Chapter 34 Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Chapter 34

Yan Yan’s footsteps just stepped out of the interrogation room, and the long-awaited criminal police immediately acted in accordance with the arrangement. (Free full novel.

"Yan deputy," the internship police of the Technical Investigation Department rushed to the front and looked nervous: "We Huang compared the activity radius of Chi Rui and Wang Le and found that the overlapping scope of the two people is near Song Xinqiao, where there are three Suspicious processing mold factory, this is specific geographic information."

Yan Yan took a look at it, the list is really the name, location and internal structure of the three manufacturers.

"Song Xinqiao," Yan Yan repeated thoughtfully, "--, help me thank you Director Huang."

Immediately, he slammed the list to the criminal police. The index finger slammed into the paper and ordered: "The first troops will be sent to these three locations, and the sirens will be closed 10 kilometers away, waiting for follow-up orders. Go immediately!"

The criminal police immediately flew away.

Strictly tighten the collar, tighten the Bluetooth headset, take a deep breath. At this time, the door was knocked twice, and then the voice of Ma Xiang was heard: "Yan Ge! Are you inside? Qin deputy detachment let us bring you bravely to see you!"

"Beginning the old high," Yan Yan whispered to the headset.

In the interrogation room, Gao Panqing made a gesture of k.

Ding Jiawang couldn't see the scene outside the single-sided glass, but it was inexplicable.

The doorknob snorted, Ma Xiang and several police officers bravely pushed the door and entered, only to see Yan Yan back to them, even the head did not care about the last time, is screaming at the single-sided glass of the interrogation room: "Let the surname Ding's confession point, except for the courageous couples? Chi Rui? Chi Rui is the first thing to remember! There is also the name of the driver who drives the glove in the surveillance, Ding Jiawang said that he Is it the internal electrician of the chemical plant?"

Yong Yong: "?!"

I couldn’t help but hear the names of my accomplices.

"Yan Ge," Ma Xiang carefully said, "Qin deputy let us mention people, hey, people are coming."

"Call Wang Le is right, OK, I immediately let people go to the chemical power distribution department to check the grandson who is called Wang Le." Yan Yan looked back and took a look at Ma Yong, impatiently asked Ma Xiang: "You bring him What did you do, Ding Jiawang began to explain! Give him a few more minutes. He can shake off the things of bed-wetting in his eight years of age!"

"...!" Ding Jiawang, who was looking forward to the interrogation room, changed his face.

"Hey, I said Yan Ge," Ma Xiang said with a smile on his hippie. "Isn't this worry about Qin's deputy detachment? A person with a name of Ding has a mouth. If it is not clean, what should I do? One more person has more strength."

Yan Yan did not joke with him: "What do you do when Lao Qin asks you what you do? You don't know the rules of our criminal investigation detachment? This is only one time to actively cooperate with the police to exchange for the reduction of punishment. You can't have everyone, otherwise you should be the procuratorate. Is it my family?"

"Get it back and get it back!" He said that Yan Yan was indifferent, and he waved his hand at the same time: "There is no such thing as him here. Get him back and lock it up, wait for the Procuratorate!"

Ma Xiang didn't swear, and sighed and said, "Oh, brothers, let's run another ......""-No!" shouted in a hurry: "Wait, wait!"

"...What are you doing?" Ding Jiawang glared at the middle-aged policeman who claimed to be surnamed.

Gao Panqing listened to the noisy inside the earphones, as if it was unaffected, and the face of the official business:

"So your accomplices include Chi Rui, who has illegally made guns and guns, and chemical industry electrician Wang Le. Then there are other drug makers besides you. Where is the harbor in Wuhai Industrial Zone?"

Ding Jiawang said: "I don't know what a poison master! I don't know what to hide. Do you still go to the police to find my daughter?!"

Gao Panqing: "You have heard of Yange, he just told the drug-making dens in Wuhai Industrial Zone..."

Interrogation outside.

“Wuhai Industrial Zone?” Yan Yan repeated loudly to the microphone. “——Wuhai District is big, you and Ding Jiawang said that it is a bit more thorough, what is the specific location?”

Yong Yong looked at Ding Jiawang with trepidation and was helpless.

"The packaging and processing mold factory on the side of Song Xinqiao is right, OK, I will let people check." Yan Yan gestured to the criminal police on the side, and immediately immediately, he rushed out and rushed out. For Lao Gao, you and Ding Jiawang said: As long as the hostages are successfully rescued, his participation in the criminal gang and the final court sentence him for several years, the police can do their best to help him. Ah, OK, I will not follow You said more, they brought me bravery, it was really a headache."

Yan Yan turned around again, wrapped in anger and seemed to be eager to take the brave out of the door:

"This surname is still doing what I am doing! I tell you that he is a security guard, he knows a fart! Let him roll back and prepare to sit on the bottom!"

Ma Xiang and several other people should claim that they are brave and go out. And Yong Yong’s heart was extremely frightened, and the subconscious blurted out: “Wait, police comrades, etc.!” At the same time, he struggled to cover the door frame.

Did Ding Jiawang really say it? How much does he have to explain? Is it really true that the reduction of sentence is true?

Did the police really know it, or did you slap my confession?

In a short moment, countless thoughts slipped through the mind of the brave, but in reality he could only hold the door frame and let go, and tried to stretch his neck in the direction of the interrogation room.

- What he didn't know was that all his reactions fell into the eyes of Yan Yan, and even the most subtle psychological changes were invisible.

Everyone can see

His line of defense is at stake.

With only the last straw, you can break the entire line.

"Let the name of Ding carefully explain all the details related to Hu Weisheng, how to know, the specific drug trafficking channels, in addition to the Sanchunhua things, what are the downlines." Yan Yan rushed to the microphone, "Oh, yes, especially that The blue-packed new drug will let Ding Jiawang focus on it!"

Like boring thunder in the brave ears, he was stunned.

Then, the scene in the interrogation room made him fall into the ice cave in the early summer season -Gao Panqing took out a transparent plastic sealed bag from the evidence box and threw it in front of Ding Jiawang. The bag was a blue drug powder with a glimmer of light.

The police even got this hand! They really know everything!

"... Is this copper hydroxide?" Ding Jiawang shouted.

Gao Panqing smiled slightly.

"I said! I said! Let me say!" Outside the interrogation, bravely screaming, the hot sweat under his face made his expression look awkward: "The name of Ding is nothing to know, old Hu has the best relationship with me! Police comrades let me know!"

The tone of everyone hanging in the throat went out instantly.

Ma Xiang’s expression of relief was almost impossible to conceal. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and immediately hid his face in the wet palm.

"...What else do you want to say?" Yan Yan turned and frowned, staring at Yong Yong, coldly and coldly: "When you are a guard, do you want to compare with Ding Jiawang? How much do you know?"

Yong Yong’s whole body had to be soft, and he didn’t pay attention to when he was lifted to the table by several policemen. He rubbed it twice on the armrest of the seat.

"Ding, the surname Ding is not honest, you don't believe him, don't give him a sentence." Yong Yong was afraid that he had to explain slowly, and hurriedly said: "There are three processing factories in Song Xinqiao. You certainly can't find it in the past, he wants to delay the police time! I, I tell you, Song Xinqiao is close to Dongyuan Road, the warehouse is surrounded by the back door, the best inside is a good one. Xing's hardware molds, processing and packaging, that's it!"

Severely pressed in the depths of the pupils, there was a cold light, and the nails were nailed to the face of Yong Yong Cang.

No one spoke in the small room, except for the brave and heavy breathing, even the air was condensed.

"..." After more than ten seconds, Yan Yan slowly raised his hand and gestured to Ma Xiang.

Ma Xiang pulled out of the door and took a walkie-talkie in the hallway: "Hey, command center command center, noticed that the first probe group was diverted, and the hostage was at the intersection of Song Xinqiao and Dongyuan Road, container warehouse, back door Jiaxing metal mold processing factory. ! Investigate a group of departures, riot police to keep up!..."


"Old high, bring Ding Jiawang back." Yan Yan slowly said, raised his hand to turn off the microphone, opened the chair and sat opposite the brave.

Yong Yong did not have the arrogance and hard air in the hospital. The tears and snots came down. The wolf was like a dog at home: "I am willing to cooperate, I said everything. The name of Ding is not worthwhile. When you give him a sentence, I am on There are old and small, I am willing to be a man again..."

Yan Yan asked: "Hu Weisheng has the best relationship with you?"

Yong Yong nodded hurriedly.


"Old Hu said that the brain of the surname Ding is not clear. I hope that he will study the medicine. The roots are not reliable at all. It is just that we all love to drink two drinks, drink more and lick each other, and come and go..."

"So you really want to copy new drugs?" Yan Yan interrupted.

Yong Yong broke the jar and fell, sucking his nose and acknowledging: "Yes, but this is Ding Jiawang's idea. He wants to make that money, and he has no ability to be blamed."Yan Yan played with his mobile phone and opened a few words on WeChat. He seemed to want to send out a certain piece of information, but he later deleted it after hesitating.

"Ding Jiawang just said that the new drug can be absorbed through skin contact, and it can be addicted at a little bit." Yan Yan looked up and asked: "Is it true?"

Yong Yong nodded again: "Yes, yes..."

"How do you know?"


"How do you know the effect of it, have you sold it?"

Yong Yong wants to shoot the thighs, the hand moves, the metal chain slams loudly: "Oh, how is this possible? The old Hu hand also has that package, what do we still study? But after the sample analysis of the surname Ding Said that it should be true, and when Lao Hu used to work under his boss, he saw that they had shipped the blue powder out of the country and shipped it to Southeast Asia - saying that many people abroad are hydrating and sticking on their arms. Absorbed on the stomach..."

Yan Yan’s voice is somewhat uncontrollable: “Is this drug already flooding outside?”

"Also, you can't talk about flooding," he said with suspicion. "The old nonsense is very expensive to sell, and the rich can afford it."

Yan Yan forced himself to calm down and realized a previously ignored problem.

Hu Weisheng has just been released from the prison for a long time, the package of drugs should be his second imprisonment, and even got the hand before the first prison. In other words, the so-called "new drugs" have actually been circulating in the market for several years, but "export" is no more than "domestic sales", so it has not been detected by the police for the time being.

However, if Hu Weisheng has been hiding the pack of drugs for several years, why has the "big boss" been not pursued?

To say that because they did not find out, why did they just search for drugs from the rooftop, and suddenly they jumped out and two people took it away?

Although Yan Yan is very reluctant to admit, he knows that there are only two possible performances.

Explain this:

First, there are eyeliners inside. Before he went to the platform, he called Qinchuan to ask for reinforcements. Qin Chuan must record the action to the city bureau and the command center, and then someone inside would report to the outside;

Second, the eyeliner is Jiang Shu.

The night when the Chinese lanterns first fell, the winds of the rooftops, the battles of life and death, the bullets that wiped the feet... The numerous fragments swirled like a whirlpool, and they fixed in front of the eyes, forming a lingering picture. .

It was the scene that he saw in the moment when he climbed back to the rooftop from the sixth floor and then stopped running into the corridor at the end of the river.

- Who is that man? Strictly thinking.

On the night of the incident, in addition to the killer, another gunman, who couldn’t see the face, who was rushing down the stairs with Jiang, was who?

"Hu Weisheng did not mention the things of his former boss with you?" Yan Yan eyes up, faint.

Bravely and fearfully shook his head: "No, Lao Hu rarely mentions - I see him like that, maybe it is stealing something guilty, even the name of his boss can not say."

"I didn't say anything about my name. I can develop new drugs. This person should not be a leisurely role.""...It's hard to say that Laohu sometimes drinks too much, and there is no cover in his mouth. Who knows if he is blowing himself?" He Yong hesitated for a while and said: "But he It is often said that the boss is not an ordinary person, especially young, the audience can be big, never show up, except for his own confidant, few people have seen it - listening to the poisonous scorpion in the movie."

When he was involved in drug trafficking, he said that he had a slap in the face of the drug lord. It seems that he finally realized the horror of this road of no return.

Yan Yan looked at him coldly and coldly, and he was so unsettled that he could not see the slightest emotion.

"Police officer..." shouted bravely.

"This new drug is so powerful, has Hu Weisheng or Ding Jiawang told you about the main ingredients or chemical formula?"

Judging from the brave facial expression, the answer is definitely not – it is not surprising that with his brave education, even Ding Jiawang said that he could not remember.

Yan Yan stood up and signaled the criminal police to come forward: "It seems that you know so much."

"No, wait!" Yong Yong immediately rushed, and the handcuffs earned a sizzle: "Although I don't know what the chemical formula is, I know what it used to be! Anyone I know can tell you!"

Drugs generally have many nicknames when trading, for example, diacetyl morphine, also known as white | powder, soft, four, methyl benzene | propylamine, also known as ice, shabu, etc., many are named according to the appearance characteristics of drugs of. According to this principle, the new drug in the hand of Hu Weisheng should be called "Blue Tsai" in the circulation transaction, or the literary point called "Hell Ghost", just like the American Guanhai | Luo Yin called the peak killer.

Sure enough, I was brave and eager to say: "Before the powder was shipped out of the southwest, it was called 'Blue Gold', which means it is more expensive than gold. But the old nonsense is not called this at first, but it was called when it came out. - Yes, call 'stop cloud'!"

Yan Yan suddenly froze.

"..." Yan Yan stood there and did not move, half a sly, dark eyes staring at Yong Yong, asked:

"What do you call it?"

"Stop the cloud." Yong Yong was afraid that he couldn't hear clearly. He specifically slowed down and shook. "It is said that the smoke of this thing is like a cloud. As for stopping, it is a stop."


At the same time, Wuhai Industrial Zone, processing plant.


"Go ahead."

"Look what to see, go!"

Chu Ci was slightly stunned by the muzzle on the back of his head, then stood up straight and continued to walk forward.

From the perspective of machine tools, this should be a private workshop related to processing molds, but the machine has been used for a long time and has been covered with thin dust. The non-negligible sizzling in the factory indicates that the air purification system has been opened to the maximum, but the ammonia smell in the air seems to be impossible to remove, which is the reason for a large number of reductive amination reactions in the ice-toxic synthesis process.

Chu Ci walked out of the factory along the force of the muzzle and stopped in a clearing.

It was already in the evening, and the afterglow would dye the golden color of the opposite side of the building, and the eyes would be slightly stunned.The two kidnappers stood not far away, one of them was full of fierce faces, and his forehead was covered with gauze - he recognized the gauze, the kidnapper that was hard to hit the bushes to leave blood, while standing next to the other A person wearing glasses should be a poison technician.

"Heaven has a road, you don't go, hell has no door to come in." Chi Rui took a cigarette and sneered: "High-profile students, what do you want to say at the end, say it to the brothers to listen?"

Chu Ci’s glasses don’t know where it’s lost. The white coat is covered with dust and blood, some are kidnappers, some are their own. The huge physical exertion caused by the rib fracture and high fever made him difficult to stand, but he stood as far as possible and stretched, resisting the burning pain and taking a deep breath.

" don't have to do this, the kidnapping can't make the death penalty, and the matter hasn't reached the irreparable step." Chu Ci swallowed dryly, looking at the eyes of the two kidnappers across the street, husky: "As long as I Living, even if the police really find the door, they can't be sentenced to death. For up to 20 years, the decade of deduction will come out. But if I send my life, now Jianning City will demand that the murder case be broken, even if the police are for their own wages. Everyone will continue to search and catch up, why do you think about it yourself?"

Chi Rui snorted in the nose, and then turned into a big laugh: "Sure enough, it is a high school student, that is, can talk, haha


Chu Ci raised her head slightly.

"But don't make a mistake." Suddenly, Chi Rui laughed and stopped biting his teeth. "A few brothers have committed such a big case. Why do you still have to stay in Jianning? Is it convenient to bring you such a big living person, or is it convenient to bring your ashes?!"

The poisoning technician next to him opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something, but he wanted to stop.

Chi Rui pulled out the last cigarette, and the cigarette butt was thrown to the ground, and the ankle was crushed. It made a far-sighted look to Wang Le:

"Get started!"

"...!" Chu Ci's pupil was pressed into a line, only to feel the force of the back of the brain, it is necessary to force him to kneel.

- That is the execution of the execution penalty!

The fear of life and death did not leave his brain blank. On the contrary, in a time that was less than a hundredth of a second, Chu Ci’s brain was running to the extreme, and never even so quickly and so clearly.

With a bang, one knee was forced to land, and the sound of the safety bolt came from behind the head.

"...Fentanyl," suddenly Chuci shivered.

Wang Le pulled the trigger's finger.

"The drug can be absorbed through the skin and does not require plant material, indicating that its main component is a novel fentanyl compound, possibly by replacing the methyl group on the nitrogen atom of the morphine piperidine ring with something else. The lethality of fentanyl is greatly reduced and the addiction is improved. As for the imitation of the synthesis of Ding engineers, it always fails because he lacks several steps in the experiment and fails to remove the toxicity of the fentanyl compound itself. It was impossible to achieve the effect of the bag sample in Hu Weisheng’s hand."

At the same time as the voice landed, Chu Ci closed her eyes.

One second, two seconds, ten seconds passed.

The gunshots did not ring.Wang Le’s index finger was also pressed on the trigger and asked to see the two associates.

The poison technician showed his eyes bright, and he held down Chi Rui, and waved his hand to signal Wang Le to take the gun away.

“What?” Chi Rui angered. “Are we not already discussing it?!”

The technician ignored him: "High-quality students, what do you want to do according to your idea?"

I took a trip at the end of my life.

Chu Ci opened his eyes, and this felt the hair slightly cool.

- That is why it was soaked in cold sweat.

"If you give me some samples, let me use the stereoisomers as a systematic conformation search, and then use the possible active conformation to study the ligand interactions, maybe I can synthesize exactly the same thing." Chu Ci looked up, Although the voice is extremely hoarse, it sounds not humble: "It just takes a little equipment and time."

The technician seemed to have considered it for a moment, and Wang Le nodded.

"You don't listen to this kid!" Chi Ruideng violently jumped up: "What can't be done by Lao Ding, can he do half the size? Is it God? I don't believe it!"

The technician was impatient: "How do you have to try?"

"He is delaying the time, so wait for the notes to catch up! You believe that the boy has fallen into the hands of the police, and maybe everything is explained! Let's not be careful to be dumped by police car!"

Chi Rui forced the technician to open the gauze on his forehead and screamed with anger: "Don't be jealous, hurry! Kill him!"

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