Chapter 31 Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Chapter 31

Early next morning. (Free full novel.

Surrounded by gray, the first morning light passed through the residential building, reflected in the pitted stone road, and the water pool left by the heavy rain all night reflected the mirror-like light.

"Liu Wanqiu refused to admit that he had bought a license plate to build the red Camry of a9u766, and there was no proof of absence from yesterday morning between 2 am and 4 am." The voice of Qinchuan was heard from the call, because of the days and nights The reason for the upside is very hoarse: "I personally brought people to investigate her evidence of absence, and I can't see any flaws."

Yan Yan held the phone and bowed down the narrow corridor.

The police line was crowded with people, and the aunts and grandfathers all went to dance today. They each took the buns and burritos with the soymilk fritters while eating and watching. From time to time, they came out with a description and amazed: "I heard that there are dead people! It is stinky!" Pulled out a few big bags at last night!" "Wife is swindling in bed! Take the knife and kill her husband and the younger brother!" "Wow, oh!"

Five minutes ago, the plot was still "the gangsters robbed and robbed a family of five." The work of the restroom in the district, the imagination of the people has risen to the blood color of the peacock female Phoenix male and the shameless little three. What are the aunts and aunts who like to see and hear.

Strictly out of the corridor door, walked to the police car, just debuted a new round of public opinion:

"Look, police, police!" "Why didn't you wear uniforms, hands? Guns? Guns?" "Hey, it’s strange to grow up! Married, no?..."

Yan Yan said that you are really a group of aunts who don’t open the pot, they ignore them. In the focus of many eyes, they get on the bus and ask the phone: "Where is it between two and four in the morning?" Proof of presence? I told you that her husband can’t testify."

"Liu Wanqiu has no husband, there is a boyfriend, the night before the birthday called a group of people ktv wanted, everyone can prove that she went to four in the morning. v monitoring I have already adjusted, unless we have time for the incident Presumably wrong, otherwise Liu Wanqiu did not have time to slip away from the party and sneak into the scene more than ten kilometers away."

Yan Yan’s face sank: “What happened to the car?”

"Liu Wanqiu insisted that she had not bought a car. We have contacted the Traffic Management Bureau for investigation."

The shock of the mobile phone is the interrogation data and related audio sent by Qin Chuan.

Yan Yan plugged in the headphones, looked down, and then showed an indescribable expression on his face:

"...Although it is wrong to take people by appearance, but the girl’s appearance... sure to be able to confuse Hu Weisheng, and not to give her up?"

Qin Chuan seriously criticized him: "You are not right." First of all, in my eyes, there are no women who are not beautiful. Secondly, Liu Wanqiu is a little ordinary, but the undergraduate masters are all 211. You know that Hu Weisheng is more like Hu Weisheng. In this way, during the school period, there is a lack of psychologically early people who come out to mix the society. Is it easier to have a blind obsession with a good girl who is excellent in self-discipline in the traditional sense?"

Yan Yan: " have seen more TV shows."A criminal policeman came far away and stopped at the open door, as if he wanted to say something.

Yan Yan made a gesture to indicate that he waited, only listened to Qin Chuan and asked: "How? What is the discovery of Chi Rui's home search?"

"Nothing." Yan Yan did not respond with a good breath, habitually reached out to touch the smoke, but found that the cigarette case is empty, "fuck!" smoothly put the empty box on the front window of the car.

"Hey, why?" Qin Chuan asked: "Is the pool already running?"

"Not only ran, but also ran clean, and the home did not find any clues. I have dispersed the police force of the nine teams to find out the visit, and now I have summarized several places where he may hide, including the chess room. He, his sister, the hardware factory... there is no clue at all. Right, Ding, are you already pegged?"

Qin Chuan said: "I can still miss this? Liu Wanqiu, her aunt's boyfriend, Ding Jiawang's husband and wife are on my list, the man has already dispersed, and you will wait for me."

Yan Yan nodded, and suddenly the criminal police could not help but squeeze his eyes.

"What?" Yan Yan looked up inexplicably.

The criminal police smacked his mouth and said: "There is a surname Lu who just stopped at the police line and said that it is your friend. I have been waiting for you for a long time..."

Yan Yan’s slightly dull brain screamed because of the smashing, and the rusted machinery suddenly turned and reacted.

"Hey!" He interrupted the phone and almost stood up from the passenger seat: "Let him come in!"


Jiang stopped wearing a hat mask, wearing a strict windbreaker in his arms, carrying a laptop for work, passing through the cordon in the aunt's fingertips and coming to the police car.

I don't know how to look at him when he stepped on the stone road, crossed the water, and the straight figure was slender. Although he stayed up late, he still looked handsome, even his hair was meticulous. His mind suddenly remembered Qinchuan’s words:

“The more the mentality is missing during school, the more people who come out early in the society will become blindly obsessed with the good girls who are traditionally self-disciplined...”

If Jiang Stop is a woman, is it considered to be excellent, indifferent, proud and extremely self-disciplined in the traditional sense?

Then you are...

Yan Yan suddenly shuddered, and said that he must have been too stressed for too long. He hasn’t met with the five-finger girl. After catching the drug-making kidnappers raised by the dogs, they must go to the bathroom.

"What's wrong?" Jiang stopped at the open door and threw the windbreaker to Yan Yan: "You are cold? Wear it."

Correctly corrected in an instant

Your own opinion.

Which good girl is not tender, like water, put clothes on her husband's shoulders, cold ice and ice throw away how to count things, completely feel no attention!

"Isn't you asking me to go out and wait for me to pick it up?" Yan Yan threw the windbreaker into the back seat and dissatisfied: "How dangerous is it to rent? Do you know?"

"It doesn't matter, it's not so sensitive for the time being."

"What is temporarily insensitive?"Jiang stopped not wanting to say more, but Yan Yan did not let go with the wolf like a bite, but could not help but simply said: "Fan Si died on the highway in the form of exposed corpses, and he has the same purpose. I will stop for a while. Chi Rui ran?"

Yan Yan: "Hey, what kind of pot do you want to make this pot?"

Yan Yan roughly described the situation once, including Liu Wanqiu’s absence and the fact that he had been monitoring the Ding’s home. Jiang stopped looking at the photo of Liu Wanqiu’s photo, and there was no snoring. I didn’t know what to ponder. Yan Yan smashed the cigarette box that had just fallen out of the wrath, and smacked it in front of the nose, squinting at the river and snoring. Q: "What, what do you think?"

“I did not find the communication records of Hu Weisheng and Liu Wanqiu, including online social accounts, WeChat trumpet and money exchanges?”

"No," Yan Yan shook his head.

"The absence of proof is complete and there are no obvious loopholes?"

"Uh huh."

"Is the account driver's driving record book not used by relatives in the family?"

"Monitoring Ding is to check this."

Jiang stopped feeling his chin slightly decapitated, and suddenly he only listened to Yan Yan if he had nothing to say: "What do you think of this girl?"


Jiang stopped using pure professional eyes for a moment, Shen Shen said: "Five features, hair slightly yellow, teeth white, can not see obvious plastic surgery, there may be a slight temporomandibular joint disorder syndrome ... how?"

Yan Yan's face makes me say what is your good look, a word and a slow time: "Floating, bright, right?"

Jiang stopped to pick up half of the eyebrows, and finally gave a positive reply after half a mile: "I think it is okay."

The air has solidified.

Residents upstairs Chi Ruijia, the police are in and out of the extraction of evidence and rumors search; outside the police line, the district police screamed to evacuate more and more idle aunts; far away morning light, birds between the trees and the road The sound of the car came from far away, gathering into a busy, full of smoke and fire in the early morning.

Jiang stopped to finally feel that the atmosphere was not right: "... Is there something wrong?"

Yan Yan slowly put away the photos, cold and ice: "You are really very overkill."

Jiang stopped: "???"

"When I wanted to peek at me earlier, I decided to take a takeaway. I was so gentle and sensible. I was so eager to swear that I remembered eating. Now it’s good, come to the scene early in the morning, and don’t bring any cup of soy milk! I dare to love you, this is no need to disguise, simply reveal the true face, even spend a piece of five to buy a meat buns..."

Jiang stopped his expression blank, and the psychological crit caused by "gentle and sensible" instantly killed "Your hand is really beautiful."

"Wait, wait." Jiang stopped and interrupted his arrogance. He reached out and took out a vacuum flask from his computer bag. He couldn’t help but say that he was stern: "This is for you."


It’s the turn to stay stunned, open the mug, and bring a strong black tea fragrance.

" are not..."

"I want to tear it down anyway, I can't help but give you this authentic owner, so I prepared it for you." Jiang said sincerely: "Get it, drink it hot, don't sprinkle the computer, I go to the bathroom."Jiang stopped and walked away, and he stayed for a few seconds. He was furious: "When I am stupid! I caught this sheep and finished my hair and said that I was knitting a sweater! It’s not rare to get back!"


Chi Rui, thirty-five years old, was born in the county town around Jianning, a former staff member.

No one knows what kind of courage the high-level student of the hijacked chemistry department took. When he was pushed off the bus, he suddenly burst into the gun and tied him, smashed him into the bushes, and tried to make the kidnappers Blood stains.

The hostages may be subjected to terrible punishment, but at that moment his dexterity and courage pointed out an extremely precious clue to the police.

The criminal police detachment did not live up to this clue. Before 10 o'clock in the morning, Chi Rui's life stories include daily communication, driving records, money exchanges, social communication... just like the abdominal cavity cut by a scalpel, every blood vessel, every nerve, every muscle is exposed. Under the police x-ray.

"Chi Rui has no wife and children, and there is a good woman who has lost a foot in the city, but she has ruled out the suspicion; we asked his parents and sister to try to contact him. There is no response at present. The last time he was seen was at 9:30 am the day before yesterday. A Nissan pickup truck was monitored and recorded at a gas station near Wuhai New District, and then disappeared."

"After the police analysis, Chi Rui's hiding place may be the underground toxic plant of the criminal gang. At present, the Wuhai New District Bureau and the police stations have begun to take action and are ready to implement intensive control."

Sternly sitting in the driver's seat of Grand Cherokee, the voice of the investigator in the Bluetooth headset is very loud, and even the back seat can hear.

Yan Yan bites the hot steamed buns - Jiang stopped finally surrendered and conceded defeat. In the company of Han Xiaomei, he personally bought four steamed buns and returned to supply the Yan deputy detachment, ending the endless shackles. Then he chewed and looked up and squinted at the back seat. He saw that the river stopped listening very carefully. He held a vacuum cup that had no heat in his hand. His body leaned forward slightly and he was looking forward to himself.

The two men squinted together.

Jiang stopped to make a silent mouth shape:

Wuhai New District?

Yan Yan nodded and gestured to understand that he swallowed the buns and deliberately said to the microphone: "Wuhai is a new industrial zone established in the past two years. It has not yet developed. It is located in the southeast direction away from Jianning city center. It’s too difficult to check the crowds. Is there any other clue that can quickly lock the hiding place of Chi Rui and others? Is the mobile phone monitored?”

The river stopped the Jianning map handed over by Yan Yan and quickly unfolded. After watching the half circle, he circled the “Wuhai Industrial Zone” with a red pen.

The investigator said: "Chi Rui uses a real-name mobile phone number, and can't do accurate triangle positioning. But we have already taken the monitoring of the main factory, business district, residential area, and surrounding subway stations. Once the suspects are found, immediately Inform the criminal police detachment and go to the police station!"

Yan Yan said: "Let's do it." Then the communication was cut off and the brow was locked very tightly."Methylbenzene|propylamine will produce a lot of harmful substances and pungent ammonia smell in the process of synthesis. If the process is not perfect, it will easily cause the neighbors to be alert. However, if the production process is perfect, professional vacuum machine and cement storage are needed. The pool and the industrial air filtration system are difficult to complete in the residential area.” The river paused and used the pen to tap the map and said: “Reducing the scope of investigation to the factories that have not been opened or abandoned in the vicinity of Wuhai District, state-owned enterprises and Foreign companies do not have to look at it, and private chemical factories, hardware factories, and mold processing companies are the focus."

Yan Yan listened and quickly wrote down and sent a text message to Ma Xiang.

"The criminal gang is organized very closely. At least four members are currently in charge: security chief Yong Yong, responsible for the custody and theft of chemical raw materials; Chi Rui, who is armed with guns, is responsible for violence and weapons supply; drug dealer Hu Weisheng has the next Line sales channels. There is also a woman whose specific responsibilities are unknown but have a relationship with Ding Jia. It may be mainly to hook Hu Weisheng, and Ding Dang and owner Liu Wanqiu, who are unable to show proof of absence, have major suspicions."

The tone of Jiang’s analysis of clues is always stable, and no matter how dangerous the case is, it is extremely stable from his mouth and he can’t hear a trace of fire.

This is very uncoordinated with his young and handsome appearance - because the last person who has the temperament of this old cadre is the director of the Jianning City Public Security Bureau.

"In addition to the live footprints last night, in addition to Chi Rui, there should be at least two kidnappers, one of whom is a driver who is very familiar with the internal control of the chemical plant." Jiang stopped talking, slightly narrowed his eyes, looking to Open the work computer on the passenger seat.

The screen is repeatedly playing the surveillance video in the chemical factory yesterday morning - the red Camry avoids all the cameras in front of the bright light, the driver with a mask, gloves, sun hat, leaving only a very unclear silhouette of the police. Then disappeared into the dark night.

Yan Yan’s gaze also fell on the monitor, and he sighed with a low voice:

"But all the chemical companies can be exposed to the monitoring, down to the general security guards, to the technical department and deputy general manager, and even the outsourcing companies that installed the cameras in the chemical plants did not fall; have the ability to master each monitoring lens accurately. The people at the location have been completely wiped out by the city council."

Jiang stopped leaning back into the seat back, his eyebrows were wrinkled, his arms were folded over his chest, and one hand subconsciously stroked his neck.

This is just a habitual thinking movement, but when the river stops lifting his chin, his lower jaw bones to the throat, the collarbone and even the lines hidden in the collar are extraordinarily slender, just to see the subtle movements of the fingertips. You can feel the warmth and softness of your skin.

Yan Yan’s throat suddenly slipped and he hurriedly removed his gaze.

"If the female footprint was not taken out at the scene last night, that is to say, the female robber was not present, why did she drive her car?" Jiang said murmur: "Does the driver have no car? Or the model is special, Don't dare to drive on the road?"Yan Yan perfunctoryly, two times, pretending to concentrate on the screen, press the pause button with a click.

“Still,” Jiang stopped thinking. “As long as the driver’s own car appears in the monitoring of the chemical plant, it will be immediately recognized.”

The hidden meaning behind this sentence is like a small needle, walking along the strict nerves to the brain, gently stabbing his most sensitive sense of criminal investigation - at the same time clearing the sound, the screen is fixed, strict Look at the picture somewhere.

"...Jiang stopped," Yan Yan's tail was unstable: "Look, the driver's gloves."

The river stopped slightly and went forward. I saw that a certain frame was enlarged eight times and then blurred the cab. This was a sharp turn. The driver’s hand was placed at the top of the steering wheel. The street light was illuminated from one side. The ground outlined his gloves.

The color of the gloves is quite special. The five fingers are partially black, the back of the hand is gray, and the bright red logo is faintly printed. The mouth part is unusually wide.

Yan Yan asked: "What do you think of this?"

Jiang stopped shaking his head in confusion.

"Absolute, edge, hand, set." Yan Yan said one word, "Through the survey of the power system, you can grasp the direction of the monitoring circuit, and then locate all the monitoring lenses; and the electric repair car is very eye-catching, so only female robbers can be opened. The car goes out of action - Ma Xiang!"

Strictly copying the starter phone, he ordered: "Return the chemical factory stolen warehouse to re-exploration, try to extract the talcum powder off the insulated gloves from the scene. The second kidnapper should be the electrician in the factory!"

After a few seconds, the sound of Ma Xiang’s rushed sounded:

"It’s not good for Yan Ge. The city bureau has just heard the news. That’s called Ding.

When the little girl went to the mall washroom by changing clothes, she passed the surveillance staff..."

"Ding Jiawang, his daughter ran away!"

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