenzene|propylamine. 'Handle the wrong goods' Moreover, Ding Dang’s death to Feng Yuguang may not even be known to Hu Weisheng, otherwise he will not move Feng Yuguang’s bag and sell it to the second-hand luxury store the next day, leaving himself so obvious. Clues - and Hu Weisheng is very determined to protect Ding Dang, the kind of loyal and daring boyfriend. In the face of such a loyal and loyal boyfriend, if Ding Dang wants to kill Feng Yuguang, even Hu Weisheng is screaming, the motive for killing, It should be more subtle."

Speaking of here, Jiang stopped talking and turned and smiled: "No.

I also said that this is all speculation, deliberate murder is different, Ding Dang should not admit it. ”

Severely screamed, the index finger stopped to the river aside: "She admitted."

Lianjiang stopped some accidents, "Oh?"

"The district is not only in the middle of me, I personally took people to fight for a long time, literally in the Ding family small courtyard to dig three feet, and indeed live up to expectations to find evidence. What do you guess?"

This time, Jiang stopped to make a gesture.

"The body."

Yan Yan was contented in the opposite face and said: "The body of more than a dozen stray cats and dogs who died of poison, the date of death is very close, and several claw tips have detected Ding Dang's DNA."

Jiang stopped a light breath and understood: "Test the lethal dose."

"- Deliberately poisoning, ironclad is like a mountain." Yan Yan applauded: "That girl collapsed on the spot, hahaha!"

The person's card, the material certificate, and the confession case all corresponded, forming a string of evidence that was strictly combined, and completely nailed the gun-killing murder gang.

Yan Yan’s beatings can be described as beautiful."Is Hu Weisheng really introduced to his daughter by Ding Jiawang?" Jiang stopped asking.

Yan Yan waved his hand: "Hey, you listen to the gimmicks. v. The boss who looks like a bamboo buddy has confessed. Ding Dang used to be their famous social flower. Maybe Hu Weisheng asked her to drink, and she went to the two to hook up. Then, Ding Jiawang was pulled down to start the production of drugs, and there was no such thing as a good thing from beginning to end."

Jiang stopped seems to have some emotions and sighed: "This girl."

"The young people in this year are embarrassed, hehe..."

Jiang stopped gently holding his chin and shook his head, without reconciliation.

"What do you want?" Yan Yan asked sensitively.

"...I am thinking." Jiang stopped slowly. "Ding Dang is the source of this group of people to start making drugs. It is the hub that connects Hu Weisheng's drug trafficking channels to Ding Jiawang. At the same time, for Hu Weisheng or more men, she is like Drugs are as tempting, deadly, addictive..."

He seems to be thinking about proper description, and finally he finally said: "I don't know why, this kind of trait makes me very uncomfortable."

Yan Yan noticed that the words he used were not disgusting, disgusting, or even disgusting.

It is not comfortable.

——A person may feel uncomfortable with a certain trait because it may be because of the three views, or because it sees the side that does not want to face it.

"You control her, how can a prisoner of death make people feel comfortable." Yan Yan no abnormalities, very loosely loose the pine cervical vertebrae, seems to suddenly think of something like: "Oh, right, Hu Weisheng's autopsy results Out."

Jiang stopped raising his eyes.

"Peanut powder is allergic."


"The two diacetylmorphines that killed him were previously used by the police dog brigade for training. When they were sent back, they were mixed with glucose and peanut powder. Several trainers have been taken by me." Yan Yan understates Dao: "Lv Bureau asked Lao Huang to thoroughly investigate the contraband warehouse and found that several drugs were not of the correct purity. At this point, the joint responsibility is being liquidated."

Jiang stopped and nodded, and said for a while: "It's too clever."

Indeed - too clever.

Even if there are a few seas | Luo Yin mixed with impurities, why is it peanut powder, how can it be given to peanuts allergic Hu Weisheng?

Hu Weisheng, every detail of the night of death, in the end, what part is the instinct, which part is the heart?

"Coincidentally, I can't find out for a while, but I am fortunate to come to Japan." Yan Yan leaned over and leaned over to stop the chest with his hand, and joked: "It’s coming to Japan - okay, your little life is me. I am coming back."

Jiang stopped looking at him quietly, and there seemed to be some incomprehensible emotions in the depths of his eyes.

"Good to raise the Jiang team." Yan Yan smiled. "This will not move, Xizi will hold the heart of the past, and I will not be tired of tiring your big Buddha."

He stood up and stretched out awkwardly, squeezing each knuckle, and suddenly he only heard the sound of the river: "Strictly."

This voice is not high, I heard nothing unusual, and looked at the past.

Jiang stopped leaning on the bed of the white bed, his eyes were as calm as a pool of water, saying:"Thank you, the day I will return to Gongzhou in the future, if it is convenient, can you send me on the road?"

They quietly looked at each other for a moment, and they screamed with an unclear smile, as if a small stone had been thrown into the lake but did not provoke the embarrassment, and immediately saw what he had found from the trouser pocket, raising his hand. throw:

"I will talk about it later, Yang Mei, ktv people have a lot of miscellaneous, it is best to go to my house after discharge."

The river stopped and steadily caught the parabola, and only saw the key in his palm, and his expression was slightly condensed.

"Go," Yan Yan did not return, waved his hand and opened the ward door and went out.

The white room is quiet, the sun shines through the glass window, and the lily petals slowly drop a crystal clear water drop.

Jiang stopped the key and gently dropped it on the bed, and breathed out silently.


"Hey, Yan Ge, just coming back from love?"

At the entrance of the Criminal Investigation Building of the Public Security Bureau of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Yan Yanjian stepped up the steps, and the next few criminal police officers sneered at the haha: "What is the blind date, vulgar! - Is the material finished? Is the evidence ready? The case file is transferred. Did you give it to the procuratorate? No? Nothing you are doing here! Go back and work!"

Criminal police

With a cigarette, it is scattered.

"Hey, old Yan--" Huang Xing, the technical investigation director, stood at the door of the deputy detachment office. It seemed that he had waited for a long time, and the snoring immediately screamed.

Yan Yan looked at him up and down. "How come you borrow money?"

Huang Xing smiled dryly, but did not hide the worries and contradictions in his eyes.

This appearance is very unusual. Strictly and unconsciously wrinkled his brows. Suddenly, Huang Xing reluctantly coughed: "The kid’s blouse found on the roof of the sniper on the night of the action, some of the old blood on the top, the DNA identification results just Out."

Yan Yan looked a little glimpse.

"Lv Bureau," Huang Xing wants to stop and say: "Lu Bureau lets you go over the past."

"..." Yan Yan laughed, Zhang Jun's face magically put away all emotions, patted Huang Xing's shoulder: "I will go."

He really turned and walked to the elevator, not even asking for a half sentence. On the contrary, Huang Xing rushed to chase a half step and seemed to want to explain something, but in the end it was hard to resist.


Office of the Director.


The knock on the door just fell, and there was a familiar voice inside: "Come in."

Yan Yan pushed the door.

After the large desk, the swivel chair is facing the doorway, revealing an arm. The desktop computer screen on the desktop was turned at an angle, and the stern look fell on it. First of all, I recognized the background of the window is very familiar - the police intranet.

The familiar face that I saw only half an hour ago was carrying three four-pointed star flowers and cast an indifferent and clear look on him.

Yan Yan’s footsteps stopped.

"Sniper who fired four bullets and fled to the police action site, before the departure, pressed a child's t-shirt on the ground with stones, and the old chest and belly were left with blood. After dna comparison, and a police rescue operation three years ago. The extracted blood is coincident."

The armchair turned over and Lu looked calmly at the end:"Belong to the Gongzhou City Public Security Department, the former second captain of the Anti-Drug Corps, Jiang stopped."

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