Chapter 39 Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Chapter 39

Han Xiaomei’s eyes widened and his mind was blank, but unexpectedly, death did not come. (free full novel

Wipe and wipe the rub.

Ajie squirmed and pulled the trigger, and then threw the empty gun at hand: "Yellow hair hoe, the next time you sing the empty city, it will be like a little bit. If you have bullets, you will use your own hand to break the window and climb out?"

"-Do not move!" He suddenly raised his voice, and the river stopped to move to the beheading.

"You and I don't want to move, this girl may not be." Ajie did not return: "Although it was not planned, it would not be too much for me to kill a policeman."

Abandoned roads are long and wide in the night, leading to the undulating wilderness and the emptiness and darkness that can't be opened in the distance.

Jiang stopped and finally stood up straight.

Every bone and every inch of his body is screaming with severe pain. The joints seem to be filled with cold and sour water, and even a little movement will bring great pain. However, his figure is still very straight, the neck to the shoulder, the butterfly bone to the back, and even the slender legs to the feet, showing a tight and neat posture.

"What do you want to do?" he asked.

Ajie's knees were on the belly of Han Xiaomei, forcing her to pour on the ground in an unnaturally distorted posture of the elbow, then looked up and estimated the time in her heart, saying: "The person who picks me is probably coming."

Han Xiaomei forcibly suppressed the tears, but could not restrain the painful embarrassment.

"Hu Weisheng is dead, and the bag of blue gold that has been left outside is also destroyed. Your policeman’s case was quite confusing and helped us a lot. I guess the boss will be very happy after going back, but I can make him even more I’m happy.” Ajton paused and turned back to the corner of the river, revealing a malicious smile: “If I can bring what he wants more.”

Behind him, at the end of the distant highway, a starlight was flashing.

Jiang stopped saying: "Okay."

He promised to be so neat, how much makes Ajie a little surprised.

"But you let go of her first." Jiang stopped. "If this policeman dies, at least I can make sure that you will not be too happy in the next few years... or simply you will not have another The days have passed."

From the reaction of Ajie, he probably didn't take it seriously. Han Xiaomei was half dead from the moment he pointed his gun at his head: "I advise you to be the first..."

Jiang stopped saying: "I don't think it's easy to live. It's easy to just pull someone to bury. Otherwise I try?"

Ajie’s attitude has finally changed, and it seems that he is trying to gauge how serious he is. After a little thought, he shrugged and got up and let go of Han Xiaomei.

"Are you okay?" Jiang stopped for a while and whispered on Han Xiaomei's side.

"...Lu consultant..."

Ajie, while holding the mobile phone, did not know what information was being sent, and went to the Land Rover, which was hit by the door, and pulled out the metal briefcase on the co-pilot, and pulled out the debris from the dashboard. Insert the black-shaped shape into the lower back.

"He, he has a gun..." Han Xiaomei was going to climb up, but was stopped by the river."It's better to lie down."

"No, you -"

"You may have a little concussion when you fall, don't mess."

"But!" Han Xiaomei hurriedly spoke, just wanting to say something, suddenly felt the pocket was moved.


In an instant, she reacted and slammed into the river and saw that he had no abnormality from his demeanor to tone. He said, "Let's lie here waiting for rescue. The people in the city bureau will not spend too much time. Hold on for a while." I will come when I go."

"Well, you two, and then talk about it, she should discuss with you to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the cards in the morning." Ajie sent the message, lazily stepped forward: "Don't endless."

Han Xiaomei only felt that every movement of the handcuffs in the pocket was very clear. She stared at the killer who was getting closer and closer after the river stopped. The heart leaped straight, as if the next second would break through the throat, only listen to the river stop. Not shocked: "Good."

Ajie stepped down and reached for the river to stop his arm.

Brushing a light arc close to the nose of Han Xiaomei, the river stopped to rise like lightning, and the metal handcuffs ringed on the AJ temple!


Han Xiaomei did not dare to delay the blink of an eye, clenched his teeth and climbed up, exhausted his whole body and ran away!

"Fuck!" Ajie was really a little angry this time. He stunned his head and got rid of dizziness. He grabbed the ring and threw it away, and immediately raised his hand and pulled the gun. He habitually wants to open the safety plug, but the thumb just lifted up and restrained, and simply slammed the head of the river with the gun, oh!

"I should have known that you are in trouble -" Ajie said one word, elbows and anti-Kajiang stopped his throat, wondering how to stun him and not kill him, suddenly glare behind him, engine The roaring sound approached.

A Cherokee flew from the high-speed exit and rushed behind him. Ajie stopped the river and pushed it a few times. At the same time, he rushed out a few meters on the spot, and the bullets slammed against the heels!

Jiang stopped and said: "Be careful that he has a gun!"

As soon as the voice fell, Ajie raised his hand and pulled the trigger. Cherokee's swaying headlights became the best target in the night, even the aiming is not needed, the front window of the whole car should be shattered!

The tire scratched the ground and made a spurt. The big cut drifted and stopped suddenly. It stopped in front of the river and stopped: "Come up!"

Ajie's eyebrows provoked, and I saw a correctional fitness film with a gun and got off the bus. It was a serious one.


The life is really hard. Ajie murmured, once again tumbling over the bullets that passed by, and squatting on the side of the Land Rover, rubbing his hand to open the door to block himself. Just listen to "Hey! "The loud noise, the bullets that followed closely hit the door, and the thrust made the half of the front of the car shock!"

"Nothing, the Jiang team?" Yan Yan side to the Land Rover to promote the side of the road.

After cutting the body, Jiang’s blood stopped at the forehead and went straight down, but his answer sounded very calm: “Don’t worry about me, pay attention to bullets! His gun is Bo | Leta 92!”

Yan Yan: "Oh, I am going."

Bo | Leta 92, double-row magazine, capacity up to fifteen rounds, effective range of 50 meters; increased trigger guard ring for gloves shooting, is the favorite of the United States, terrorists and professional killers.Compared with the hand of the city bureau | gun, it is simply bullying.

Yan Yan double-handedly armed with guns, stepping forward, every time Ajie took a shot from behind the door, he forced the other party to shoot, and the warhead slammed the metal door. After the bullets were lighted, Yan Hao had already advanced to the Land Rover, and he threw his empty gun and went straight to the roof, clean and rolling.

Ajie did not say anything, raised his guns and fired a bullet to the roof of the car!


The 92-mm bullet of 92 almost rubbed against the stern body and left a bullet line on the roof. In the smoke, Yan Yan turned over and landed, grabbed the hand of Ajie with a gun, and the two people wrestled together in the electric light stone fire, 92 stunned!

The river stopped the pupils and suddenly expanded.

In the distance, Han Xiaomei screamed: "Strictly--"

The voice just fell, Yan Yan hard to fly 92, the military | guns rotated out of an arc and fell to the ground!

"That's right, buddy." Yan Yan slammed Ajie, and said in a stalemate: "The fight is a fight, nothing to shoot, hurts?"

Ajie finally tried to use his body to knock him away. The two men pulled out a few steps at the same time and stared at each other.

"Since it is you, I don't have to keep my hands." Ajiekala twisted his neck, Sen coldly said: "Ready to die."

Yan Yan sneered: "Since it is me, who can die is still uncertain."

The last word landed, Ajie fist wind has come to the front, was severely blocked by one hand, followed by the whip leg sweeping the cheek, the two instantly wrestled together!

In fact, if it is strictly compared, Ajie is the one who receives professional professional training. Yan Yan is mixed in the boxing hall and the "gang" from childhood, and plays with the people to fight the group. In the past three days, he was taken into the police station. The road, until the 18th year of the police school, systematically learned fighting and fighting.

However, the wild road has the advantage of the wild path, and the fight is more savage, more awkward and more arrogant. Ajie was holding his shoulders and he was going to give him a shoulder-shoulder. However, at the moment of vacating, Yan Kuang’s knees hooked Ajie’s neck, and both sides fell to the ground at the same time, both of which knocked the Land Rover’s windows. Smash!

It’s smashing the glass, and they are full of faces. Ajie snorted and spit out the glass slag. He just wanted to get up. He had a black cerebral palsy in front of his eyes, and his throat was locked by a huge force. It was Yan Yan lying in the back and locking his neck with his legs, and he threw him back to the ground!

"Mom..." Ajie groaned, from the head and neck to the upper body, could not move, and tried to reach out to the 92 on the ground.

Seeing his finger close to the handle of the inch, Yan Yan can make him enough, his feet are mammoth, and immediately get up and go to 92, want to hold the gun in his hand.

At this time, Ajie was stunned and the whole person slid flat to the Land Rover. However, he was quite awkward. He grabbed the riddled door and took advantage of it. He grabbed him in the first moment before he caught the gun. He did not say anything and kicked 92 out!

"Don't you say that you have a gunshot wound?" Ajie sneered, holding the stern force and slamming, only listening to the bang! The giant earthquake came and put the whole person on the roof of the car!The remaining few windows that were originally in jeopardy could no longer be supported, and they broke into slag in all directions.

Han Xiaomei’s screaming sharply changed his tone: “——Yan Yan!!”

Ajie's mouth was cut out of the glass of blood, he did not care to wipe it, looked up and saw the river stop in front of the big cut car not far away.

Looking at the moment, Ajie’s eyes showed a smile, with a sly and pure male show, and silently spit out two words: “Look.”

Immediately, he twisted his wrist at random, just ready to turn and give a fatal blow, suddenly! As soon as the whole person was caught by the sky, the scissors feet were slammed into the window!

“What kind of feelings are said with a prisoner of death,” Yan Yan climbed from the roof of the car: “Don’t you look at your match?”

Yan Yan wrapped up in his body and jumped out of the car, grabbed Ajie's back collar, and put his head out of the window in the crackle of countless pieces of broken glass, followed by a sudden collision!



Hey! !

Ajie’s voice was full of blood, and he pushed back and pushed it backwards. He continued for seven or eight steps, and he slammed into the highway guardrail again and again!

The two add up to more than three hundred kilograms of weight, the terrible impact caused by inertial acceleration, so that the metal fence has a visible hollow. When I was stunned, the whole back was severely painful, as if the ribs were broken, and I struggled to avoid it. Ajie hit the leg in his original position, and a few hundred kilograms of leg force hit the metal guardrail on the spot. pit!

Yan Yan gritted his teeth and twisted Ajie. Even his expression was awkward. He repeatedly slammed his cervical vertebrae, and the bones suddenly heard a horrible rattle.

Two men with an average height of nearly one meter nine, strong and powerful, and evenly matched

At that time, like two tigers that are not dead, the ground is kicked out of the pit by the ear that is attached to the ear. The Land Rover's headlights are kicked and crushed, and the broken glass gravel is poured over the sky. Ajie slammed down to avoid the stern kick and kick, and got up and grabbed the top cover that the Land Rover had already been tilted. He held up with one hand and flew to the other side in the blink of an eye. Black sniper | gun box in the window, sweeping the face of Yan Yan!

"Hey!" Yan Yan spit out the blood foam with teeth fragments on the spot, and immediately caught the metal gun box, the hairpin was thrown away, and when the chest kicked Ajie to vomit blood, flew a few meters!


Ajie hit the guardrail, and the dusty bricks on the side of the road were covered with dust.

"..." Ajie raised his hand with his hand and slowly climbed up. Kara moved to the lower shoulder and stared straight at Yan.

His brow bones and nose bridges grow taller, because the forehead and the eyelids are full of blood, so the eyes look extraordinarily cold, and slowly said: "It seems that you should kill you."

Yan Yan also gasps, and the nose is full of rust and hot air, and the words evoke half of the mouth.

The smile was cold and bloody, and he took such an expression and raised his hand to hook the index finger.

"Looking for death," Ajie groaned, just lifting his foot up, suddenly -


The loud noise stunned the night, and everyone looked at it at the same time."Stand up." Jiang stopped directly pointing to the sky's muzzle turned to Ajie, 92 still self-distributed with smoke: "I will shoot again in another step."

Just now the gun was kicked and kicked into the wilderness behind the guardrail. No one in the dark noticed when Jiang stopped it, and no one noticed that his hand holding the gun was not stable. .

Only Ajie.

The scene was stagnant. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the river to stop the cold and bloodless face, as if he had pierced the icy face of the ice, and saw something deeper and more painful and unknown. .

"Shooting," Ajie squinted and smiled. "Isn't your shooting method good? Come and shoot at me, just like you kill ‘rivets.'


Severe eyelids slammed and slammed into the river.

Just as a curse broke through the ice, the river stopped standing there, but the soul seemed to crash into the icy bottom.

The undercurrent was covered with malicious memories, slammed into the body, and then wrapped around the body, whispering in the ear: "Do you want to go out?"

The darkness of the cell is not seen in the dark.

"Want to restore freedom?"

The light in the window slits illuminates the figure on the corner.

"That man is undercover rivet police..."

He struggled to retreat, but someone clamped him from behind and forced the gun into his hands.

"There is only one bullet in the gun, undercover or yourself." The voice in the nightmare smiled and said: "You must make the right choice."

Jiang stopped his chest, but he couldn't tell if his hoarse breath came from dreams or reality.

- I have to live, and he thinks.

My brothers are dead, I have to live to avenge them; everyone thinks that I am inside, I have to live to wash the stigma... I can't die.



The river stopped standing straight in the wilderness, cold sweat soaked in the hair, and slowly gathered along the cheek at the tip of the lower jaw. He saw his hand holding the gun lifted up, but with all his strength, he couldn’t avoid the facts that had happened in the nightmare. He could only shake his eyes and kick the next index finger.


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