Chapter 40 Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Chapter 40

In reality, the abandoned roads are lonely, and the wind sweeps through the wilderness from a distance, sending out a whistling whistle. (free full novel

The gunshot did not sound.

"...Jiang stopped." Yan Yan's tail is not very stable, but he tried his best to make his voice sound solid: "It doesn't matter, no matter what happened, it will pass, first put the gun down."

Not far from the guardrail, the river stopped half of the body hidden in the night, as controlled by some kind of devil from the depths of the soul, the arm of the gun did not know when to retract and lift up, the fingers shivered slightly -

At this angle, the muzzle is biased towards himself.

"There are some things that will always pass," Ajie said lightly. He raised his hand and wiped the blood on his cheek. He smiled. "But I think this ‘something’ refers to the present, not the past.”

He has completely lost the arrogance of the previous one, and even a little leisurely meaning. Yan Yan glanced at the past, sensitively found the end of the road at the far end, two lights are turning over the hillside, approaching the full speed along the road, and soon came the unique roar of the motorcycle!

"Han Xiaomei!" Yan Yan shouted: "Be careful!"

In the distance, Han Xiaomei turned back and jumped up to hide on the side. The motorcycle driver rubbed her and rushed past!

Yan Yan stepped forward and jumped up on the guardrail, rolled up and rolled up, and came to the side of the river with lightning speed, and took 92; just in the effort of blinking faster, Two drivers are flying fast.

Ajie grabbed a motorcycle back seat at the moment he passed by, and flew over the lightning. The other driver was crossing the tail more than ten meters away, leaning over the metal slamming on the ground with one hand | the gun box, the head did not return to accelerate back!

"Goodbye, surname is strict." Ajie turned back and said coldly, "The next time you meet is your death."

Yan Yan lifted his hand and pulled the trigger. The motorcycle suddenly started, and it was rubbed against the bullet in the deafening roar, like a golden meteor, and went to the wilderness at the end of the abandoned road.

boom! boom! boom!

The last three rounds of bullets chased the tail smoke and the lights disappeared in the dark night. Yan Yan’s “fuck!” slammed the sentence just to chase, suddenly seeing the distance, reaching out to the shadows of the five fingers on the hillside, illuminating a large taillight, like countless red eyes - there are still ambush countless people !

Dangdang! A golden stone was stunned, and Yan Yan slammed the empty gun on the stone.

The sharp police car whistle fluttered in the wind, and on the distant viaduct, a flashing red and blue warning light finally appeared.

"Are you okay?" Yan Yan wiped the blood and turned to ask: "Go on my car for the time being... Jiang stopped!"

Jiang stopped tightly in front of his eyebrows, and most of his face was hidden behind his palm. Although he tried his best to control it, he could not calm his shoulders. Yan Yan stepped forward and grabbed his arm and forcibly opened it. He saw that his face was white and white. In such a dark situation, he could see that the cold lips that were always thin and tight could not keep shaking.

"Don't scare me, Jiang stopped?" Yan Yan helped him whisper: "Wake up!""I'm sorry." Jiang stopped trying to cover his face with his palm, but he couldn't break his wrist from the strict restraint. He could only use his nerves to force his face to the other side: "...I just thought..."

"Nothing, nothing." Yan Yan used his eyes to indicate that Han Xiaomei was not in the car, and he was careful to stop the river in his arms: "I will always be here, I am here, ah? Obedient?"

"I just wanted to help you." Jiang stopped and muttered, "But I can't... I--"

He paused and finally said the sentence:

"I can't get the trigger."

Yan Yanwei, I haven't had time to understand what it means. Suddenly Han Xiaomei took a walkie-talkie and poked his head out of the Cherokee car. He said: "Yan deputy! The news came from the newsletter and found that the gathering point of criminals was a The roof of the residential building to be demolished, and the suspicious remnants were found at the scene!"


“A seven-eight-year-old child’s short-sleeved white sweatshirt with old blood residue!”

Yan Yan only felt a move in his arms, Jiang stopped pushing him and gasped: "...what?"

The depths of my mind are so messy that it seems to be filled with countless thoughts, all of which are blank. Jiang stopped and walked a few steps forward, reaching out again to hold the tight eyebrows, but even if the nails were deeply cut into the flesh, they could not feel any pain.

In the end, the slightest sense of the mind is like a gossamer, and it is difficult to save but can't save. It can only fall sharply toward the abyss.

He himself did not find himself rushing to anger, and then suddenly became soft and lost consciousness.

"--Jiang stopped!"

Yan Yan almost rushed forward, grabbed the river and grabbed his cheek and shouted: "Wake up! Jiang stopped!"

Han Xiaomei was stunned. He took two steps and made two steps. He saw that Yan Yan stopped the river and hugged it: "Get on the bus and go back, fast!"

At this time, the police cars on the viaduct were getting closer and closer, and the red and blue lights almost flashed in front of them. Han Xiaomei pointed out to him: "But Yan, deputy, everyone has..."

"Call the people's hospital." Yan Yan stopped the river in the back seat of the car, forced himself to take a deep breath and calm down, decisively said: "- No, wait. Call the private hospital, I will tell you on the train. Which is it."

Ma Xiang drove in the police car, and after a few tens of meters, he saw the front door and slammed into the door. Then he cut the light and reversed the car.

"Hey Yan Ge!" Ma Xiang lowered the window: "We are slow to catch up... Hello?!"

Cherokee completely ignored his call, and even did not even mean the same, whistling directly in the opposite direction of the police car.

go with!

"..." A row of police cars stopped in turn, and everyone was stupid in the dust. Half a squatting horse sneaked out of the window and grieves at the back light that is getting farther and farther away. "Are you so anxious to see your wife and have children? You have no wife! Hey!"


The Cherokee with the flashing lights ran at full speed on the open high-speed, with a few red lights, leaving a black afterimage in the security surveillance.In the rearview mirror, the eyes of Yan Yan’s eyes are reflected. He looks at the back seat. The river stops shaking with the bumps of the driving. It seems to constantly relive some unbearable memories in the coma, and the eyes are closed. Clearly, there is a trace of pain.

I can't get the trigger, he said.

What do you mean? why?

What is the death of undercover "rivets"?

The past will always pass, the river stops, and you must not indulge in it - Yan Yan’s heart meditation over and over again.

It doesn't matter if you ever missed something. If you want to pay the price, at least you won't face the future alone.




Jiang stopped to know where he was, and he was so hot that he was so depressed that he was detained in a small, dark space.

Am I dead? he thinks.

The soul seems to rise slowly in the deep water, and finally glimpses the light, can't wait to drill up.


The little boy poked his head out of the river and gave a happy laughter. The machine swam up to the shore and climbed up. He grabbed the white sweatshirt that was squarely stacked on the stone and dressed it three or two times.

The sunset in midsummer evening reflected his white side face, as if the skin was soaked in water, and the black hair was wet on the cheek. His little friend who didn't have the water was sitting on the stone and staring at it all. He looked at it for a long time and said, "Your clothes are wet, don't you change one?"

"But I only have this one."

"What about dirty?"

"Dirty, go back and beat."

The little boy sat down and looked at his friend who was always very depressed and didn't know what he was thinking. He smiled and asked, "Do you still practice the piano today?"

"Do you want to hear it?"

"Think about it!"

His friend seemed to smile a little. The smile was incomprehensible, and he got up and pulled his hand: "Follow me."

The golden red wind swept through the wilderness, and the atmosphere of the distant city rushed to the distance. The stage is extravagant, as always, the sun goes through the tall stained-glass windows, reflecting the empty theater and dusty seats; only a little boy in the front row smiles and applauds the fiddler who performs alone -


Theay wants pyfreat to rsh


Want rprettyfadeletrisul


The melody reverberated for a long time, and the performance never disappeared; the childhood time was indulgent and playful, as if the torrents of the years could not rush through the thick pink makeup.

"I will always play for you alone," the little boy heard his partner say with childishness.

Then their shoulders widened, their bodies stretched, and a deep, hoarse voice repeated in the ear:

"I promised to play for you alone forever."

Jiang stopped to look up, but could not see anything. He was full of explosive embers, and he was scarred and described as a wolverine. He was pushed into the armchair by the room; his eyes were covered with cloth, even if he knew that the person was coming to himself, he could not see the picture anyway. A smile close to the face.Ill want stilllveeheni&039;nlnr want ngaiful?

He heard the sound of the piano ringing from his cell.

Ill want stilllveehenigtnthgbutyagsul?

Those who played and laughed in the past, the summer nights in July, the dust in the afterglow, the splendid lights, at this moment, gathered into a torrent of torrents, and sang in the void to rise to heaven:

Your glory, your face, the diamond-like light

Can you love me as ever, until the end of time?

——When Yuhua passed away, the performance ended, and Bai Xiliu’s years passed into the past; can you still applaud for me until the end of time?


The iron wheel of the hospital bed quickly turned, the red light in the emergency room flashed, and the figure of the nurse's warehouse collapsed in the hallway.

"There is congestion inside the brain, and it is always possible to oppress the nerves. It is very dangerous..."

"At present, only the minimum awareness can be maintained, and the possibility of re-entering the persistent vegetative state is not ruled out..."

Yang Mei screamed with a whistling whisper, but it was very low and short, and then the knees softened. Yan Yan grabbed her arm and held it. She couldn’t help but pull it to the bench and looked up and asked: "Is there a way? Is it the best instrument, the best medical treatment, he just stunned and sure to save! No matter what. The way, after the blood in the brain, I will say that as long as I can stimulate my consciousness back now!"

"If there are machines and supporting drugs that are newly researched, it is indeed possible, but things have not been approved in China, and whether the clinical effect is effective..."

"Where is the instrument?"

The doctor is hesitant: "The whole set of words should be in Germany, but --"

"The fastest time to get an international flight, you

The machine will arrive. Yan Yantou did not return, grabbed the phone and rushed out of the emergency room corridor.

The soul broke free of the catheter and ventilator in the darkness, slowly floating out of the emergency room, and drifting toward the abyss of the distant cavity.



Henheestellethat wants <lllethi



But I have not loved you, Jiang stopped muttering in the increasingly loud humming.

The melody became more and more violent, and the gorgeous hem of the golden red curtain set off the dust of the old days, and even the loud noise, and even the deafening, drowned his screaming cry and cry.

But I have never - no -

"You have," he heard the voice.

The police lights flashed in heavy rain, and the people around them were screaming. Some people took the rain and shouted: "Searched! Come on! Tell the Jiang team!"

Under the desk lamp of the late-night office, the pen made a stroke on the paper, and there was a happy jump and laughter outside the door. "We are going to the river team! See you tomorrow!"The ground blasted open, the glass of the factory exploded, and the fire and smoke quickly rushed into the sky; he rushed to the fire, and countless people around the day shouted: "Don't let him in!" "Jiang team!" "Take him Pull open!"...

... did not see you tomorrow, Jiang stopped thinking. I will never see you again.

The soul finally let go, jumping from the sky to the abyss, hugging the demon who laughed.

In the rapid fall, they are far away from heaven, leaving behind the world, and the vision is full of evil spirits and fierce hell; the magnificent theater is dying, and the violin is still playing in the clouds. They rushed to the end of the journey together in the song, as if from the very beginning they were inseparable and fell to the open door of the purgatory.

Hey -!

Just like the rest of the rest, suddenly everything is still.

Explosion, burning, screaming, call sign... all silent as a silent mime, the flame faded into gray, and the ghosts at the bottom of the abyss were swallowed up.

Jiang stopped like a re-emergence in the air, I don't know how long it took, and finally turned back.

A strong and strong hand held him, looking up at his arms, the new-born light shone down, reflecting a handsome face in the backlight, frowning and watching him closely -

Jiang stopped by the light to close his eyes, and then slowly opened.

"Woke up!"

"Doctor! The doctor woke up!!"


Noisy and footsteps, the sound is like a layer of deep water. Jiang stopped his eyes and felt that he was not knowing how many doctors and nurses were playing around. Someone was crying around, someone was calling, and some people were cheering and laughing.

So happy? There is some doubt in his heart.

Finally, the surroundings gradually calmed down and the instrument made a regular buzz. The river stopped the dense eyelashes for a few times, then slowly opened and found that there was still one person left at the bedside.

The face in the dream is watching itself in reality, the light in the ward is reflected from behind, and a solid and reliable figure is plated with a layer of light, and there is some warmth in the daytime.

Yan Yan laughed and sat on the edge of the bed. The index fingers crossed the figures: "Six days."

Jiang Shu’s spirit is still a little bit scattered, wearing a breathing mask.

"You have been in a coma for six days." Yan Yan said with a smile, finally moving his neck and shoulders, and arbitrarily went to the bed to set up a whole set of medical instruments that could not be named, and all the drugs that were printed with German. Chin: "Between the two tricks, the vivid interpretation of what is called 'you and I have no choice, relying on me to save money' - I know this time, the words of the ancestors are really true, no deception."

"..." Jiang stopped his eyes and smiled.

Strictly glaring at him, suddenly leaned over and put him in his ear, and asked: "Now, there are fate, ah? Jiang?"

The river stopped slightly, and the warm white air screamed on the breathing mask.

He said: "Account."

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