Chapter 27 Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Chapter 27

"Ding Dang?"

The girl looked up and looked at Yan Yan. Although there was still a pale horror on the face of a powdered jade, she had to admit that it was a standard beauty embryo. (free full novel

Yan Yan stopped to look at the river, which means that you see that I did not admit it.

"I am Yan Zhen of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. You came to the bureau and talked to my colleague Ma Xiang." Yan Yan told the scene that the only field policewoman Han Xiaomei followed, and then shook hands with Ding Ding, "- - There are a few words that you may want to ask again. Please come over here."

In the duty room of the custodial office, the injured duty officer has been picked up by the physical and chemical inspector to pick up the trace dna of the wound, and several chairs were temporarily moved on the outdoor open space.

Yan Yan had a cigarette in his hand, but no point, he played with a lighter and asked: "You just said to your father that it is impossible, what is impossible?"

"..." Ding bite his lip and did not answer it directly. Instead, he asked: "Strict police officer, Chu Ci really... stealing chemicals?"

Ding Dang wears a white lace vest with a floral dress, with a light makeup, and white hands are placed on the thighs. The girl who was admitted to the art school had capital, young, exquisite, and bright hair. The internship police officer who was running around the scene with Yan Biao’s face all day was obviously an underground. Han Xiaomei couldn’t help but feel a little inferior and touched her day and night. Wash your face.

But what makes her a little comforting is that the attitude of a strict male cancer to a beautiful woman is not much better than that of her, and even the tone is a bit stiffer: "Oh, we are still investigating, it is not convenient to disclose too much."

Ding Dang ignored her father's worried eyes and eagerly said: "But Chu Ci is not such a person, really, he is particularly advancing, very serious and serious about the profession, do not believe you ask my father!"

Ding Jiawang quickly stopped: "Hey, tell the police what these things are not doing!"

Strictly embarrassed.

"He has no money at home, but people are really very good. After Feng Yuguang's accident, his father and mother came to Jianning. Chuci helped them to clean up Feng Yuguang's things. After running, they comforted them a lot." Ding Ding said that the more sad: "Just Because of this, his own experimental progress has been delayed, but he still..."

Suddenly, the river stopped interrupting her: "I remember that you are studying art school?"


"So how do you know the progress of Chu Ci's experiment, what did your father go home?"

Ding Jiawang quickly denied in the police suspected: "I have nothing to say about this, I said she does not understand."

"Yes... is what he said." Ding Dang’s voice is getting lower and lower: "I sometimes come to the company to find my dad, I will go to the lab to see them... After Feng Yuguang left, I found Chu Ci several times, he was in a good mood. Uncomfortable, the experiment made a lot of mistakes."

Yan Yan rubbed his chin and subconsciously wanted to sit down, but all the chairs on the open ground had already been seated. He had to forcibly lean against the handrails of the river.

Jiang stopped to stand up and severely glanced at him: "Sit and don't move."

"...""I remember Feng Yuguang had a 48-second conversation with you before his death," Yan Yan turned to Ding Dang: "When you made a transcript, Feng Yuguang wanted to ask you to go out that night, but you refused?"

Ding Dang looked down and nodded.

"Why should he ask you?"

"Sing... sing." Ding Dang said. "I said that there are two people singing, and I was not comfortable that day, I can't say it."

Although these are the things that have been done in the transcript, Yan Yan still asked again: "He is not entangled?"

"There is no such thing. He seems to be seeing someone... just hang up the phone."

Yan Yan poked the shoulders of Jiang’s stop, Jiang stopped to smash his hand: "I know."

Yan Yan didn't mind, hehe smiled and looked at Ding Jiawang: "Director Ding, the reason why you didn't say that Feng Yuguang and Chu Ci had been fighting that night, it would not be because they beat you because Daughter?"

Ding Jiawang’s face was red, and he seemed very restless. He waved his hand: “Hey, don’t say it, don’t say it!”

The chemical industry is not a state-owned enterprise. If the two interns are jealous for the daughter with the teacher, it is not a big deal, and it will not affect the evaluation of the director himself. But Ding Jiawang is not willing to say this, probably because he is not very satisfied with the two students, and he is not very happy with his daughter's choice - obviously the little girl prefers the poor school, but looks good.

"Feng Yuguang told you about who to see that night?" Jiang stopped asking.

Ding looked up and watched the river stop. I don’t know what I was thinking, my eyes were red, and I shook my head.

Yan Yan asked: "Nothing?"

Ding Dang shook his head again and wiped his eyes with his white fingers.

The girl’s inner suffering is almost written on her face: If Chu Ci is really related to Feng Yuguang’s death, and now many online rumors are malicious to women, after the case is disclosed to the public, I don’t know how many Luther men want to marry her. The culprit.

Jiang stopped taking a sigh of relief and hooked his fingers.

"What are you doing?" Yan said on his mouth, but the body was very honestly coming over, only to feel that Jiang stopped in his ear and said something, the airflow passed over the ear, and the bang burned like of.

"..." Yan Yan was a little dizzy, and he stood up subconsciously: "Well, um."

Jiang stopped: "Have you heard?"

Yan Yan: "Yes, you are right."

Jiang stopped crying and laughing: "I asked you to take the experimental notes of Chu Ci and Feng Yuguang! What are you thinking about?

It! ”

I don't know why Yan Yan's face is a bit red, and he licked his ears without blinking. He turned and let Han Xiaomei go to work. Han Xiaomei had already been unable to speak in his heart, and ran away as soon as he smoked.

"Yan Ge!" Gao Panqing shouted in the distance: "The surveillance video has been copied out. Can you take a look?"

Surveillance saved the stern. He immediately coughed and coughed, although the roots of the ear were still hot, but from the surface point of view, if nothing had happened, it was very realistic, and called a criminal policeman to refer to Ding Jiawang: "This is Director Ding and his daughter, you will receive a while."

The little policeman responded immediately.Then Yan Yan made a gesture of disappointment to Ding Jiawang: "The trouble is two, and we will make a detailed transcript with our police later, especially your daughter, who needs to understand Chu Ci, what he said, do What have you done, what special places, and all the social relations in Jianning - all the information that can be thought of is given to our police, no matter how detailed, the more detailed the better."

As the direct teaching director of the two interns, Ding Jiawang is the one who is most afraid of the fact that the more and more troubles, the daughter who took his convulsions and nodded and promised.

Yan Yan took the river to stop and went out. Before he took two steps, Jiang stopped to break his grip: "What are you going to do?"

"Monitoring room." Yan said, "The amount of stolen chemical materials can not be removed by manpower. Chuci must have a motor vehicle as a means of transportation. The regulatory management of this chemical enterprise does not meet the requirements of industry regulations. The monitoring was automatically covered after the power outage, so they reported the case so late - panicking and looking for the relationship. I asked Lao Gao to transfer the video of the main entrance and exit of the factory. If you are lucky, you should return the license plate. Can take the direction of absconding."

Jiang stopped the mask that had just been removed from the half, and the voice was a bit boring: "Don't go, the professional picture of the surveillance room is too much."

Yan Yan said: "How many more, all three years, except who else I remember your face?"

Jiang stopped: "..."

"What is your look?" Yan Yan asked strangely.

The river stopped silent, his eyes flashed with vigilance, and he stepped back with his toes.

"Yan Ge!" Gao Panqing said behind his back: "A suspicious stop card Camry was found near the scene at around 3 am, come on!"

“After issuing the notice of investigation, people quickly control the main long-distance passenger stations, car rental companies and private passenger transport in the city. The suspects carry a large number of controlled chemicals, and the possibility of escaping from the city is relatively small, perhaps hiding in the accomplices or transactions. Line; I suggest that you immediately locate the mobile phone triangle, let the scriptures contact the suspect's university, check his social relations, and there may be clues."

The river paused and turned two meters in the same place. The inexplicable Yan Yan smiled slightly, and the smile looked a bit complicated:

"Let's go, I will look at the suspect's experimental notes and maybe find some clues."

"--hey," Yan Yan hurriedly stopped him. He had a dim sum. He looked around and whispered, "What happened to you, did I just say something wrong?"

The river stopped silent for a long time and finally took a breath: "No."

Yan Yan is a wide heart.

"When the case is broken, let's go to a relative." Jiang stopped and said, "I will introduce you to Yang Mei."

Yan Yan: "... um?!"

Han Xiaomei took the experimental notes and went back to the scene. She couldn't find the shadow of her young handsome male cancer boss. When she was in a hurry, she suddenly heard a horn that was not far away. When she snorted, she saw The silver rushed.

哗啦啦——Han Xiaomei smashed the experimental notes in the back seat and groaned in the lower back and complained: "It’s really a schoolmaster. The notes are written like the Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary. Mom is exhausted."

Jiang stopped handing her a bottle of water.

“Hey? Thank you, thank you!”

Han Xiaomei was frightened and found that he had never been so intimate in his treatment. Yan Yan has always been a girl with a face-lifting training: "Girls should also strengthen physical training. Would you please come to the city bureau to enjoy it?" : "Reducing and reducing the weight of a fart, the wind and the blow of the small arm and calf, it is better to rush to go home and marry!"

Jiang stopped to open the seven or eight experimental logs, found the most recent week, took off the mask, and quickly put the baseball cap on the top of Han Xiaomei's head, and started to take notes on the back seat of the leather.

Han Xiaomei was almost squatted, and quickly took off the hat and carefully supplied it to the co-pilot seat.

Changed to a person with a slight facial features, the stunned three years did not wake up, and the beautiful skin capsules were ruined. However, the bones of the river stop are very three-dimensional. The brow bones, the bridge of the nose and the lower jaws form a clear and perfect outline. The side is deeper and more vivid than the front. This kind of facial features can survive the years of suffering, and does not lose the slightest sense of the wind as time goes by.

Han Xiaomei didn't seem to be very busy. He took the experimental notes and looked at it. He actually looked at the man who was said to be Lu, and guessed how old he was.

"What do you see?" Jiang stopped suddenly asking.

Han Xiaomei was shocked and responded with a quick slap in the air: "Ah, I am thinking that this chemistry note is too complicated, you can understand it, it is really amazing!"

Jiang stopped a faint road: "I don't understand."

Han Xiaomei: "..."

"Chu Ci came to Jianning from Beijing and almost dominated the entire experimental process. Almost every page of the log was signed by him. And Feng Yuguang did not participate in the research except for helping to build experimental equipment on the first day. Chu Ci introduces the character of the deceased -

Playful, not so passionate about academics, not interested in professionalism. ”

Han Xiaomei listened carefully and nodded. While thinking in his heart, Mr. Lu’s voice was so special, calm, calm and gentle, and he was much better than the harsh and strict Yan team!

"The whole experiment progressed smoothly. Until May 5th, Chu Ci suddenly changed the direction of the experiment." Jiang paused slightly and gently said: "Weird, what happened on May 5?"

"Hey... On May 4th, Chu Cilai City Bureau accepted the inquiry, and the next day the police car sent it back..." Han Xiaomei cautiously said.

Jiang stopped raising his eyes from the notes and gave her a glimpse.

——Mr. Lu’s eyes are good-looking, and the eyebrows are also. How old is he, how do you know with Yan’s deputy detachment, what is the relationship between them now? ......

Han Xiaomei may have to be shackled while he is arrogant, but he can’t help but think about it, but suddenly he sees the river stop and nods. The tone is very soft: “The memory is good.”

Han Xiaomei: "?!"Jiang stopped back to the notes and even flipped several pages: "After being questioned by the city bureau, Chu Ci’s experimental direction suddenly became very messy. He started to do different tests every day, and every time he used this test, he was used this time. Pirates control chemicals, but the purpose of the experiment is not clear..."

After a quiet moment in the carriage, Han Xiaomei looked at the face of Jiang’s meditation and did not dare to scream.

Suddenly, Jiang stopped the page and stopped, and then quickly moved forward. It seems that he has checked more than ten pages in a row, and his brow wrinkles: "Sure enough."

"What..." Han Xiaomei took the courage: "What?"

Jiang stopped saying: "Chu Ci has this obsessive-compulsive disorder."

Jiang stopped suddenly pushing the door and got off the bus. The big stepping meteor went to the warehouse site and got into the warning zone. Han Xiaomei did not know, so grabbed the bottle of water and hurriedly followed him to the car. I saw Jiang stopped and looked down at Chu Ci’s notes, while standing in front of each controlled chemical liquid storage tank to check the discharge port; It’s called Lin Li, Han Xiaomei followed him for a full ten minutes, and then he saw Jiang’s stop in front of the stolen liquid discharge pipes and said: “Mobile.”

Han Xiaomei hurriedly handed over the domestically produced mobile phone issued by the Municipal Bureau. Jiang stopped to squat down the discharge port and wiped a few photos.

"You are this..."

"Call for profit," Jiang stopped giving the phone back to her and told him.

His tone was always calm and gentle, and he could not refuse. Han Xiaomei did not dare to defy the private assistant of the deputy detachment. He quickly dialed the number of the profit, and just "heed", the phone was taken away by the pickpocket.

"Hey, Director, my name is Lu, a friend of the Yan team. Last time we saw it at the scene of the corpse of Fan Zhengyuan."

Philip: "Oh, yes, Mr. Lu..."

“Photographed the victim’s injury and sent a clear picture of the entrance when not bandaged, as well as pictures of bruises on the temple above the flashlight.”

"???" Philip is probably just coming out of the hospital, the background is very noisy. He hesitated for a while, only very euphemistic and a little crying and laughing: "Yes, but the pictures related to the circumstances of the case can not be presented casually, or you look for the old Yan to tell me, do not? As long as the old Yan Yan ... ”

Jiang stopped using his hand to hold the lower end of the phone and said softly: "There are so many rules." Then he told Han Xiaomei: "Go to the monitoring room to find you a strict team."


At this time, the monitoring room was smoking and smog, and all the visual investigators were smashing the box of soft Chinese. Han Xiaomei was smoked when he pushed the door. He almost didn't cough up the lungs from his throat and quickly took a few steps back.

"This car is not right." Yan Yantou did not return, pointing to the surveillance screen: "He moved so many controlled materials at a time, will not open such a small car to do transportation. You continue to check the incident near the time There are no other suspicious motor vehicles, and at the same time contact the Traffic Management Bureau to check the escape route of this Camry. I will go there."

Severe the smoke, patted the body with a strong nicotine flavor, turned and walked out of the surveillance room: "What's wrong? What are you doing?"

Han Xiaomei coughed up in a dark, snoring and snoring: "Strict, strict deputy, your friend wants to see the injury identification map, and the director told you to send a message...""He is so uneasy about the room," Yan Yan complained while going downstairs to the warehouse.

Jiang stopped standing outside the warning line and had waited a little impatient. Yan Yan used his eyes to blame him and accused him of picking up the phone still in the call. He just said, "Daddy, I see you hurry..." Suddenly his own mobile phone screamed, caller ID Scripture Protection Office.

Yan Yan: "This is still not letting people catch your breath!"

Philip: "Who is the old man, director !! Director —— ——!"

Yan Yan returned the phone to Jiang, and told him to say it, and then picked up the phone number of the Warranty Office: "Hey?"

"Strict deputy detachment, we contacted the suspect tutor, XX University Chemistry Department, Niu Juncai, according to what you said. It is indeed consistent with the record of the technical team Huang Director. The last call of the suspect is wiring, the time is today. At 2:12 in the morning, the call duration is about one minute and thirty seconds."

"Two twelve?" Yan Yan suspected.

According to the normal pace of adult males, Chu Ci has arrived at the warehouse at this time and began to steal chemical chemicals.

What kind of drug-making thief is, the psychological quality is so high, even in the middle of the crime, he even received a tutor call?

Han Xiaomei’s cell phone screamed a few times and received a map of the injury identification sent by Philip. Jiang stopped to open it and took a look.

"Yes." The Warranty Police is on the phone.

Dao, "When we contacted Niu Juncai's mentor, the other party was very excited. We repeatedly stressed that his students could not be related to illegal crimes. They also said that when they called this morning, the suspects were very calm and calm. Said that he was going to the lab to read a few books."

Yan Yan is very suspicious: "...What excuse is this, go to the middle of the night to read books?"

Jiang stopped Guan Hanmei’s cell phone and looked up: “Let him immediately tell me the title.”

Yan Yan vaguely felt something and asked the other person: "Does he say what the title is?"

"Oh, really." The phone came with a mouse click to turn the voice of the transcript, and then just listened to the police and said: "Well... here, I also smashed a paragraph with me: "tseetheb", "Amorphous Phosphorus The expression of the mass production method of the factory, "Decanes and Camphor"... If I didn't check it specifically, I wouldn't even play this word. Oh, there is still a paragraph, he said that he might wait for him to read these books. Going back, the cow tutor told him not to go back to bed early in the morning."

Yan Yan said thank you, just about to hang up the phone, suddenly only listened to the river and stopped to ask: "Is the investigation notice issued?"

In this short sentence, the voice is very wrong, and Yan Yan subconsciously looked at him: "I sent it, how?"

"I am wrong, Chu Ci is not a suspect, it is a victim."


"He was held hostage by a group of people who had a relationship with the drug-making. On the way of the incident, he received a phone call from the instructor in front of the kidnappers. The names of the books were the distress signal he left behind." Jiang stopped throwing the phone to Yan. The expression is never cold: "The stabbed security chief is one of the criminals, grab him!"

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