Chapter 30 Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Chapter 30

The night was smashed by the light whip, and the world was white in an instant, and then it sank again into the abyss where the fingers disappeared. (free full novel

With a bang, Han Xiaomei put the key into the crystal pot of the entrance, and the students returned to their heads:

"That... Mr. Lu, I will give you a takeaway, then I will go back to the scene?"

The violent storm hit the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the hail creaked. In the corner of the living room, there is an orange vertical light. The river stops at the sofa. The monitoring record is seen through the strict working computer. The pen is held in one hand and the pause button is pressed from time to time.

"Mr. Lu?"

“Well?” Jiang stopped this reaction and said, “What is the late takeaway? It’s too big for rain, don’t go out, it’s not safe to drive.”

Han Xiaomei struggled for a while, "...I still go."

Jiang stopped thinking that she had to say that the missing person had not been rescued or that her colleagues were on the scene in the rain. Who knows her next sentence is: "My internship report has not been able to let the Yan deputy sign the word."

Jiang stopped laughing and laughed, and waved her hand at the head.

Although Fan Si and Hu Weisheng were all wiped out, the drugs containing the blue ghosts were also snatched away, and even the slightest traces were left to the police. However, the case of the V02 was far from the point of the mountain.

The police have Azong and his horses in their hands. There is a major drug trafficking transit point in Sanchunhua, and there is such a big living person being detained in the city bureau. As long as there is enough time, there is always something to be done. Come.

But now Chu Ci falls in the hands of drug dealers. The most scarce thing for the police is time.

Jiang stopped the countless times to open the surveillance video of the chemical plant at the time of the incident, and fell into meditation.

At 3:06 in the morning, a red Camry with mud blocking the front and rear license plates came out of the warehouse. Because of the relationship between the power outage monitoring and coverage, I don’t know when the car came in. I only know that it passes through the south gate of the chemical plant. On the Third Ring Road, and then drive southeast.

The window is covered with a dark film that is visible on one side. The rear window of the car is blocked by the cloth. Even the high-resolution picture is ugly to see the inside of the car. The direction of the front of the car cleverly avoids most of the surveillance lens. The driver seems to wear a mask or a mask to cover his face. Even if he constantly enlarges the picture, it is still difficult to judge men and women.

However, Jiang stopped thinking: Considering the driver's familiarity with the internal monitoring position of the chemical plant, the fact that the night car does not look at the rearview mirror, and the female kidnapper is difficult to completely control Chu Ci, the possibility of the driver being a male associate is extremely high.

Red Camry, because of the large discounts after the listing in the past few years, Jianning City does not say tens of thousands, at least there are thousands. Moreover, the provincial high-speed highway leads to Gongzhou. If the car is from Gongju, the scope of screening will be doubled.

Che Haiyan, in the absence of a clue, it is impossible to lock this unlicensed red Camry.

How to do it?Jiang stopped to click the pause button, and the picture was almost frame by frame. The lightning and monitoring fluorescence outside the window reflected in the depth of his pupil. Suddenly his finger slammed down and saw that a flashing moment on the screen was fixed. Through the double reflection of the street lamp and the turn sign, you can faintly see the bottom of the last three digits of the rear license plate.

Jiang stopped the brain running fast - the third digit is the seventh, the last two are the letters, s, u, g, j, or the numbers 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 0, the above twelve random Sorting can reach 144 combinations.

But not enough, the license plate has five digits in addition to the province and region code, the first two are unknown. The 144 possibilities alone cannot be pushed out, not to mention that the third last digit is indeed 7 because of the poor visual conditions.

Jiang stopped leaning back into the sofa cushion and hit the palm with a pen.

There must be other clues, he thought.

There are many links in this world, and the investigators need to rely on observation, experience, professional knowledge and even intuition to guess the connections that are hard to see with the naked eye, and then derive the clues.

Red Toyota Camry.


"Mr. Lu."

Jiang stopped unconsciously and looked up and saw that Han Xiaomei had not left. The girl is also blind, and she is told to burn some hot water. She really burned hot water, gently placed a cup of freshly brewed black tea in front of him, and straightened up and said: "You drink some hot. Going to rest early, I am leaving."

Jiang stopped suddenly said: "Wait."

Han Xiaomei stopped and only listened to him: "This color is not red wine but a red car, or is it more for women to buy?"

"Ah? It should be, my car is also red."

Jiang stopped staring straight at Han Xiaomei.

The river stop face is really young, and the facial features are unusually Peugeot. When watching people, although he does not have any emotions when he is cold, he often gives people a feeling of ecstasy.

When Han Xiaomei opened his mouth, he heard his nephew shook in detail: "That Mr. Lu Lulu..."

If the river stops to gossip, he murmured: "Hu Weisheng is also a Camry, deck, license plate number is -"

"Build a6u799!" Information about the case Han Xiaomei always remembers the special prison.

Jiang stopped nodding and suddenly asked: "Do you all girls value the sense of the ceremony?"

Han Xiaomei: "...ah?"


There was no sign of abrupt rainstorms. On the highway in the distance, the vehicles screamed and whizzed away, leaving only the distant yellow taillights.

"Scared me! Just got a few bones on the back slope!" Ma Xiang walked on the muddy water and screamed without anger. "The old high is not a man, I said it is a human arm!"

Gao Panqing took the flashlight and smothered the hair dripping down to the top of his head. He laughed and said: "Your own business is not closed. Which one is the same length? That is clearly a dog!"The criminal police played with joy, scattered in the wasteland to search for every inch of land, and drenched each other's jokes. Only severely sullen and snoring, away from the crowd alone, sweeping the muddy ground with a flashlight near the highway guardrail.

"Old Yan," Huang Xing came with the wet rubber shoes, hoarsely said: "The footprints are extracted."

Yan Yan did not look up: "Well?"

"Rainwater destroys the site very badly. Modeling is very difficult. The specific situation needs to be analyzed in the bureau. At present, there are three or four different sets of footprints on the scene. It is determined that there are no women, but it is impossible to tell if there is any Chuci. of."

Yan Yan said: "In other words, in the best case, in addition to bravery and women, there are at least two kidnappers?"

Huang Xing nodded.

Yan Yan did not say anything, holding a flashlight and continued to move forward. Huang Xing followed him, only to see that his body was splashed with mud on his back, and he heard his deep voice coming: "...big case."

"You will also go to rest," I don't know how Huang Xing suddenly couldn't bear it. "Hey, I let Lao Zhang buy a few nights, and when you come back, you can eat and catch your breath."

Strictness is not allowed.

Yan Yan’s head is too high above the average. After wearing the police uniform, the neck is still exposed. The shoes are full of mud and the feet are full of mud. Every step is squeaky. He went through the grassy slopes of the water to the outside of the highway guardrail, and his eyes fell on the dark shadows that swayed with heavy rain in the distance - it was a lush bush.

I don't know why his heart moved slightly and he walked with his flashlight.

Huang Xing: "?"

Director Huang was unclear, so he followed Yan Yan and was farther away from the search until the two stood on the edge of the bush.

"How old is it, I am searching for it?"


Severely narrowing his eyes, his pupils are almost pressed into a line, and it looks almost gloomy and sharp.

"Look at the bushes in the south," he said suddenly. "Is it shorter than the north?"

——The plant growth on the sunny side cannot be as thin as the shaggy face, and Huang Xing slams!

"Trace inspection! Come over a few traces!" Huang Xing lost his voice: "Fast, circle this grass!!"


"With! Director Huang!" After half an hour, the intervening policeman in the bush raised his head and shouted in the sight of countless expectations. "The shrubs are overwhelmed and broken, and the leaves are crushed. Shape, the debris spread around and extracted half of the footprints, sure to be trampled, it should be a battle!"

Many people mentioned that the heart of the throat suddenly fell back to the chest, and sternly asked: "What is the reaction of Lumino?!"

The criminal police said concisely: "There is blood!"

There is a blood in the blood, there is a battle, it means that Chu Ci is still alive at least when abandoning the car!

The hard work of the middle of the night was finally rewarded, and it was loosened out of the tight seams. Many people fell on the mud on the spot.

Yan Yan put his hands in his trouser pockets and stood straight on the edge of the bushes. He said: "Extract blood to do dna contrast, do it now!"The trousers bag shook and the phone rang.

Strictly out of the phone to see the eye number, the caller shows "last name" - Jiang stopped.

"This person, how the nose is better than the scorpion." Yan Yan smiled, he did not hear the lightness of his tone, picked up the phone: "Hey? I can tell you, just..."

The voice of the river stopped in the phone: "I have a guess, it may take you a little time."

"What?" Yan Yan’s voice just fell, and the phone was shocked, showing that he received an unread text message from “Last Name”.

"Build a6u7 eight 9, build a6u766, build a9u766... ​​What do you mean to me?" Yan Yan Fox suspected, "Building a6u799 is Hu Weisheng's license plate number with a white Reiz, what's wrong?"

The river stops in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass window. The back is the warm orange light of the living room. The ink-like night is separated by a layer of glass to outline the side of his face. The brow is locked with a deep texture:

"Decks are generally set with the same factory, the same color, the same type of license plate, why Hu Weisheng opened the Camry, but they have to take a certain degree of risk to set the Reiz? Although the same factory and the same shape, but this does not meet a multi-year Selling fake drugs and behavioral habits of people suspected of drug trafficking."

Strictly awkward.

"Hu Weisheng refused to pay his girlfriend in the trial. It is obvious that the female kidnapper is very important to him." Jiang stopped and said: "So is it possible that she asked Hu Weisheng to use her husband's car number?"


Jiang stopped the phone and stood in front of the window for a long time.

Han Xiaomei has already left, and the night is still rainy and windy, and the city is shining with the vast sea of ​​lights. There are laughter and steaming whispers between the windows of the thousands of households. They don’t know that in many corners that cannot be penetrated by light, disgusting sins are being staged, and there are countless people who are running around the night to stop crime. .

The torrential rain whipped the floor-to-ceiling windows, and Jiang stopped holding his arms and stepped back.

This action subconscious seems to be behind

This quiet, new and beautifully decorated apartment seeks some kind of false sense of security, but the place is empty and silent, with only a hint of indescribable breath lingering in the void, which was left in a hurry when the owner came last time.

Resolute, straightforward, warm, and even a bit hot.

Jiang stopped a slight chill, as if waking up from some unrealistic dream, and suddenly stepped forward to stand in front of the window.

The phone rang again, and the river stopped: "Hey, strict?"

"Build a9u766!" Yan Yan's voice is very clear in the rain, may be shouting at the phone: "The owner is Liu Wanqiu, twenty-seven years old, guess who she is?!"

Jiang stopped: "I can't guess, but your people must be on the way to find her."

Yan Yan laughed and said: "Ding Jiawang his wife's off-the-board niece!"

The river stopped moving."We extracted at least one suspect's dna from the scene. The online dna query showed that the name of the person was Chi Rui. Ten years ago, I was jailed for illegally. I am not sure whether it is related to Fan Zhengyuan's black gun. We are I rushed to the road of arrest." Yan Yan paused, meaning to the ground: "You stay at home, before the end of the case, unless I send someone to pick you up, don't mess up."

Who sent Fan Zhengyuan, why did he stare at the river stop, whether he had contact with the person who held the Chuci, and could not be sure before the case came to the fore. The secret hidden behind the river is like a bottomless black hole. I don’t know how many "Fan Zhengyuan" are hidden, and I am looking forward to his life.

Jiang stopped talking on the phone and took a long sigh of relief and finally felt a bit of relaxation.

Han Pumei’s Pu'er tea was cold before leaving, and Jiang stopped to care. He took a sip and just licked his tongue: “噗——”

"Cough and cough!" Jiang stopped almost without a breath, looking at the white porcelain cup in his hand in horror - unfortunately Yan Yan could not see the expression on his face that had not appeared in his face for decades. Then he put down the cup, pulled the leg into the kitchen, and saw the tea pot opened by Han Xiaomei at a glance.

The tea cake of the oil-coated paper bag was dismantled, and the top piece was smashed by the knife and the big thumb was broken. The rust-colored tea leaves were scattered on the white marble flow table.

"..." Jiang stopped the right eyelids and began to jump.

Yan Yan hung up the phone and licked his mouth. It seemed to be a bit unfinished. Suddenly he looked up and asked: "Han Xiaomei."

Ma Xiang drove in front, and Han Xiaomei, who had just returned to the scene, sat in the co-pilot: "Yes, Yan team!"

"Do you think that Lu consultant is very troublesome?"

Han Xiaomei: "..."

Yan Yan is tempted: "It will be sick if you don't move. It's still very delicate. Eighteen pieces of instant noodles are not willing to eat. You can't stay up all night with us. Are you right?"

There was silence in the carriage, only listening to the heavy rain brushing the window and the bumpy sound of driving. Half a sly Ma Xiang cautiously said: "You are happy with this kind of thing."

"Hey, I am serious about you..." Yan Yan just wanted to say something. Suddenly Han Xiaomei’s cell phone rang and the caller showed Mr. Lu.

"Hey, Mr. Lu, we are on the way to catch the suspect, I-"

Jiang stopped interrupting her, and the voice was very low: "Is the tea cake at home to be taken apart by you?"

“?” Han Xiaomei: “Yes.”

From the sound of the phone, I guessed that Jiang stopped to seem to have swallowed something. He asked: "Why do you take this bag?"

"Hey, who doesn't know how strict the deputy family is, and I don't dare to dismantle the boxes of luxurious tea. How come Mr. Lu, is it moldy? I just felt that the tea cake was strange when I was soaking. It’s been a long time, but it’s quite fragrant...”

The phone was silent for a long while, and Jiang stopped to tell: "Take the phone to Yan."Yan Yan thought that Jiang stopped just calling to ask Han Xiaomei to return to the scene safely. He was sitting behind and using the walkie-talkie to contact the command center. He suddenly saw the mobile phone being handed in front of him and picked it up inexplicably: "Hey, what happened?" ?"

"There is something to discuss with you."

Yan Yan: "???"

Jiang’s voice sounded very calm and calmed down a bit: “I’m going to assume a situation. If someone drinks the most expensive collection of your home, it’s worth a penny now, what are you going to do?”

Yan Yan was shocked: "Impossible, HSBC safe lost the bottle of whiskey that my family photographed that year?!"

"..." Jiang stopped: "I am referring to the 1921 old Tongxing tea cake."

"Oh," Yan Yan finally relaxed: "That was taken by my mother, saying that when I got married, I used it to soak my wife's tea. - Why, who wants to drink? Haha, I can say in advance, who drinks? Who is going to give me a little wife? Oh, give me a massage and wash my socks, hahaha-"

Jiang stopped: "!"

Han Xiaomei in the front row: "!!!"

The character was stuck in the air, and Yan Yan finally realized that something was wrong: "How, really drink?"

Han Xiaomei's whole person is shaking like the autumn wind sweeping leaves. At this time, her reaction is slower than that of the war-torn river. I don't know how many times, just listen to the phone and act decisively, saying: "Han Xiaomei drinks."

Han Xiaomei: "No, no, no, no, no, it’s me, me, me, me, me..."

Yan Yan fell into a strange silence.

Ma Xiang took a glance from the rearview mirror and found that his boss’s expression was very strange: he couldn’t say that he was angry or hurt, and he didn’t seem to be violent.

The meaning of finding trouble for people; if you want to speculate, it is a bit like faintly expecting, but suddenly feels lost.

"Oh, Han Xiaomei’s words are all right." Yan Yan slowly swallowed, "I will pay attention next time."

Yan Yan hangs up the phone. It seems that he is not particularly satisfied. He grabbed his ears, held his arms, and leaned on the back seat with a noisy walkie-talkie.

Han Xiaomei did not dare to scream, Ma Xiang is also in danger of staring at the long rainy night ahead. After a few minutes, I suddenly heard a sentence:

"Doing things? How do you bring your old high? Go back and write for inspection!!"

Han Xiaomei wants to cry without tears: "Yes is..."

Cherokee opened the wind and waves, decorated with a few red and blue flashing police cars, along the 635 provincial road to the far away Jianning City.

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