Chapter 38 Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Chapter 38

Processing mold factory. (free full novel

Hey -

Half a bottle of water was poured down the head, smashing the water drops, holding the knees, and making a long burning breath.

The second floor of the factory building has already exploded. The black smoke has rolled out from every window. The red and blue warning lights around it are constantly flashing. The firefighters wearing masks continue to shuttle back and forth inside the isolation belt, and the sound of foot and footsteps is endless.

The ambulance came back and the air was filled with the indescribable taste of water vapor, coke and chemicals.

Yan Yan exhausted and stood up straight, wiped his face, soaked shirt close to the upper body.

"... Yan deputy detachment."

Yan Yan looked back and saw that the provincial office, who was in the city bureau, had a negative hand standing on his face. His face was full of complex expressions of shackles, arrogance and jealousy. He coughed:

"Good performance."

Yan Yan: "?"

Chen handed over a bottle of water, Yan Yan inexplicably caught.

"Do it well," Chen said, encouraging him to turn away if he had nothing to do with his hands.

Yan Yuzhang's second monk couldn't figure it out. He looked at Chen Zhiyuan with his eyes on the neuropathy, unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip, and slowly walked toward the command car dozens of meters away.

Usually, Lu has already come out of the car at this time, but today I don’t know why, maybe I was calling the provincial office, and I haven’t seen anyone until now. Yan Yan blinked in the window of the command car. Before he could see what was clear, Ma Xiang ran wildly with the waterdrops on his head: "Yan Ge! The phone from the Yange City Bureau -"

"Oh," Yan Yan said, "How is Lao Kang?"

"Rescue, fortunately, wearing a bullet-proof vest. I think now, the former Lu Lu originally wanted you to go to the top of the building to climb the rope and break the window. Your life is really embarrassing..."

"No," Yan Yan interrupted him and raised his chin to the distance: "How did Lao Kang go to the hospital to rescue him? The people of the special police brigade still stayed here. Didn't the long-range sniper grandson have clues? ”

"I don't know," Ma Xiang confused. "To Yange, the director of the Municipal Bureau Huang just called to find you."

Yan Yan was preparing to drink water, and he almost didn’t come out when he heard the words. He immediately found a mobile phone and started to see it.

"Hey old yellow..."

"Don't call me!" Huang Xing roared: "I told you about the communication for half an hour! I can't call back! The phone is turned off! You got out of the scene ten minutes ago. Don't think I don't know! went?!"

Director Huang went back to work every day to be beaten by his wife, so that he was very familiar with the road at this moment.

Yan Yan: "Don't be angry with my beloved rhubarb... My chip? Did you move more than 500 meters in situ?"

"I still have 500 meters of his mother. I will take out dozens of kilometers at this time, and then I will go to Gongzhou again! I said that you should not hang the chip on the bird's neck?"


Yan Yan Kong suddenly expanded.

Huang Xing is still arrogant, but Yan Hao’s ear blew up in the second when he heard the word Gongzhou.

what should I do? He immediately thought of it.Reported to the Lu Bureau, the complete existence of the river stop and the ins and outs are completely completed and handed over? Or contact the Gongzhou Public Security Department to inform them to immediately dispatch, take away the anti-drug detachment leader who died and resurrected and all the secrets are revealed to the world?

He knew what he should do, but before he made the right instructions to the body, he had already rushed to the big cut and started the car.

"Strict brother! Where are you!" Ma Xiang was dumbfounded: "Hey!"

"Old Huang, give me the real-time positioning of the chip." Yan Yan fired the police car, the tail actually took a bit of chill: "Do it now."

Lu Bureau came out of the command car, just about to scream and swear, he saw the big cut and reversed, and the tires rubbed against the ground to make a harsh sound.

Lu Bureau smashed into a sewed eye and smashed it round: "--strict!"

The voice just fell, the big cut in the crowd's exclamation sounded away, leaving only a burst of tail smoke.


At the same time, the highway forks.

Ajie squatted to the rearview mirror and saw that the car chasing after him suddenly changed lanes and then left the visible range.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh --boom!

Jiang stopped a foot on the accelerator pedal, ls400 turned into a silver-gray lightning, from the Land Rover car hard to the side of the body!

Han Xiaomei slammed into the front seat, screaming like a broken wire, and she was almost strangled by a seat belt.

"Support," Jiang stopped in the engine roar.

"Ah, huh?!"

Han Xiaomei had not had time to realize what he was saying, and the body slammed, hehe!

"Ah, ah-"

Hey! !

"Ah, mom, my mom, ah~"

Mercedes-Benz forced the Land Rover to the side of the road guardrail, squeezing it, and the two door metals rubbed against each other, and the burning fire broke out in the night!

The Land Rover was pressed around, causing the body to violently sway. Ajie slammed the steering wheel to the left and sneered: "Don't die."

The sign of the branch road in front is approaching fast, the left road leads directly to Gongju, and the right road shows the dead road -

Ajie hit the steering wheel to the right!

Parallel two

The car whistling and turning at the same time. The taillights flashed parallel arcs in the night, and the next second volley flew over and rushed out of the high speed.

Bang -!

At the same time, the two cars slammed into the abandoned road and splashed the gravel. Then they lost control in the crazy acceleration and slammed into the guardrail!

After a few minutes, or just a few minutes or even a few seconds, Han Xiaomei recovered consciousness from a brief fainting.

I didn't even kill, this is her first thought.

The earth-shattering three hundred and sixty degrees of rotation has already stood still, the car is in a mess, and the glass is covered with dense and horrible turtle cracks. Han Xiaomei squatted there for a moment, then got up and struggled to explore the front seat, wanting to see how the situation of the land consultant, but just feel the pain of the whole body, the internal organs seem to be twisted into a group and smashed into the abdominal cavity."...Lu..." Han Xiaomei used all her strength to make a shudder voice: "Mr. Lu..."

There is no round-trip sound in the front row.

Han Xiaomei missed a half-beat when he was on the beat, and looked out of the window, suddenly the blood was cold.

Not far from the dark road, a young man in black and black pants pushed the door out of the deformed Land Rover and walked straight to them.

"Mr. Lu! Mr. Lu!! Wake up!"

The man is getting closer and closer to the window, and even the smile-like expression can be seen clearly. Han Xiaomei's heart sinks directly into the bottom of the valley, simply biting his teeth and unfastening the seat belt, he is ready to get off the bus and desperately.

"do not move."

Han Xiaomei made a move.

In the front row of the driver's seat, Jiang stopped the bloody forehead and slowly opened his eyes.

"..." Han Xiaomei's lips moved: "Mr. Lu..."

Because of her weakness and her throat congestion, her voice is as fine as a mosquito, and even her own is hard to hear. I saw Jiang stop what I had found from my shirt pocket, and the backhand was handed to the back seat, hoarsely: "It’s dangerous outside, stay in the car and don't go out, wait for the strictness."

Han Xiaomei’s eyes condensed.

That is a positioning chip that is distributed by the city bureau!

Jiang stopped to step out of the Mercedes-Benz, facing Ajie's direction. In the moment before Han Xiaomei followed the door, he rubbed the car and locked it, and then threw the key into the night.

The car immediately heard the sound of the window, but Jiang stopped without looking back.

"Who are you waiting for?" Ajie turned his wrist and smiled: "Jianning City Public Security Bureau, Gongzhou City Public Security Department, or the deputy leader of the surname Yan?"

Jiang stopped without answering, avoiding Ajie's face punch, his footsteps with a very difficult to detect, and then standing still and one side, in an instant, the wind slammed against the body.

Ajie seems to find it very interesting. He stands up and asks: "You don't plan to delay the time?"

On the distant viaduct, the lights rushed past, and the light and shadow stopped flashing on the cold side of the river. He finally asked: "Why should you make such a big move?"

Ajie joked: "You know that my boss sometimes does things without reason."

Jiang stopped: "No, everything has its causes, but some are not known."

Ajie bowed his head and couldn't see his expression in the dark, only to see his shoulders tremble slightly.

"Ha ha ha..." The voice that could not be restrained finally came out. Ajie looked up and really only smiled: "Well, there are actually two reasons, but are you sure you want to listen?"


"The first is because the surname Hu took what he shouldn't take. The mold factory may have samples of them for research. You know, we have to protect our business. - As for the second."

Jiang stopped his brows tighter, and the eyelashes were almost pressed into a dense one. He only listened to Ajie and smiled: "You know that my boss is a very old person. Since three years ago, he especially liked this. The story of the sudden explosion of police action. Especially the location is still in the factory, it is a perfect replay of the past, how can he miss it?"Jiang’s nails were deeply embedded in the palm of his hand and even oozing a warm, viscous liquid.

"So I followed the instructions and specially recorded a video to bring back." Ajie touched the phone, threw a circle and arbitrarily caught: "Why, do you want to come over and say hello?"


Jiang stopped to pick up the hand, and Ajie grabbed his wrist and twisted it. The light was especially clear in the night. The next second, the river stopped and turned around and swept Ajie's ankle. It was a very standard and fast and awkward fighting action, but the latter was more resistant than him. After the kick, there was no such thing as a fight. Put Jiang to stop a few steps.

After the river stopped moving, it was too late to stand still, and Ajie had already hit the front.

Han Xiaomei lost his voice: "Mr. Lu!"

Ajie locked the river and stopped his throat. He pushed it backwards and slammed him on the suv hood in a loud bang, and then he made a fist!

If the fist is not spared, it is enough to pull the front cover of the Land Rover out of a deep pit, or let the brain stopped by the river to get out of the temple.

But then, the scene that Han Xiaomei could not dream of happened.

Jiang stopped his head, and in a moment he avoided the boxing style. Ajie's steel-like knuckles fell on his hood against his ear. The next second, Jiang stopped the detective to pull the folding dagger from the back. Bounced open, cold light, Ajie chest flew before a splash of blood!


Ajie immediately turned back, only to see the blood marks of three or four inches long in the chest. But he didn't have time to look at it. Jiang stopped the hand before grabbing it. The blade that was wrapped in the cold wind stroked the throat!

Ajie stepped back and the river stopped. There is no gap in the light of the knife, and in the speed of life and death that you retreat into me, I almost smashed it down with Ajie's throat!

Not far from the car, Han Xiaomei stunned his eyes wide open.

In her impression, the Lu consultant is a very elegant person who is very conservative and has a weak body. She never thought that the land consultant would actually hide such a control knives on her body. Although it was affected by poor health, the degree of cold and fierceness turned into another face.

- The true face hidden under his gentle and elegant appearance.

Yes, she realized it.

Jiang stopped not waiting for the rescue, but he wanted to kill the man immediately.


Ajie only felt a cold cheek, and then a hot, blood splashed against the blade, only a few centimeters to the eyes!

"Hey," he briefly expressed his unexpected feelings, and then finally ended his shun. When the dagger once again slammed into his throat, he grabbed Jiang’s wrist and did not show his feelings and reflexes.

"You are a -" Ajie cold and cold.

At that moment, Jiang stopped not to hide, and a fierce side kicked to fly on Ajie’s chest.

Ajie was forced to let go of his hand and effortlessly blocked the side kick. The next moment Jiang stopped to borrow volley, slammed his head and pushed Ajie back!

The river stopped to land, and it was black, and it was almost not stable.This kick is to be replaced by Ajie, and the opponent’s celestial cover and even the skull must be broken on the spot. However, Jiang stopped a patient who had been awakened for more than a month and walked a long way. He had just relied on his body memory three years ago to be able to barely support the wind. The actual physical exertion was much greater than that of Ajie.

He snorted with a bloody smell and leaned over to the dagger with tiny blood on the ground.

But at this time, the ears screamed. The river stopped to get up, and the dagger at the fingertips was kicked, and then Ajie glared at his throat, hehe! He slammed his back on the Land Rover door!

"..." Jiang stopped his eyebrows and his face quickly turned from red to blue, and his throat made a terrible bone friction.

Ajie leaned against him with one hand, and the other hand did not carelessly wiped his bloody side. He smiled and said: "I know that you don't have to bring out the guns, you still have to worry about the fire. I used to say you." It’s a tiger with a tooth, a eagle that has been twisted, and the boss still doesn’t believe it.”


Ajie looked at his face for a moment and said, "I have never understood something. You said that you can live very well. Why do you want to go on the road to death?"

Jiang stopped a word and couldn’t say it. He raised his hand and grabbed Ajie’s arm.

However, the professional killer who has been trained for many years of rigorous training will not be shaken by this insignificant rebellion. Ajie is close to the river and whispered, "If I get you back, what would the boss say?"

Jiang stopped opening his mouth and spit out two words between his teeth: "Dream..."

Ajie seems to feel a little funny, just want to say something, suddenly after the ground to blow up: "- let go of him! Raise your hand!"

Ajie turned around and immediately put a gun on his head.

Han Xiaomei was trembling all over, but his eyes were full of courage, and he shouted: "But I shot!"

From the very beginning, Ajie did not take this yellow hair hoe as a matter of course, so he did not expect this change. He measured the situation slightly and accidentally, and then slowly let go of the river, and really turned around and raised his hands.

"Cough! Cough!..."

Jiang stopped painfully licking his neck and sulking his cough. Every sound seemed to be shocked from the chest. He couldn’t hold back for a few times. Finally, he finally took out a little bit of blood and stopped breathing.

Han Xiaomei couldn't help but look at him and panic back to Ajie. The two guns were more tense than the guns. The tone was trembled: "You, come over, stand far away." ""

Ajie obediently followed her instructions and looked up at the same time, looking towards the Mercedes LS400 not far away.

The rear window of the car broke a big hole, presumably she just climbed out from there.

On the distant viaduct, the car was far and near, and then sailed to the distance. The fleeting lights reflected Han Xiaomei's palms and numerous splinter glass fragments on the outside of the forearm.

glass shards?

Ajie finally knows what, his eyes glimpse, flashing a mocking smile."Mr. Lu, Lu," Han Xiaomei tried to restrain the trembling of his own voice: "I have handcuffs on me, help me... help me put him on."

A few steps outside the river stopped to get up, but just stepped closer, the sight of the broken Mercedes-Benz rear window, and his body stiffened.

"Mr. Lu?"

- The air has solidified for just half a second, and Jiang stopped and Ajie moved at the same time!

Jiang stopped almost desperately to fly, but it was already late. Ajie grabbed Han Xiaomei's arm, crisp and crisp, and twisted his right elbow, and immediately took the top of the gun on her white eyebrows. Without hesitation, he rubbed the trigger!

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