Chapter 35 Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Chapter 35

In front of the Public Security Bureau building, Yan Yan rushed down the steps and plunged into the Grand Cherokee. Ma Xiang and others followed him and followed. (Free full novel.

The door was just closed heavily, and the red and blue warning lights screamed all the way, heading southeast.

"We still have to forty minutes, the special police is already coming to the place." Gao Panqing skillfully hit the steering wheel and cut into the traffic, saying: "Lv is moving from the provincial hall to the target location, just said that before he arrived, The operation is fully transferred to Yan Ge and you are on-site."

Yan Yan's face is heavy and does not see any excitement or excitement.

"Nothing, Yan Ge." Ma Xiang thought he was nervous. He laughed from the co-pilot and said: "The drug-making drug trafficking, kidnapping and killing, this is a big case. We can crack it in just a few days. Just waiting for the little thieves tonight, let's go back and have a good night's sleep, tomorrow afternoon..."

"Old high," suddenly opened the door, "off the police flute."

Several people at the same time.

"...hey," Gao Panqing did as he told him.

Yan Yan took out the mobile phone wrapped in the evidence bag and shook it in front of the brave: "Don't you want to reduce the sentence?"

The brave eyeballs turned around with the mobile phone: "Yes, yes, I have a small old man, give me a chance to be a man again..."

"But if they kill Chu Ci and involve a murder case, it is impossible to give anyone a sentence."

"---?" Yong Yong full of nose and tears solidified on his face.

"If you still want to live, just press me." Yan Yan's index finger clicked on the phone screen, the tone was cold and meaningful: "Call a call."


"You don't want to be impulsive, calm down, the police are not that easy -"

"What the hell is your mother's dream?" Chi Rui screamed and snarled: "The grandson of Yong Yong did not contact us again after being hospitalized yesterday afternoon. Ding Jiawang has no news! This is not already caught by the police. What is it?"

On the open space in front of the factory, there was no dispute between several drug dealers. The technician said: "It is possible, but..."

"Do you think that these two people can last for a long time, maybe they have sold them clean, and they still want to die if they don't run the road! If you have to make money, you have to have a life to understand and understand? This kid can really match the 'blue gold', as long as we ran, China is so big, where can't find another chemistry like him?!"

This is actually quite reasonable. The technician’s attitude is hesitating. I looked at Wang Le, who was equally hesitant:

"Oh, that's what it says..."

Chu Ci was pale and squinted at the lips.

"You don't dare to do it, I am coming!" Chi Rui flew a stone on his foot and went to win the gun of Wang Le: "Give me, give it to me!"

Wang Le did not dare to give him the gun handle: "You are doing this in the old pool. If you have something to say, let me let go first..."

"Let's say that the police car is already on the road, you don't want to live, I still want to live!"

"Walk, but you should calm down first, or let us let this kid first -"

The phone rang.The sudden ringing and shaking made everyone glimpse, and then Wang Le reacted: "Hey... old pool, it's yours."

Chi Rui took the phone out of the fog.

"... brave?" Wang Le blurted out the string of unsaved numbers on the screen.

The situation suddenly became particularly confusing. The three drug dealers looked at me and I looked at you and forgot what to do.

"Accept, pick up," Wang Le hurry to pick up Chi Rui.

Chi Rui’s brain was in a mess, and the thumb was hanging between the answering and hanging keys, and he didn’t want to press it. After repeating it several times, he finally gritted his teeth and slammed it down and stared at the screen.

"Hey?" The background of the domestic mobile phone is noisy, and there is a voice of humility and dissatisfaction: "Why don't you answer the phone? The idea is okay? Hello?"

Several people looked at each other and were amazed.

" have you never heard of it?" Chi Rui cautiously.

"Hey, he asked me to ask Ding Jiawang! The knife that Laozi was shackled almost entered the iu! The hospital said that it just stabbed the stomach tube. I don't know the specifics. In short, I will be a little bit better!" Do you say that the name of Ding is deliberate?!..."

Wang Le pointed to Chu Ci and made a look to Chi Rui. The latter quickly rushed to the distance with his mobile phone.

"You haven't been caught by the sliver?" Chi Rui asked low voice.


The carriages swayed slightly, and everyone was quiet, and they stared at them bravely.

"What are you doing? I am a courageous person. I have not only caught up and been interviewed. I said, if it wasn’t for the medical expenses in the factory, it would be a big loss, and the name is Ding’s stupid..."

"The situation is not very good," Chi Rui interrupted the endless complaints. "The girl said that she and her aunt were both monitored. I don't know if the normal process of the note has been suspected. You Are you safe on the other side?"

Yong Yong is a bit stunned and looks to Yan Yan.

Yan Yan quickly made a few words on his mobile phone, and his backhand showed him -

The police have issued an investigation notice to Chu Ci.

"Ah, what? The strip suspects Ding Jiawang?" Yan Yong said to the mobile phone. "You didn't watch TV? The intern of the Public Security Bureau against Ding Jiawang, who was caught by me, has already sent a notice of investigation. He said that he was suspected of stealing precursor chemicals. Do you not know?"

The phone is stuck


Every minute is extremely difficult, and the repressed breathing in the police car is one after another.

" pay attention to the sound of the wind, and Ding Jiawang has a message with you." The phone finally passed the sound of Chi Rui's fierce and low voice: "The kid named Chu will be 'pharmaceutical', can't let him go, we are 'Little factory'."

Everyone in the carriage looked a little loose, and Yan Yan gave a thumbs up to the surroundings.

"Well, OK, I called the surname Ding to call me, I really can't go to find him!" Yong Yong mouthful should not only end, just listen to the opposite and hang up the communication.

On the factory ground, Chi Rui put the phone back in his pocket, turned and walked back to his acquaintance, and picked up his eyes and looked at Chu Ci.The setting sun is sinking, the twilight is everywhere, and the sky is gray and yellow. Chu Ci hung down his eyelashes and stood there for him to look at, without any mood fluctuations on his face.

Suddenly, Chi Rui swung up a fist - hehe!

Chu Ci took a few steps of the forehead, the finger bones were white and white, and the blood leaked slowly between the fingers.

"Take him to the 'laboratory'," Chi Rui cold ice.


Police car rear seat.

As the phone hangs up and the screen goes dark, everyone is relieved at the same time.

"It seems that the schoolmaster is still alive," Ma Xiang hearted with a sigh of relief on his chest: "Mom, a few more times, my young heart has to retire early. You must have twenty minutes of strict brother. The command center just came. Said the special police has arrived."

Yan Yan nodded, grabbed the brave mobile phone back and threw it into the evidence box.

"What else can I do? Ah, police comrades?" The brave people who seem to be water are desperately trying to catch the straw. "You said, as long as you say, I will cooperate!"

Yan Yan didn't look at him: "Pray."

"...hey? Prayer?"

"I am in charge of what you pray! Do you want to stop parking for you to buy a classic?"

Yong Yong immediately shrank in the back seat, scared to speak.

Yan Yu’s anger has not disappeared, and the starting phone is ready to say the arrangement. However, he did not organize the statement, and suddenly the phone slammed and came to the news.

- Surnamed Lu.

Yan Yan almost immediately weighed the priority, picked up the phone and leaned back, and slipped the phone lock in the angle where no one could see the screen.

Then his eyes were convex.

Surnamed Lu: "I am behind you."

Looking back at the first time, the car was empty and there was no strange phenomenon.

Then, through the single-sided visible rear window, a silver big ran out from the car, and the driver's seat was suddenly a faceless river stop, catching up with the tail of the police car, followed by The red light junction was knocked out.

"..." Yan Yan's eyelids jumped hard, and quickly typed a few words: "How do you know?" Then deleted, and re-sent a reply message: "How do you do texting while speeding?!"

The surname Lu did not answer.

Yan Yan was very keen to ask questions. He deleted a few words and deleted them. After repeated several times, he took a breath and raised the walkie-talkie: "I am Yan Yan, and the Dongyuan Road scene special police team leader Kang returned!"

In the walkie-talkie, the team leader replied: "I am strict, we have arrived at the target site, are surrounding the warehouse and factory, ready to study the terrain to arrange the sniper in place. What instructions?"

"We arrived at the scene in five minutes. There is a silver-gray Mercedes-Benz license plate. It may arrive later. It is a criminal investigation detachment. When you don't stop, put him in!"


Yan Yan wanted to swear but couldn't make a sound, and his face was not angry. He sent the address of the drug dealer to the "Last Name" by text message, and immediately slammed the phone into the leather seat.


The car that was driving fast was very quiet, and half of the horses and horses were weakly playing a round:

"The license plate number is very geeful, hehehehe."Yan Yan was full of anger and finally found a vent: "What? Geely? I sent you to the traffic police brigade next door to copy the Geely license number every day?!"

Ma Xiang: "..."

Then no one spoke, except for the bumps of the driving, the low pressure was almost solidified.

It was not until a few minutes later that the back seat suddenly came to learn about Soso. Ma Xiang peeked through the rearview mirror and saw that he had severely dropped the mobile phone that he had dropped. He pressed the voice button on his mouth. Side, shouting:

"Don't speed, drive carefully."

Everyone: "..............."


Wuhai Industrial Zone Dongyuan Road Jiaxing Processing Factory.

The Iveco of the SWAT team was scattered outside the warehouse, and the distance was flying in the distance, and then stopped in the harsh brakes. In the focus of everyone’s gaze, Yan Yan wrapped up his cockroaches and slammed the door and asked, “How is the situation?”

The special police brigade captain Kang Shuqiang - the public security system inside the person called Kang | Master - is holding the factory aerial view and telling what is under the command, heard the words quickly trotting forward, not yet had time to open, it is almost the legendary rich second generation criminal investigation The detachment flashed the 24k titanium alloy dog ​​eye.

"I... We looked at the floor plan of the factory and felt that it was very safe to sneak in, so the current strategy is not to stun the snakes, and to find ways to get our people into it first." Kang Shuqiang paused, and then stopped, eventually Still can't help but tell everyone's voice:

"... Brother, are you coming to the show or come to the catwalk, or you should put the watch in the car first?

Lock it up? ”

"What do you know," Yan Yan said as he untied his watch and threw it into the window, and he was impatient. "I haven't changed it for five days. If you have an egg in your pocket, you can hatch the chicken now." ——When are we criminal investigations and changing your clothes every day like your special police?”

Kang Shuqiang: "..."

"Is the details of the kidnappers sent to you?" Yan Yan asked.

We change clothes every day because of training! Sweating! You don't change for five days because you are lazy!

Kang Shuqiang swallowed his mouth, and finally forced to swallow the appetite that was about to overflow the throat. He said with a sigh of relief: "Look. Given that Chi Rui has a gun and a gun, we reasonably speculate that there are illegal gun bullets in the drug dealer’s harbor. It does pose certain risks to the intrusion. However, I have just transferred four snipers to each other in different sniper points. Even at the last minute, the gangsters have jumped into the wall and hijacked the hostages. We also have certain countermeasures."

Yan Yan nodded: "Try not to develop to that point."

At this time, the sound of the engine was heard outside the circle, and the ear was moved with a strong sensitivity and looked up.

A familiar silver-gray Mercedes-Benz slowly stopped at the side of the road, and then Jiang stopped wearing sunglasses, and one-handedly folded the windbreaker to get out of the cab. The young and handsome, elegant posture, the backhand steady closed the door.

Yan Yan’s expression suddenly changed subtly.

Ma Xiang rushed to come: "Strict brother Yan brother! This is the latest information from the sniper feedback, the building has a total of three kidnappers in the building -" followed by Yan Yan suddenly raised his hand to block.Under the eyes of the public, Yan Yan took a big step toward Mercedes-Benz and stopped at the river. Then he even took the shackles to the side of the big car. He did not say that he directly pushed the back seat and he also drilled in.

Kang Shuqiang is dumbfounded.

After a quiet moment on the scene, Kang Shuqiang finally pointed to the car that stopped at Jiang, saying:

" are strict with your boss. Now, the criminal investigation detachment has been able to open a luxury car anyway? Is it good to say that a good line of police officers enters half a dog?!"

Ma Xiang seriously said: "Hey, that is our strict personal adviser - or do you also compete for this position? But first you have to be one meter tall and eight legs long and one meter tall and look good."


Yan Shuguang stopped the river in one hand and pressed it to the rear seat. The whole person covered it and brought the door back with his backhand. The dark car film immediately isolated all eyes from the outside world:

"What are you doing?"

The two of them were very close, staring at each other, almost even the tip of the nose.

Then Jiang stopped his right hand and lifted it up slightly. He didn't really touch the strict arm. It was a virtual gesture: "I thought you would ask me how I still stared at your car."

Strict height and size will produce a strong sense of oppression when he is condescending, especially when he is focused on something, his eyes are like a sharp knife polished by a criminal police career for more than ten years, which can make people deep in the brain. The chill came out.

"..." Jiang stopped to raise his eyes.

"This attitude is not like thanking someone who has hinted at your clues." He asked thoughtfully: "What happened? Isn’t Zhang Jiao confessing testimony against me?"

Strict and unrestrained.

Inside the line of sight, his back was behind his back, he opened his phone case and fumbled for a chip.

"No, with Zhang Jiao's participation in this case, even if he doesn't say anything, the police will not accept the letter." Jiang stopped raising his chin and looked back and asked: "Did you open Ding Jiawang's mouth?"

Yan Yan's eyes flashed, and he didn't seem to know what he was thinking. At the same time, he gently closed his mobile phone case.

- He finally laughed.

The expression was like a big beast with a silent smile as it approached the prey, but a flash of it passed. Immediately, he finally got up and sneered at the shoulders of Jiang’s stop: “--It seems that you are not particularly clear about yourself. This is still quite well-known, small police!”

"I don't know how to judge without being innocent." Jiang stopped to move the lower cervical vertebra. "Sit far away."

"When you go, what's wrong with you, you are such a person..."

The back seat is very wide, but Yan Yan is squeezing the shoulders of the river and squeezing it to his side. At the same time, the fingers are loose, and the micro-chips are slid into the chest pocket with the shirt cloth silently: "-What is it, what are you hiding?"

Yan Yan pointed to the head of Jiang’s stop, and he was extremely arrogant: "I tell you, in our police, this creature belongs to the country, belongs to the collective, but can not belong to the individual! The action has to start, you are waiting for me in the car. Let's not go out in one step, I will tell you."

Said that he leaned over to drive the door, and suddenly only listened to the back of the river to stop:


Strictly acted.There is no abnormality on his surface, but if you take the instrument to measure the heartbeat at this moment, the value should be very amazing.

Unknown makes a few seconds as long as a torment, and finally he hears the sound of Jiang’s stop behind him, saying:

"Don't test me, I am on your side."

Yan Yan looked a little weird, and immediately turned back to reveal a very handsome and not very serious smile, and kissed him with his back: "Know, don't think too much, this does not protect you?"

Jiang stopped his nose and snorted extremely, and Yan Yan clearly heard the ridicule.

"Go!" Yan Yan jumped out of the car and pretended that nothing happened: "Just kidnapped, fight for half an hour to end the battle! Come here..."

The window was knocked twice.

Yan Yan was inexplicable, turned and lowered the glass, and saw Jiang stopped his elbows against the window.

: "Remind you of one thing, Yan deputy detachment."


"Not three kidnappers." Jiang stopped slowly. "It's four."

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