Chapter 28 Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Chapter 28

The police car rang all the way, rushing on the streets where the night peaks were crowded, and gazing at the hospital in the direction of the hospital with countless pedestrians curiously watching. (free full novel

"The author of "tseethebv" is the Australian chemist Arthur Burch, the most famous achievement is the release of the Birch reduction reaction named after him. "The expression of the method of mass production of amorphous phosphorus" is the Austrian chemist The work of Schlitter in 1848, Schlett's main achievement is the discovery that white phosphorus is heated to 250 in an inert gas to produce a red allotrope, also known as red phosphorus. Otto Wallach, the author of Camphor, was the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1910. He also had a discovery named himself, called the Liukat Warach reaction, the ammonia reduction of carbonyl compounds with ammonia or amines. Chemical."

Yan Yan took the steering wheel and turned to the co-pilot. He couldn’t help but ask: "What does this have to do with kidnapping?"

"Bochie reduction reaction, red phosphorus reduction method, and Liukat Wallach reaction, these three have one thing in common." Jiang stopped from the notes left by Chu Ci and said: "--they are currently The three main pathways used by the drug-making gang in ice-toxic synthesis."

Strictly driving a car: "..."

Han Xiaomei in the back seat: "..."

Both of them are a look of awkwardness.

"But this suggests that it is too academic. Even his own tutor has not responded. Are you sure you have not understood it?" Han Xiaomei couldn't help but ask: "Is there any possibility that he is involved in the production of drugs? He is looking for this." How many reference books?"

Jiang stopped the answer very smoothly: "There is no such possibility. The main reason is two points: the production of ice|toxic|is very simple. Chuci, who has a very high talent for chemistry, does not need to refer to any information. He may be It can be synthesized in your own kitchen. This is one of them."

"Second, I read Chu Ci's notes. He has a slight anxiety disorder, that is, obsessive-compulsive disorder. The specific performance is that when writing '|', it will forcefully stop the strokes on the horizontal line of the notebook paper, such as writing t. The second pen is always on top with the horizontal line, forming an extremely precise right angle. If you look at all his notes, you will find that each vertical line is so, if the right angle is not straight, it will be forcibly altered by himself."

In the back seat, I heard about Soso, and Han Xiaomei looked up and said, "This is really the case!"

"This is very normal." Jiang stopped, "Chu Ci lives in a very stressful environment, papers, experiments, Baobo, must receive the highest award every year, roommate Feng Yuguang let him rest for a long time, not tight spirit Emotional disorders are almost tailor-made for this kind of person, and it is not surprising that there is a little obsessive-compulsive disorder."

He gestured to Han Xiaomei: "You look at the mobile phone album again."

Han Xiaomei did not know why, opened the album, the latest photos are the storage tank outlets that Jiang stopped shooting."I took Chu Ci's experimental notes this week and found the storage tanks he might have moved. He found that all the discharge openings were placed like vertical lines, and they were exactly against the edge of the bricks, at an accurate angle of ninety degrees. Yes, this is his obsessive-compulsive disorder, but you see the storage tanks that were partially stolen in the early hours of the morning."

Jiang stopped the mobile phone from Han Xiaomei and gestured to Yan Yan.

Yan Yan leaned over while driving, and his eyes were on the screen of the mobile phone.

The silver rushed and changed, like a scalpel, and cut the traffic calmly and steadily.

“These outlets are placed casually,” Jiang stopped pointing to the photo of the album and said, “It’s just thrown on the floor after use.”

"You look good," Yan Yan said casually.

Jiang stopped: "..."

Jiang stopped the expression for a moment of blank, and Han Xiaomei was unable to guard against the back seat, and almost exploded into a fireworks on the horizon.

Yan Yan’s line of sight returned to the front of the road: “That is to say, the person who steals the chemical is most likely not Chu Ci. Is he planted?”

"..." Jiang stopped saying: "...hey."

The police car that opened in front of the road rushed into the front door of the hospital with a red light. Strictly lit the lights and changed lanes. The corners did not step on the brakes, and the lightning bolted, and stopped in front of the emergency department.

Yan Yan pushed the door and got off the bus. In the police car in front, he had jumped down five or six criminal policemen, which led to the constant discussion of doctors and nurses around the patient and the family members of the patients. They cast nervous eyes from all directions.

Yan Yan said: "But I don't understand one point."

He rushed to the emergency building, and the criminals followed. Jiang’s original pace was more stable than the average person. This is even more difficult to keep up with. He was stunned by Yan Yan’s slow pace, and he almost walked halfway.

“The triangle positioning of the technical investigation shows that Chu Ci’s last call was picked up near the warehouse. With the current criminal investigation technology, the positioning error can be no more than 20 meters.” Yan Yan stayed close to the river and asked : "- You said that he was planted, then he went to the warehouse in the middle of the night, is it also being held all the way?"

Jiang stopped his eyebrows and his face was obviously in the other direction. He was hooked back with severe force and forced him to put his head together.

"If you hold it, you can't cause any movement. He walked into the warehouse himself." After a few times of tug-of-war, Jiang stopped and gave up. He said: "If your physicist is from the victim's year. The trace of dna from Chu Ci was extracted from the back of the brain, which is enough to prove that the destruction of the monitoring and power system last night was also Chu Ci himself."

The slamming elevator door slowly closed, and he sternly asked: "Why is he going to the warehouse?"

The hospital elevator is extremely spacious, and several criminal police officers are completely uncongested. Everyone looks at the metal wall in unison, and sneaked in from all angles.

峫 and the river stop.

Jiang stopped whispering: "Speak to speak, can you stay close?"

Yan Yan immediately wrinkled a thick and sharp brow: "Why? Where is it wrong? Are you a little girl?"

Jiang stopped: "..."Yan Yan felt that the Jiang stop at this moment was particularly cute, and the suspects were handed over to the police in front of the police. They analyzed the various clues of the kidnapping case, and even the appearance of the head was too cute. So Yan Yan encouraged him with a tone that called warmth: "Continue, police flowers."

The river stop is not short, and in this place where the general height is moderate, it is a relatively rare one meter and eighty.

However, as an intellectual player who is still very weak and recovering from a serious illness, his physical fitness can't be compared with Yan Yan. The two don't stand so close. Once they stick to each other, it is really a fierce gap between the criminal investigation team leader and the long leg police.

Jiang stopped pressing the eyebrows, but Yan Yan determined that he wanted to hold down the force at the moment, not his eyebrows, but his own throat.

“On May 5, the Chucilai Municipal Bureau accepted the inquiry and returned to the chemical industry. He suddenly gave up the experiment he had already done halfway and started to do a lot of tests on the density of the solution. That day he knew that Feng Yuguang was killed. The transformation of Chu Ci is derived from this matter."

Yan Yan asked: "What does he want to do?"

The elevator stopped and the metal door slowly opened.

Jiang stopped to break free of sternness, and finished the whole clothes, Shen Sheng said: "He wants to prove that Feng Yuguang's death is related to certain secrets of chemical companies."

Jiang stopped striding out of the elevator, Yan Yan speeded up two steps on his side, several police officers followed, passing through the bustling corridor of the hospital building.

"What are you doing? Can the police catch people casually, huh? Can the police just swear?" The roaring room in the emergency room at the end of the corridor said: "I am a patient, a victim, you are like this to me. I am going to complain to you!"

A group of people are surrounded by the emergency room. The whispers of "What is going on?" and "The policeman is really good this year" are clear and clear.

"Let one let you let, let, let the masses let it go!"

The criminal police forcibly separated everyone, and Yan Yan stepped forward to push the door; Jiang stopped his footsteps and did not slow down, and went straight into the emergency room.

I saw a man with a strong body and a bandage being shackled on the hospital bed. It must have been the head of the security guard who was stabbed. Philip took two small internships and guarded them in the ward. Under the double criticism of the brave complaints and the masses who could not stop the door, everyone's face was blue and red, very embarrassing.

"Old Yan!"

"Yan brother!"

Yong Yong looked at Yan Yan and knew that the leader came. The volume suddenly increased: "Who doesn't know that he has entered the Public Security Bureau, and can't get rid of the leather? The police can't break the case, take the small people who have no power and no power. Top sin! You don’t know how many shady curtains are there!"

Intern police anger: "You -"

The criminal police sipped the evacuated people in the corridor and wanted to close the door of the emergency room. They couldn’t help but listen to Jiang’s sternness: “Let them open the door.”

Yan Yan whispered, "Are you sure hld can live?"

Jiang stopped a little.

Yan Yan gave a look to his men, indicating that the two criminals were at the door.The onlookers were all excited, and they stretched out their necks and rushed to look inside. "The police are not arresting people," and "receiving money" is even more like a rush.

Yong Yong’s handcuffs, blushing neck and thick, could not see a patient who was comatose for a few hours by flashlight: “I am a witness, I am innocent! You are not going to catch theft, and quickly recover the control chemistry. Raw materials, what is it about keeping me here?!"

Jiang stopped to tell: "Give him a loose."

The police officers all squatted, and the intern police almost didn't rush out a "what?"

But he looked around and found that the strict look was tacit, and he could only hesitate to open the brave handcuffs with the key.

“刁勇?” Jiang stopped confirming.

Yong Yong slammed his hand and replied with no anger: "Yes! I said your police..."

"I think you just called it very powerful. I think it’s okay to stand up."

"..." Yong Yong shouted: "What do you want?"

Jiang stopped turning a blind eye to his attitude and said: "I read your transcript. When you patrol to the warehouse at 2:30 in the morning, I found that the suspect Chu Ci was carrying out the theft. You went to drink, but was in the fight. The fruit knife stabbed and was hit in the head after falling to the ground. Is this the case?"

I’m brave and confident: “Yes! I want him to bring a knife and make it so slick?”

"What kind of tool is it, how long is it, and is there any curvature in the blade?"

"Just... ordinary fruit knife, very small." Yong Yong reached out and stroked. "It's so long, no arc."

Jiang stopped to pick up the ballpoint pen left by the doctor on duty at the bedside: "About about this?"

Yong Yong nodded without hesitation.

"So if I ask Mr. Yu to repeat the situation at the time of the incident, it should be no problem?"

Yong Yong swallowed and said: "Of course, of course no problem!"

Jiang stopped several policemen and waved to Han Xiaomei: "You come."

"Ah?" Han Xiaomei was slightly embarrassed, and he was a little hesitant to pick up the pen.

Yong Yong was supported by the intern police, got up from the hospital bed and stood opposite Han Xiaomei.

Jiang stopped standing next to his arm and asked: "How far the suspect is from you, that is

This distance? ”

The difference between Jiang and the criminal police is that his voice is lighter, heavier and slightly hoarse, which is a bad performance. But every word is bitten very clearly, so that it sounds like a calm atmosphere that is hard to describe.

Looking at the brave eyes, he said: "Poor... almost."

"What action did you do at the time?"

"I went over and asked who was there. He heard the voice and immediately stood up and turned his hand off. I... I know that it is not a good person, and my heart is a little scared. I can only grow up with courage and suddenly feel a pain in my body... ”

Yong Yong’s body was slightly tilted, and his arms were wide open, and he rushed to Han Xiaomei.

Jiang stopped asking: "How did the suspect stab you? You tell us the policewoman?"The brave ribs were still bandaged. Han Xiaomei didn't dare to poke him. He imitated the posture described by Yong Yong, waving the ballpoint pen from top to bottom, and the nib was stopped at the top of the stabbed part.

"Keep this position, criminal photography?" Jiang stopped pointing: "Photograph."

The technicians who were responsible for criminal photographing and assisting the identification of injuries were quickly rushed forward, and they took pictures of Yong Yong and Han Xiaomei at the moment.

The discussion on the corridor couldn’t stop, and Philip moved a few steps, and leaned around Yan, and asked gently: "Are you sure that your friend hld can live, and the one step is too big to pull the egg. We may be killed by angry people..."

Yan Yan did not answer.

As soon as he raised his head, he accidentally discovered that Yan Yan was staring at the river and his eyes sparkled with unspeakable light.

"Old Yan?"

"He is right." Yan Yan said quietly. "With such a simple reason, we didn't even think about it."

苟利: "???"

After all, Yong Yong was hurt, and he was a little tired to maintain this position. He impatiently rushed to the river and stopped asking: "Is it OK now, what are your employees dissatisfied?"

"No hurry." The river stopped quietly, and turned back to ask for profit: "--How high is Chuci?"

In this sentence, 苟利醍醐 poured the top, and everything understood in an instant!

"It's worse than you - almost!" Philip was almost stuttered: "Yes, half a head taller than Han Xiaomei!"

Jiang stopped the pen before he stopped. According to Han Xiaomei’s posture, the pen tip went from top to bottom, but it did not stop in front of the bandage as Han Xiaomei just did, but stopped at the top of the brave chest.

"The wound is triangular, the blade is on the top, and the blade is down, so the posture of the knife must not be the backhand. You said that Chu Ci is standing up and stabbing, then I want to know that Chu Ci, who is half a head taller than the policewoman, How do you do it in the low position of the forehand in the standing position? Do you grow up to twenty centimeters in height?"

The brave face is instantly white!

Jiang stopped turning and threw the pen away. He only listened to Yong Yong shaking behind him: "I, I remembered it wrong! He didn't stand up all the time. It happened too fast. I didn't think clearly when I made the transcript!... ”

"There are too many places that you didn't think clearly." Jiang stopped interrupting him and said: "You said that Chu Ci heard the sound and the hand was extinguished. The scene was very dark. Then how do you see the weapon? Ordinary fruit knives, about the same length as a ballpoint pen, and the blade has almost no curvature?"


Yong Yong was completely soft, and shook the first half of the step. He was immediately thrown to the ground by several young and energetic intern criminals.

"You must have made a mistake, I have not lied! Wait, I am injured, I can apply for medical treatment outside the hospital!..."

Yong Yong was still struggling by several police officers, and the blood penetrated the bandage, which looked quite scary. However, Jiang stopped being unmoved and said in an understatement: "Take away, he can't die.""After we go out, leave two people here to check the phone, let the onlookers delete all the photos and videos, not to upload the network." Yan Yan whispered to the hand, turned to the river to stop, jokingly laughed: "Can Ah, Yuan Fang."

Jiang stopped to move his shoulders and ignored it.

Yan Yan followed him and asked: "But the premise of your inferences is that you don't really think about the testimony. If he is a little smarter and has prepared his words in advance, how can he find doubts?"

"There is no false testimony in this world, only the criminal investigators are not sufficiently meticulous." Jiang stopped through the corridor and turned a blind eye to the innumerable sights in all directions. The masks made his voice sound calm and a bit stuffy: "Hey heads The impact of the wound is large, even if it is caused by a flashlight, it is also a traditional household large-caliber aluminum flashlight. Chu Ci went to the warehouse to smuggle chemical raw materials. It is inconvenient to take such a large flashlight. This is a doubt. After a few hours of coma, I can roar so lifely, so the depth of the wound must be fake, and the edge of the wound may be hard-grinded. Of course, after the forensic doctor has finished the injury identification, it can be found wrong, but it will be slightly Late half a day to one day."

They walked into the elevator, at the end of the corridor, and the criminal policemen rushed out of the emergency room with a resentful struggle.

"The half-day of the fallacy may have delayed the life of the kidnapped." Yan Yan muttered.

The river stopped "Uh-huh" and sounded.

The elevator slowly closed down and Yan Yan suddenly said: "I just heard someone applauding outside."


"It should be for you," Yan Yan said to Jiang.

Unexpectedly, Jiang stopped standing on his side, and there was no expression on his face. He was indifferent enough to describe it with indifference: "So?"

"at least

The next time someone swears at the police to catch the top of the crime..."

"The crowds who can be so stunned, even if they are moved, will not exceed five seconds." Jiang stopped faintly, "Go back to the city bureau, and I have to prepare for staying up late tonight."

Yan Yan whispered apologetically: "Yes."

The elevator reached the first floor, the door slowly opened, and the wind rushed in, and the two walked side by side.

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