Chapter 25 Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Chapter 25

If you say that stopping the "drug abuse" last night is the most frightening ten seconds of his life, now is the most time to test Yan Yan as a responsible, responsible, professionally qualified man. Is it time to have a basic moral standard? . (Free full novel.

Yan Yan tried to restrain the hand that stopped Jiang, and forced him to throw the headset out of the car and then crush the impulse of twenty times, because the restraint was too hard to cause the cheek muscles to be a bit stiff: "... wash... wash Have you passed?"

“?” Jiang stopped: “I thought that this kind of electronic equipment would be broken when it passed.”

Yan Yan: "..."

The two have been watching for a long time, Jiang stopped a little impatient: "Do you want to?"

Yan Yan raised his arm in an inch, his fingers could not shake, and forced him to pick up the edge of the sealed bag with the force of discoloration of the bone joint, and quickly smashed it into the trouser pocket. At that moment, he felt that he was clearly ignited and ignited. Rings and a full weight of four kilograms.

Jiang stopped thinking about it and couldn't think of the reason for his performance. He asked: "Do you have cleansing? People with cleanliness can't be criminal police."

Yan Yan pulled a smile that seemed to be cramped: "No, no, that, the case is too much pressure."

"Don't worry too much."

Yan Yan is also subconsciously immersed in the panic that is about to be detonated: "What?"

" really have no problem today?" Jiang stopped his brow and wrinkled: "I said don't worry, Hu Weisheng is dead, this case will be broken almost soon."

He stared at him innocently.

In such a gaze, Jiang stopped to become very helpless, and looked at the time and asked: "You have not eaten."

"Ah? Well, no?"

"You asked me to eat," Jiang stopped the car and said: "Follow me all the clues so far."


A product, a box.

The waiter took over the menu that the river had stopped, and turned around and went, and Yan Yan opened the words that had just been suspended:

"- This is the case. The records of the police platform show that two months ago, the Luhe Road Police Station received two reports about the 'Sanchunhua's out of the sale of prostitution, and the security team and the command center confirmed. This, so it can be proved that the police last night was not deliberate."

The river stopped to remove the wet tissue and carefully wiped each finger.

"The police should not be." He paused and said: "But the alarm is."

"I think so, so I traced the alarm call from a public phone booth outside KTV. I used the coin-operated method. This kind of alarm is unusual and very deliberate. The road monitoring did not take the face of the alarm person. From the outline of the figure, I can only see that it is a 50-60-year-old uncle."


Yan Yan nodded.

"...there is nothing wrong with the alarm method. The ordinary people are afraid that the nightclub owner has a way to go. Afterwards, he is retaliated against it. He deliberately uses the coin-operated telephone to report the police. He can barely say it." Jiang paused for a moment and said: "But the general report of sweeping the yellow is Young people or aunts are mostly, and middle-aged and older men in their fifties are relatively rare."Yan Yan first agreed, and then suddenly a little dissatisfied: "What do you mean by this? If it is me, even if it is seventy or eighty years old, encounter color | love selling | kinky will also resolutely report!"

"...Mr., your hot spring egg rice and grilled snowflake cattle package."

The waiter flushed the food with a red face, set up a small oven to get angry, and quit the box in a strange silence.

Jiang stopped using chopsticks to stir the egg yolks and rice grains, and slowly said: "Nothing, she is just dumped by your integrity."

Yan Yan: ".................."

"How big is the scope of your police's action last night?" Jiang stopped eating a meal that was especially soft, and asked him without lifting his head.

Yan Yan stared at him while roasting beef. He felt that this person’s appetite was indeed so squeaky that he was very uncomfortable. He had so many requests for a meal, but he had to steam it softly and added egg yolk. Salt, don't chopped green onion - don't know if you sleep at night or like a pea princess.

"Not confidential but not too big, at least not big enough to explain that even you are in the position of Sanchunhua." Yan Yan hard to open his eyes: "The night's action personnel, logistics office, command center, know the three spring flowers There are roughly fifty people in this place, and only the executors who know the specific content of the action."

Jiang stopped chewing and swallowed the rice, and then said: "My words, just let Yang Mei send people to the door of the city bureau, always staring at the movement of your Phaeton."

Yan Yan: "...I will change the car next time."

"Who is the man who has handled the diacetylmorphine by Hu Wei?"

Yan Yan three times five and two, the snow and beef noodles cooked, on the meat, vegetables, swallowed a half bowl of rice, smacked a napkin and wiped his mouth, said: "More went. Usually not yet received Drugs that have been destroyed, guardians, statisticians, laboratories, technical investigations, forensic doctors, anti-drug detachments, criminal investigation detachments, police dog technical detachments..."

The river stopped to look unhappy.

"As usual, according to the rules, as long as the total amount of drugs finally destroyed is matched with the number of kilograms collected. It is only after this incident that Lu Bureau realized that there are loopholes in this aspect of management, and now they are ordered to thoroughly review them. It."

Jiang stopped eating slowly. Almost every grain of rice was chewed and swallowed. The food was very clean and Sven, and the opposite side of the table was sharply contrasted with the smashing of the battlefield.

"Gongzhou also handled this in the early years." He said, "It’s not too late to make up for it. You are a personal thing in the public security system."

Yan Yan filled his mouth with meat: "Well?"

Jiang parked the chopsticks, and the bell waited for the waiter to pick up the remaining half of the dish.

"Hey?" Yan Yan looked up: "Is this eaten? Not appetite?"

"No, full."

"Full? How do you like a cat?"

When the voice just fell, the box became very quiet, and the river stopped faceless and the face was straight and straight.

Xu Jijiang stopped to finally ask this sentence: "... Why do you always have opinions about the way I eat?""What? No, don't say," Yan Yan immediately denied: "I care about what you eat, what does it have to do with me?"

"..." However, Jiang stopped and was not stupid. Strictly speaking, this kind of problem is forced to force two sentences every time. It is clear that there is nothing in the literal sense.

"Actually, I think so," Yan Yan swallowed his mouth full of food, poured a glass of sake and drank it, as if nothing happened just now: "You usually go back late for a while, Yang Mei is anxious to follow what, today comes out If you don't eat enough, Yang Mei must be behind the ancestors of my 18th generation. When I am so embarrassed, you say no."

Jiang stopped a faint road: "What does this have to do with Yang Mei?"

"How is it all right? Isn't someone your girlfriend?"


Yan Yan asked: "Is it true?"

Jiang stopped holding the cup of the cup in the air, seemed to realize what, and then looked at Yan Yan with a subtle look:

" seem to be very concerned about Yang Mei's love and marriage situation. Do you want to chase her?"

"Ah? No, no, no, no, no, I am pure..."

"She used to be my informant, people are good, all aspects are also available, you can try to chase after you want to chase."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no." Yan Yan quickly shook his hand to show innocence, and said with a smile: "Although I really lack a girlfriend, Miss Yang is still like that. If there are sisters and sisters, please introduce me to you?"

From the expression of Jiang stopped, he probably felt that he was seriously ill and ill. But the good thing about one person's conservation is that even if you talk to a neurotic disease, you can still maintain a relatively smooth attitude: "I don't have a sister."

Yan Yan followed closely and asked, "What about the brother?"

Jiang stopped: "..............."

Yan Yan was sitting on the cheeky face, looking forward to the answer.

"No." Jiang stopped a word, "I am the only child."

The disappointment of Yan Yan’s eyes was not fake, so that Jiang stopped moving backwards in an imperceptible manner and tried to stay away from him.

"Oh, my family gave birth to me, so the pressure on parents to rush to get married is particularly great." Yan Yan said in a natural and natural way: "You know the Jiang team, like us, after all, this age. - Hey, I said, if you want to do it first..."

The following half of the sentence "First Return to the City Council" has not yet been exported. Suddenly, he was interrupted by the opposite side. He saw the river stop and stood up. Somehow the whole body was stretched very straight, and every pore was full of vigilance. the taste of:

"You eat first."

Yan Yan: "???"

"I am going to the bathroom."

Yan Yizhang's second monk couldn't figure it out. He watched Jiang stop and turned and turned his head away.

"I just pulled it when I eat it?" said Yan Zhinan.

He waved the waiter to pay the bill. When he swiped the card, he also said that his hot spring egg rice was really unpalatable. My friends didn't finish it, and then gave a tip in the eyes of the waiter who dared to speak, and got the other party. Unilateral ice release.

He packed up and prepared to leave and left, suddenly the phone rang."Hey?" Yan Yan smoked: "Ma Xiang?"

Jiang stopped to wash his hands in an orderly manner in front of the pool. He suddenly screamed behind him and broke into the door: "You come with me, someone reports the case-"

Jiang stopped the spirit and turned, the first reaction was to look down and confirm that his pants chain was pulled.

"Can you knock on the door next time, Yan team?" The sound of Jiang stopped is a bit like coming out of the teeth. He said: "We should not be familiar enough to see each other's hands."

"The chemical plant reported that the deceased Feng Yuguang's roommate Chu Ci, who used his familiarity with management loopholes last night, stole the door card of the custodian's duty officer, stabbed a guard and stole a large amount of controlled chemical materials and disappeared."

Yan Yan shook his mobile phone, and then stared at Jiang’s face in a playful manner. He was polite and apologetic: "I'm sorry, given the physical gap between the two, if I want to see you, I can always watch it, so I am sorry, It’s not intentional.”

Jiang stopped: "..."

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