Chapter 32 Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Chapter 32

Fuyang District Heping Road Police Station. (Free full novel.

At noon, the sun was blazing, and the storm that last night last night disappeared without a trace. The long alleys are full of excitement, called selling sounds, horns, all kinds of slaps and shoulders; the people who come to the police station are in a constant stream, and the electric cars are pushed all the way from the parking shed to the road.

A girl in a white dress squats and stops at the alley.

"..." With the rushing chest, she made an inconspicuous gasping and stared at the gate of the police station. Several students waved their bags from their sides and looked back at them curiously.

Finally, as if she had made some determination, she staggered forward.


The car whistle came, the curse of the passerby was forced to squeeze a road in the alleys of the sheep, slowly drove to the girl, suddenly lowered the window, and then there was a fierce and low voice:


The girl seemed to be pinched by a hot red needle, and her footsteps froze.

There were a few low-pitched voices in the car, and then someone opened the door from the inside, grabbed the girl, and slammed it in!


The girl made a short-spoken scream and then seemed to dare not speak and never made any noise.

The door closed again and the window slowly rose. After the gate of the lively police station, the winding alley was opened.


Jianning City Public Security Bureau.

"How do you fuck my clerk, a few big men let a little girl run from under the eyelids, are you all in your head?!"

With a loud bang, Yan Yan slammed the file of the full file on the conference table. The three or four police officers at the bottom were all red-faced and did not dare to carry it.

"Idiot! Ignorance! I’m being beaten by a gimmick!” Yan Yan said from the top of their heads, and the whole floor was audible: "Don’t stay in the next quarter, check me out, give me back. Logistics is going to eat! When will the three teachers come back when they will be tested, but they will not be sent to the police station for a lifetime!"

The door opened in silence, and Qin Chuan covered his mouth and coughed.

"That... Lao Yan, Ding Jiawang and his wife are all caught back, and they are waiting to be examined separately in the two interrogation rooms."

Yan Yan snorted coldly from the nose, turned and walked away, and several criminal police officers slammed at the same time.

"I don't know." Ding Jiawang sat in the shadow of the interrogation room, with a clear black and black under his eyes, and his voice was hoarse but sloppy: "Ding Dang is my daughter, but she is already a big girl, and she usually does not live on campus. Going home, I am not good at her business."

Yan Yan’s hand is standing outside the single-sided glass, wearing a bluetooth earphone, and the air pressure around the body seems to be able to float out of June.His state obviously affected the men in the interrogation room, so that when Ma Xiang opened his mouth, the gas was not enough for Ding Jiawang: "After our survey, your daughter Ding Dang has repeatedly opened a red Toyota Camry to enter the mall. This car is registered under the name of your wife’s niece Liu Wanqiu using some kind of fraud. Do you have no idea about this?"

"I don't know. I don't know what car she has."

When the jingle rang, Ma Xiang got up and took a high-definition surveillance picture in front of Ding Jiawang: "Lie!"

Ding Jiawang breathed slightly.

- In the picture, the red Camry stops at the entrance of the International Finance Center mall, and the Dingjia couple are coming down from the open door.

"This is the shopping mall monitoring in the New Year." Ma Xiang coldly said: "You don't know she has a car, then your fuck is a hearse?!"

"...I thought it was her classmate," Ding Jiawang shook his lips and said, "She told me that it was her classmate's car, so I didn't ask much."

This appearance is simply a rogue, Ma Xiang is slanting at him, and he is completely tyrannical:

"I tell you, the two interns you brought, Feng Yuguang is not convinced, and Chu Ci is still alive and dead. This case is no longer a hard fight against you. Now your daughter is missing, whether she is absconding or not. Being kidnapped by drug dealers, the possibility of being safe and sound is very small. You'd better cooperate with our police immediately. The best ending will at least keep your daughter a life..."

Ding Jiawang, who seemed to be vulnerable at any time, suddenly hoarsely retorted and asked: "How do you know that Chu Ci has kidnapped my daughter?"


"My daughter is missing. The most anxious thing is that I am a father. You police don't hurry to solve the case and help me get my daughter back. Instead, it is the reason for our husband and wife to catch the police inexplicably."

Ma Xiang focused on the table: "We have sufficient evidence..."

"Even if my daughter is really fake, pretending to be her cousin and buying a car, it is not a criminal offence. Right? How many years have you been arbitrarily buying a car? You are judged!"

Ding Jiawang was pale, and his hands resting under the table could not stop shaking, but the fear of ruining life even propped up some kind of power, which made him stunned Ma Xiang’s storm-like trial: The car said that my daughter is involved in drug trafficking. I also said that the car is not my daughter at all! Do you have evidence? Is there a license plate number? Who knows if your police can't break the case, just grab another mistake, good. Take my daughter to sin?!"

Yan Yan slammed the chair outside.

He has no evidence chain!

The red Camry took the license plate, engine and large frame before being burned.

The code has also been worn away. The relationship between this crime vehicle and Ding Jia, and even the suspicion of Ding Dang, is based on a false premise - Jiang stopped the reasoning of the license plate number.But reasoning is not criminal investigation. Reasoning emphasizes brilliant ideas, ups and downs, beautiful endings; criminal investigations contain a lot of tedious and repetitive work, all human and material resources are spent on the pursuit of evidence, and the organization of a complete chain of evidence.

If you want to nail Ding Jiawang, you must get something more hard.

The phone shook in the pocket, and the surname land came with a text message:

"Is the electrician found?"

Yan Yan’s face sinks into the water, and he waved his hand to stop the criminal police who had the courage to go forward. He lifted the chair that had been tripped over and walked to the corner of the window sill. He whispered according to the voice key: “Found. Chemical plant There are eight | nine technicians in charge of power line maintenance. One of them, Wang Le, did not come to work for two days. According to his family, he lost more than 100,000 gambling in the previous period. All of them borrowed loan sharks and had sufficient motives for committing crimes. ”

Another text message flashed out: "Mobile location?"

"Hey, what about his mother's still using you? At 8:30 the night before, he called his wife and said that he would not go back to dinner. It was the last phone call on his mobile phone. Lao Huang is making an urgent position!"

The phone is quiet.

Yan Yan stared at the darkened screen, and suddenly felt the idea of ​​no reason in his heart: Why didn't he return to me?

Don't you talk too much, he is not happy?

As soon as this idea rose, the Yan deputy detachment was almost shocked by his delicate and girllike mind. Immediately after this, the mobile phone was shocked and shone in front of his eyes:

"Ding Jiawang does not explain?"

... this person. Yan Yan did not consciously let out a small breath, and said that this guy is like a long-awaited eye.

"Yeah, I don't recognize it." Yan said with a voice whispered: "I have already asked people to check the bank account of Dingjia's family and Ding Jiawang's own operation monitoring in the chemical plant, but even if he finds out that he is applying It is difficult to open the mouth of the bastard when using the control materials. It is difficult to open the mouth of the bastard immediately. He said that the Jiang team, do you have any idea? Pumping the air-conditioning refrigerant so that the outlet can spray the ice to the suspect. Can't be counted."

The surname Lu did not respond, and did not even show the "typed" logo.

Thirty seconds passed and one minute passed.

The minute hand moves back two or three times.

... No, Jiang stopped and couldn’t do anything about it? Yan Yan unexpectedly thought.

"I really don't want to take it back." In the restaurant box, Jiang stopped several times to push Yang Mei's soup spoon and frowned. "I am not strict. You call this big bowl of pig brain to add to me?"

Yang Mei: "Don't type on the phone, have a good meal, and the strict name of the family is just to make Jiangge a long-term job..."

Yan Yan's eccentric expression, can not help but look at the phone every few seconds. Almost after he saw it more than ten times, suddenly the door was shot twice, and then the director of the technical detective Huang rushed in: "I said Lao Yan! That name is Ding's girl-"



Yan Yan almost copied the case file and blocked Huang Xing's mouth. He immediately opened the message to his ear. He only listened to the sound of the river stop, and it was consistently stable:"Ding Jiawang, his wife, Zhang Jiao, is a housewife who has never worked outside. She has limited knowledge and social relations. Ding Jiawang is unlikely to tell her the specific syllabus of Chi Rui and others. That is to say, the case of this gang of desperados is Guns, drug trafficking or strong | rape and murder, Zhang Jiao is not aware."

"A mother has a daughter, her daughter is still very beautiful, what is her most worried about? It is very easy to start from this aspect and cut the most fearful thing in the mother's heart. It will be very easy to disintegrate or even collapse her defense line."

The voice stopped here, and Yan Yan slowly put down the phone, and took a thoughtful breath.

"Old Yan!" Huang Xing finally took the opportunity to speak, and couldn't wait to say: "Hey, I have just received a notice from the Peace Road Police Station in Fuyang District. We told us that we found the trace of Ding Dang's hoe - she is not at the gate of the police station. A black car was placed in a hundred meters, and the surveillance video came back!"

In an instant, as the flash of light flashed, Yan Xun interrupted Huang Xing: "What did she go to the police station?"

Huang Xing did not react.

"She went to surrender, or to reveal who." Yan Yan muttered: "But the black car halfway... Maybe it was tracked or even stopped, maybe there are several men on the black car, than Zhang Jiao imagined Still dangerous..."

Huang Xing is confused: "Hey? What do you say?"

"I have no time to explain, you listen to me." Yan Yan took a shot of Director Huang and walked out: "I sent the monitoring of the Fuyang District Police Station back to me. I personally tried Zhang Jiao!"


In the hotel box, Jiang stopped releasing the voice button, put down the phone, just picked up the spoon again, and suddenly felt the cold and sorrowful look on the opposite side.

"..." Jiang stopped cautiously asking: "What happened?"

Yang Mei today wore a pair of international big spring and summer new green dresses, painted with light makeup, sprayed with pure girl perfume, painted with the legendary 斩 male lipstick; she showed a pair of eyes from the pig brain stewed in the sea bowl. After a long while, I slowly asked: "Who is beautiful?"


"I occasionally feel that I am also very beautiful... are you saying yes?"

Jiang stopped: "..."

The box was unusually quiet, and the spoon of the river stopped in the air, and it took a long time to look at the opposite gaze.


"The girl is suspected of drug trafficking, you eat a little pig brain." Jiang stopped a smile, decisive warfare east: "Yan Yan is the most beautiful."


The interrogation room door "Call!" was pushed away. Zhang Jiao seems to be a ghost enclosed in an invisible prison, slamming down and raising his head.

Yan Yan backhanded the threshold, striding into the house, and put the laptop on the small trial iron table: "Zhang Jiao?"


“My colleague said that you have only said one thing since you stepped into the door of the city bureau: ‘I’m uncomfortable, I have to meet a lawyer to speak.’—Yes?

Zhang Jiao closed her mouth full of fine wrinkles, cringing, timid and alert.Her body is really bad, long-term chronic disease makes her not suitable for going out to work, but Ding Jiawang's income as a private enterprise engineer is not enough to support a wife who is pampered at home. Yan Yan can be said that her stern eyes were swept away from the corners of her eyes covered with crow's feet, loose eye bags and the deep and deep hatred on both sides of the nose. Regardless of her dodge, she sneered and called out the monitor from the computer. The video was clicked and played:

"Don't talk, see for yourself."

On the screen shot by the HD surveillance camera, at noon, the crowd was crowded. The white-skirt girl is wrapped in the flow of people coming and going, staring inconspicuously, and the soft back is like an ant that can be crushed at any time.

The layers of eyelids that Zhang Jiaoyu pulled down gradually widened, and the pupils tightened like a thorn.

A black Alto stopped in front of the girl, and the man's hand was extended in the door, and her daughter was smashed in!


Zhang Jiao did not speak for a few hours after entering the interrogation room, and the sudden screams were abnormally hoarse. But Yan Yan ignored it. He took a few sheets of paper from the computer bag and slammed it in front of her: "Do you know who is in the car?"

Zhang Jiao swept away, from the stern fingers, saw that the papers were printed with black and white characters - the investigation notice.

She closed her mouth like an old man.

"How did Ding Jiawang tell you, 'The chemical wages in this year are too low. I have to do business with a few friends on the road. Don’t you mess with others?' Or 'the greed of those who are officials, the boss’s No good people, if I can get away like a few friends, my family is getting rich early?"

Strictly screaming at Zhang Jiao’s pale face, he said: "Dante Dingwang should have never told you, what are the few so-called friends on the road who have committed crimes?"

Zhang Jiao watched as he moved his hand away, and several consultation notices with positive and clear portraits leaped into the eye.

Wang Le, Chi Rui, Hu Weisheng - Yes, those people she knows, and more or less seen several times around her husband. But the words printed on the familiar faces are so strange, "squatting children", "robbing strong | rape", "strong | rape and killing people"...

Zhang Jiao’s brain creaked and his eyes were black.

"Your daughter was taken away by the police at the entrance of Heping Road Police Station. What did she want to do? Self-sufficiency or prosecution?" Yan Yan paused, and there was no lack of laughter: "But no matter what she thinks, it doesn't matter, this flower season The girl has lost contact for four hours. I guess it happened. If your nephew is uncomfortable for a while, the police can only pray that we are lucky and have a one percent chance to find her. corpse……"

"Save - save her!" Zhang Jiao screamed desperately: "I beg you to save her! I said, I said! She is innocent, she knows nothing!"

Yan Yan slowly stood up straight, staring at the turbid eyes of Zhang Jiao filled with tears from top to bottom."Wuhai, they have a 'laboratory' in Wuhai." Zhang Jiao couldn't stop sobbing: "I don't know where it is, it should be a factory, they rent in the name of processing, processing molds and packaging. - Helping my daughter, all of them are harmed by her father. Those people are brought home by her father. She is really especially simple..."

Yan Yan finally raised his head and gestured to the single-sided glass window that could not be seen outside.

In another room outside the glass window, countless criminal police and technical investigations quickly got busy.

"How did Ding Jiawang harm her?" Yan Yan asked quietly. "Does Ding Dang know about Hu Weisheng?"

Zhang Jiao seems to be difficult to talk, nodded with a smile.

"Hu Weisheng is more than ten years old than Ding Dang, and there is no money. What does Ding Jiawang have to see him? Drug trafficking channels?"

When I heard the words of drug trafficking, the frequency of Zhang Jiao’s trembling was more obvious. It was almost like the dead leaves are about to float from the branches, but I still barely squeezed out the voice from my throat: “Hu, Hu Weisheng has a bag. Powder, especially - especially powerful, worth a lot of money. They said that if you can analyze the structure and make the same thing, the money in this life will not be able to lie down and lie down..."

At that moment, the look of the policeman’s face changed a lot.

"What powder? Is it blue?" Yan Yan lost his voice and asked: "Where did Hu Weisheng get this bag of blue powder?!"

"I don't know, I don't know what's going on -" Zhang Jiao screamed, nodding her head and shaking her head. The whole person looked confused.

"I heard that I heard that the powder only had a little bit of it, even if it was hydrated and stained with skin. Hu Weisheng was drunk once, boasting that he used to work for a particularly big boss. Pay attention to stealing this package of things, as long as you can figure out the formula for the rest of your life, you will make a fortune, and make a fortune - you have to go to save my daughter, beg you, I really don’t know anything, marry her. It’s innocent!...

Yan Yan hurried out of the interrogation room, several criminal police quickly rushed to the front, but he did not stop at the footsteps, carrying the few freshly-released consultation notices in his hand shook.

"Hurry to come and take these things to the shredder. I must remind me this time, and wait for the case to break the art of the propaganda department and add chicken legs! Dahao! Lao Gao let Datun put the last bag of hydrogen Bring the copper oxide to me, and then go with me to judge the grandson of Dingjia Wangna! Ma Xiang went to the next door to mention brave!"

The men have responded with enthusiasm. Only Gao Panqing took two steps and suddenly returned to the smell: "Wait for the strict brothers - we have fooled Hu Weisheng with hydrogen hydroxide, but Ding Jiawang specializes in machine chemistry, may not be able to... ..."

"You know a fart." Yan Yan impatiently said: "Who told me that I want to use copper hydroxide to catch Ding Jiawang. From the beginning to the present, our target breakthrough has always been brave, do not understand?"

"!" Gao Pan Qing Deng when the top of the pot, almost on the spot soaring, turned to the bottom of the feet and fluttered away.

"-Yes, and you." Suddenly squinting at Han Xiaomei, standing behind the table, seemed to think of something, pulling her into the corner."Strictly strict and strict..."

"The information about the 'blue powder' that Zhang Jiao just confessed, including the so-called particularly powerful big boss, without my permission, is not allowed to be contacted by the land consultant." Yan Yan stared at her eyes: "I heard no. ?"

Han Xiaomei stood up and stood up: "Yes!"

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