Chapter 37 Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Chapter 37

"Reporting the command car, here is monitoring point b. (Free full novel fiction is walking away from the hostage, visually measuring a kidnapper recently separated from the hostage by three to four meters, but can not see clearly due to angle and glass material issues For details, please indicate."

Inside the command car, the fluorescent reflection on the face of Lu’s sinking water: “Continue monitoring. Once the kidnappers are near the window sill, Captain Kang immediately drops the window and Yan Yan begins to meet.”

Two simple words came from the communication channel: "Yes!"


Lv meditation for a few seconds, and suddenly asked: "Attention to the monitoring points, is there a way to send signals from the outdoors to the hostage?"

"No," said Sha Shaqiang in the sound of Shasha. The second floor is a large-scale window. The angle of sight of the gangsters is uncertain. It is difficult to pass the signal to the hostage under the premise of concealment. In case the process of causing the hostages to pay attention Being discovered by the kidnappers will definitely cause unpredictable consequences."

Lu Lu nodded and sighed softly.

- Just when they were talking, in the distant Mercedes-Benz, Han Xiaomei listened to the situation in the walkie-talkie, the chocolate wrapped in his mouth was forgotten, and the delicate brows were screwed up.

“The kidnappers walked away from the hostages?” The front driver’s seat uploaded the sound of the river stop.

"Well, but I can't act now, I can't determine the exact situation on the spot."

The front row was quiet for a moment, only to listen to the river and stopped sinking: "The situation has eased, and the hostages should have made some compromise."

"What compromise?" Han Xiaomei asked.

I didn’t hear the answer for a long time. Han Xiaomei looked forward and saw that Jiang stopped to close the mobile phone. When he looked up, his rearview mirror reflected his unpredictable eyes:

"The hostages have the ability to synthesize 'blue gold'."


Laboratory room.

"It doesn't matter to her, you let her go!" Chu Ci took a deep breath and didn't seem to find the right words, so he repeated it with a sigh of emotion: "- Let her go."

This nondescript "laboratory" table is full of all kinds of drugs and semi-finished products. The big pots in the corners are piled with ice. The messy ground is scattered with pink banknotes. The technicians and Wang Le are haha, squinting at each other, rough. Push Ding forward forward.

The girl’s eyes were full of tears and squatted forward.

Chu Ci’s eyes fell on her poor face, but she left without a pause for half a second and cast it on the wall clock.

What should we do now?

Delayed waiting for the rescue, or immediately expressed their consent to go with the drug dealers, and then wait for the opportunity to act halfway?

If in a few years, Chuci should be able to handle this sudden situation more maturely and fluently, and it will be more comfortable in the face of dilemmas; but in the early 20s, he has not touched the society, and the operation of the public security system. The way is still very strange, and there is some jealousy in the subconscious.

- If I go with them, will the police really treat me as an accomplices, will it be difficult to say clearly in court?

The high fever and water shortage lasting more than ten hours made him collapse. Chu Ci tightened his eyes and then opened it. He was about to say something. Suddenly, the sight of the light was seen somewhere, and his throat was a meal.Outside the glass window at the far corner of the factory building, there was something in the middle of the night and something quickly ran over. It seemed to be a rope.



Special police? !

Chu Ci’s brain creaked, and could not see Ding’s tearful eyes and could not hear the kidnappers’ ridicule. He raised his hand to the edge of the table after the support. The first drop was empty, and then he grabbed the large glass test tube and grasped it tightly.

"Don't wait for the courage to be stupid, let's go and talk." Chi Rui, while picking up the scattered banknotes on the ground, told the other two gangs who were laughing and joking: "When Wang Le will go to the truck, the move will be removed." As for the kid--"He gestured to Chuci: "Tie him with Dingjia’s head, you understand."

Wang Le will know: "Well, I will get the car key."

"That is the moth is hitting the glass?" Chi Rui suddenly squinted.

He got up and looked at the window farthest from them, and the night outside the window was deep and wide, without any movement. After a long time, Wang Le asked inexplicably: "What moth?"

Chi Rui stayed in the same place and thought that it was not too bright after dark. It was safe, although several main light-transparent windows were frosted glass, but after all, the big night party was still a bit faint, so Wang Le was turned off. A few bright incandescent lights, lift your feet to check the window frame latch.

“——Reporting the command car! A gangster is approaching the east corner window sill and cannot be sure whether it is equipped with firearms!”

Not sure if you are carrying a gun?

A few eyes were cast at the center of the command car at the same time. In a short moment, the air seemed to solidify, and then I saw only a few words from the cracks:

"One group, next!"

As if to pull a switch, all the changes in all aspects are happening at this moment -

Kang Shuqiang’s eyes closed his teeth, his lifeline was hanging from his waist, his feet slammed against the wall, and the whole person swayed in a semicircle in the air, rushing to the glass by inertia;

On the inside of the window, Chi Rui suddenly saw the shadow of the outside of the frosted glass reflecting a figure, and suddenly approached, and the pupil was tightened when he was squatting;

On the roof of the distant resident, the AJ face behind the sight was expressionless and the trigger was pulled.

The 5mm machine gun slid into the night sky and crossed the distance of hundreds of meters, hitting Kang Shuqiang's back.

The special police captain is like a kite that has broken the line. In the loud noise, the whole glass is shattered and the blood is thrown into the room!



There was a series of fuzzy sounds coming from the corridor, and the eyelids slammed and whispered to the headset: "Old Kang?"

In the command car, Lu’s face changed dramatically.

"I am!" Chi Rui screamed: "Police!"

With a bang, Chu Ci smashed the glass test tube and held the pointed tip!

Chi Rui, Wang Le and the technicians turned to the hostages. At the same time, Ding Dang, who was flying away, chose the safest direction and screamed to Chu Ci.

At this time, Chu Ci’s performance was nothing but hesitation. He took over Ding Dang in one hand, but did not push it to his back. Instead, he grabbed her neck at a speed that was extremely fast and dragged to her body, while sharp glass fragments. Straight up on her white neck artery!"Don't come over!" Chu Ci sighed: "Otherwise I killed her!"

The three drug dealers stopped at the same time!

"...what are you doing?" The girl's delicate body trembled and screamed, "I am, Chuci, you see clearly, why?"

She seems to have feared to the extreme, but Chu Ci did not give her half a look: "Because you are the mastermind of this group of people."

It was like a blue sky, and the jingle was frozen in an instant, and the line of sight was connected with three drug dealers.

- Hey!

Another two glasses are completely shattered, and everyone turns at the same time!

I saw the other two special police officers almost broke into the window with the mentality of going to death. They even refused to check the captain who fell in the pool of blood. They rolled up and rolled up and slammed their guns: "Raise your hand! Put down your weapon! Otherwise shot!"

"Reporting the command car, the captain of Kang is shot in the back! The injury is unknown! Repeatedly shot the back of the Captain Kang! The injury is unknown!!"

The voice landed, and all four were shocked. Lu Bureau Huo Ran got up: "Yan Yan!"



Yan Yan is like a cheetah that is launched in the first moment. He rushes out from the darkness and lifts his foot to open the door. When he heads up, he sees the mid-air pool, and his arms are wide open, and he throws himself at Chuci, trying to hijack him as a hostage.


Yan Yan said nothing, raised his hand in the middle of the thigh, Chi Rui pained and tumbling to the ground!

In this short blink of an eye, the police officers who had been lurking for a long time on both sides of the road had been dispatched, and the guns were lifted up, pointing to the three drug dealers in the middle of the factory.

"Hands up! Police!"

The situation was on the verge, and the muzzle was astounding.

"..." Drug dealers, you see me, I see you, Chi Rui's constant twitching on the ground is unusually harsh. After a few seconds, Wang Le first responded. He threw the gun on the ground and shook his hand.

"Go to see Lao Kang," Yan Yan whispered to the police officers under his command, and pointed the gun at Ding Dang, indicating that Chu Ci retreated.

Ding Dang has already been faceless, and he is desperate to hide backwards: "I really don't know anything, I don't know, don't believe him..."

"Let's go to the Public Security Bureau and say," Yan Yan said coldly, and reached out to marry her.

However, at the moment when his fingertips hit Ding Dang, at the moment when everyone did not respond, suddenly there was no warning - hehe!

The test tube burst!


The chemical storage cabinet burst!


The whole row of reaction kettles blasted off!

"Your Majesty!" Yan Yan screamed: "It is a sniper!"

Glass pieces poured down and poured, the whole pot of ice | poisonous sky sprinkled, countless kinds of chemical raw materials all the bags open, the reagents blown out in the reaction kettle was ignited by Mars, issued the first earth-shattering explosion!


In the distant Mercedes-Benz, Jiang stopped to look up sensitively.

“Reporting the command car, reporting the command car!” The cymbal in the walkie-talkie came from the back seat: “There was a remote sniper outside the east corner window, the chemicals on the scene were ignited, and an explosion occurred! Repeatedly, someone slammed outside the east corner window, the scene A chemical explosion has occurred!!"

"How could this be..." Han Xiaomei is unbelievable: "How, how is it possible..."In the distant night, the light of the explosion reflected in the end of the river, and then the smoke of smoke spurted out of the factory window, and it swelled into the ink-like night sky.

- Vicious, explosive, teammates caught in the sea of ​​fire, how familiar the scene.

It is like repeating thousands of times of nightmares staring at him, slowly showing a sly smile from the abyss.

Jiang stopped a deep breath and immediately shuddered and spit out. In the place where Han Xiaomei could not see, the finger holding the steering wheel was tightly pressed to the bone joint, but the sound could not be heard when he opened it again: "The special police captain was attacked from the corner when he broke the window from the east corner." ”

"Ah? Yes!"

Under this visual condition, even if the most outstanding killer is in person, the range will not exceed the limit in terms of internal equipment and target shots. Coupled with the locked shooting angle, most of the nearby buildings are...

"With the target window as the starting point of the acute angle, each radiation radiates fifteen degrees and extends back six hundred meters. What are the buildings with more than five floors?"

Han Xiaomei replied quickly and replied: "The big... mostly flat warehouses and parking lots, there are logistics distribution centers and office buildings, and residential buildings, but the viaducts should be quickly removed... Ah!!"

Her voice did not fall, Jiang stopped to step on the gas pedal, the inertial force let Han Xiaomei almost slammed into the co-pilot back.

"Tie a seat belt." Jiang stopped and did not return, quickly hit the steering wheel, cut from

Noki and the special policeman Iveco wore through the gap between the two big cars, a beautiful tail directly rushed to the road.

Han Xiaomei: "Mr. Lu Lulu, what are you doing, what do you want?"

Jiang stopped without answering, and the side lines were tight and cold.

The target of the sniper is not difficult to speculate, he thought.

But why should we take such an earth-shattering approach?


"Cough and cough..."

The smoke at the scene of the explosion was so intense that the Chu Ci didn't have the energy to look around. In the vertigo of the sea, suddenly a hint of instinct from the bottom of his heart rises, Chu Ci squatting on the ground to stop coughing.

- rotten egg flavor.

Hydrogen sulfide!

Chu Ci struggled to get up and was pushed back to the ground by the people. I saw Ding when I grabbed the gun that Wang Le had thrown on the ground, clasped his hands, and the muzzle smothered his eyebrows. The pure and innocent appearance had disappeared: "How do you know?!"

Chu Ci did not answer, trying to hold his breath, but his eyes were still black.

"Why is it that you found out, why..." Ding’s bloodshot eyes floated a little bit crazy, and finally screamed: "Go to hell!"

boom! boom! boom!

The number of shots almost slammed together, and Chu Ci blinked. I saw that it was Yan Yan flying from the oblique direction. Before Ding Ding pulled the trigger, he did not want to grab the muzzle and lift it up.

When the bullets came out of the fire, a bunch of bullet holes were made on the ceiling!

When Ding was angry and screaming and struggling, the voice was not like a human being, and then he was slammed on the ground and took the gun back, throwing it away.Immediately after the special police rushed forward, the foremost one took off his gas mask, and the hand was buckled on Chuci's face. The two special police officers quickly left Chu Ci to go out, and the criminal police immediately took over and sent it downstairs.

The factory has been powered off and the corridor is very dark. Chu Ci was groggy and felt that his feet were not on the ground, as if he was running forward like a cloud. He tried several times before raising his hand, shaking and taking off the gas mask, and hurriedly said: "...hydrogen sulfide..."

Ma Xiang actually caught his voice in such a chaotic situation, while he ran wildly and asked aloud: "What? What do you say?"

"The concentration of hydrogen sulfide above 001 will paralyze the sense of smell, people can't smell it, thinking that the gas will dissipate, in fact..." Chu Ci broke out of cough, the mouth was full of rust, struggling to swallow back: "In fact, already It’s so thick that it’s going to explode again, fast, let’s tell... cough and cough –!”

Ma Xiang looked at him and signaled that the criminal police continued to protect Chu Ci from going downstairs to the ambulance. He turned around in the same place and did not go back to the scene of the explosion!

- Just as he set foot on the second floor of the corridor for the same second, there was a whistling whistle approaching in the distance.

The fire truck arrived.


Residents' roof.

Ajie will sniper|gun parts are disassembled and collected, and finally one thing is taken out of the briefcase.

It was a piece of old-fashioned yellow, but it was carefully squared and it looked like a round neck white t-shirt that had been carefully kept. The fabric on the back is printed with a faded reddish pattern. Half of the round cover is on the horizontal line. There are several rays stretching outside the circle - it should be a stick figure of the sun rising; it should belong to the age of seven or eight from the size of the t-shirt. Child.

Ajie bent over and put the t-shirt on the ground, smashed a brick to prevent it from being blown away, then squatted in the "doct box", inserted it in his pocket with one hand, and turned and walked down the roof.

The wind whizzed past, and the small t-shirt under the bricks couldn't keep swinging, revealing the old and mottled bloodstains many years ago.

At this time, there was already no one around the open space in the downstairs. The street lamps were broken, and the only remaining lights of the fruit gave off a dim light. Ajie stood in front of the Land Rover's car door and was about to take off his leather gloves. He suddenly heard the sound of the engine coming from afar.

There is a car coming over.

At the end of the road, the lights flashed. While looking at the model, Ajie unexpectedly raised his eyebrows – so fast?

"There is a person over there!" Han Xiaomei's scream is deafening: "Mr. Lu! In front!"

Don't need her to say more, Jiang stopped a kick in the past!

"..." Ajie whispered silently, opened the door and rushed to the driver's seat, and the ignition started in one go. The professionally modified Land Rover finally played its performance, launching the speed to the peak in a few seconds, and the sharp arrow stabbed away from the string.

However, the river stopped without hesitation, and did not even slow down. The silver-gray ls400 clenched the tail of the pure black Land Rover and rushed to the road with it!


Wuhai Industrial Zone is located in a remote area. After entering the night, there are few vehicles and the road conditions are very empty. The two cars are in tandem, like the meteors chasing each other, bursting into the fog and heavy nights, and in a blink of an eye, the limited number of cars on the road are far away."Oh," Ajie slammed into the rearview mirror, only to see that the front lights of the ls400 were always twenty or thirty meters away from their own, and they could not help but laugh.

The scene of scorpion poisoning, factory explosion, high-speed tragic rear-end collision; a series of accidents developed precisely in chronological order, like a nightmare replay, for a determinate ptsd patient is worthy of devastating mental stress.

How long can you chase? He thought with a mockery.

Your hands are already unable to hold the steering wheel, right?

"A suspect was found in the south of Dongyuan Road. Suspected sniper, request rescue! Repeat the request for rescue!! - Ah!!" Han Xiaomei's head slammed into the window in a sharp turn, the walkie-talkie disengaged, slipped Entered the bottom of the co-pilot seat.

In the front row, the river stopped moving his eyebrows and did not move. He rubbed several large trucks and changed lanes. In the sound of the car horns, the Land Rover turned to the high speed.

"Mr. Lu is careful!" Han Xiaomei screamed.

Jiang stopped his face and could not see any mood swings. But only he knows that the scene that flies backwards in front of the window is spinning rapidly, forming a whirlpool like a sea, and swallowing up every inch of his senses.

Similar road chasing, speeding, colliding with a truck that suddenly rushed out...

Jiang stopped holding the hand on the side of the steering wheel and shivered. In the place where Han Xiaomei could not see, his canine teeth cut deep into the corner of his lips, and blood spilled out along the lips.

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