Chapter 26 Chapter 26

Chapter 26 Chapter 26

The front door of the factory warehouse was wide open, and the police cord was already surrounded. Several police cars were surrounded by the isolation circle. The workers were blocked by the police and they were talking about each other. (free full novel

"At two o'clock last night, the warehouse of the custodian warehouse suddenly had a power outage, and the lighting and monitoring were interrupted. The duty officer was going to go out to check the situation and was suddenly attacked. Someone hit the back of his neck with his bare hands, causing him to be unconscious. The warehouse door card was stolen."

"Between two and a half to two to forty, the security chief, Yong Yong, passed the controlled chemical warehouse and found that the light beam of the flashlight in the row of storage tanks was shaking. At first he thought it was the duty officer’s blog post, and he asked, but The other party immediately turned off the flashlight while hearing the sound; when he found out that he was wrong, he was attacked by the other side in the dark when he came forward again. He was stabbed in the right chest by the sharp weapon and his head was hit and stunned."

Yan Yan hurried through the crowd, a policeman opened the way for him in front, Han Xiaomei followed the small broken steps, and reported the case on the side of the air, unable to stop the young man wearing a mask after the deputy team. .

Probably aware of her gaze, the man clenched his fists against his mouth and coughed implicitly.

"Don't get close to him, he has a cold." Yan Yantou did not return.

Han Xiaomei had to forcefully suppress the inner drama that was about to overflow the screen. "Oh," he said.

"What is the injury of the security guard?" Yan Yan asked.

"It's very serious. I was stunned in the warehouse for more than three hours before I was discovered. Fortunately, the stab wound was not deep. He was sent to the hospital for rescue at 6 am this morning. Now the situation has stabilized and he can speak. In the hospital bed, the police station in the police station made a simple transcript, and identified the person who attacked him as a new intern in the company's laboratory, that is, Feng Yuguang's roommate Chu Ci."

The police pulled up the cordon and Yan Yan headed down and frowned. He frowned: "I found the injured at 6 am this morning. How can I report the case after a few hours?"

Han Xiaomei: "Hey..."

They walked to the door of the warehouse and stood still.

The rows of gray and green storage tanks stand in the factory building, and the pipes of several different colors are staggered and orderly.

The inspectors have already extracted the footprints and fingerprints and successively removed the survey boards. The situation of the theft was far from chaos, and even unexpectedly neat, if there were not a few broken dishes on the ground and a small pool of blood, there was almost no trace of wrestling.

“How is the body shape of the injured security guard?” Yan Yan asked.

Han Xiaomei hurriedly turned over the transcript: "Hey... that... is strong and strong, and used to be a fitness instructor."

Yan Yan’s thumbs up and the shaking of the scene made him feel incredible:

"But this scene is a hit, ah, don't tell me, is the chemistry department a high-ranking student or a martial arts master?"

There was a wry voice behind him: "He is really."

Yan Yan turned back and saw a middle-aged man with a suit and a slight blessing coming under the leadership of Gao Panqing. His eyes were black and clear, and his face was difficult to cover up. He reached out with diligence: "Strict detachment Ok, hello, long time and longitude."

"you are……"Gao Panqing said: "Chemical plant engineer, the deceased Feng Yuguang and the suspect Chu Ci's teaching director, Ding Jiawang. The last time I came to the city bureau to receive an inquiry, but you are not there, the pony received."

Strictly silent: "Oh-"

Ding Jiawang looked at the river and stood behind Yan Yan. He thought that he was also a high-ranking city bureau, and he naturally reached out to hold it. He didn’t expect his hand to reach halfway. He was shackled with strict volley: "He has a cold, it is poisonous, you are careful to be infection."

Jiang stopped wearing a baseball cap and a mask, and put his hands in his trouser pockets.

"..." Ding Jiawang can't smile: "Sorry, sorry."

Yan Yan grabbed Ding Jiawang's shoulder and forced him to turn to the scene: "Director Ding, you just said that the missing Chu Ci is really, what is it?"

Han Xiaomei watched the scene just before her own eyes, and her heart has instantly filled out a series of dog blood love and hate, from "My people can only touch me" to "I want the world to know this scene." I contracted for you"; its bizarre trend, the twists and turns of the plot, the strong feelings, enough to write a tens of thousands of words of novella.

"What are you thinking about?" Jiang’s eyes under his arm slammed slightly, and he stared at her coldly.

Han Xiaomei sneaked, subconsciously raised his hand and wiped the mouth of the mouth that did not exist: "No, nothing."

Yan Yan heard the sound of Jiang Shuo, and his ears moved. It was like a wolf dog with a sharp sense of smell suddenly smelling the smell of a kitten. He looked back alertly: "What are you talking about? What are you doing in the crime scene? Come, come over, you come to me." Saying that he grabbed Jiang’s arm and pulled him to his side to stand up, then rushed to Ding Jiawang and waved his hand: "It’s none of your business, you continue."

Ding Jiawang smiled slyly.

"That is... this is the case. Later, we discovered that this student is not only smart, but his IQ is very high, and his skills are also good. You don't see him alone, he is alone, quiet and silent, but he is so strong that even Feng Yuguang is so strong. The young man is not an opponent. He walked from the house to the outside of the house. The posture was not professional, but he had learned at least."

Yan Yan is very surprised: "Have they both played?"

"Have it," Ding Jiawang affirmed: "It was just before Feng Yuguang’s accident...more than a week ago."

Yan Yan and Jiang stopped to look at each other and turned their heads and said: "How is this situation unresponsive? Ma Xiang! Give Ma Xiang to me!

"Do not blame the police comrades, do not blame the police comrades," Ding Jiawang hurriedly stopped in the head: "I did not reflect this incident last time. Oh, it is my fault, I think it is normal to fight between the big guys. Feng Yuguang has been murdered for some time, and more than one thing is less...""Any details, any events, anything related to the case, whether you think there is any value, must be truthfully and in detail with the police!" Yan Yan said unceremoniously: "Assuming we learned this situation last time, I think Chu The suspicion of Ci’s crime is very large, and the corresponding monitoring or monitoring measures will be taken. Then the incident last night may not happen, and you will not stand here now!”

This reprimanding of Yan Yan is harsh, and in front of everyone, Ding Jiawang is like a grandson, and his face is red and white.

"just now……"

Yan Yan still wants to be embarrassed, and Jiang stopped his hand to block it.

"Why do they fight?" Jiang stopped asking.

"This is also a bad deal, police comrades." Ding Jiawang is very embarrassed, smiled bitterly: "He is two, just came from Beijing when there is a contradiction, Chu Ci does not want to live in a dormitory with Feng Yuguang. But we The company's intern dormitory is limited. If you upgrade the single room, you have to add more money. There are not many, five or six hundred, Chu Ci students can't afford to tell the truth..."

Yan Yan suspected: "He is difficult to get to this point?"

"It's really difficult. The Guizhou people are studying in Beijing. The highest scholarships are sent back to their hometowns."

"What about Feng Yuguang? Is his family not doing business in Beijing?"

Ding Jiawang complained: "Oh, no, but people don't want to add this money. Do you have any way? After the fight, we also talked to him and asked if he would like to move out to live alone, but he felt that living in a double dormitory is quite good. Ok! I know what the kids in this year are thinking about!"

Yan Yan touched his chin and took a look at the river.

"The principle of increasing interpersonal relationship is driven by the subconscious expectation." Jiang stopped whispering.

Yan Yan did not understand: "What is it?"

"It is the psychological age that still stays in the kindergarten stage. It constantly means to brush the sense of existence in a simple and rude manner." Jiang stopped to explain more and turned to Ding Jiawang: "What is the direct cause of the fight?"

"...Two people can't say why, so listen to that meaning, it seems that Feng Yuguang went back to the dormitory at night, there is something that can't be found, and it is hard to say that Chu Ci took it. After a few words, he started." Ding Jiawang The next distance, said: "It's so far, one foot from the door to the door, scared the board to almost hit 120 ... said that the usual Chu Ciwen quiet, no one thought of moving hands so serene ""

Yan Yan asked: "So what is Feng Yuguang lost?"

"Nobody knows, he can't tell himself. In the end, he said that he later thought that he was thrown into the laboratory." Ding Jiawang spread his hands and said: "You said this is what it is!"

Yan Yan waved to Gao Panqing and whispered his ear: "It is not true that the words of the surname Ding are just true, and then all the import and export surveillance videos of the entire factory area are transferred out."

Gao Panqing nodded.

"The contradiction between Chu Ci and the deceased is bigger than his own account." Yan Yan hit the river with his shoulder and stopped, asking: "Yuan Fang, what do you think?"Jiang stopped his eyes unconsciously and walked forward, squatting down on the ground with the blood that had solidified.

Yan Yan followed the lead and squatted head-to-head, just listening to him and asking: "Is the serum chlorine penetration test done?"

"Physical and chemical preliminary determination, the formation of blood berthing between 2:30 am and 3:00 am today, basically in line with the erroneous case of the wounded."

Jiang stopped referring to the blood pool: "How is there only one place?"

"After the security chief was stabbed, he fell to the ground and was hit by a flashlight from top to bottom, causing a coma." Yan Yan took a transcript from Han Xiaomei's hand and flipped through two pages. With your fingers, Jiang stopped: "You see, the amount of bleeding is not big. After the coma, the blood flow forms a pool of blood under the body. The injury above the temple is more serious, causing a certain degree of concussion. I have let the forensic doctor go to the hospital. I made a diagnosis."

Jiang stopped the dagger and did not speak, and got up and walked to the neatly arranged storage tanks.

Yan Yan followed him forward, only to see the river stop a few steps, stop and stop, look down at the port of each discharge pipe, do not know what is thinking. After a few moments, he returned to the pool of blood, kneeling on one knee, staring at the deep red mark.

"There was no particularly suspicious place on the scene." Yan Yan thought, "I feel a bit strange about blood, but I can't say where it is strange - what do you think about Yuanfang?"

Jiang stopped and frowned at him, and seemed to be a little bit vocal.

"What happened to you?"

"..." Jiang stopped looking around and saw that the technical detectives and cameramen had been withdrawn. The nearest criminal police were surrounded by the leaders of the chemical industry, bowing their heads and doing live transcripts. They should not hear the movements here. .

Jiang stopped to waver to Yan Yan.


Yan Yan was on his side, only listening to Jiang stopped and asked softly: "Who is Yuan Fang?"

"...hey!" Severely shut his mouth.

He just remembered that Jiang did not know anything about it - he was comatose for three years, basically missed all the network trends and hot words, and even if he was awake, the river stopped obviously not like someone who loves the Internet, basically it was just unearthed. Outdated old cadres.

"You see, I can't stop you in the face of everyone, let people hear how bad, you say it is not the Jiang team."

With a quiet mouth in his ear to explain to him: "Now I will tell you that you are my friend, named Yuan Fang, make up for a pseudonym, ah? Hey."

Jiang’s expression was dubious, and Yan Yan smiled and took a shot on him.

"...There is no doubt at this scene." Jiang stopped to turn to the blood, saying: "The middle of the blood pool is thick, the edge is thin, and the side is slightly affected by the clothing cover. There is no wiping or metastatic blood around, which is basically the first scene; To say something strange, it is because the surrounding area is too clean and there are no other traces of fighting."

"If the suspect is well trained in the tool, he can really do a hit," Yan Yan agreed."It is possible. We can't do too much pre-setting for suspects by experience alone. Chemistry graduate students may also be trained in controlled knives. For example, I have seen adult groups fighting and dying, and finally finding out that the main responsible person is The case of a 12-year-old boy, and..."

Jiang stopped suddenly stopped, stood up and acted on the lower shoulder and said: "How have you not searched the suspect dormitory?"

Yan Yan keenly smelled a play: "What else?"


"Ask you, hello!"

"There are people who have killed the gun dealer with a shot at the bottom of the bottle!" Jiang stopped using his wrist and pulled his wrist back. Cold and cold: "It fully proves that there is no limit to the foolishness and luck of people!"

Yan Yan demeanor made a "thank you praise" mouth shape.

"Yan deputy, Yan deputy!" Han Xiaomei held a piece of paper, panting and rushing, suddenly saw the smile of Zhang Jun's face has not completely disappeared, when a sudden brake, almost tripped.

Yan Yan magically changed his face in a second: "What are you doing, how are you?"

"Yellow - that yellow -"

Since the anti-vice incident, Yan Yan’s heartbeat has accelerated as soon as he heard the word Huang, and the adrenaline has soared, and the waist is faintly painful: “Would you like to talk, ah?! Teach the police, Lao Gao, Lao Gao! ”

"Hey, technical detective Huang, Huang director let me put this, give this to you." Han Xiaomei almost bit his tongue: "This is an urgent check-out of the chemical company custody, the initial stolen raw materials documents, I I am... I am still waiting to meet with Director Huang."

Yan Yan’s face was stunned, and she took a note from her hand and looked down. She only saw that the paper was full of chemical nouns and molecular formulas, and she couldn’t help but say that it was stopped by the river.

"..." Han Xiaomei silently sighed a few words.

Yan Yan sensitive asked: "Are you jealous of me?"

Han Xiaomei is guilty: "Ah? No, no."

"You just had that mouth shape, right this is, isn't it yelling at me?"

"I am not, I don't, don't mess..."

"You both have finished," Jiang stopped suddenly cold.

Han Xiaomei squatted back three steps, like a mouse that was meek and frightened.

Jiang stopped taking out the pen and circled two sets of chemical formulas on the paper, saying: "These two can synthesize methylamine." And circled two groups: "o-chlorophenylcyclopentanone." Finally, a group: "xanthine. ”

Until the last three words came out, Yan Yan fully understood his meaning, and his expression suddenly became blue.

“It’s all made of phenylpropanoid|amine precursors,” Jiang stopped throwing the watch back to Yan Yan and sighed:

"It's really high IQ, but it's a pity. Prepare to send a notice to arrest people."

"Impossible, let me go in and see, I don't believe... how could it be!"

A female voice suddenly came from outside the crowd, and Jiang stopped and Yan Yan looked back at the same time. I saw a very beautiful young girl faltering, a few want to faint, Ding Jiawang reluctantly stretched out her hand, bitter face and helplessness.

Yan Yan suddenly frowned: "I know this woman."

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