Chapter 33 Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Chapter 33

Drowsy. (free full novel

Acute pain.


Chu Ci's body twitched slightly, opened his eyes, and then closed tightly.

The high fever made him feel paralyzed. After a few minutes, the nerves slowly sent back information to the brain, such as the hard walls behind him and the dusty ground. Then he realized that he was kidnapped.

All kinds of drastic changes that have taken place in the past day and a half have gone a long way: the security guards in the warehouse, under the muzzle of the muzzle, began to answer the tutor’s phone, tried to leave a distress signal, hung up the phone and then stunned ......

Chu Ci spit out a hot breath, trying to sit up straight, just after a move, the pain from the ribs was so intense that it took a breath.

- Yes, I am hurt, he thought.

The kidnappers ignited the car and then pushed him to the highway. It was so dark, and there were few people around, even if you were crying for help, you couldn’t see the semi-personal shadows. When you passed the bushes, the long-prepared he was desperate to hit the gangsters, struggling to leave the blood of the gangsters on the broken branches and dead leaves... ...

Then he was pulled up by several people and took several punches, losing consciousness in the assault.

Why not kill me? This thought was flashed in the mind of Chu Ci’s mind.

Everyone knows that I was born in poverty and has no connections. Even if I was kidnapped, there is no possibility of ransom. From the standpoint of the gangsters, it is unrealistic to run with a big living person who will call for help. If you bury yourself in the wilderness, you will undoubtedly be more convenient for them...

Unless I still have value.

What is the value?

Chu Ci is forcing himself to calm down and weigh the current situation. Suddenly, the sound of Sosuo caught his attention. He barely opened his eyes and waited for the line of sight to adapt to the dim environment.

... Ding Dang?

This is a dilapidated room of five or six square meters. The only light comes from the cement window that is sealed by an iron fence. I don’t know if it’s outside in the early morning or evening, the gray sky reflects the silhouette of the girl on the ground, and is waking up from the coma in pain, making a vague nightmare: “!”

Chu Ci immediately looked at the door. Fortunately, Ding Dang’s voice was not large, and should not arouse the vigilance of the outside gangsters.

"What's going on..." Ding whispered, screaming hard on the ground and sitting up. But she was too weak, and she was just a soft body. Fortunately, Chu Ci reached out and grabbed it in time. Otherwise, she would not have a concussion on the spot.

"... Chu Ci? Great, great, I know you are fine!-"

Chu Ci suddenly put his index finger in front of his lips and motioned her not to talk.

Ding Dang suddenly snorted, only listening to the vague conversations and footsteps of the gangsters, and it took half a day to gradually go further.

"..." The young nerves of the two young people relaxed slightly. Chuci frowned and asked: "How are you here?"I regretted this when I just exported him. I saw that the shudder that Ding Dang was so easy to stop was immediately re-energized, and even the more powerful posture, the black grape-like eyes were filled with tears quickly: "I, I want to surrender, I want to expose this group of people, but halfway Just being... is being..."

Chu Ci signaled her to let go of the volume, "received?"

Ding Dang nodded.

"...Is Feng Yuguang's business related to Ding Gong?"

Ding nodded first, then shook his head again. She seemed very excited and did not know how to open her teeth. For a long time, she forced to suppress her emotions and said, "No, it is... it is me, I killed Xiao Feng!"

Chu Ci jumped.

"On May 2nd, Xiaofeng asked me to go to the night palace KTV to sing that night. He often wanted to ask me for a while, but I can't... although I refused him, he still insisted on singing to the city center. The place is waiting for me..."

Dingle picked up his knees like a small animal that was frightened and scared.

"I stayed at home late, until my father and Hu Weisheng came back in the middle of the night and said, 'That surname Feng can't be entangled in you anymore'. I didn't understand what it meant at the time, until two days later you were taken by the police. Going to the Municipal Public Security Bureau, I realized that Xiao Feng actually died and died that night, and the person who killed him must be, yes -"

Chu Ci interrupted her: "Who is Hu Weisheng?"

Ding was swallowing.

Chu Ci stared at her.

" my boyfriend," Ding Dang confessed. "It’s my father. He has to call me. He has to..."

In fact, no matter who Ding Dang associates with, it does not pose a problem for Chu Ci. But the girl's appearance at the moment is really too weird. She doesn't seem to be only the parent's arbitrariness to decide the object of love, but it is like being tortured by a more horrible and cruel secret, so that it is difficult to openly talk to people.

"He is a poison, a drug dealer..." Ding Dang finally collapsed and hugged his head.

"My father said that Hu Weisheng is hiding a bag of extremely powerful drugs. He used to work for a particularly big boss and stole it from the transportation chain. It is said that the big boss used synthetic methods to synthesize this. In the manufacturing process, many raw materials are not subject to state control; even more frightening is that it can be absorbed through skin contact, even if only one milligram is addictive, and after addiction can only relieve symptoms by smoking the same drug... ..."

Chu Ci's face was slightly discolored.

- Abandon plant ingredients, bypass most of the country's regulated raw materials, made with purified means, and more importantly, it can also be absorbed by the skin.

Once this drug structure is

Announced and realized mass production, it is a minute of popularity at home and abroad, exaggerated to say that it can even provoke the rhythm of the second Opium War.Ding Dang twitched: "My father and the few people moved their minds and wanted to study the same drugs. However, the structure is really complicated. They have stolen a lot of control materials from the chemical plant. The compound is also highly toxic - later I secretly investigated, only to know that my father and Hu Weisheng used this kind of failed compound to pretend to be a drug and sold it to Xiao Feng, only to kill him..."

Chu Ci had a splitting headache and held her eyebrows tightly.

"Impossible," he said suddenly after a moment. "I can't think of any compound that can be so powerful."

Dingdang shook his head and said that he did not understand, and wiped his tears.

Chu Ci asked: "You just said where Hu Weisheng was stolen, who researched the drug?"

"I, I don't know." Ding Dang raised the mottled face of the tears and said pitifully: "I never asked, just listened to Hu Weisheng once mentioned with my father - he dared not name the big boss. I only said that in the southwest area in the early years, they all called the man a spade k..."

Spades k.

As soon as the door lock rang, Ding Dang jumped up and the two looked at the closed door at the same time.

The door was pushed open. The first thing that appeared was the muzzle of the black hole. When Ding screamed and didn't quit, he was dragged to the back by Chu Ci. Then, the kidnapper they all knew, the chemical factory electrician Wang Le, walked into the house with a gun, stood in front of two hostages, staring at them in a gloomy manner.

"Have you finished talking?" he asked coldly.

Chu Ci did not say anything, and the frequency of Ding Ding was even visible to the naked eye.

"You," Wang Le pointed to Chu Ci with his gun: "Follow me."


City Council, Interrogation Room.

Yan Yan opened the chair and used his eyes to indicate that Gao Panqing did not need to record, and then sat down.

Ding Jiawang was shackled in the interrogation chair behind the iron table. I don’t know if it was because the posture was too uncomfortable, or the madness and fear that doubled to death. His whole person seemed to be extraordinarily aging, and the hair left was falling in front of him. Can not stop the frustration and defeat from the bone marrow.

——But experienced criminal police know that, like Ding Jiawang, who believes that he will not be caught, often becomes more and more hard. Because he subconsciously refuses to believe that he will lose his hand, he always feels that as long as he resists again, as long as he clenches his teeth and does not give a statement, things will produce a fleeting turn.

"You don't go to my daughter, what are you doing here?" Ding Jiawang's mouth moved and pulled out a smile similar to ridicule: "Want to force a confession? Or is there any false evidence to swear at me? No use, I have nothing. do not know."

It is an engineer, probably the most literate person in the drug-making gang, and even the police may have thought of confession.

However, Yan Yan was very relaxed. He poured a glass of water and said, "Let's talk about it."

Ding Jiawang looked at him with vigilance.

"Don't be so wary, I didn't want you to say anything, your wife said everything that can be said." Yan Yan drank his face in front of his face and smiled: "Although she knows very limited things, she is barely enough to piece together. Going out about it - so now, without your opening, I said, you can listen.""..." Ding Jiawang still does not say anything, it seems that he has expected his wife may not be able to interrogate, and there is not much surprise.

"Your gang is first of all, you, the electrician Wang Le, the security chief, Yong Yong, who are made up of working relationships. Chi Rui, who has an illegal gun-making case, is an 'outsider'. He will join in, I guess it should be him. I like to go to the chess room, secretly participate in gambling, and get to know the reason for the electrician Wang Le at the gambling table."

"At the beginning of the gang, your main activity should not be to make drugs, but to smuggle various raw materials from chemical plants to synthesize some controlled drugs - Adla, Moda}, Fini, Fluoride, Stability, etc. Add a little da - but the profits from these illegal prescription drugs are very limited, even if you continue to sell the fluorochemicals such as fluorocarbon | stability to the illegitimate color of Sanchunhua, the income is still stretched."

Yan Yan's body leans forward slightly, fingers crossed, and strong elbows on the table:

"Until you know the old customers of Sanchunhua, Hu Weisheng."

Ding Jiawang’s breathing finally rushed.

“Hu Weisheng once worked as a retailer under a very powerful and hidden drug lord. Although he is now out of the organization, he secretly brought out something.” Yan Yan said one word: “You From this thing, I found business opportunities and officially started making drugs."

Interrogation outside, technical investigation office:

“There are a total of 33 small-scale private enterprises and factories related to processing and packaging in Wuhai Industrial Zone. The number of gas stations that have appeared in Chirui is the center. The number of diameters within 40 kilometers is 18.”

“Director Huang’s position is coming! Wang Le’s last call to his family at 8:30 in the evening before, the mobile phone signal is located near the North Post Office in Fuyou Road, Pingzhuang, Wuhai District!”

“There are six processing and packaging factories within 40 kilometers of the diameter of the post office. If there is a cross-over comparison with the gas station that appeared in the previous pool,”

"Three! After overlapping the scope of action of the suspects Chi Rui and Wang Le, there are three processing plants left!"

“Listing the registration information, geographical location and detailed topographic map of the three factories,” Huang Xing stood up from his seat and said: “Summarize the list and send it to the Yan deputy detachment.”

"……I do not know what you're talking about,

"The voice of Ding Jiawang's turbid voice sounded in the interrogation room and said: "I have no poison. ”

"Do you have any prescriptions before the formation of a sufficient chain of evidence? Of course, guessing is OK. But I said that we are just talking about it, not taking notes, so you don't have to be too nervous."

Yan Yan adjusted a more comfortable sitting position.

His well-cut shirt fits on his body, perfectly contouring the wide shoulders and narrow muscles, the cuffs are rolled to the strong elbows, the fingers are relaxed and crossover, and the delicate and complex suspended tourbillon on the dial is extremely conspicuous in the light.

Sometimes he is strictly into the interrogation room. It is not like a criminal investigation deputy detachment. It is more like a cold professional to a fearsome lawyer. Even the expression of a smile is full of blood."The main purpose of your daughter Ding Dang and Hu Weisheng's relationship is for his drug trafficking channels, and further, it is for the package that Hu Weisheng has hidden. As an expert, you know its value from the first sight, you realize If you can resolve the structure of this new drug and achieve mass production, you may even be able to build a city of underground drugs -"

"But what is counterproductive is that your academic ability is not worthy of this ambition." Yan Yan smiled. "Feng Yuguang's autopsy results showed a lethal amount of scopolamine, and I determined that Hu Weisheng's bag of real blue powder is You won't poison the addict. That is, your imitation has completely failed."

While hearing the four words of blue powder, Ding Jiawang’s body was obviously a shock.

"So when you find that Chu Ci may be aware of the theft of chemical materials, you advocate not to kill him, but to take him away. Because you already know that your talent is limited, you may not be able to treasure this bag in your lifetime. The blue drug sample is in mass production, so it is urgent to need this 21-year-old high-school student who has completed a master's degree at the top universities in the country to assist."

Ding Jiawang’s face was getting gray and gray, and the cold sweat slammed down, and the back was soaked in a short time.

"...these things you said are all made up of chaos..." he muttered hoarsely: "The intern who I brought steals the chemical raw materials and it doesn't matter to me..."

"You'd better consider it again, Ding engineer."

Yan Yan’s eyes are sharp but the tone is dull. The words are slow and powerful. It seems to be able to be nailed into Ding Jiawang’s mind: “The kidnapping can still change, but if Chu Ci died, the nature of the whole thing will change. Fully cooperate with the police. You can fight for the opportunity of commutation. You and your wife and children, why must you go to the dead end? As a literate person, you may wish to consider a few more minutes, which is the last time I gave you the opportunity."

Time passes by, and it is as long as never ending.

"I don't have drug trafficking," Ding Jiawang nervously twisted his handcuffs and repeated in the humming sound: "No, I didn't make poison, let me go out..."

Yan Yan slightly sighed.

At this moment, the voice of Ma Xiang sounded in the Bluetooth headset: "Yan brother Yan Ge, we put forward the brave, and will go to the interrogation room later!"

"Know it." Yan Yan let go of the headset and turned to Ding Jiawang. He shrugged with regret. "It doesn't matter, although you choose to give up this opportunity, there will be people rushing to get it."

Ding Jiawang seemed to feel something, looked up in panic, and saw Yan Yan stood up and patted Gao Panqing: "Go on."

Gao Panqing nodded: "No problem, strict brother."

Ding Jiawang subconsciously: "What, what?"

"Do you think we really want to open a gap from you? No, the police have a professional profile on which of the criminal gangs is the most vulnerable to psychological collapse. Our goal is not from you at the very beginning, and your textbooks are generally recalcitrant. Did not let us down."

Yan Yan stood at the door and smiled back. His facial features are very handsome, but this smile seems to have a bit of arrogance:"Gambling, within ten minutes, I will let the security guard, Yong Yong, pour the beans, and even a few woes in your drug factory will spit it out - Lao Gao, help him start timing."

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