Chapter 36 Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Chapter 36

Jiaxing Processing and Packaging Mould Factory covers an area of ​​three hectares. The main building is built on two floors. Most of the surrounding areas are logistics warehouses and a few office buildings. (free full novel

The sniper can confirm that the kidnappers that have appeared inside the factory are three people, and the hostages stay somewhere on the second floor, but the specific location cannot be determined.

In order to avoid the alertness of the kidnappers, the special police and the criminal investigation vehicles were all far away from the scene. Only the communication vehicles disguised as freight companies entered the corner of the factory opposite the factory. The Lu Bureau took the provincial and provincial negotiating experts to take the command.

“The action personnel are divided into two groups, which enter the plant area from the east and the south respectively. The specific action routes have been marked separately. One group of potential targets is the roof of the factory building. After the observer confirms the location of the hostages, it sends a signal. The staff used the ropes to carry out a broken window."

"The first principle of the special police is to grab the hostages and avoid crossfire on the premise that can be circumvented. Yan Yan, your task is to take two groups of personnel to guard the various passages leading to the first floor of the second floor of the factory, and at the same time, grab the team leader. After the hostages, they will be immediately taken over and covered."

"If in one in ten thousand cases, the action personnel are exposed to the kidnappers and the hostages are violently held; then I order the two groups to quickly evacuate without angering the gangsters, while trying to lure the kidnappers and create conditions for the snipers. Do people understand?"

Lu’s chubby round face is no longer a kind of kindness, just as Maitreya finally shows the true face of majesty. At the same time, the voice of Yan Yan and Kang Shuqiang was heard in the communicator: "Understand!"

"Two groups understand!"

"Lv Bureau," the director of the provincial office, Chen, also came here this time, sitting in the command car, could not help but say: "This action is very important, in case of any mistakes, hostages..."

"Old Chen Yu -" Lu Zhou language has a long-term heart.

Everyone has a sigh of relief.

"You have confidence in our police officers and have confidence in our special police officers - ah, I believe, first of all, our actions are aimed at perfection, with the utmost effort and the most rigorous preparation, strategically defying the enemy. Secondly, the enemy is attached to the tactics. Secondly, the Jianning City Public Security Bureau rescues the hostages from top to bottom. Leaders at all levels attach great importance to persistence in training and resolutely implement the relevant thinking and guidance of the Ministry of Public Security..."

Why do you want to provoke the opening of this surname Lu!

Several other experts glared at Chen, and Chen wanted to cry without tears, hiding half of the mouth and gourd.


The sky is getting darker and the street lights are on.

The entrance of the first floor of the factory building, the hidden side of the flower bed.

"Hey, old Yan," another channel in the headset came the voice of the technical detective Huang, and said: "You just asked me to do it, why locate your own chip?"

Yan Yan wore bulletproof vests, shirt cuffs rolled on the elbows, holding the guns tightly attached to the corners of the wall, and then glanced at the colleagues scattered in various hidden points, holding down the headset and whispering: "Let you check, check. Don't talk so much nonsense."

Huang Xing: "Hey, why are you so murderous, check your girlfriend's derailment? Oh, there is no girlfriend for you."

Yan Yan: "...""Hey, I advised you earlier, asking for a lowering point, almost a small net red. You see your own conditions, and ask people to talk to your soul, who is with you in your belt. Be a confidant? Isn’t the girl a girl?”

Yan Yan: ".................."

The special policeman from the front reached out from the outside of the corridor and made an instruction to move forward. Yan Yan bowed his body and rushed into the corridor. In the night, he seemed to be a silent arrow. He only listened to the headset, and Huang was very enthusiastic:

"Look, the consequence of not letting go of the conditions is to come out of the wall. Your chip has moved and moved -"

Yan Yan almost slammed into a horse.

"Stop!" Huang Xingxin reported: "Stopped at the original coordinates of 20 meters!"

"..." Severely cold and cold: "Please don't talk to me if you move no more than 500 meters." Then he raised his hand and dialed back to the communication channel. He turned to the corner of the stairs and swept the muzzle. The left hand decisively made a "continue to advance" command.


Time is pushed back three minutes, outside the warehouse.

Han Xiaomei watched as Jiang stopped to open the door of Grand Cherokee, stepped off the car, finished his sleeves, and did not head back to the silver-gray Mercedes that he had opened.

"Lu...Lu Lulu..." Han Xiaomei, who was left here as a jailer, was crying. He wanted to stop and dare not go forward. He finally took the courage to find out the complete three. Word: "Mr. Lu..."

Jiang stopped to open the big car door: "Is there something?"

Han Xiaomei was stunned by the dark pupils in his snow-stained face. He couldn’t say anything when he was on the scene. He only shook his head and shook his head.

Jiang stopped to sit in the big driving cab and slammed the door.

At that moment, countless anti-war Martyrs flashed in front of Han Xiaomei, from the heroic bombing of the bunker to the boxing of the muzzle, from "comrades with me" to "the proletariat stood up"; the bright red five-star red flag was high on the land of China Fluttering, the blood of the revolution has been swaying in Han Xiaomei's heart for a long time!

Jiang stopped turning his data line out of the sundries and began to charge the phone, then looked up.

In front of the front of the car, Han Xiaomei opened his arms and looked firm. The big character was stuck in the middle of the road. When you dare to walk, you will first praise the strong expression of my body.

"..." The two men looked at each other for a long while.

Jiang stopped and touched two chocolates and poked his head out of the window. He screamed: "...Do you want to come to rest and eat sugar?"

Han Xiaomei: "...oh."

Han Xiaomei grinned and took the sugar stopped by the river and got into the back seat of the car.



In a room on the second floor of the factory building, there was light in the room, and there was a shadow in the sniper mirror.

"Reporting the command car, here is monitoring point a. There is a target activity in the east corner of the second floor of the building. It is impossible to distinguish the kidnappers or hostages, and the sniper angle is not good. Finished."

"Know it, continue to monitor." In the command car, Lu Bureau paused in the worried eyes of several experts. "--have you heard Xiaokang?"On the top of the building in the night, the well-trained special policeman was perfectly hidden in the night, and Kang Shuqiang grabbed the sling and squatted on the ground: "Yes, this group will go in the direction of the target."

"Strictly?" Lu said and asked.

"-- understand." On the second floor of the factory building, a corner of the corridor, Yan Yan was half-squatted with a gun, and only the cold corner of the eye was slightly bright in the darkness: "The second group has blocked three main roads and is ready to respond. ""

Lu Lu nodded and took a long breath.

“What to do now, Lao Lu?” a provincial office expert whispered.

Lu’s seemingly chubby and harmless face did not move, faintly said: “Wait.”

螳螂 螳螂 蝉, the oriole is behind. In this static to solidified situation, the kidnappers are eagerly awaiting drug synthesis, the hostages are waiting for the rescue in procrastination, and the special policemen ambushing at various hiding points are waiting for the opportunity to break in. The snipers are at the heights and blended into the night; no one Dare to act rashly and break the balance of dangerous eggs.

Take the lead and move the whole body.

The "laboratory" wall was palely reflected by the fluorescent light. On the wall clock, the hour hand gradually pointed to eight o'clock.

Chu Ci shut the instrument, took off the goggles, looked up and almost hit the close range and pointed the muzzle on the back of the head.

The three drug dealers stared at him, and Wang Le couldn't wait to point his gun at him and asked, "Can you get it?"

"...some difficulty." Chu Ci's voice was extremely hoarse. "But it is possible to achieve mass production, and the cost is relatively low compared to traditional morphine drugs."

Chi Rui took the eye technician and the latter nodded to confirm.

"That's fast!" Wang Lexi is in color.

Chu Ci’s throat slipped slightly, as if he had swallowed hard—in fact, he hadn’t had water for a long time, and his throat was very dry when he spoke.

"Lack of equipment." He squinted his eyes and said to himself, "You lab, even the production of methylbenzene|propylamine is not standardized, it is actually cooking and mixing two-line parallel. In case of bad luck in cooking Explosion in the process, mixed pseudo- hemp | yellow base and red phosphorus heating will produce a large amount of toxic phosphine gas, when everyone can not run, all will die. If you want to synthesize this new type of fentan Nie compounds, many professional equipment is indispensable."

Several drug dealers looked at each other and a certain consensus was reached in silence after a while. Chi Rui took out the gun.

The technician coughed and went to Chuci and handed him a bottle of water.

“Thank you,” Chu Ci politely replied, “I am not thirsty.”

He is afraid of adding addictive substances to the water.

The technician did not care about it. He took a bench and sat in front of him and asked, "How old are you, and then you have a baby?"

Chu Ci said: "Twenty-one."

"After the age of twenty-one," the technician nodded. He was a dark, thin, middle-aged man in his 30s and 40s. He looked like he had a bit of a heart-to-heart look: "--I heard Ding Jiawang say that your home is very Difficult, but the academic performance is good?"

Chu Ci did not deny."You have never been a student, you probably don't know the people who are in the chemistry profession. Even if you graduated from a famous school, you can get eight | nine thousand every month and you will have a blue smoke on your grave. You are in Beijing, eight places. What can Jiuqian do? Buying a house or a wife, is it enough to take the niece from the younger brother?"

"Look at me, I am also studying chemistry, and I am mixing this ghost." The technicians spread their hands and pointed out: "Ding Jiawang, you know, big company engineers, is it pretty good? Tell the truth You will have more than 10,000 when he gets it. If it is not for us, what should he take for his wife and daughter, and what is the mortgage loan? Young people, you study so well, reading chemistry is wrong! ”

“Fortunately,” Chu Ci said faintly. “I am a chemistry major directly sponsored by the Orsay Award.”


The technician was probably swearing something, but it was smothered on the surface.

"Yes, you feel good now, but when you work out of society, you know how unfair this world is. Those who are officials, do business, which is not greedy, which is not illegal? How many murders set fire? All are far away, let's do some medicine to sell some money. If you don't have a life, do you think the police will catch us?"

Chu Ci was silent for a long time, and his face showed a faint color.

The technician saw that he was not so stubborn, and he was very happy. He pulled the bench and put it together: "Student I will give you a bottom. We must definitely run the next step. You will cooperate with us. Later, we will Go to the south to find a small place to stay, wait for the experimental equipment you want, and how much money you earn is not the first to be close to you? You really made a 'blue gold', you are a living god of wealth, who is not good For you?"

The technician turned back and sang Wang Le and gave a wink.

"Oh, you, this person, what are these useless things!" Wang Le deliberately and savagely, went to the lower corner of the chemical storage cabinet to pull out a dilapidated travel bag and threw it in front of Chu Ci. Shocked from the mouth of the bag.

"The whole point is useful, high-quality students, these are yours!"

Chu Ci’s eyes stared at the thick pink cash, and she turned her eyes for a long time. It seemed that her heart was struggling.

There is a play! Two drug dealers are happy.

"Hey, Pharaoh, why are you doing this? Isn't this insulting? After we have made the blue gold, this money is not enough!" The technician said that he had gotten closer and patted Chu Ci. The shoulders deliberately lowered the voice: "Speak back, the students, haven’t talked about love yet?"

Chu Ci did not speak, it seems to be the default.

The technician said: "I think Ding’s unscrupulous gimmick seems to like you very much. Hey, you should cooperate with us. Big brother will give her to you today, how about?"

Chu Ci’s eyebrows jumped and I saw the door open. Chi Rui, who just went out, stood at the door and took a gun to the head of Ding Ding!

Ding Dang's cheeks seemed to have been beaten a few more times, but he didn't dare to cry, but he stood there in a trembling manner, throwing him a collapsing look.

·- At the same time, somewhere hundreds of meters away from the front of the residential building to be demolished.

"All in all, give me a bag."

The last apple pears left on the board are not wrinkled or insects, and no one has passed in the vicinity. Originally, the hawkers gave up hope, and they planned to sell it again in half an hour. He packed up and took it home. He ate it for dinner. He didn’t want to be staying, suddenly came to a round-the-book customer, let alone Bargaining, even the change is not necessary.

The hawker was beaming, fearing that the guests would regret it, and quickly took the plastic bag to pack it up. Even the two or two zeros were wiped out, and they smiled and handed it forward.

The guest reached for the plastic bag.

--Ok? The hawker has a little attention.

The weather in early May, how can this person still wear leather gloves?

He thought so, while he was picking up the board and preparing to leave, he looked up and shook his eyes.

The back of the street lamp couldn’t look good, but the customer seemed to be quite young. He wore black leather shoes that almost melted into the night from head to toe. His left hand was carrying a big briefcase and looked like an office white-collar worker who just got off work. But the side face is very eye-catching, as if I have not seen it nearby.

The hawker was pondering, and suddenly the guest seemed to feel a little and turned his face.


In the blink of an eye, the hawker suddenly raised a chill, like a rabbit stared at by an eagle or a frog stared by a snake. The instinct of timidity crawled through the spine and let him in the early summer night. The twins trembled.

Immediately after the guest raised his chin, he said, "Why, isn’t money enough?"

- The attitude is quite random.

"No, no," the hawker quickly waved his hand, saying that I was so curious that so many things were dry, and I didn't want to look at it any more. I pushed the board and hurried home.

Until the figure of selling fruit disappeared at the end of the night road, Ajie smiled slightly, took out an apple and rubbed it, rubbed a bite, and the rest was thrown with a plastic bag and turned to the residential building. Go.


The night wind whistling from the sky, the zenith of the residential building.

Ajie looked away from the processing mold factory in the distance, put down the "briefcase", opened it, and began to assemble the smashing guns in an orderly manner.

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