Chapter 29 Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Chapter 29

"The suspicious target vehicle is the red Camry, the license plate, the old car, separated from the south gate of the chemical plant at 3:06 in the morning, and headed southeast through the Third Ring Road. After fifteen minutes, it disappeared to the 635 provincial road. Free full novel ("

"The kidnapper is a criminal gang suspected of underground drug production. He has at least one hostage in his hand and has not made any request. The missing person Chu Ci, 21, a graduate student of chemistry from the Jianning Ninghua Factory in Beijing, probably knows Some of the hidden vultures in the 0.02 corpse case; at the same time, with a very high level of professionalism, the kidnappers are likely to have a fancy in his ability to make drugs."

"The Traffic Management Bureau, the Traffic Police Brigade, the squadrons of various jurisdictions, and the relevant grassroots police stations; all personnel are mobilized to visit and collect surveillance along the way. We must rush to the next stage in the kidnappers to ensure the safety of the hostages!"

Yan Yan quickly walked through the busy criminal police detachment hall, flashed into his office, and closed the door with his backhand.

The sound of a slap in the office, Kang | Master's braised beef noodles aroma.

"Yan Ge, hehe." Ma Xiang's mouth full of bulging, using chopsticks to forward a finger: "The last two boxes of unified Man Han dinner cherished beef noodles, eighteen bowls, specially soaked to give you two to stay, This time is not our urgency to consult the consultant?"

Strictly look at it.

Two bowls of instant noodles pressed against the file, quietly emitting white smoke.

Jiang stopped wearing a mask and sat at his desk. He looked at the injury identification map and didn’t even look up.

"..." Yan sighed silently, walked over and picked up a bowl, gorging and eating a small bowl of noodles, only to stop the chin in the river: "The squid rice for you is already on the road, after a while To."

"What!" Ma Xiang almost jumped up and was pushed back to the seat by Gao Panqing Han Xiaomei, and he almost cried out: "Why do we eat Kang? Master, he has squid rice, I am not satisfied, I am really The dissatisfaction, Yan Ge is no longer the strict brother who went to the grassroots level to educate our lives..."

"Yu Yong, male, forty-one years old, one meter tall and eight-four, the wound is between the penultimate rib and the third rib on the right side. The weapon is a fruit knife, which is about 4 cm in depth and is not seriously injured. And the internal organs." Jiang stopped the injury identification turned over a page, the stab angle diagram, compared to the angle of the knife tip into the muscle.

"The height of the assassin is between 165 and 1.7 meters, right-handed, and the strength of the body is relatively...normal."

He thought for a moment and whispered: " a woman."

"The profit is also analyzed in this way." Yan Yan said with instant noodles, "Hu Weisheng's associate is also a woman."

Outside the window of the city council room, the sky was completely dark, and the wall clock on the wall was silently pointing to eleven.

Jiang stopped his face and looked tired. He leaned back into the armchair and vomited deeply: "We combed the case from the beginning."

Ma Xiang drank the soup at the end of the last bowl, blocked the half face with the file, and whispered Han Xiaomei: "Is this person not the witness in KTV on the night of 502, when I was a private consultant of the Yan team, I was only Waiting for the monitoring in the bureau for a few days without a field trip, how can this world change?""Love comes too fast, like a tornado, and it can't be separated from the storm circle." Han Xiaomei shook his head and said, "You don't want to understand this kind of person who has no object."

Ma Xiang: "Who said that I have no object? I have Bo Lili, Asuka, and the most lovely Hatsune Goddess..."

"On May 5, after learning that Feng Yuguang died, Chu Ci began to repeatedly test controlled chemicals such as methylamine, o-chlorobenzaldehyde, and other methanol-based solutions. All of the above chemicals are related to synthetic ice. A meaningless experiment lasted until the early hours of the morning, and for some purpose, Chuci cut off power and monitoring, stole the door card, and sneaked into the controlled chemical warehouse."

Jiang stopped the voice and stopped, and said: "He may be suspicious of the solution density of these chemical chemicals in the chemical industry. Would you like to check the storage tanks in person?"

", not the density of the solution," Jiang said softly, "is the remaining amount."

Ma Xiang opened the second bowl of braised beef noodles and lowered his voice and asked: "Do you say that the expression of Yan Da’s face is really true or pretending?"

Gao Panqing nervously said: "Eat your face!"

“Some control chemical solutions are extremely dense. If the raw materials are smuggled and then refilled with other light-density liquids of the same volume, or water, the water has a light specific gravity and floats above the storage tank. The discharge at the bottom is difficult. At the same time, because the control material is poorly water-soluble, even if a lot of water is injected, the density of the solution itself will hardly change; even if it is changed, it will be regarded as an operational error in the experimental test."

Jiang stopped taking a breath and his face was not very good-looking: "But Chuci's operation is very precise, and it can be said to be accurate to the point of the ruler. So he thinks this is not an error, and he began to suspect that someone used the means of water injection in the storage tank to steal the control chemistry. raw material."

Yan Yan listened to God, and a piece of instant noodles rolled on the plastic fork and forgot to eat: "But the schoolmaster is out of the 'not my business, I just want to graduate' or 'Let the old man graduate, the other is good to say' mentality, He has been pretending to find nothing; until May 4th he was brought to the city council and knew the death of Feng Yuguang..."

"Yes." Jiang stopped. "He vaguely feels that Feng Yuguang's death is related to himself, so he is obliged to investigate it; or he is simply worried that he will become the next one. But the idea of ​​learning the tyrant is really difficult to speculate, the hearts of the people are quiet, there is no need to This is the bottom line."

Yan Yan squinted his eyes and took a look at the river.

Jiang stopped: "What?"

"Nothing," Yan Yan

Sound, the heart said that your idea of ​​learning to master is also difficult to speculate.

"..." Jiang Suhu suspected: "What do you think of me?"

Yan Yan picked up the plastic fork and snorted, and he was confused. "The duty officer’s blog was stunned by Chu Ci, indicating that Chu Ci and the kidnappers did not enter the warehouse at the same time, but the two people happened to be on the way to the murder. I came across it - initially it can be determined that the kidnappers are inside the chemical industry, and the custody department is suspected of being a huge crime. At present, all the members have been arrested for the trial. Hey, do you think that Ding Ding will be a courageous associate?"Jiang stopped faintly said: "I hope so, this can save a lot of time. But you can't catch a woman and say that people are suspected. After all, Ding Dang is not an insider. Ding Jia's family has no red Camry, and keeps it. There are also seven or eight female employees who have the conditions to commit crimes."

Yan Yan stood in front of the whiteboard with a pen and looked at him in disbelief and looked at him: " can't see people beautiful, you think people are innocent."

Jiang stopped and said: "Is she beautiful?"


"I didn't pay much attention to it." Jiang stopped smiling: "You remember quite a lot."

Yan Yan: ".................."

Han Xiaomei squinted and shyly said, "I didn't see it."

"Yan brother, your squid meal is here!" someone called the probe outside the door.

Jiang stopped in the eyes of Yan Yan, "I am not I don't have to talk about it." The model got up and took the squid rice. The delicious aroma caught the eye and straightened the eye, stretching the neck to the seductive black wood. Looking at the lunch box.

Jiang stopped opening the lid and looked at Ma Xiang. It seemed to be quite interesting. He asked, "Do you want to try it?"

Ma Xiang's mouth snorted and shook his head, nodding his tail.

Jiang stopped referring to Yan Yan: "All the lives are waiting?"

"Where can you!" Ma Xiang said sincerely, "We are all sentient beings, you are an idol, go to his mother's equality!"

Everyone here has become the expression of "Come shut up, we haven't seen it." Only Ma Xiang is so excited that he has got a whole piece of squid, and Mei Zi has eaten instant noodles.

"Is it brave enough?" Jiang stopped slowly and mixed rice with squid sauce, and asked while mixing.

A Beijing high-tech student was kidnapped by drug dealers in Jianning, and the entire city bureau was busy turning over the sky. Only Jiang stopped to seem less urgent, but he was the one who discovered the key clues. In the middle of it, I felt a little absurd and laughed. I couldn’t imagine what it was like to be the leader of the detachment before the river stopped, and what kind of strange style was when he led his subordinates.

"No, I don't say anything when I die. If I am in a hurry, I can't say that I can't go to the execution ground." Yan Yan smiled bitterly: "These people are not blind, knowing that the country is now more and more relaxed in the death penalty for drug trafficking. Now, the kilograms start; the barristers make another trouble, and when the country abolishes the death penalty, I suggest that all the smuggling policemen go home to eat themselves, saving the whole family from being used as drug targets by the drug dealers."

Jiang stopped taking off his mask, ate rice, and smiled at him:

"If you are not such a gun, you have already risen to the top."

He rarely has such a simple and gentle look in front of Yan Yan - it is not counted when disguised.

Yan Yan slightly stayed.

"The confession is very important." Then Jiang stopped to eat down, as if nothing had happened before: "A comprehensive and several Ma Zi know the source of drugs, and bravely contact the drug-making gang directly, two aspects The emergency can't be dropped. Chu Ci has been missing for nearly 20 hours, and the time is getting worse, the more fierce and fierce."All the clues are almost approaching the dead end: Fan Si was wiped out, Hu Weisheng was smashed, and the anti-drug operation leaked. He did not grasp much of the drug evidence at all; even now all the visual inspections are in the night to detect the surveillance video of the Sanchunhua ktv, but from the vast sea of ​​smoke Finding clues in the monitoring requires a lot of manpower and time.

Chu Ci can't afford it.

This tied young man, if he is not dead yet, is only because his outstanding professional ability is being seen by drug dealers. In case he angers drug dealers, he is at risk of being killed anytime, anywhere.

"I understand." Yan Yan took a piece of paper towel and wiped his mouth, concealing what coughs like emotions, and got up and said: "You eat first, I go to the interrogation room and look at the old Qin. Ma Xiang, you land The consultant is here to take care of him. He is not in compliance here. Don't let outsiders break into the fuss."

Ma Xiang jumped up: "Nothing, let Lao Gao look. I have eaten and I am going with you."

Yan Yan Chongjiang stopped nodding and went outside. Ma Xiangxing rushed to grab the door.

Who knows that he just touched the handle and called -! The door was knocked out from the outside. Yan Yan responded quickly and took a half step back. Ma Xiang took a shot and was shot by the door panel. Immediately, he screamed and snorted.

“哎老严!” Huang Xing, the technical investigation director, stepped in, followed by looking down: “The pony has done so much nosebleeds? Don’t flow anymore, the whole group is out of the field! The visual inspection found it from the surveillance. A suspicious red Camry!"

Everyone at the same time Huo Ran got up, Ma Xiang had not had time to start to touch the porcelain and stayed.

Yan Yan Li said: "Where?"


Lightning cut through the sky, rolling thunder over the darkness of the sky, and heavy rain poured down.

On the edge of the provincial highway, in the wilderness under the steep slope, a burnt car wreckage emits black smoke during the rainstorm.

"The body was not found after the front panel and debris!"

"There is no back seat!"

"There is no corpse wreck in the trunk!" Huang Xing held police

The flashlight, the raincoat hood has long slipped off, and wiped the rain on the face, screaming loudly: "It is empty car burning, old Yan! Combustion material needs further confirmation!"

The scene was surrounded by several police cars. The night did not reach the fingers, and the police car headlights and flashlights swept back and forth in the night. It is clearly late in the summer of May, but the rain has poured cold and straight through the seams, and everyone is not chilling.

The kidnappers burned empty cars.

- The vast majority of burning cars are because the car is the scene of the crime, to burn all the remaining clues.

In the end, whether Chu Ci was killed or not, was the body destroyed before he arrived here, or did the drug dealer find a better way of throwing a corpse?

The cold silence spread in the crowd, and it was completely silent. Only the heavy rain rang. Everyone looked at the black-framed metal frame, and I didn’t know how long it took. Suddenly, the low and hard sounds sounded:“Everyone stays, thoroughly inspects the grass slopes, collects dead leaves and stones that are stained with blood or suspicious stains. Ma Xiang brings people to assist in the detection of footprints, ruts, soil samples, and everything within 500 meters of the site. Don't let go of any traces of human behavior."

"It is now 12:40, and there are still less than six hours from dawn. Before tomorrow, I asked for a complete search and entered the search and rescue department."

Everyone stood up straight, no objections and no hesitation, and a gaze looked down from the raincoat hood.

"There is a 21-year-old young student whose life is now in your hands." Yan Yan looked around his criminal police and said: "The rest of the words needless to say, let's get started."

In addition to the sound of the rain and the sound of footsteps, the criminal police did not hear any complaints. The criminal police acted in twos and threes. Almost a blink of an eye, the technical investigation began to remove the hood, the trace inspection began to dig the wet mud under the tires, the field criminal police searched the flashlight along the way; everyone was efficient, fast and orderly, and invested in the investigation work.

Yan Yan turned to the Grand Cherokee.

Jiang stopped standing at the door of the car, wearing a strict windbreaker, his hands naturally overlapped in front of him, his face was very pale in the night, his hair and eyelashes were slightly moistened by the cold.

Han Xiaomei stood behind him and held a black umbrella for him.

"It's too late, you will follow us and get sick." Yan Yan stood in front of Jiang Shu, slightly looking down at his face, then took a breath and removed his gaze, took the key from his pocket and threw it at him. Han Xiaomei: "I have a house near here, everything is complete, and the consultant has been there. You drove him to rest for a night, called a hot porridge to cook hot water, and he didn't eat two at dinner. ”

Han Xiaomei hurriedly picked up the apartment key.

Yan Yan’s gaze turned back to Jiang’s face and seemed to want to say something. He held back and smiled and said: “Do not worry.”

Yan Yan turned and walked toward the car wreck, and suddenly only heard behind him: "Hey."

"..." He turned his head back.

At that moment, they were half a step apart, but they seemed to be seamless, and the rain entangled each other's breath to the other side of the nose.

There was no impermanence in life. No one thought that the superior commander and the lower-level police officers could stand face to face together at this moment. After watching for a long time, Jiang stopped seems to have a tone, as if silently sighed:

"Attention to the body, don't worry too long."

The river stopped moving and the Cherokee slowly reversed in the muddy rain. Yan Yan did not say anything, standing in the same place, watching the taillights flashing, disappeared into the night.

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